Worst Disney Animated Movies

Here are the worst animated movies ever done by Disney.

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81 Dinosaur
82 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

It can stay. People are way too defense over this disgrace to Victor Hugo's work.

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83 Moana

Why is this on here? Moana was a fairly good film with amazing music (written by the amazing Lin Manuel Miranda) - NotYoursTruly

84 The Emperor's New Groove

This movie is hilarious! Why is it here?

85 Donald In Mathmagic Land

Really REALLY!? You ythought this was a good idea it's math! in Donald Duck idiots!

86 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad
87 Brother Bear 2

I never knew they had a sequel to Brother bear

88 The Story of Menstruation

The short film's not even bad. It's kind of fascinatingly bizarre and if you watched it then you can see that there's a few nice messages in there that I consider progressive for the time period. - Anonymousxcxc

The title sounds awful…is this a kids film? What is that?

No, it was a 1950's short explaining well, the cycle of menstruation (aka a girl's period). - Anonymousxcxc

89 Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Oh man..

90 The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars

No just no. mars is the worst planet ever - jackintheboxisgross

91 Disney's Teacher's Pet

Terrible movie. The animation is so ugly

92 Ponyo

This movie is actually the best?

93 Meet the Robinsons

Just tell me who in the world put Meet The Robinsons here, take it out for God's sake, its underrated, and it's the best Disney movie of all time

If you think Meet The Robinsons is the best Disney film of all time then you are completely unworthy of calling yourself a Disney fan. Meet the Robinsons was terrible. Worst Disney film I've ever seen.

Its certainly not the best but if you can't even acknowledge that it was "good"...id say your not a Disney fan! I personally think this movie was fantastic!

94 Fantasia

I get it. It was one of the first feature animated films for Disney, but seriously, how many people sat through the entire film... Rephrase that, how many people actually watched the entire thing without stopping it and then coming back to it later, distracted into doing something else, or falling asleep. I own a copy and I still don't believe I actually watched the entire thing, least of all in just one sitting

I almost fell asleep, but managed to watch it. Fantasia 2000 was still better. - Evant

I haven't been able to see the whole thing yet but eh, most of the animated stuff is good, the live action is a little dull but whatever, it's the animation and music that makes it so good. - Anonymousxcxc

Respect this masterpiece now! Or Chernabog will haunt you to death! YOU HEAR ME! - asantalo

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95 The Jungle Book

This movie is one of the bests... It cannot be here...

Walt Disney would beg to differ.

Such unique stylization - such nudists.

96 Mickey's House of Villains

It seems okay. I really don't get why it's on the list. I mean, it'd be better if the heroes of each villain's film assisted the gang, but you can't get everything.

I haven't seen this one...what is the main plot?

I love this one! TAKE IT OFF RIGHT NOW! - asantalo

97 Wreck-It Ralph

I love this movie!

Who votes Wreck It Ralph

I actually enjoy this movie a lot. It uses real life video game characters, and made-up characters.

People need to get over the fact that this wasn't just a 90 minute "Where's Waldo" with your favorite video game characters.

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98 Big Hero 6

So much hype and yet all this movie did was dissapoint. If there is one word I can describe this movie, that would be: boring. It is a film full of boring characters that are merely a stereotype with no characterization whatsoever, a predictable plot and wonderful animation and graphics that are never used to their full potential. Not the worse movie ever but it does not deserved to be recognized as a good movie either.

By far the most disappointing animated movie Disney has done. It's clearly an attempt to cash in on the popularity of superhero movies which is why barely any thought was put into this film and if anyone disagrees then please, what was the moral of this story? Did Hiro learn anything?

A movie so bad, it relied on the comic relief character to hide the fact that everything else is the film is mediocre. Seriously, if the movie didn't have Baymax distracting the audience, everyone could see everything that's wrong with this movie, like: the terrible writing, annoying and boring characters, unfunny jokes, the large amount of plot holes and a predictable plot. Clearly, this movie was just an attempt at a cashgrab that fooled many people by making them believe this wasn't an hour and a half long commercial for Baymax by putting in just enough dialogue and a boring "plot" to do so.

I've seen better writing, characters and plot in a Twilight movie.

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99 The Return of Jafar

Heh heh. My dad finds this movie amusing with Jafar.

100 Atlantis: Milo's Return
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