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1 Samsung Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Its primary products are apparel, chemicals, consumer electronics, electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, ships, telecommunications equipment.

By far, Samsung makes the best phones and other products, as well. I know friends and family who purchase Samsung products and have them for years and years. My brother still has the Samsung Galaxy S4, & sister-in-law the S3! They still run and work @ the same speed as when they were brand new. How many brands and products can say that? Not many, would be my guess. If you're looking for a very dependable product, whether it's a phone, T.V., or even a washing machine, Samsung's the brand you want.

Samsung is the best if you just got a phone because there are just so many things that you have on the galaxy that you have to pay for the I phone like on the galaxy there are millions of apps that are just as good as itunes and you don't have to PAY the only thing that the iPhone really has is siri witch is really not that much better then the Samsung version. the lunchers on the galaxy are insane and a lot of then are free with the iPhone you have to pay for all the cool ones and still they barely have any cool lunchers like my luncher it tells me what the weather his as my backround so when it rains its raining in my background and it actually moves if they even have this on the iPhone it is going to cost 5 dollars at least there is even a luncher that sets your phone up like a apple phone that just awesome its got a great camera to and you can take so many pictures I think it's a no branner samsung is way better way less expensive and if there is a phone better then the galaxy its ...more

Samsung is clearly the best, hands down. I had a Samsung Juke and that was the only Samsung I have ever had and when I had it, I only replaced it once because sand had gotten in the turn thing. It held up really good. My 2nd phone, which was a Motorola, I had to get replaced like 5-7 times, The battery also lasted longer on my Samsung. If you get a phone, consider Samsung.

To my opinion, Samsung is truly the best. I mean it is 1st place right now. Yes Apple seems to be neck to neck with us, but honestly that does not mean one thing. Apple has a lot of bad things. Yes Samsung does too. But Samsung has such a touch to your screen that is truly amazing. The size ranges are a big range so you can choose whatever fits you. Samsung also has AMAZING quality too.

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2 Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Apple's new iPhone 6/plus has been a great hit making the phone look better than Samsung's note 7! Sure the note seven actually looks reasonably sleek but apple's distinctive rose gold makes a light touch to make anyone want to purchase the phone. Yet at the beginning it was Steve jobs who had the idea of this intelligent smart phone. Yet Samsung decided to follow along. Also majority of the smartphone brands like lg, Samsung, HTC, now blackberry, BLU, and Motorola runs on android marshmallow. I am surprised that apple was not shut out with its own operating system yet, it's a bigger success, it does not need google, Other companies that tried to make their own operating system was sadly a fail like blackberry's system and windows phone. Now a days it Android vs Apple and I chose apple because of its unique 3D touch. Also its live photos. The camera shoots excellent panorama. With beautiful image stabilization (especially for me, the one who drops and wiggles the camera). So it is ...more

I am looking to dump my iPhone 5. The battery will drain in about 3 hours. Inside pics are for junk. I really dislike the software updates as the functions and screens change. Updates should be for bugs, not changing how the darn phone works! You HAVE no choice but to keep some of the Apple apps onthe screen. You cannot simply transfer pics to andfromthe phone ike using files transfers. Having to use that darn ITunes is a pain.

The ONLY thing owning this phone taught me was what to look for in the next Device.
I'm buying the #1 on this list. My friends all swaer by that brand.

Apple is the best! It is so easy to use, unlike samsung phones, they applications are complicated and when people try to delete an app, it duplicates itself and you have to go into playstore find the app and uninstall it from there. Also, their keyboards are really annoying to use. They don't have that easy touch and it's done feeling like apple does apple is the greatest brand on earth. If you vote for samsung, all your dreams will be crushed. Also, yay, samsung are not selling there T.V.'s anymore not enough are selling yay.

