Worst Political Ideologies

There have been many bad ideas. But which one was the worst. Please comment I want to know why.

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1 Communism

I find it disturbing that people want to restore this and don't understand a thing about it

Killed more people than any other ideology in human history.

"But that wasn't real Communism"
Okay then. Let's look at "real Communism"(Which is Marxism). The major flaw here is the temporary dictatorship of the proletariat which is supposed to then slowly transition into a stateless, classless and moneyless society.
Sounds good on paper but do you really think a dictator would slowly decrease his power and after 20 years of ruling just give up his power and make society Anarchy? Only in a fantasy utopia world would that happen.

This kills way too many people, please don't ever let USA, or any other country for that matter, hit communism, we can't afford it, especially with Russia and China also being Communist. Nobody would ever be able to save us, so please, let's all put an end to this terrible man slaughtering ideology

2 Nazism

Yeah, this is the worst one. Fascism plus genocide. At least feudalism didn't set out so deliberately to destroy whole peoples.

how is this below communism - yeah communism sucked but it didn't literally ask for the direct extermination of entire races

this website has got to be full of nazis

How is racist genocidal fascism not higher than not so genocidal/not that racist fascism?

As a. Communism hater, seeing this below it is just horrible

3 Fascism

This is when people reject capitalism but backwards. They lament the end of the world they knew, the world where loyalty to god, country and family (read, theocracy, racism and patriarchy) were standard and thus try to revive Feudal values, reconciled with industrial productive forces and capitalistic modes of production. It is a nationalist socialism while Communism is internationalist socialism.

The most totalitarian and ultranationalist ideology there is.

Who was stupid enough to combine Nationalism and Totalitarianism. Because that's essentially what this ideology is. A Totalitarian Ultranationalist Oligarchy that also advocates for genocide.

At least communism related deaths had a point to the, whereas facism was just killing due to race.

4 Anarcho-Primitive

The ultimate reactionaries who want to roll us back to the Stone Age, destroying all technology, instead of looking forward to fix our problems.

This should genuinely be in the top 3. It's an ideology centered around stripping away modern technology, medicine and science and going back to the stone age. Can you imagine how much death and suffering this would cause? Not just from people dying of diseases or wounds that would be simple in our current timeline but from the amount of lawlessness.

No technology, going back to the Stone Age, probably the worst ideology for that alone. Plus believing that humans should do that is foolish and wrong; my vote for the worst ideology on here.

This is literally the idea that we all need to go back to the Stone Age from thousands of years ago and get rid of all technology.

5 Neo-Nazism

They are militant extremists who promote hatred, ultranationalism, and outright authoritarianism, literally wanting to create a fascist state.

Why so much positive comments about this? People who agree with this should Be Executed in the most brutal way possible!

Whoever said that Neo-Nazis need to be executed is probably a communist. Just putting that out there

Richard Spencer should be punched again.

6 Anarchism

Anarchism is actually a very misunderstood political theory. It doesn't advocate total mayhem, but the reconstruction of society from the bottom up on the principles of voluntary association and self-governance. Anarchists (like myself) believe that as adherence of an individual's nation to a certain system of government isn't decided by said individual (rather they are forced into it) and may not suit their needs, there is no such thing as the consent of the governed. Anarchism emphasises individual freedom, and (contrary to popular belief) we are not against all types of authority. We are not against the authority of a teacher over a learner for example, but instead are against strict human domination. Anarchism additionally holds that everybody should be able to choose whichever economic system they want to work and/or live under (this would come through communes centred around any ideology, worker co-ops or business firms). So, anarcho-communists believe in the superiority of ...more

The most pointless ideology to have. Human nature means that we are conditioned to be led, and those leaders don't necessarily have to be the government. It can be parents or role models for example. As such, if we overthrow the system, we will inevitably develop a new one consisting of leaders and such that will render anarchism pointless. It's all pointless.

Anarchism is the absolute most dangerous ideology on Earth, and it would probably be one of the most deadly if it was implemented on a global scale. Anarchism would lead to a total collapse of society and hopefully a sane group would seize power over the anarchist society and reinstate a government.

Anarchism is a temporary and unsustainable power vacuum, not a power structure. Just as soon as it forms, a different centralized power will take its place.

7 Anarcho-Communism

What do you get when you have two systems that don’t work and combine the two into one?


Let me get this straight; The government should steal property and redistribute it, without existing?

How... how is an ideology like this even possible?

Perhaps the most contradictory ideology in existence.

8 Sharia Law

A supremacist ideology that has as it tenants, laws that totally contravene every conceivable human right. Allows for slavery, calls for killing of non-Muslims unless they submit into dhimmitude, death for apostates, death for homosexuality, women are chattels, Jews are pigs etc etc. It is a cavalcade of murderous and hate filled barbarity that should be outlawed in civilized society. How it is not further up the list is beyond my comprehension as 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam.

The worst political ideology to have. It's one where God rules the land, there is a lack of democracy and has repressive attitudes towards women & gays. Terrible in every way.

Seriously, call me whatever you want, but Sharia law is terrible. Seriously, just read it. Any intelligent human being with a moral compass can see it.

Barbaric, sexist and it's meant to protect a child molester. That is all I'm going to say about this twisted garbage for now.

9 National Bolshevism

A mix of Fascism(If not, then Nationalism) and Communism. So, it's just as bad as it seems.

Complete and utter tyranny.

10 Anarcho-Capitalism

The big problem with this ideology is that even if realized, it would implode on itself as it has no leviathan to keep the exploited peoples in order. Unless it has one secretly but that is just self-defeating except to just manipulate people into submission. Remember the corporate oligarchy is a political party and "ancapistan" is just another single party state.

An ideology where massive multinational corporations rule everyone and everything!

