Top Ten Dream Cars

At any price, what is your all-time favorite automobile?

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1 Bugatti Veyron

As you should know Bugatti is not at all a German brand but a French one.

Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S. is a French high-performance automobiles manufacturer, subsidiary of Volkswagen (like Lamborghini for instance).

Its assembly plant and head office are located in the city of Molsheim (France).

bugatti veyron is the most expensive car 1.2 million dollars

1001 horses 1.24 mill 2nd fastest car in the world it is a dream car for everyone it looks better than a ferarri enzo one of the best quality cars in the world


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2 Lamborghini, Murcielago LP640

To compete with Ferrari, Lamborghini has always gone a bit wild.

Looks to die for. The terrorizing sound of 640 Italian horses. The sheer power from that legendary V12.
And it is a TRUE Lamborghini.
As insane and exciting as life gets.

Ha! I KNEW Lamborghini would make it to the top. I had a gut feeling. I searched it up: Mercielago was a bull that survived 24 bull strokes. The matador chose to spare the bull's life, and this was a rare honor. Yes. Owning a Lamborghini such as this one,... IS A RARE HONOR.

My dream car since I've first seen in Need for speed Prostreet! 😍"

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3 Ferrari Enzo

I totally agree. I think this is cooler than any other car listed above. I wish I could have one, then again, it has bad mileage. - KingArthur

I think Ferrari is better than Lamborghini because of the amount of different styles the manufacturer showcases, while Lamborghini showcases a very similar style to every car they release. The Enzo is, by far, my favorite Ferrari model. - Mcgillacuddy

Wow! Can't believe it is 15th. Should be in the top 5

Nice not to badly priced (for a hyper car) and fast

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4 Koenigsegg Agera R

I adore it; Veyrons and Ultimate Aeros are just obsolete!
I love it because it's fast, well equipped, sleek, beautiful inside and out, has some of the best technology, and is excellently finished and sophisticated.
I love the sound of the upcoming Koenigsegg One:1; named after its power-to weight ratio (1250bhp, 1250kg)!

The Koenigsegg Agera R is so fast and every guy would love to have a very fast car I think so I pick this car cause the speed and the look.

Every detail have its own aerodynamical advantages. When it comes to look and speed, Bugatti gets beat out by this work of art.

This car is beast. It looks so amazing and the new model (Koenigsegg Agera RS is the fastest car ever

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5 Audi R8

the best car in the world. no car can match its beauty

The only supercar on planet earth that's easy to drive. The V10 makes a beautiful sound, and it is "cheap" for a supercar. - iRock253

One of my favorite vehicles, it's a definite must have in your garage. I tip my my hat to German engineering.

Audi is the best

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6 Aston Martin DB5

Although not the most beautiful, this machine has an immeasurable level of class and quality. Also, it is surprisingly modest and therefore a true gentleman's car.

most beautiful machine ever built

JAMES BOND, need I say more?..


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7 Pagani Huayra

No doubt that the Huayra is better than the Zonda in every possible way.
I saw the Zonda and thought, OK. I then saw the Huayra and thought, impossible to beat.
Although, I also love Koenigseggs; the Agera R and the upcoming One:1, which has as many horsepowers as it does kilograms!

This is more then a super car. This is pure Italian quality. Simply the best

Simply Awesome, I Absolutely adore this car, should be in to p three


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8 McLaren P1

As far as I know, this car is completely different thing on earth. This car is a new type of movable things for man kind.

The McLaren P1 could be one of the most innovative cars of all time. If McLaren makes an electric version of it, well, it WOULD be the most innovative cars ever.