Pricey, but it doesn't freeze and hang there as the top-rated Samsung phones do. Awesome, minimalistic and slim design, and have million of cases for you to choose. Tons of nice game and useful app to assist you during day life, no matter studying, dealing with businesses, or just use it leisurely. Nice OS. It may not be the most user-friendly brand, but it will perfectly suits you if you deal with most of the apple products like iPad, iPod, or Macs.

3 Nokia

Nokia is by far the best phone. It is very durable. It will even fall into water and still work. I am a chef and have to be in the kitchen running a lot of errands ordering supplies and other tools for the kitchen and I am always on my nokia phone. It hardly ever needs charging just once or twice a week and you are good to go. Nokia phone is never a disappointment. My phone falls everyday and as soon as it falls, even the battery is flying, not because I am careless, but because my job demands me multitasking... I love my nokia. However, I want to upgrade to a more stylish version of nokia.

No more thinking everyone! I bet you any amount of money that nokia WILL be the best phone company in the world for ever! I say this because nokia only makes phones, nothing else like T.V.'s, etc. Whereas, Sony ericsson is not an independent company, it is a sony company because of the "sony" name before "ericsson". Sony makes phones, PLUS T.V.'s, eReaders, digital radios and many more things. My uncle's sony ericsson k800i had many problems. The left selection key doesn't work, the phone calls contacts by itself with no one touching the phone, and it has very bad music quality. Nokia, you've made it, but don't think if I send the message if you are a good company, don't think that the customers think we are good, so that means we need to have a rest and not make any more phones!

I used the Nokia Classic 2330 throughout high school, I remember how I used to play hours of brick games that I downloaded to it. It helps me when I was bored during break times. I still have it just not in service. I then got the Lumia 521 and now have the Lumia 635 which is a great phone with a lot of features. I enjoy the fact that Nokia phones are given a good built and have FM Radio, even the Lumia smartphones do. That in addition to offline GPS make the Lumia Phones great. A lot of smartphones by other brands do not have FM Radio.

My nokia falls almost every day and it still works nice

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After my first HTC I was hooked, it did everything I needed and more and was extremely durable. The last 4 phones have all been HTC and I never have any of the problems that my friends have with theirs. My latest the HTC inspire has been dropped several times a day for over a year and the screen finally cracked about a week ago after a 15ft fall on to pavement, but it still works perfectly. Everyone is amazed because when there phones even barley crack they are done for, and I have dropped the phone several times since the screen cracked and still works as if nothing happened. I am an HTC buyer for life.

They're a very reliable smart phone maker that does Windows Mobile, Android, and Windows Phone- in other words one of the best balanced smart phone makers out there. What's more, they add on their HTC Sense, some call it bloatware, but the stuff you get with it is just amazing. Look at any of the HTC Sense camera apps (for android) and you'll know what I'm talking about.

HTC has great hardware, support, pretty good designs, and their phones are rarely, if ever glitchy.

I could say that HTC phone is the best phone EVER because you couldn't find any other phone that has it all.

- The design is super great
- Durability
- Hardware
- Compatibility

Now, I have a HTC iNSPiRE 4G. You could search it for images. This phone is super nice. You could use WiFi in it, and take clear pictures and videos. You could also download your favorite apps in the android market for free! If you buy HTC phones, you wouldn't ask for anything else.

The wi-fi connection is not too slow and the cover will not crack when dropped on to the ground. There are cool functions and the display quality is very good. It does not take very long for the phone charge fully. It is also very durable and the design is very nice. I have been using HTC Wildfire and I had no problems with it.

5 LG Electronics

Actually, I've never used this phone recently because for the past years, I'm loyal to nokia. I've been using it for the past 5 years because it is very user friendly, but my brother who brought their LG phone and then convince me to try it. Then I'll buy in the mall and try to use it. Ironically, it works for me and fits for needs, and just like a nokia, it is user friendly. Also, gosh I've been stereotyping other phones and gave my commendation to nokia because I know nokia is only phone that fits to users, but others they have just like LG, it has good battery condition that will last up to more than a week, compared to nokia, the battery lasts 4 to 5 days. I may now use it and honestly love this phone.

