Top 10 Worst Live Action Disney Movies Not Made by Lucasfilm or Marvel

The very first list I made was worst live action Disney movies. I absolutely hate that list. But I feel like I've gotten better since then. Kind of. Here are the worst live action Disney movies that were not made by Lucasfilm or Marvel.

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1 The Princess Diaries 2 - Royal Engagement

How was the Princess Diaries popular enough to get a sequel? In my previous list, I talked about how much I hate Star Trek. But that isn't Chris Pine's worst film! This is! I don't even know what to say! This is such a stupid movie! This was a thing that was actually written by a group of writers! People actually thought a story like this would be good! But what we got was absolute crap! They make the villain so obvious to the point where it seems like the movie is for little kids! The villain himself even says it out loud that he's the villain! Every character in this movie is a moron! That slumber party scene was unnecessary and beyond stupid! There's a scene where Mia and Nicholas hate each other and then they kiss! It comes out of nowhere! And the part where they fall in the fountain just infuriated me! It was so stupid! Every scene in this movie is stupid! There's even a Stan Lee cameo because I guess they predicted Disney would buy Marvel. I find it ironic that on a list that ...more - MegaSoulhero

Oh dear this was bad..

2 Teen Beach Movie

Every single Disney Channel Original Movie is terrible! But at least the older ones looked like they were actually trying! You can tell there was no effort put into this abomination! It's like someone wanted to make their own version of High School Musical but on a beach and in a fictional musical! How did they even manage to get trapped in a movie!? So the surfboard is magic somehow? A major plot point is that they are trapped in a musical and they have no choice but to sing. They even question the idea of people breaking into song and dance, saying that it's unrealistic. But then at the very end, when they get back to the real world, everyone on that beach in the real world start doing a musical number! Um, did the writers seriously forget a very crucial detail? How do they manage to mess something like that up? The sequel is better, but still bad. This movie is worse than High School Musical! - MegaSoulhero

What a horrible movie. Most of the Disney Channel movies are awful. - PeeledBanana

Oh dear not this

3 Hannah Montana: The Movie

Back when Miley Cyrus was actually sane, she starred in one of the worst shows ever to air on television! Hannah Montana isn't as bad as Teen Titans Go or Dora the Explorer, but it's definitely the worst show Disney has ever had! And it got a movie that came out in theaters! Why was it released in theaters? Should've been a Disney Channel Original Movie! It would still suck, but the other DCOMs also suck. So it would be more understandable. This is a movie a lot of people bring up when talking about bad Disney films. And yeah, it is AWFUL! Only thing I liked about it was one of the songs, but just like the show, this movie is a disaster. - MegaSoulhero

Not the best of both worlds

@MegaSoulHero Did you not listen to Miley's new songs? She's back to normal... - DCfnaf

Check out "Malibu", "Inspired", or "Younger Now". She's not insane anymore. - DCfnaf


4 The Haunted Mansion

This movie is an insult to one of the best rides at Disneyland! This is how they treat it? This is just ridiculous! I don't hate Eddie Murphy, but he's not the funniest guy out there. This is one of the only two Disney movies he was in. The other one was Mulan and he was actually hilarious in that. He is not funny at all in the Haunted Mansion. The entire movie isn't funny! It's not even a movie I can laugh at for how bad it is! The sets look fake! The visuals look cheap! They add way too many references from the ride just to remind us that this is a movie based on the ride! I heard that they might be making another Haunted Mansion movie. And it might star Ryan Gosling. I hope it's good. The ride deserves better. - MegaSoulhero

How was this so bad?

Ohhh! So Haunted Mansion is a movie based off of a Disneyland ride? When I first got Disney Crossy Road I had no idea why it was even there, and I assumed it was from one of those old animations made back in the 40's and they were just paying homage. Thanks for informing me, MegaSoulHero. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

This ruined the song I love so bad “Grim Grinning Ghosts”. The movie did no justice for the ride. It sucks so bad. - asantalo

5 Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland

"Let's get Tim Burton to direct an Alice in Wonderland movie! What can go wrong? " This movie can be seen as both a remake and a sequel considering it's stated in the movie that Alice is returning to Wonderland. Or in this case "Underland". The title is basically click bait. It says Alice in Wonderland, but it ends up not giving us what we promised! Johnny Depp did a pretty great job as the Mad Hatter. He looks like he's the only one who's trying. The rest of the cast looked like they were phoning it in. Underland looks very creepy and disturbing! There are certain things that look cool in animation, but not in live action! The best part of the movie would have to be the Futterwacken. Not really actually. It's just a dumb dance the Mad Hatter does that they built up and it just wastes an entire minute of our lives! Plus, I could dance better than that! It's still better than the Emoji Pop. Tim Burton is a great guy, but this is a very bad movie! It makes me worried about the Dumbo ...more - MegaSoulhero

