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1 Chase

Chase is literally the most overrated annoying character of the show. He think's he's God. Plus the little kids, teenage girls and grown men that say Chase and Skye are in love are just insane - DawnBellwether

Chase is always picked for missions. He has a crush on Skye but he should have a crush on Sweetie, because they are both arrogant. He thinks that only he matters and gets this spy gear. He thinks he's James Bond. He gets air gear soon and then all what he does is glide. BORING. Plus, the princess of Barkingburg chooses him to guard and he fails because of his allergic reaction to cats.

Oh god, Where do I start with Chase? Chase is literally the most overrated character in the entire show. He's literally chosen in nearly every single episode of the entire show. Also I extremely hate his phrases. They are so irritating and repetitive. All he says is stuff like "Chase is on the case." It's SO ANNOYING. I hope he gets taken off from the show. - DumbFriesNub

Holy snap, yas. He's so annoying and determined to baet everyone else.

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2 Alex

Alex is so annoying, I'm so glad he's not in most of them. And for those of you who say Katie is bad what are you thinking? Katie is awesome!

HATE this character. Absolutely no good qualities. I'm glad that he only plays one or two major roles, because he would ruin the show if he was more than some random Adventure Bay resident.

I am so glad that Alex is only in a few episodes, he is a horrible character with no personality whatsoever. Even though he's a minor character he deserves to be at the top of this list.

He is so funny you just gotta have hi miss in there I liked him so did my bro

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3 Skye

WHAT THE HELL? Skye is the best pup ever and screw that tomato headed brat, Chase. She loves him, but Skye, why not love Rocky? Or Zuma? (don't kiss marshall he too clumsy to kiss) Chase is not your pup, Skye. Whatever happens, I will love you to the end. Chase, I hate you so much evil and rudeness but it is a great day for you to be stuck in a banana dropped in the toilet LOL

Skye is like the BEST character in show. I mean COME ON! Stop with the rude comments!

Skye is the most annoying character in the show, just behind Alex. She smiles at absolutely everything, even when she is speaking about someone/thing being in danger. I'm all for strong female characters in shows but she has enough of an annoyingly arrogant personality for the size of what 3 theoretical other female lead role pups should have.

I love Skye she is an inspiration to girls that love paw patrol

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4 Cali

Listen now Call is awe and my cat acts like that she is awe. I love love Cali so stop the hate

Cali is the coolest cat in Adventure Bay. Remember the episode where she meowed 'uh-oh! '?

She is ungrateful!

She's cute and funny butility all she is is an ungrateful madame!

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5 Marshall

Marshall is really stupid - he once got stuck in his sleeping bag - he once started spinning vigorously and causing all the other pups to spin vigorously - he once inflated his jacket with air - he once bumped out of the lift - he once stole and pulled a lady's chair - he once got the pups stuck inside a roll - he once... his Pup Pack got taken by a penguin because he was not aware - and he sleep-skated. What a noob!

This pup thinks there is way more important than his friends and is always laughing when the other pups in one episode he thinks it's lucky color that is red and yellow up Dazzle is lucky and they think it's an thinking that thinks it is why would the other pups are in danger how rude! He needs to learn that food is everything, and colors are not lucky.

He is the funniest dog on the show, stop the hate

It's the developers of Paw Patrols fault he's clumsy. It's not Marshall. Make the directors make him not clumsy, please? I love him but there's more to T.V. than me.

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6 Mayor Goodway

She clearly has the hots for an 11 year old boy, always flirting with Ryder. Rarely acknowledges the pups for saving her ass all the time. And she carries a chicken in a purse! She's an idiot and a pederast

She calls the Paw Patrol when she breaks a heel. She calls the Paw Patrol when she challenges the other mayor to a basketball game and doesn't even have a team. She's wastes their time and resources!

Alex could be a better mayor of Adventure Bay. All she does is scream and pitch a fit about her chicken. - DawnBellwether

Ummm let me say this...what MAYOR GOODWAY! YOU ARE A MAYOR YOU SHOULD KNOW HOW TO GET A LADDER AND GET your STUPID CHICKEN OFF THE ROOF... OH YEA AND BY THE WAY STOP FLIRTING WITH RYDER HE IS A KID! AND HIRE A SECURITY GUARD TO HELP YOU INSTED OF BOTHERING THE PAW PATROL TO SAVE YOU AND YOUR CHICKEN! I THINK MAYOR GOODWAY SHOULD BE FIRED! Look I understand if people defend her because she tried her best to be a good mayor, but I think her “best” is not enough. Look I did not want to be a hater but really I don’t think she should be the mayor. But it was good of her to dedicate a day for the paw patrol.

