Top Ten Dream Cars

At any price, what is your all-time favorite automobile?
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1 Bugatti Veyron

As you should know Bugatti is not at all a German brand but a French one.

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is a French high-performance automobiles manufacturer, subsidiary of Volkswagen (like Lamborghini for instance).

Its assembly plant and head office are located in the city of Molsheim (France).

I love the Vitesse Version of the Veyron. It's just ridiculous. Top speed is not bad (408 kph), the interior and exterior are good. I think 1.74 million is not very expensive because other cars with this top speed will cost more nowadays. And it has more fans than Chiron :)

Personally I would have the Veyron SS as Number 1... LP640 w Vould be in my Top 10 definitely, absolutely stunning and beautiful car, Audi R8 V10 as well, just stunning, and also, GT500 Super Snake...750HP... Oh my flippin word!

It may look ugly but no cars can outrun Bugatti Veyron.

2 Lamborghini, Murcielago LP640

Looks to die for. The terrorizing sound of 640 Italian horses. The sheer power from that legendary V12.
And it is a TRUE Lamborghini.
As insane and exciting as life gets.

The speed awesome
The look is gorgeous
The technology is amazing
Hey what more do you need in car?
It's so cool!
Hats off to Lamborghini.

Ha! I KNEW Lamborghini would make it to the top. I had a gut feeling. I searched it up: Mercielago was a bull that survived 24 bull strokes. The matador chose to spare the bull's life, and this was a rare honor. Yes. Owning a Lamborghini such as this one,... IS A RARE HONOR.

It's just awesome... Man.. All that noise and all that raw power... Every time I sit in that I just freak out...

3 Ferrari Enzo

I think Ferrari is better than Lamborghini because of the amount of different styles the manufacturer showcases, while Lamborghini showcases a very similar style to every car they release. The Enzo is, by far, my favorite Ferrari model.

I totally agree. I think this is cooler than any other car listed above. I wish I could have one, then again, it has bad mileage.

Ferrari f50gt is the best car I don't know why buggati is first. It is a useless car just meant for speed, whereas Ferrari is luxury as well as speed. Ferrari is a true dream car! D

Its just one of the fastest cars and most good looking cars there is in the game. it has one of the best handling and acceleration you can find in a car, but its also one of the most expensive cars.

4 Koenigsegg Agera R

I adore it; Veyrons and Ultimate Aeros are just obsolete!
I love it because it's fast, well equipped, sleek, beautiful inside and out, has some of the best technology, and is excellently finished and sophisticated.
I love the sound of the upcoming Koenigsegg One:1; named after its power-to weight ratio (1250bhp, 1250kg)!

Gotta say it was hard to pick but who doesn't like this car! It is pretty, fast, and comfortable! Everything you need! Look out Bugatti, Koenigsegg is coming faster than u!

Sure the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, and the Bugatti Veyron are nice and all. But I personally think this car is badass looking. Just my opinion, don't criticize it.

Koenigsegg Agera R is one of the fastest hypercars ever. It has an excellent power to weight ratio. Speaking of power- There's over 1000 hp! It has a top speed of 273 mph! I t's even faster than the Holy Trinity( porsche 918, mclaren p1, and ferrari laferrari) And it is my 3rd favourite supercar( hypercar). It should have at least been in the top 3, but at least its 4th!

5 Audi R8

This is my favorite sports car and quite frankly one of the three (the others being corvette stingray and the shelby mustang, but this being my favorite) that I would even keep. my dream car is the Chevy Silverado (but only lifted high with big tires). I think sports cars are kinda gay and girly and the only thing their good for is selling them so that you can get a lot of money. I think it's a huge waste to put sixteen cylinders in the new bugatti veyron because its not used for anything but speed that you don't even need. if I put that many cylinders in a lifted truck, I could and would anything I wanted almost

The only supercar on planet earth that's easy to drive. The V10 makes a beautiful sound, and it is "cheap" for a supercar.

One of my favorite vehicles, it's a definite must have in your garage. I tip my my hat to German engineering.

The hottest super car out there. With top of the range performance and looks to kill for. This is a car of the ages

6 McLaren P1

A very fast car that would be very nice to own. I have never seen one before in real life, but I have heard some excellent reviews on it from other people who either have on or have taken a ride in one.

The McLaren P1 could be one of the most innovative cars of all time. If McLaren makes an electric version of it, well, it WOULD be the most innovative cars ever.

As far as I know, this car is completely different thing on earth. This car is a new type of movable things for man kind.

My favourite car by far

7 Pagani Huayra

No doubt that the Huayra is better than the Zonda in every possible way.
I saw the Zonda and thought, OK. I then saw the Huayra and thought, impossible to beat.
Although, I also love Koenigseggs; the Agera R and the upcoming One:1, which has as many horsepowers as it does kilograms!

What blows my mind is the amount of power this car makes being naturally aspirated.