I have a lg cell phone trough tracphone. Its all touch and has a on screen full qwerty keyboard and it's so muuch fun when it comes time for texting. Oh did I mention it has a camara too. I just wanted to come online and share with everybody how awesome lg electronics is. But I wish I had the iphone trough verizon, because verizon is the next best thing to lg electronics! Laugh out loud!

Right! I've never before owned an LG Phone, until recently. I have a non-Android touchscreen mobile phone, & I love it. It has all the features you could possibly want, and is worth the money. Not all phones have to be 6-8 hundred dollars to be good!

LG Electronics is LONG LASTING. Its durable, has high quality! The design is very fashionable. When you explore it... Its too amazing... Try it and see for your self the greatest brand ever

6 Blackberry

Honestly, in the years past, I would have ran for the hills before ever choosing a Blackberry, but the Z10 is incredible and with the Android runtimes, I can run almost any Android app as well as everything from Blackberry World. Hands down, it's one of the coolest phones I've ever used. And let's face it: R.I.M. will likely stop making these types of devices, moving further into software development, and I'm sure they'd like to exit knowing they have satisfied customers - and I believe in working their buns off with this one, they're doing just that. I've used all the other types of phones and they each have their strengths, but I found this to be a very nice change and there's no crime in being the underdog.

So far, I love my Blackberry Storm 2 with its super clear and bright screen. I been wanting a mobile phone that would function more like a laptop and so far, the BB Storm 2 seems to be that phone for the job. Love the wide screen and the way it functions like the iPhone when turning it around. I greatly love the weight of the Phone as well. It make me feel if though I have something special every time I hold it in my grip. My plans is to use it as a PC and not so much as a phone. Blackberry will always rock in my opinion.

Popularity matters but its more than popular in every case. People should not fall short in experiencing the blackberry once or more in the lifetime it itself carry its name, fame and quality for one to look for. I almost tried every cellphone of different companies but blackberry truly stand apart from the crowd. It simply rocks at the end.

Blackberry invented the smartphone. Most people in their teens and twenties use BBs because BBM, the best mobile social app of all time, is exclusively available on BlackBerry. Most presidents, CEOs, and other famous/important people use it because communication is incredibly secure, fast and reliable on a BlackBerry. Arguably, BB Bold 9900 is the best smartphone ever made and the PlayBook is the best tablet ever made.

7 Motorola

Always Motorola! I have used many brands like Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry, Micromax. The quality Hardware and support given by motorola is awesome, though Nokia has multiple support/service centers in India than motorola, moto has never let my expectations go down and camera quality is so awesome that 3MP of moto gives much better quality photo than Nokia's 8MP.

Put this on the top 3. Samsung phones are bloated, Apple phones are for fanboys (except for iPhone 5S, which would be the perfect iPhone size and beauty). Motorola? Not bloated, featured, been around longer than most other companies.

Who created the RAZR series that shocked the world ~10 years back? Who was the first to make Android seem on par with iOS? And WHO! WHO! Was the one to make the ORIGINAL PHONE?! Motorola. If anyone deserves to be the best, it's Motorola.

I have had my Motorola V170 flip-phone for 16 years, have used it daily. Had to replace the battery a few times. How many people can say they have used the same phone for 16 years? I would keep using it but I just found out that the G2 technology is obsolete, and soon the phone will not work because of that. I am thrilled to hear the RAZR is coming back.

Motorola android phones are becoming popular day by day...Their phones are cheaper as compared to most of the brands given here...Last time when I saw this list moto was at 18th or 19th position

8 Huawei

From the start, I have always thought that Huawei was just another fake brand like MERCURY (anyone heard of it?). But after I bought it, I was fascinated beyond words. It is so cool! Everything feature and function is just so amazing. I personally think it is the best phone brand ever! I will always buy Huawei phones. And I am sure of that.

