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1 Friends

Friends has got to be the worst theme ever! I see them shelves at every store overstocked with them because nobody out there even wants to buy them! I mean, come on, LEGO's are not made for pink houses and mini-figures that don't even look like mini-figures!

Agree. A very horrible lego theme. Lego is made to be a little unrealistic. To me, it doesn't even seem like a lego theme. Only 15 minifigures total, unrealistic pink stuff, stupid, stupid, stupid.

You wouldn't expect Lego to get sucked into the girls = pink junk thing,
But you'll just have to hope that they stop it. Oh and by the way, girls can choose what colors their toys are, instead of the pink crap that's being shoved down their throats. For anyone who didn't know, Lego will make Disney Princess in 2014, so you might want to add it to the list.

Wouldn't it be better just to put some female characters in the normal Lego sets then sell this crap?

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2 Hero Factory

I can't believe people hate Bionical more than this retardad remake, its horrible, after 1 year its already made four seasons, and ill bet you its because the stinks so much!

Hero factory has retired so u can't go search on eBay 4 it if u don't like it

I remember when this came out it was great, now the heroes are EXTREMELY complicated and all kinds of crap. It sucks now. - SammySpore


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3 Dora

Dora is world's stupidest Lego theme. EVER!

I never even knew Lego Dora existed. I bet it's very bad.

To stupid to be true
How did Lego even think of this

Lol! Lego Dora!

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4 Disney Princess

The only disney princess that are in the sets are Cinderella, Rapunzel, Merida and Ariel. That's not enough to have Lego Disney Princess. Where's Belle, Aurora, Tiana, Mulan, Jasmine and Snow White.

When I heard about this couldn't believe it! Lego has Friends, A no good theme, but THIS! I didn't think Lego would make this crap! So Lego, please discontinue the disney princess! (notice it doesn't deserve caps)

It's just Lego friends but Lego friends are regular
Girls and these are Disney princesses
And the princesses don't really look like the
Disney princesses. Oh, the Lego princesses
Are ugly too.

AGGGHHH!, Lego!, There Is Also Going To Make 2 More Frozen Sets!, Seriously? , Lego, So You Can Do A Couple Lego Frozen Sets But You Can't Make Wreck-It Ralph, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, Zootopia, And Finding Dory Sets? , What A PATHETIC Excuse! - VideoGamefan5

I wish lego would make Gravity Falls sets like the Mystery Shack or Gideon's giant robot - PeeledBanana

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5 Legend of Chima

You guys are only saying this is. Bad cause your ninjago fans you don't know anything about it probably

Who put this on the list? Chima is not the best but its not the worst. It is one of the greatest epic-like shows of all time, next to Ninjago.

I hate Chima AND Ninjago! both were far too story based and only appeal to kids who watch the show, chima is SO weird and makes no sense either. what is it with Lego and Humanoid Animals in the past 5 years?

I personally like it but it needs to be higher than Hero Factory on here. - Extractinator04

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6 Belville

I have no problem about toy companies that were made more for guys trying to sell things to girls... But really, this is just pink and yellow bricks and small barbie dolls.

Very badly designed. If you want to market to girls, at least give them a fair amount of parts instead of the crap this stuff came with.

Belleville is mental. Who needs it? I mean seriously it is crap utter crap. The sets are fake-looking and not detailed.

Look at the baby, that is creepy. - Datguyisweird666

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7 Bob the Builder

God what the hell was Lego thinking with this

Bob The Builder! Can we fix this? Bob The Builder! No, we can't!

Oh man I remember this one way back... never bought a single set. - Mcgillacuddy

I loved the sets and the show. The haters are all grownups who don't realize that it isn't targeted towards them and that it was made as Duplo for a reason!

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8 Duplo

Lego duplo IS MADE FOR KIDS AGE 0 TO 4 so unless you are around that age you shouldn't be playing with it anyway

Now,the price of these things are terrible,it's about 12 pounds for a fire truck which is made of 5 bricks! - DapperPickle

Those sets are made for ages 2-5.

Worst lego set

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9 Galidor

Not even made of Lego bricks, just cheap toys that are like mcdonalds toys

They just make weird new parts instead of trying to use existing ones. Come on LEGO!

The design of the figures is uninspired at best.

Google "Galidor Nick McDonald's promotion"...

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10 Nexo Knights

It's basically Ninjago, but trash castle. The premise is okay (never watched the show by the way), but the sets are trash and built horribly, with exposed technic pieces, horrible color schemes, lack of bending knees in humanoid large figures, just to name a few. Might be biased because I used to like Ninjago, but they tried to reboot it with castles, but it turned out as one of the worst lines EVER.