This is more then a super car. This is pure Italian quality. Simply the best

This is the hyper car benchmark...and the greatest car on the planet

8 Aston Martin DB5

Although not the most beautiful, this machine has an immeasurable level of class and quality. Also, it is surprisingly modest and therefore a true gentleman's car.

Classic james bond car

9 Rolls-Royce Phantom

It is the ultimate beast of luxury, elegance, style and has a class of its own. An ultimate dream car for everyone who wants a car which is beyond a level of comparison. The Rolls Royce is fully handcrafted, and even though the bill is large, there cannot be a better standard of a car.
My ultimate dream car!

One of my dream cars that is just insane. It has a V12 and is probably the nicest, fanciest car you could have.

Come on. With all these rappers having a Rolls Royce in their songs there's no doubt it shouldn't be no. 10 on the list. Kmsl

I believe it is the best of the best, like an iPhone.

10 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Should have been on top, far better than others... An awesome car...

My overall dream Lamborghini is the Aventador roadster svj, but if I can't get one, I'll settle with this car.

Brilliant car that v12...

The Contenders
11 Ford GT

It is hard really to start describing the FORD GT... But it all started from its origins... The Legendary FORD GT40! This car needs no introduction and to do a New car reflecting on the original GT40 is a bit like... Jesus Having a Son! The Ford GT was bestowed with the Highest of the Responsibility... To simply live up to the Name! How could the Son of the Son of GOD be Better than the Son of GOD Himself? But you know what... Hell It Has! The Charisma this car possesses is second to none! And there is no way anyone can argue about the fact that... It is the Best looking Car... In the World! The FORD GT is such an Extraordinary... I was going to say Machine... Because unlike any other machine, This one has something that not many have...
It has... How to put it... Emotion, Passion, Excitement, Porno-graphical Attributes, Love, Warmth, Respect, Grandeur...
It Has... A SOUL!

The greatest american car of all time. And arguably the greatest car ever of all time

I agree, best looking car of all time with power to back it up.

Just look at it. Especially the New one.

12 Aston Martin 77

This car was worth 7 million dollars. And just 77 built. One of the rarest and just look at it. This is one serious car.

13 Nissan Quest

I had one of these vans. I love it.

I got kids to haul!

14 Lamborghini Aventador

! It should be First!

15 Lamborghini Reventon

So awesome it goes so fast!

16 Pagani Zonda

This car is perfection on wheels. Not to mention it has the fastest ever lap time on Top Gear.

Pagani Zonda Revelucion is awesome 800 hp and lighter than an mx5 this car is boss. If it lapped the nurburgring it would be even faster than its predecessor the Zonda R (which is the fastest car ever to lap the nurburgring with a 6:47) because it has more hp and weighs even less. "Perfect".

Can someone tell me why this is at 12? It should be at 1.

Everything you want in a dream car and more...

17 Porsche 918 Spyder
18 Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche are the best cars ever, and the Carrera is a superior car.
The sound is amazing, the design is amazing and it is a very very fast car which makes it a complete car, and one more thing to add is that this car can be driven easily in traffics and in the city not only on the highways like ferrari and lambo.

Class Means this, Its All About Porsche. Speed engineering luxuriousness all together create this.. Sure Its Not a Car It's A Porsche.

Totally! This is the best and most good looking car I have ever seen it totally deserves first place

Pure beauty, speed, engineering, and porsche. Need I say more? I don't think so

19 Ferrari 458

I'm not really a Ferrari guy but if I did ever get a Ferrari it would be this one.

Best ferrari ever!

20 Ford Mustang

V8 Mustangs are always every boy's and man's dream.

Man just the most amazing machine!

The classic car awesome

21 Dodge Grand Caravan
22 Ford Mustang Shelby gt500
23 Ford Thunderbird
24 Ferrari F40

Luca di Montezemolo (former Ferrari President) regarded F40 as the best Ferrari of the 20th century.
But he also stated that the best car of the 20th century was the Bugatti EB110, which is not even in the list...

25 Mclaren F1

McLaren F1 is a legendary sports car, originally a concept conceived by Gordon Murray.
On 31 March 1998, the XP5 prototype with modified rev limiter set the Guinness World Record for the world's fastest production car, reaching 240.1 mph (386.4 km/h), surpassing the modified Jaguar XJ220's 217.1 mph (349 km/h) record from 1992. The McLaren's record lasted until the Koenigsegg CCR surpassed it in 2005, followed by the Bugatti Veyron.
The car features numerous proprietary designs and technologies; it is lighter and has a more streamlined structure than many modern sports cars, despite having one seat more than most similar sports cars, with the driver's seat located in the centre (and slightly forward) of two passengers' seating positions, providing driver visibility superior to that of a conventional seating layout. Production began in 1992 and ended in 1998. In all, 106 cars were manufactured, with some variations in the design.

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