"It's a game changer, a genuinely new chapter in the history of motor racing"

This should be top 3

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9 Ford GT

It is hard really to start describing the FORD GT... But it all started from its origins... The Legendary FORD GT40! This car needs no introduction and to do a New car reflecting on the original GT40 is a bit like... Jesus Having a Son! The Ford GT was bestowed with the Highest of the Responsibility... To simply live up to the Name! How could the Son of the Son of GOD be Better than the Son of GOD Himself? But you know what... Hell It Has! The Charisma this car possesses is second to none! And there is no way anyone can argue about the fact that... It is the Best looking Car... In the World! The FORD GT is such an Extraordinary... I was going to say Machine... Because unlike any other machine, This one has something that not many have...
It has... How to put it... Emotion, Passion, Excitement, Porno-graphical Attributes, Love, Warmth, Respect, Grandeur...
It Has... A SOUL!

ford is the best and I loved this car ever since I was little

The greatest american car of all time. And arguably the greatest car ever of all time

I love this car

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10 Rolls-Royce Phantom

It is the ultimate beast of luxury, elegance, style and has a class of its own. An ultimate dream car for everyone who wants a car which is beyond a level of comparison. The Rolls Royce is fully handcrafted, and even though the bill is large, there cannot be a better standard of a car.
My ultimate dream car!

if someone came up to me and said you can have any car in the world today. I would have this by far what other car can you think of that has a computer a tv and 4 dvd players bmw really does make the best cars
- browney115

A classic car looks excellent the airplanes nowadays have rolls Royce engines

This is like owning owning a limo - opinionated4

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11 The Bat Mobile

Wouldn't it be fun to own the Bat-Mobile? You could use it to solve all the crimes in your city, not get yelled at for dressing up like a superhero and bragging to your friends that you own the Bat-Mobile.

How could this be anything but the top? I mean this car is legendary, comes now in a sleek shade of black and 300 horsepower. Oh yeah and it has built in machine guns but that's an everyday thing.

It flies. What more do you want? - opinionated4

This should be first

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12 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Most inspiring car from Lamborghini's its best

Should have been on top, far better than others... An awesome car...

Brilliant car that v12...

My name jeff

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13 Aston Martin 77

This car was worth 7 million dollars. And just 77 built. One of the rarest and just look at it. This is one serious car.

14 Nissan Quest

I got kids to haul!

I had one of these vans. I love it.

Dream cars are cars your not embaressed to drive!

Uuhhh why is this on the list?

15 Lamborghini Reventon

its the best car ever it can go 200 freakin mph its a muscle car mixed with a lambourhghini

the lamborghini reventon is the best car ever made - moose4life19

So awesome it goes so fast!

16 Ferrari 458

Best ferrari ever!

Best Ferrari 100000%

17 Pagani Zonda

Everything you want in a dream car and more...

This car is perfection on wheels. Not to mention it has the fastest ever lap time on Top Gear.

I think zonda cinque is even better than this one

Can someone tell me why this is at 12? It should be at 1.

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18 Porsche Carrera GT

Pure beauty, speed, engineering, and porsche. Need I say more? I don't think so

Class Means this, Its All About Porsche. Speed engineering luxuriousness all together create this.. Sure Its Not a Car It's A Porsche.

Totally! This is the best and most good looking car I have ever seen it totally deserves first place

Its amazing and fast just like all porches its killing its competitors like Lamborghini and Ferrari in quality and value espicially and looks in my opinion and preformance in many cases and the 911 is one of the if not the best car made

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19 Porsche 918 Spyder


It go fasst

20 Lamborghini Veneno

This is literally the coolest car in history, how is it number 58?

Its worth makes it really a dream!

Should be in top 10 way better than any other outside of top10

How is it at 58?! It should be at #1

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21 Maserati MC12

Around 30 MC12s will be built in all, 25 of which will be for road use. A second series of 25 examples for clients will be built in 2005 also.

22 1967 Mustang

Man just the most amazing machine!

This car is beauty of his owner's life

It's the most amazing car ever made

V8 Mustangs are always every boy's and man's dream.

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23 Lamborghini Aventador

This Kick Ass Car Should Be number 1

24 1955 Ford Thunderbird
25 Dodge Charger

the R/T or the New Charger?
I don't care, both of them are georgeous.

