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41 Making React To That

A YouTube-imported piece of crap that premiered on December 15, 2014 instead of the scheduled premiere on January 1, 2015, it has no plot and one of the Every Witch Way characters is on it, which puts Every Witch Way in danger of being cancelled too soon and it is a stupid show like the others compared to Every Witch Way.

Another YouTube-imported show set to premiere on NY's day, 2015, it will put an end to Every Witch Way, which is literally one of the best live-action comedy shows on Nick that beats every other Nickelodeon sitcom, Maddie will star on it, please vote.

Crap imported from Youtube - Cartoonfan202

42 Premiering Blaze and the Monster Machines

A copycat of the Dora shows and Thomas & Friends or Cars, Nick seems to rip off shows pretty often.

Why does everyone say it ripoffs Dora, Thomas, and Cars! it doesn't! It still sucks though - Cartoonfan202

43 No reruns of Every Witch Way on Nickelodeon

Nick needs to have reruns of Every Witch Way between its seasons and after the series finale, there are only reruns a month before a new season and they air on TeenNick, which is for teens and Every Witch Way is for ALL AGES!

They could not show reruns of it because it's a story arc based show and reruns of a random episode could confuse viewers - Cartoonfan202

44 Every Witch Way's seasons last 1 month long

Nick needs to make Every Witch Way run longer seasons and maybe even air 2 episodes a week, the seasons are too short and the weekdaily format causes a stir of controversy among fans.

That inspired a lot of one-month dramas on Nickelodeon such as Make it pop - Cartoonfan202

45 Becoming owned by Viacom

That makes no sense man its already is even in the 90s

Viacom sucks. - Cartoonfan202

46 Not censoring inappropriate SpongeBob episodes (The Splinter, House Fancy, etc)

Episodes like One Coarse Meal should get removed. - Cartoonfan202

One Coarse Meal needed the most censoring, Mr. Krabs treated Plankton to suicide and that is not appropriate for any age, The show got messed up.

47 "Angel" Adam Sandler

What - Cartoonfan202

48 Premiering Make It Pop

Hate this show - Cartoonfan202

Nickelodeon made Make It Pop and it's so racist, it's a huge insult to K-Pop, while K-Pop has Korean men, this show doesn't, it makes everybody in America hate K-Pop and this show shows you the wrong thing about it. - nelsonerica

49 Canceling Rugrats

That show was a classic - Cartoonfan202

That show was a classic goddammit... IT WAS A CLASSIC!

50 Retiring the SpongeBob Game Builder and the SpongeBob Cartoon Creator
51 Justin Bieber on Halo Awards 2015
52 A Nickelodeon Version of "Watch Me" Being Created

The original version of Watch Me/Whip Nae Nae was bad enough. Do we need another even worse version of it?

53 Making All Grown Up
54 Airing Every Witch Way
55 The Age of the New Spongebob

The thing I hate the most about the new SpongeBob is the way they add too much detail into scenes. For instance, they'd show a picture after something happens. The picture would show SpongeBob looking like he had insomnia, he had hygiene issues, and he recently had a hangover.

In another example, they showed another picture of Patrick's back with hair sprouting out and his butt crack showing. It's really disgusting to look at and it makes me sick thinking about it.

In 2005, When SpongeBob comes back. Everyone hated it. Sure season 4 is pretty decent. But still. Its bad in the past and its bad today.

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56 Removing Korra

Korra shouldn't have been removed, Nick got rid of it because it lost a lot of viewers, but when Nick plays the bad shows and when they lose viewers, Nick keeps them running, Nick needs to stop with what they're doing and start making good shows and respecting fans again.

I don't know what they where thinking

I hate the avatar franchise all of it the last air bender Korra the DVDs trading cards that horrible movie release everything

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