Big corporations is almost as dangerous as communism. Because they can control all means of human life.

It's essentially Corporatism but without a state. Ideology for psuedo-intellectual neckbeards.

The Contenders

11 Conservatism

It isn't the worst ideology but I genuinely hate how backwards SOME Conservatives are. Especially the ones that deny climate change.

Very old fashioned, only works for rich or privileged people. They just want everything to stay the same, which is stupid. I believe in progress!

All people who hate all conservatives are small-minded bigots. And it's ironic that they claim conservatives to be closed-minded when they're being the same way. For cryin' out loud, there are open-minded conservatives.

Conservative literally means to stay the same and only people with privledge want that. Everything is better when civilization progresses and diversity thrives.

12 Anarcho-Syndicalism

Not that bad but I don't know if this will work because while it has it only lasted for a few years.-DarkBoi-X

13 Stalinism

Stalinism and fascism are one of the same. Stalin claimed to be a communist but he was not. Communism is when all people are equal. Stalinism had one absolute ruler. Stalinism and fascism both wanted the wipe out of all other ethnicities and the annihilation of free will. They were the purest level. I am a classical liberal.

Stalin isn't even a communist. Thanks for putting it here.

Severe human rights abuses and suppression of freedom.

Without Stalinism and Maoism, communism wouldn't look as bad as it is today.

14 Posadism
15 Juche

The official ideology of North Korea. It's basically Stalinist Communism with elements of Ultranationalism and isolationism.
It could also be called "Monarcho-Communism" since the rule is hereditary.

Outright dictatorship and personality cult.

Should be higher. It's NORTH KOREA.

Hint: north korea

16 Islamism

Islamism is a dangerous movement

Are you autistic. Seriously.

What is a religion doing on here

This is biggest danger

17 Anarcho-Posadism

Supports nuclear war.

18 Maoism

Destructive, neglectful, and dictatorial one-party politics.

19 English Socialism
20 Corporatism

Also can be known as "Extreme Capitalism", this ideology is essentially when big corporations and the government are in bed. Under Corporatism, there would be no regulations and the big corporations would have total control of the economy and as a result, the environment would be damaged even more, workers would have little or no rights and small businesses would have no way to get success.
Overall, it's a terrible ideology and should be higher than 18.

Oligarchy where corporations can cause as much damage to the environment as they please.

This is why people hate capitalism. This is what happens when governments become corrupt and institutions meant to provide for the people turn into machines that protect the rich.

What is communism doing on #1. We got a much greedier ideology here. Combining capitalism with oligarchy AND authoritarianism is the worst sum ever.

21 Zionism

The state of israel was created as an escape zone for jews who frauded people on their money.

Racist towards who can be Jew or not.

There are two kinds of people.Jew and Zionists,but Zionists are evil.

22 Capitalism

Evil. The most manipulate tool to control people like savage animals. It turns communities against each other. And it is so ignorant and unstable. And it promotes competition, which separates society. A good capitalist is a dead one and anyone who defends it, like ignorant snobs, should be killed.

Capitalism killed over two billion people. From Native Americans, to black slaves, to religious genocides, to the brake up of the USSR and Yugoslavia, suicide rates and mental illnesses (mental illnesses sometimes comes from stressing out of bills and finances) sky rocketed in the 1990's in Russia, Eastern Deutschland, and Yugoslavia.

I hate capitalism so much I would much rather live in a fascist nation, and I hate fascism too, but not as much as capitalism. Capitalism is supported by those who are greedy, and are mentally unstable and confused. Capitalism promotes people to lie just to make a living wage. And conservatives lie so much, like "Most people go up the Income ...more

Makes people slaves to money and punishes those without it to poverty and poor living, while only a few people in the world are billionaires who can buy just about anything, most people struggle to survive.

The greatest economic system in the world. It can help the poor to survive and help themselves, while allowing anyone to succeed at what they want to do. And while some on the left may equate it with slavery, they forget that unlike slavery you aren't forced to buy products or work. It's all up to you. Besides, you have far more freedoms and rights than under a communist government which is far more equitable to slavery. It may be very flawed, but it is the best out of the bunch.

Capitalism is just alittle bit more evolved form of feudalism. It makes the West and first world countries rich and powerful. Because of the exploitation of resources(gold, oil, drugs, minerals, food) in the third world by American and European corporations which is neo-colonialism. Any country who trys to nationalize it's own resources for the benefit of it's own working class. Either gets invaded by A first world country(USA,UK) or gets a western backed coup for the benefit of the ruling class, big banks and multinational corporations. Two examples of this would be Chile and Honduras.

Another issue with capitalism is that it exploits the working class by outsourcing labor to places like China were they get paid poverty wages. All while they break up labor unions, pollute the environment and stagnant American worker wages. Because capitalism puts profit before people and planet just to make the 1% even richer and more powerful turning democracy into plutocracy and ...more

23 Feminism

We just want to create a utopia where everyone is equal. Wait, white men exist? Ew, Nazis. Kill them all and spit on their graves. White men don't deserve anywhere near as much equality as anyone. In fact no, equality means that we'll have to do the same as them to survive, and that's not fair. We deserve special treatment, we deserve to be deified, we deserve our words to be immortalised as truth, no matter how backstabbing and bogus. We deserve to be shot before we tarnish the name of feminism any further.

Masandry disguised as "equally" that was solved almost 100 years ago

Third-wave feminists ruined this ideology

I have created a new ideology
All people who support an ideology should live together in a country totally run by them.then the fun begins.
In capitalism all rich 1% population will live together and will have no labours to exploit so they'll have no source of income.
Communists will stay in peace forever.
Feminists will have a place full of women.

24 Transhumanism
25 Anarcho-Fascism
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