Nexo knights is basically Lego castle and Lego ninjago put together in a blender to make a new theme and recycle old ideas.

Nexo knights is basically a clone of ninjago to make a show and steal money from Cartoon Network nexo knights sucks

Stupid theme with sets that make no sense

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11 Cars

Lego cars is just Plain crap.

Why make entirely new pieces for a SINGLE car in a single set in a single theme? such a waste

The cars theme wasn't that bad,

The sets were not good but not bad. - Extractinator04

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12 Architecture

Whats the point of even getting one? You build it and leave it there to get old and dusty, what the heck Lego?!

That's the point of every LEGO set, I don't get how this theme is any worse. - Extractinator04

You want to build a set from that theme you want to be awesome guess what it wasn't awesome.

They look neat, but they really don't give you a whole lot of options for making your own stuff.

Kids can buy them if they want too though.

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13 Jack Stone

Jack stone is just two bricks slapped together and they don't even know what a fire truck looks like I'm very dissapointed with this line

Nothing is good about this theme

Ya this is bad it's a failure

This is some crap

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14 Frozen

Frozen is the worst. I mean both the Lego brand and the movie and this should be number1

I hate Frozen. The WORST movie I had ever seen I my life. Not its LEGO!? You have to be kidding me.

Couldn't this just be part of LEGO Disney Princesses?

Makes me puke thinking about it. - Extractinator04

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15 Mixels

You are all sad losers. Mixels are the best and come with a great assortment of parts!

The cartoon is pretty stupid, but it's the sets that keep the show running.

Lego need to stop making toys based on (their own) shows, a lot of people cannot even watch Cartoon Network! when I saw mixels I was so confused and thought they were bad because I didn't even know about the cartoon

Besides there cool parts and joints I agree mixes are bad

The ball joints are the only real value of the sets.

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16 Minecraft

They just had to cater to the 9 year olds who still think that Minecraft is a good game. It started getting marketed a few years ago - to aim it toward retarded fourth grade boys who will never grow out of their Transformers backpacks. My younger brother had me build one for him, and in my experience, I found there to be no variety with which I can build an MOC and have it look different enough than the original without going all over the place like Hillary's issue stances. Stupid.

I only laugh at the people who want a Minecraft Lego line. Lego has to be doing the same. It is nothing that any 3 year old couldn't put together, put in a plastic bag, write Minecraft on it and sell it online. My point, anyone with eyesight and some Lego bricks can put together there own Minecraft set.

Oh my God! Other than Lego friends, this had to be the stupidest, most retarded thing ever! I mean it's just a couple of bricks in a bag,that anybody could just throw together.They put in a box, say its Minecraft,and then sell it to all those Minecraft obsessed kids for $50.00! - t-man

I have one - PeeledBanana

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17 Ben 10 Ben 10

Just no. Lack of parts especially ones that were so specialised it could have never been used without looking like one of Ben 10's transformations. I think that Lego should have made the series just a regular minifigure scale series and maybe add in a couple of action figures like Chima did. But I don't really think that Ben 10 was made for Lego.

This LEGO theme has no creativity. It looks terrible anyway.

This didn't need to happen.

Copying great T.V. shows like Lego spongebob is one thing but copying down a bad T.V. show is just stumped!

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18 Lego for Girls

I think this shouldn't be on the list. If girls want Star Wars or city that's fine, if they want friends or Disney princess that's fine to. Hate to burst your bubble people but, girls have rights too. (And this being said by a guy)

It's not that these sets are pink, it's that they're bad. I got a few different kinds of Lego sets aimed at girls and they were all bad. They barely came with any parts, so you would be a genius for building half a house. They also came with way too many pieces that only fit one way, so you could only really build like 2 things for each of them.

Lego, not everything has to be pink for girls to like it. - SammySpore

Just, why...

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19 Bionicle


Am I seeing this right? Bionicle on this list? Maybe I went to the wrong one... Seriously though, Bionicle isn't horrible, it's fantastic! It was and still is somewhat innovative in the Lego industry. It's creative, unique, and has a story that I can enjoy.

I had the 2009 sets, they are brilliant but I think the older ones are much better because they would of put more effort into it, although I've never seen any old bionicle sets, only the 2009 and 2010 ones - Harri666

One of their best themes. - Extractinator04

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20 Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins Doc McStuffins is an American-Irish animated children's television series produced by Brown Bag Films.

If this is real, my life will be over within a few seconds. - Extractinator04

There is no way they made this * searches it up * oh my gosh what is that!

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