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1 Anna Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

Anna was more annoying than Florida Georgia Line's music.

Anna stunk terribly. The comment below had bad spelling so let me give you a good and clear comment.

I hated Anna because she bugged Elsa to death when she was in depression while trying to control her powers. She was so reckless and all she wanted to do was build a snowman! So yeah, maybe she didn't know that she was irritating Elsa. BUT NO MEANS NO! She asks her twice, and says no. Then their parents die, and Elsa is even MORE DEPRESSED. She still asks to build a snowman. JUST SHUT UP ANNA! It's not even snowing outside I mean come on. The trolls healed Anna's head right? So she's not supposed to remember Elsa's powers? I guess when Anna's head got frozen they never really fixed it so she wasn't able to comprehend how stupid she was being. She fell in love with a villain. She didn't know he was a villain. And seriously, she just meets a total stranger then rides on a sled with him. Sort of like how she fell in love with a total stranger. SERIOUSLY? She was so dumb throughout ...more

Don't insult Anna like that. Jennifer Lee was the one who chose to tear Anna and Elsa apart, made Anna and Elsa locked away from the world and made Anna naive.

She is a Mary Sue.

I don't know. she is very annoying. And also the truly the weakest and stupid role model in one of the Disney Princesses. At least Sleeping Beauty chose to be a true princess, instead of true love, which is very respectful and brave thing to do. Snow White is a very respectful mother-like lady, and Cinderella is very positive, and even had an idea when the stepmother locked her in the room.

But, Look at Anna. Her stupid attitude made her sister conceal her power. And knocking the door for 13 years, making Elsa annoyed and very irritated. And only falling in love for 2 seconds! Sleeping Beauty fall in in love after 40 seconds. And even asking Elsa to get married? You made Elsa go away. Treating Kristoff as a servant? Her stupid behaving made Elsa freeze the Russian Kingdom. If she died at the first place, Elsa would be the best queen even at the first place. If Anna becomes a queen, she would be very irritating.

She is the worst Disney Frozen character, and also the worst ...more

2 Olaf Olaf the Snowman is a character from the 2013 animated film Frozen, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

He's the worst, most inconsequential character in the entire movie. My 2 year old watches Frozen nearly every day, and the more I see the movie, the more it feels like Olaf was added in after they were already done making the rest of the film.

Nearly every line he says is completely unacknowledged by the rest of the cast with very few exceptions. Just watch the "I don't have a skull... Or bones" line. It's like he's not even there and the camera just rapidly flashes like it was added there later. You can't even see Christoph or Anna's feet.

Everything he says feels completely forced. It's not even the voice actor's fault, the character is just awful.

Olaf not in Frozen? It would be way different. For starters, the whole "Do you wanna build a snowman" thing would be gone. And Anna and Elsa would not have made him and Anna would not have had her head struck. Then, Elsa would not have to live in fear and let it go, cutting that song from the movie. Anna would not need to go find her to bring back summer, meaning the songs Reindeers are better than people, In Summer, and For the First Time in Forever (Reprise) would not be in the movie. Anna would not have her heart frozen, meaning we would never find out Hans was evil. So, to recap, the movie without Olaf would be a boring tale of life in a summery Arendelle where Elsa becomes queen. - Gocubs25

Just poor some water or throw him into a pile of burning wood. Problem solved than k u nect

Seriously? Olaf was the worst character in Frozen. Literally, the plot of the movie would've been almost exactly the same without him. The only thing he contributed was an annoying two-minute song and cheesy jokes that didn't even make my five-year-old smile. All he is is an excuse for Disney to sell more plush toys and storybooks. Lame.

3 Bulba the Troll

Not just this troll, but all of them were awfully annoying. Also, their song was atrocious.

Sounds like Vulva

Why she isn't number one? She's even more annoying than the Duke of Weselton! Even I hate her voice!

Shut your mouth

4 Unnamed Kid Who Complained About Having to Dress Fancy

Come on he only appeared for a few seconds. - Discord1

I hate him But I know his name it is Harold.

He is a brat

5 Baby Troll

Baby troll is a sausage. I LOVE OLAF

R u kidding me he is so cute "or he only likes to tinkle in the woods"

6 Hans

Hans sucks and should be in jail forever!

The plot twist was handled very poorly, and botched up his characterization for me. He's also the worst from a moral standpoint, albeit given his background (the directors did confirm that he wasn't lying about the 12 brother thing) I guess I understand why he does what he does. That doesn't mean any of it is JUSTIFIED.

But still, him being an antagonist wasn't even foreshadowed. I still am scratching my head over that one.

Hans was terrible. He looked like a werewolf and I knew he was evil from the start. He tried to kill Elsa AND Anna. Good thing Anna punched him in the face because he totally deserved that.

I would kill hans if he tried to kill elsa

7 Elsa Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

Okay I'm going to admit it, Elsa was a good character. But I have a few problems with her. One is she's such a mystery! This is was a conversation with a Frozen Fan on Omegle.