May try P7 as the latest release, I saw lots of advertisements in the European Airport several years ago. It should be in tier 1 quality. While I most appreciate the security, durability and NFC after so many years of experience. I hope to be able to keep my personal data (PIM, location) in the right hands.

Wow! I thought that Huawei would be miss leading because it seemed so amazing...only it isn't at all! The newest one is great I never thought I would find something that has everything I want! Get a Huawei or at least check it out.

I never had heard of Huawei until I got my newest phone which is a Huawei ascend II but I really love it, and its kind of a lot like Samsung. The only things I don't like are the things that come from my carrier Cellular.

9 MyPhone

The quality of this phone is lasting compared to China made android phones but almost of the same price range. I would recommend this phone if you are looking for a phone with a right budget but wants a quality phone. The only par is RAM. It would be much better if the RAM is at least higher compared to high end phones. But for its price range it is better than others.
So long Philippines, we hope this will be our flag carrier when it comes to phone just like samsung to South Korea.

It's really great to choose My Phone, even the touchscreen phone in My Phone is great. Why? Because when you drop this phone, it doesn't easily break. Not like other brands. And when you drop it for the 1st time, 2nd time, or even 3rd in some cases, it doesn't lag like other brands. And so after the third time you dropped it I don't know if it will lag, but for it's price, IT'S SO WORTH IT. Love'YA MY PHONE!

They think about how to create and develop the product before they even release it. What's so great about this product is they tenaciously look into every detail that would fit for Filipinos. Two thumbs up for this Filipino-made phone. This should be at number 1, because it wiped out other International brands in this Market.

Great feature for a budget friendly phone.. The best phone I ever had... Since the absence of motorola mobiles here we found this local phone that amaze us beyond belief I personally recommend this phone to those people who's always looking for a great budget and feature wise phone... God bless

10 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

Watch out Google Pixel I'm coming out with a new phone in 2019 so be prepared for that!

They used to be great value, but they got super expensive.

Google pixel 2 will have unlimited storage lol

Nexus 5 is very cheap with high end specs and better than icrap

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11 Siemens

Superb durability & most rough mobile I have ever use..!

I have a wireless siemens, the best qual.

Wsdfghnjmk,l.that is old brand

12 Verizon

Verizon is one of the only ones that I've ever gotten to give me a good service. Many other phones don't get good reception service where I live but verizon always has! It should definitely be in the top 10!

Verizon is the best. how is it not even in the top 12?

This is a cellphone network, not cellphone brand.

26th? My Verizon is the best!

13 Sprint
14 T-mobile

The galaxy note 2 is awesome!

That is a carrier.

This is a cellphone network, not a cellphone brand.

15 Windows

Most complcated phone. I like that

16 BLU

Solid phone, great features. Best price. For GSM carriers, these phones are amazing. Blu phones can match features and performance, and in several cases out perform the competition. Blu is seriously worth checking out before you hand over several hundred dollars to the big name carriers for a big brand name phone.

BLU phones are simply amazing! I have had my phone for nearly 2 years, and it still works just fine for a phone that old. I have gotten my entire family hooked on BLU, and it hasn't disappointed. The phones are not expensive, which is very convenient for my large family.

BLU has very good quality phones at an affordable price! One example is the BLU life play!

The best phones, my BLU has a longer screen like a Samsung Galaxy

17 Microsoft

I think Microsoft should stick to computers and not phones that can't play Love Live! School Idol Festival!

One day Microsoft is include one of the most intelligent brand in upcoming days

Microsoft deserves to be at the top...seriously

One day Microsoft is gonna be at top of the list

18 Sharp Sharp Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation that designs and manufactures electronic products, headquartered in Abeno-ku, Osaka.
19 Asus ASUSTeK Computer Inc., (stylized as ΛSUS) is a Taiwanese multinational computer hardware and electronics company headquartered in Beitou District, Taipei, Taiwan.