6 Inspector Gadget

I was never a fan of the cartoon, but even it doesn't deserve something as awful as this! They didn't even try! I really hate cartoonish slapstick humor in live action movies! It doesn't look good! The constant use of cartoon sound effects gets very irritating! I have no idea why Matthew Broderick was cast in this thing! The only movie that he was actually good in was the Lion King! And I know people really like Ferris Bueller, but Broderick's acting in that was atrocious! He's one of the worst actors ever! This movie got a sequel and even though it wasn't good, it was slightly more tolerable. At least Matthew Broderick wasn't in it. Another problem I have with this movie is that the cartoon didn't show Dr. Claw's face. But here, his face is shown for a majority of the movie! Making him a lot less intimidating! It was pretty obvious that this movie was going to be bad. - MegaSoulhero

7 Pete's Dragon

The fact that this movie is on this list is a reason why the Pete's Dragon remake is great. It did not feel like this movie at all! It was it's own thing and made improvements! Something that the Beauty and the Beast remake failed at. But yeah, I really hate the original Pete's Dragon. First of all, the idea of a dragon that can turn invisible is just stupid! Which is weird since I like Dragon Tales. But at least in that show, it wasn't meaningless! And ironically, Elliott is the most normal thing about this movie! Every other character is just so over the top to the point where they don't act like real people! They act like cartoons! While the dragon, an actual cartoon character, acts less like a cartoon! This movie has quite possibly the worst songs I've ever heard in a musical! All of them are just so terrible! I love the Elliott float in the Main Street Electrical Parade (RIP). I just wish it didn't come from such a bad movie! I'm just glad that the remake turned out to be good. ...more - MegaSoulhero

The remake is way better-Trollsfan536

8 Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty is a decent film and the best thing about it is definitely Maleficent! She is one of the best Disney villains ever! She is dark, ruthless, and she doesn't care about hurting anyone! So when they gave her her own movie, I was very excited! So I saw and it sucked. I can't believe they would ruin such an awesome villain! What's next? Are you gonna make a Night on Bald Mountain movie in which Chernabog isn't really evil but only acts the way he does because he doesn't know any better? Angelina Jolie does a great job at portraying the character, but the character herself has turned soft! Such a disappointment. - MegaSoulhero

I saw it and it was good. Jolie did a good work acting and so did Fanning. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome


I didn’t like it that much. I just can’t believe thy ruined her character. They better not do the same thing with Chernabog in the upcoming adaptation of Night on Bald Mountain. - asantalo

9 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

IT'S A VIDEO GAME MOVIE! This just shows that not even Disney can make a good video game movie! Video game movies are cursed! If we ever get a good one it would be a miracle! I doubt it will happen anytime soon. - MegaSoulhero

10 Beauty and the Beast

The Contenders

11 John Carter
12 The Sorcerer's Apprentice
13 Cars 2

This list is
"Live action movies" not animated movies

14 The Country Bears

Stupid just stupid... - Swampert02

15 College Road Trip
16 Snow Dogs

Felt absolutely idiotic and cruel to animals, families deserve better than this. Should be rated 12. Avoid at all costs!

17 Cinderella (2015)

Another Disney remake that didn't need to happen. Lily James is a TERRIBLE Cinderella! She's acting like a stereotypical girl who always smiles no matter what happens! It makes her look like an idiot! I also thought Lily James was the weakest part about Baby Driver. Debora was not a very interesting character. The main reason why the live action Cinderella sucks mostly comes from the main character! In the original, Cinderella was kind but not too kind to the point where it gets annoying. Here, it gets annoying. She always sees the good in people! Even in her stepsisters and stepmother who always push her around! And when she gets locked in her room, she doesn't even try breaking out! She just sings! She sings! At least in the original, Cinderella made an attempt of escaping! The one in the live action movie is too soft! She's such an idiot! - MegaSoulhero

I didn't think this story could get even more boring but I guess I stand corrected.

18 Planes
19 Cool Runnings

What? This was a great movie with great humour and funny characters! - darthvadern

20 Old Dogs
21 A Kid in King Arthur's Court
22 Jungle 2 Jungle
23 Meet the Deedles
24 Mr. Magoo
25 My Favorite Martian
26 Newsies
27 Underdog
28 The Pacifier
29 Blank Check
30 The Lone Ranger (2013)
31 Man of the House
32 First Kid
33 I'll Be Home for Christmas (1998)
34 The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
35 The Big Green
36 Operation Dumbo Drop
37 Flubber
38 Rocketman
39 Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
40 Around the World in 80 Days (2004)
41 The Odd Life of Timothy Green
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