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7 Ryder

Ryder keeps the PAW Patrol together! Without him, Marshall will be stuck in a net, Rubble will be digging a hole in Major Goodway's gardens, Chase would have his paw stuck under the sand, Rocky will have toilet paper on his face and Zuma's hovercraft and Zuma will be broken down in the middle of the ocean! Skye and Everest will not have anything like that, but will be bullying each other! But with Ryder, this would not happen.

This guy is so retarded he needs a haircut

He keeps the Paw Pateol together! If it weren't for him they would all be spilt up! While Rubble and Rocky find something to eat out of a trash can, Zuma would be stranded on an island, and Marshall would be tangled in something! Skye and Chase would probably be alright and be taking care of a liter of like, 6 puppies!

Rip Ryder

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8 Daring Danny X

He is really full of himself, although he is really just an annoying, stupid pain in the behind who is a few beers short of a six pack. He doesn't ever listen to Ryder, although he claims Ryder is his hero. He talks about himself in the third person. He stole Everest's snow cat. My daughter calls him 'Naughty Danny X'.

Seriously, this smug bastard refers to himself in the third person, corrects you if you don't call him "daring Danny x", and wipes out on every stunt he's tried. Then when the pups save his dumb ass, he's never grateful at all. I hate him so much, I want him to die

I don't like him 1he is a show of 2he always corrects people to call him Daring Danny X 3 he never says thank you like when he was stuck in a tree above a angry bear

That grammar wouldn't pass for kindergarten. Sorry, but it's true. - GodFlowey

Why is this guy lower than Ryder?! He should be number 1

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9 Mayor Humdinger

He sucks, but his kittens are cute.

I hate his pathetic attempts. Plus I hate his mustache!

He sucks. He wants yo ruin Adventure Bay and steal things. And the Skye Kitten isn't as cute as the original Skye.

Only good thing about him: he has cute kittys - sonicspeed0705

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10 Rocky

Please! Don't blame Rocky! He shouldn't be on this list! Nor the other pups - the pups PROTECT Adventure Bay so why are they all here? And Rocky too? He is so cute!

Rocky is adorable even though he hates water

Are you serious?! Rocky is the one I like, he is awesome! Marshall sucks!

He complains the most

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11 Rubble

Rubble is adorable, he shouldn't be in this list! In fact, all the pups shouldn't be in this list!

I belive that Rubble's voice is too sweet. I believe that it should be a little tougher like a bulldog's voice should sound like.

Rubble is so cute

He is the ugliest pup. When Toys R Us had it's stuff marked down all Paw Patrol merch was gone save for the ugly fat one. He is a typical fat kid puppy. Like Chunk from Goonies except unlovable.

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12 Katie

She's a pointless love interest for Ryder. She could be removed from the show and it wouldn't make a difference.

Katie is amazing! I don't know what you all are talking about!

Katie does not suck. She is awesome. Plus my friend is called Katie.


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13 Chickaletta

Chickaletta deserves to be at the top of the list...and is a stupid chicken. Why is she even in the show?

This Chicken makes half the series and she causes all the trouble, why did the mayor want this retarded chicken

I find that Chickaletta is evil and purposely tries to cause trouble.

Stupidest character ever

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14 Everest

Everest is so adorable. Come on, people, why is Everest on this list?

Everest is not annoying she is my favorite character I don't hate her at all! Why is she on the list -Emma

Everest is cool she saved Jake TWICE

I love Everest she is so cute, it should be Everest and chase not skye and chase, oh and for all u skye and chase shippers you can just kuk off

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15 Zuma

Poor pup, he is black. I mean, he sounds African American and his fur is brown, and probably gets payed less

I am so sad that he is underrated. Now that every water rescue is Sea Patrol now Zuma will get picked even less. Zuma is WAY better than Chase. (In my opinion.)

Zuma is amazing! He should not be on this list! I'm the Zuma #1 Fan, and he's the best and cutest puppy ever!

Zuma is the best he should not be on this list

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16 Francois

He is even more annoying than Captain Turbot. And when he sais he can do something easily he fails.

Why isn't he number one on this list

He hogs the spotlight too much. He seems to be getting less conceited in the newer episodes, though.

Francois is so annoying!