Me: How did she get her powers?
Frozen Fan: She was born with them.
Me: Oh yeah! But, why? Her family didn't have them. Frozen Fan:... I-I don't know. Huh. Maybe it's like Pulp Fiction, where whatever you guess it's the right answer. Me: Yeah! But Frozen isn't Quentin Tarantino. It's Disney.
Frozen Fan: Yeah I guess you're right. Ah well!
Me: It's still... Good.
Frozen Fan: It sure is!

See? Disney didn't even tell us HOW she was born with them. That's the problem. And they didn't state that it was like Pulp Fiction. So don't tell me that's true. And here's another thing, she's kinda shadowed out. Sure she makes pretty ice but we don't know that much about her if you think about it. She has ice powers, she's scared, she's a queen, Anna's her sister, that's about it in my opinion. Go ...more - MontyPython

She is so melodramatic that it makes me sick. Her song sucks. She causes a storm just because her sister is going to marry a man she just met. She is totally absent-minded of a gigantic storm she caused on her kingdom. She lets the storm rage on innocent people. Plus her dress is completely hideous. I hope it does not become a new Halloween costume in 2014.

She is flawed, however she never learns from her flaws, which makes her a bad character. - AnnaOfArendelle332

She's a lesbian...and she has a crush on Moana...ew

Its Elsa's own fault for the chaos because she never told Anna the reason she shunned Anna in the first place so poor Anna had to find out the hard way and took the blame for Elsa's little "accident". Anna even apologized for making Elsa crack while Elsa even took the apology and she never apologized for the chaos or almost killing her little sister

8 Coronation Day Host

Who is this character? - Thedukeofweselton

9 Unnamed Kid's Mother

Her name is belle.

How do you know her name it didn't say in the movie.

10 Gothi the Troll Priest

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11 The Storekeeper

Isn't Oaken the storekeeper? Who is far below on the list?

12 Cliff the Troll
13 Marshmallow

I think it's cool if Marshmallow exist. Elsa already created Marshmallow the giant snowman to kick Anna out of Elsa's ice palace.

I hate marshmallow! I'm glad he died because he hurt Anna. Poor dying Anna. Elsa is a real... For making him. - Ihateelsa

We'll I wish he did die because he's not even good looking and tried to murder Anna you marshmallow loving fool. - Ihateelsa

Did you watch the film to the very end?

Marshmallow is probably the only good thing that Elsa created.

In your face.

Actually the only cool thing that Elsa created.

14 Little Anna and Little Elsa

My only problem with them is that they created the song where everyone sings to no end. Either than that, I have no issues. - NerdyPweeps

I rather think Little Anna and Little Elsa are both cute. Don't you Frozen haters mean Little Anna and Little Elsa were both annoying?

What are you talking about they are so sweet!

Little Anna was pretty cute I guess

15 Percy
16 Elsa's Parents

They put their daughter through Hell and back.

Yeah! That's true Anna and Elsa have the worst parents ever.

Worst parents ever!

Some parents. Royal Retards.
They are even more retarded then Anna.

17 Grand Pabbie
18 Percy's Girlfriend
19 Sven

Sven is probably the only normal character in this Frozen Trash.

Ok whys this even on this list? Sven can't even talk! What's not to like?

He's the best (and probably only likeable) character out of this entire movie. - Anonymousxcxc

He's the only decent one.

His name is annoying as a turd salad.

20 Unnamed Ice Sellers
21 Kai
22 Kristoff Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated feature Frozen.

Kristoff was AWESOME! How is an annoying Bulba troll below him?

I expected Kristoff to be a lot more funnier :( - ladylocust123

23 The Duke's Henchmen
24 Duke of Weselton

He was annoying, and he was always on Hans' side. - HELLADERE120

The duke of Weselton is the best character in Frozen! - trsryryryry

The duke o Weselton is AWESOME!

On Olaf the one who said I'm gonna howl at you is me and here's the howl AROO

25 Kid Sven

He didn't even get to do anything

26 Wolves

The wolves were just trying to survive hunting for prey! The only good characters are the wolves. Wolves count caribou as prey. And this trash makes another exaggeration on wolves. They try to survive in a world where people throw torches at them. It hurts badly and the wolf-hating jerks should of lost Sven to the enduring predators.

Why are they on here?! They would've killed Anna and Kristoff if they didn't throw fire at them! Poor wolves, they should be PRAISED!

Why were they even there? poor guys... - ladylocust123

27 Oaken's Family
28 Oaken

The only character I like in the movie so far! - ladylocust123

Oaken is funny and interesting and awesome!

This isn't the anime frozen if there is one so if this is anime Olaf ok then - Ihaskitty1234

29 Gerda
30 The Dignitaries
31 Prince Flynn Rider
32 Snowgies

The snowgies are adorable you are putting very cool character on here and you hate everyone so please if you hate everything THAT much I suggest instead of doing this you could just do nothing

33 Sitron
34 Princess Rapunzel

Rapunzel is cool. Elsa isn't. Period.

Rapunzel and Eugene appeared in Frozen cameo attending Elsa's coronation.

Sucky cameo to be honest


35 Kid Kristoff

Now this is just a list of characters what the heck

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