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61 Elves

Its basically Lego friends in fairy mode

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62 Creator

Probably the third best. They didn't have much interior or mini figs but they had highly detailed exteriors great proportions and we're beautiful display pieces

How the heck did creator get here!

CREATOR should not be here and should be the best

This has got to be the most LEGO-like theme ever, with huge, detailed sets and complex building techniques. The Modular Buildings are absolutley incredible, and there's nothing to dislike about the theme whatsoever.

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63 Lego Din Mor

Never heard of this line sounds bad though

Why the heck I this!

It is the worst Lego serie ever. translate it to danish and you will understand

Fake. - Extractinator04

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64 Scooby Doo

I like Lego Scooby doo but I just put it on this list anyways

65 Exo-Force

This should be one of the LAST themes to end up on this list! - Mcgillacuddy

66 Winnie The Pooh

What?! What am I doing with my life? I should be watching Star Wars nlt on this list of poop

O_O wait did they really do this set... *searches Lego Winnie the pooh* AAAHH SO UGLY!

67 Space Police

Growing up this was actually one of my favorites

Space police? so like star wars? the crimanals be like "straight outta space Compton"

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68 Lego City

Decent LEGO theme, good for kids who aren't duploish, but aren't ready for advanced sets.

69 Sonic the Hedgehog

SPOILER ALERT: Sonic is now in lego dimensions, - VideoGamefan5

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