17 Captain Turbot

He's the funniest character in the show, my son loves him! I don't see how he can be on this list!

Seen in every episode. It's so stupid.

Hands down the most annoying character on the show. I don't really pay attention when my daughter watches but every time I hear this idiot vomit out his stupid lines with each word beginning with the same letter I want to throw my T.V. out the window. I bet the guy that writes Turbot's parts thinks he is the funniest thing to ever happen to writing. Ugh.

Big nose and annoying urghh

18 Princess of Barkingburg

She is not loyal because she said Chase is her favourite pup when she already has Sweetie.

She said chase is her favorite pup in front of all the other pups

She thinks she is really pretty and cool she is so annoying.


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19 Tracker

Why Tracker? He's a boy! In like every show I watch, there are more boys than girls and it is SO ANNOYING! It then makes girls not want to watch the show because annoying boys just get in the way. I also find it annoying! So why Tracker a boy? Why not a climber pup female Vizsla breed, and named Roxy? Tracker is a chihuahua, but why is he so big? Chihuahuas are so small, they should be smaller than even Skye!

He only was seen without an uniform in 1 episode! Every other episode, he always has his uniform! Even when it is a small role! There needs to be another episode where he doesn't wear an uniform.

1 they need more girls 2 love him!

He is a chihuahua who is multilingual and fluent in Spanish so he is a racial stereotype. Not as annoying as the dalmatian though

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20 Earl of Barkingburg

He is good!

21 Sweetie

Sweetie is a female, but a villain. She wants the crown so she can be queen.

Sweetie is bad but so cute

I hate sweetie

Sweetie is so cool even though she is a villan

22 Dimensional Ryder (Dark Mode)

Who is he?

23 Seabee

Seabee is barely even a character and shouldn't really be on this list. She/it is just the robot voice from inside the diving bell.

You know the diving bell? You know that speaker? That speaker is Seabee.

Why did they have to add so many robots?

Whos seabee? Is he a bee that goes to the sea or what?

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24 Farmer Umi

No point always like help me with the farm

She really is a meaningless character.

I believe it's spelt Yumi.

Farmer Al is a lot more boring.

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25 Smiley

Smiley is just a stupid frog who steals Skye's helicopter. I wish he stole Chase's police car instead. He is stupid and annoying, and deserves to jump into a volcano

Smiley is just a frog who is super annoying - DewSpectrum11

I h8 smiley

26 Carlos

I like Katie better than Carlos

27 Mr. Porter

Mr. Porter is funny

What is the point of Mr. Porter?


28 Wally

He was a good character until they gave him a wife and a child.

Um he is actually ADORABLE!


I aggre with the adorable one

29 Farmer Al

Farmer Al is boring and unfunny

So boring

30 Robo Dog

He's a robo dog that's rlly only drives and that's the only thing he dose except in the first episode robo dog was seen in he malfunctioned like u would think he would do much more than just drive the paw patroller an the air patroller an I think its called the mini patroller but he may be getting another new thing to drive rumors are there will be a sea patroller I know this because I saw that it will be a new paw patrol toy

All the agrees - sonicspeed0705

31 Meow-Meow
32 Apollo the Super Pup

so great

33 Mandy the Monkey

Mandy is so annoying

34 Wasp Queen
35 Cat Skye
36 Jake

He is no point he just jokes and takes care of everest

So so but go Everest!

37 Petina

Petina told Yumi a snowstorm was coming. If she wasn't there the crops would have frozen!

Petina is the cow. And she is not arrogant!

Petina is arrogant and smelly and possesses all of the other qualities that you hate about barnyard animals

Who is Petina?

38 Mer-Pup

What the hell is WRONG with you? Mer Pups are magical! They are incredible! What are you thinking? Are you a liar? ENOUGH!

I love Mer Pups I am mad at whoever posted this

Whoever put this on the list is stuck in a syrup container. Merpups are beautiful!

1000000000000/1 that's how cool the merpups are - sonicspeed0705

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39 Spider King

What an evil monster -DragonsRule

40 The Sea Slug

It is so annoying!

41 Mandy

She is just a retarded moron that literally has no potential to the series at all, I'm glad that monkey is just a side character, it's really ugly and braindead, I actually like Chase More than that thing

42 Alien

This dumb alien has only appeared twice while in the dumb show, and is mainly about watching Apollo and getting his mommy wommy. He gets kids frightened by floating anti gravity in his second episode and makes kids worry about bald heads and having a spaceship crash into their house. Altogether, he sucks

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