Worst Ice Age Movies

Please Note That I Only Dislike Continental Drift And Collision Course

The Top Ten

1 Ice Age: Collision Course

This movie really sucked. I was so disappointed. - B1ueNew

At least stay within the genre! This is not supposed to be a sci-fi series, yet Blue Sky did this. - Cyri

Terrible - iliekpiez

Overhated, it was ok. - darthvadern

2 Ice Age: Continental Drift

I kind of liked it when I saw it on DVD in 2013. Now it's bit of a guilty pleasure. - B1ueNew

Bad - iliekpiez

But, this movie was the best. - darthvadern

3 Ice Age: The Great Egg-scapade

I've watched this to what I am doing with my life - iliekpiez

4 Ice Age: a Mammoth Christmas Special

Not something I watch at Christmas - iliekpiez

5 No Time for Nuts
6 Ice Age

Easily The Best One In The Series, 8/10 - VideoGamefan5

But this is the worst, I mean Collision Course may be bad but this is even worse, 3/10. - darthvadern

7 Surviving Sid
8 Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe
9 Ice Age: The Meltdown

This movie is awesomne! - darthvadern

10 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Bad movie - iliekpiez

I Actually Really Liked This Movie, Who's With Me? - VideoGamefan5

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