Old or new baby, I don't care! - heather

1969 or 1970. With the nice blower Fast and Furious style! - metallicaholic95

26 Jaguar E-Type Series 1

The E Type is one of the most beautiful cars in the world, it is very fun to drive and has a soul in it. When it was new it costs 3 times than the Aston Martin with similar performance.

Faster than a Ferrari from that time, cheaper, and more beautiful. Even Enzo Ferrari said so. This is the best car from the 1960's and the most beautiful of all time.

Stunningly beautiful, quick, and impacted car design. Its still the best looking car ever made.

My favourite car from the 1900's. - DunnaNunnaBatman

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27 Dodge Grand Caravan

I rode in one to flordia.


28 BMW M3

It is very good! It's just experience I've got one of these babies rite here in my big fancy house I recommend it to everybody!

Poor and Rich even if you can't afford it!

Did you the front of the car! The front looks like the one dodge charger. You compare allot with the dodge charger.

Coolest best looking car in history

I only like the E46 type. Nothing more, nothing less.

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29 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Spider

This is an amazing car it should have been on this list

30 Koenigsegg CCX

Oh yeah. Can beat a Ferrari all day. - MasterJamezZXQ

Quick but I like agera better

That should be at top

Tyrese Gibson AKA Roman Pearce and Tej both have one of these and drive them in the end fast and furious 6.

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31 Lamborghini Gallardo

It's the best car I have ever seen and it is very beautiful powerful and comfortable car in the world

32 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

No Way you can fault this car! The SLR rules!
The engine sounds of true power. 0-60 in 3.4 seconds and top speed of 210 mph. The fastest automatic car in the world

You are joking it's better than an R8

33 Gumpert Apollo
34 Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera
35 Pagani Zonda F
36 1959 Cadillac DeVille
37 Mclaren F1 GT

This car is rare, fast as hell and beautiful. Most of the other cars on this list are too common and don't possess that legendary quality. - lopedogg55

Can't believe this wasn't already on the list!

british and sexy what more do you want - muckie

Best car ever dam fast and dam sexy

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38 Mini Cooper


my dream car... this should be at the ver top! - Jeheffiner

Just pure garbage and ugliness!

Mini cooper s should be #1..the best of all time

39 Hummer H2

Best limo in the world probably best car in the world its like a masion on wheels (and with neons) usa make the best car in the world - browney115

40 Lexus RX
41 Lamborghini Huracan

Search this up on images you'll fall in love


42 1969 Chevelle SS
43 1966 Ford Mustang
44 Nissan Skyline GT-R

A living legend... Price-per-speed ratio, it beats all... not forgetting the fact that, well, it's like entering a PS3 rather than driving a car

It can beat anyone on road in my opinion the r34 skyline is best dream car

I'd love a 1993 Skyline

Gtr Is My Dream Car Its Perfect According To Its Price, Its Speed, Its Acceleration, Its Look, Its Fuel Efficiency. It Is A AllRounder Car

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45 McLaren MP4-12C
46 BMW i8
47 Mercedes S Class

Best luxury car... feels like you are in heaven when riding this thing

48 1976 Ford Gran Torino
49 Shelby Mustang GT-500

Classic American muscle cars are the BEST cars out there, not just this one. The Lamborghini Murcielago can't compete with these cars; they're BOY cars, not cars built for men. Besides, Lambos' don't do well with ladies and are WAY overpriced. The Lamborghini is just a name, not a car worth the drive, seriously they are uncomfortable. The Shelby GT-500 and GT-350 are the most iconic muscle cars in the world along with the 67-69 Camaro and the small Shelby Cobra, capable of scaring the crap out of a professional driver.

An iconic car from the USA! A thing of beauty, the power, the looks, the presence this car has everything! Even a noob in the automotive industry will take a second look at it! Think about how much attention and women you might have! :-O

fastest muscle car there is. my favorite being the 68kr

It’s a car and half’

‘It’s a must have in a garage’

‘It’s the most affordable beast you can have’

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50 Toyota Supra

The best car ever my favourite Toyota car ever #1

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