Top 10 Worst King of the Hill Moments

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1 Peggy Kidnaps a Child (Lupe's Revenge)

In the episode Peggy while chaperoning a Spanish class on a field trip to Mexico she accidentally mistakes a Mexican girl Lupe for one of her students and forces her into the bus only to realize after returning home of her mistake, what makes it worse is that Peggy refuses to acknowledge that she screwed up whether she meant to or not she still kidnapped a child and not only that but she also smuggled her across the border which brings up another thing how did border patrol not catch this, Peggy returns Lupe home and is arrested and she continues to believe she did nothing wrong and is brought to trial and she's found not guilty, basically Peggy gets away with kidnapping a child nor does she get fired from her job as a substitute teacher.

2 Everyone Vilifying Hank For Not Allowing Ms. Wakefield to Die in His House (Ms. Wakefield)

In the episode an old woman named Ms. Wakefield shows up at the Hill residents who revealed that her sister died in the house and now wants to die there too, Hank understandably is unwilling to grant her this request and Ms. Wakefield is unwilling to leave Hank even resorts to dragging her out by force and everyone around him begins to vilify him for it all while Hank tries to plead his case saying that she wants to die in his house, later she comes back again still trying to get in to die she even ends up terrifying Bobby who is left home alone while Hank and Peggy are our shopping, Hank resorts to calling the cops who are also complete jerks to Hank for having them come to arrest her despite the fact that she broke the law trespassing on his prperty.

3 Hank is Forced to Take Care of a Cat (The Petriot Act)

Hank takes part in program were people take care of soldiers pets the same one that Bill took part and is taking care of a dog but at the same time Hank and his family are prepared to go on a vacation why he didn't do this after coming back from vacation I'll never know unfortunately the military forces him to take care of the pet the very next day and instead of a dog Hank gets a cat which he was unprepared to take care of and the people of the military are not very understanding of the situation, making matters worst the cat becomes a total nightmare terrorizing everyone in the house and just to add more salt on the wounds Hank is forced to take the cat to a very expensive animal clinic just so the doctor can sign the papers so they can take back the cat however the doctor continues to refuse to sign the paper and instead takes several tests forcing Hank to pay using the money intended for the vacation.

4 Hoyt Tricks Lucky into Taking The Fall for a Robbery to Avoid Going to Prision (Life: A Loser's Manuel)

Luanne's father Hoyt makes he's long awaited appearance and it turns out that he was in prison all this time and its clear that he has no intentions of changing his con man ways and purposely uses Luanne to get everyone to bail him out of trouble, in this moment he convinces Lucky to join him for breakfast at a restaurant and Hoyt steals money from the register as the two run they end up at a dead end at which Hoyt confesses to Lucky that he's been to prison more than once and if they find him with all this money then he's going away for good and of course he uses Luanne to get Lucky to take the fall so she won't have her heart broken over Hoyt going to prison.

5 Cotton Dies (Death Picks Cotton)

Aside from Hank and Peggy not telling Bobby about his grandfather dying, Cotton continues to treat Hank horribly even going ballistic when Hank tells him he loves him, he then has a heated argument with Peggy who is downright furious at him for treating Hank so horribly and then he just dies.

6 Peggy's Mother Gives Her No Thanks for Saving Their Ranch (A Rover Runs Through It)
7 Enrique Attemtps to Break Into the Hill's Household (Enrique-Cilable Differences)

Enique one of Hank's co workers is having marital troubles at home and after his wife kicks him out starts turning towards Hank for companionship which makes Hank feel incredibly uncomfortable and things culminates when Enrique shows up at their house and pleads for them to let him in as everyone is left terrifyied all while Hank tells them no mater what happens they don't let him in no matter how ugly it gets.

8 Gilbert Refusing to Let Bill Sell The Family Recipe (Blood and Sauce)

After finding out from his obviously gay cousin Gilbert that they are the last of their family and also sold off the family estate Bill worries of having no one to pass on his legacy to, everyone loves Bill's family BBQ sauce and investors are interested in buying the recipe but Gilbert flat out forbids Bill from selling the family recipe what makes it more upsetting is that Gilbert gives no real reason for not allowing Bill to sell the recipe considering he sold the family estate without Bill's permission and nothing Bill does is able to convince him.

9 Hank and Everyone Goes to War with The Canadian Family (Uh! Oh Canada)

This whole episode is just awful to watch Hank and the others really don't like the Canadian family who traded homes with Boomhouer referring to them as "The Canadian's! " and the family being complete jerks.

10 Hank Gets Bullied by Caleb (Hank's Bully)

Hank gets pestered by a neighbor's kids who's parents refuse to discipline him at one point Hank takes away Celeb's bike and his parents get the cops to force Hank to return the bike and not discipline their son so how does Hank get out of this he uses Bobby to torture Caleb's parents until they finally agree to discipline Caleb.

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