That new ZenFone 7 is extremely powerful for the price, you're basically stealing from Asus. a 6,000mah battery, a triple flip camera and a vivid display is more than enough for me! I can't wait to get my hands on one!

From 2015, we sell the best innovating experience of smartphone. We highly produced the best of the best. We are here to serve your expectation to reality once that you bought one of our products. We highly demand to get your satisfaction once that you bought our products. We are here to deliver you, to connect bridges through modern technology. In ASUS, we are here to search of incredible, to make the best of the best and to pursue our targets so that you won't regret anything as best as possible. Join the army of ASUS so that our brand will be victorious.

-one of the ASUS representative

This is the best brand of phones because this follows the 4 Tips to choose a Smartphone:
1. Phones must be at least 1 GB ram
2. Phones should have a big internal storage space which the least space must be 8 GB
3. Phones should have a great camera quality
4. Good Battery Life

You know, all ASUS Phones followed this tips, there are no type of ASUS phones that did not destroyed the tips neither one, so I support ASUS. Other phone brands also have good quality but some of their models have poor form/system. But in ASUS of course, their is no phone that does not have poor function.

I would say Asus is great when compared to the top brand's. In the initial stage itself it was able to compete with the major brands. And I don't know why it is still in the list of 20.
It must be pushed to the list of top 7 at least.
One thing I can guarantee, the phone do not show up a freezes status even if it is put in a freezer.

20 Lenovo Lenovo Group Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology company with headquarters in Beijing, China, and Morrisville, North Carolina, United States.

I heard of Lenovo is one of the co-founders of FIDO, should be that type of company that treat personal's security, identity and convenience in right way. may considering to try Lenovo when it is possible

I have a lenovo 7 inch tablet it always falls on the floor the screen did not even crack yet and I have it for almost 1 year nothing even happened to it but the problem is I can not find any covers for it.

I don't like it because I had 2 lenovo phones and its new but after 1 month, the apps wouldn't work anymore. It will just say,

My lenovo phone falls everyday but the screen did not crack and it still work. And I use my phone in 5 years.

21 Alcatel

I had one, it was good but became bad as the time has gone. Broken, awful quality on stuff, and other glitchy things. So glad that I replaced it with a new phone.

I only buy Alcatel... Alcatel is the only brand were you pay for what you get and don't pay just for the brand name like with Apple and Samsung, Alcatel's latest phone Hero 2 is better than every phone ever made!

Awful. Full of bugs and glitches. Charge port failed on two, third one (to replace one of the first two fails to operate on the most basic functions at least 20% of the time. JUNK. JUNK. JUNK!

I got an alcatel OT-802Y phone..
i think its the best phone that passess on my bare hands...
its great because it has a qwerty keypad and a sensitive navigation...
you could also enjoy the internet thru wap/gprs. there are also pushed mails in it...
i dropped it 3 times still it works without any malfunction..
I recommend it to everyone to try using this phone...
u will never regret it..

22 Micromax

Very good quality mobile phones... Best in such a price.. No other brands can replace... Good specifications... Good picture clarity.. My phone fell into water 3 times.. And sometimes I think it is water resist.. Fell down many times... So god

It's new Android phones and tablets are really good and affordable. I just love them. Right now I'm using canvas 2.

The phones are really of good quality. And it provides all the facilities like Samsung at a affordable rate

It's the best phone ever it does't hang battery is good camera is awesome what do we want more...much better than samsung

23 Sanyo Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. is a Japanese major electronics company and formerly a member of the Fortune Global 500 whose headquarters was located in Moriguchi, Osaka prefecture, Japan.

Sanyo has won Plenty of J. D Powers awards! They do the 8300, 4930, and the 2300 to name a few!

Motorola "Moto" line of phones are awesome.

24 Panasonic

Acssessories r not available flip covers back covers etc & no c care in some citys

Nice smart phone

25 AT&T Focus
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