Worst Political Ideologies

There have been many bad ideas. But which one was the worst. Please comment I want to know why.

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1 Communism

I think that communism in itself is a flawed system. The reason why I think this is because in order for all people to be equal there has to be a government reinforcing this which results in dictatorship and tyranny. Personally I think that communism is more of a system then an ideology and each state which had a communist system each had a different ideology to go with it, for an example Stalinism in the USSR for a while and Maoism in China. it's just like democracy it's a system not a political ideology. Like you can get liberal democracies and republican democracies. The ideology is liberalism or republicans but the system is democracy. If you disagree with my opinion, that's totally fine, everybody is free to have there views without other people judging them unless they openly hurt somebody.

65 million in the People's Republic of China
20 million in the Soviet Union
2 million in Cambodia
2 million in North Korea
1.7 million in Ethiopia
1.5 million in Afghanistan
1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
1 million in Vietnam
150,000 in Latin America mainly Cuba
Yeah, communism causes a crap ton of deaths.

Basically a form of socialism (yes, it is), which is the most selfish form of government known. Fact: nobody deserves money and crap for the sole reason that they exist. It doesn't work like that.

Communism killed 100 million people.Of course this ideology is bad.

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2 Neo-Nazism

People don't understand Nazism. The idea is to help developed one's own country leading to a to a strong, rich government. Also leading to a better society and government will be able to support the people in any programs. Also stopping greed people from taking advantage of the public and controlling economy.

Why so much positive comments about this? People who agree with this should Be Executed in the most brutal way possible! - GreenDayFan21

Richard Spencer should be punched again.

I think Nazism without anti-semitism and xenophobia would be good.

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3 Nazism

We should have nazism because Nazis may show hate but they are trying prove that this world can't survive with Jews and people who think that the world could all's be perfect. Hitler and his nazi army was trying to show that the axis of evil can have it's own racist and world.

4 Conservatism

All people who hate all conservatives are small-minded bigots. And it's ironic that they claim conservatives to be closed-minded when they're being the same way. For cryin' out loud, there are open-minded conservatives.

All Christian racists idiots not allowing me to listen to heavy metal! Hail Satan! - GreenDayFan21

I think they are stuck in the past and can't understand that things need to change, despite it making them uncomfortable.

Personally I'm not a conservative,but if you think all conservatives are small minded bigots,
then you are a small minded bigot.

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5 Facism

NOT the same as communism.

Fascism is an ideology based on sectarism and discrimination, there is not freedom and I think that if we are against this ideology, it's for a good reason.

6 Anarchism

The most pointless ideology to have. Human nature means that we are conditioned to be led, and those leaders don't necessarily have to be the government. It can be parents or role models for example. As such, if we overthrow the system, we will inevitably develop a new one consisting of leaders and such that will render anarchism pointless. It's all pointless. - Mrveteran

Anarchism is the absolute most dangerous ideology on Earth, and it would probably be one of the most deadly if it was implemented on a global scale. Anarchism would lead to a total collapse of society and hopefully a sane group would seize power over the anarchist society and reinstate a government.

Anarchism is a temporary and unsustainable power vacuum, not a power structure. Just as soon as it forms, a different centralized power will take its place.

Just ask an Anarchist how they expect to have their society survive and you win the argument. - DieGedankenSindFrei

7 Sharia Law

A supremacist ideology that has as it tenants, laws that totally contravene every conceivable human right. Allows for slavery, calls for killing of non-Muslims unless they submit into dhimmitude, death for apostates, death for homosexuality, women are chattels, Jews are pigs etc etc. It is a cavalcade of murderous and hate filled barbarity that should be outlawed in civilized society. How it is not further up the list is beyond my comprehension as 270 million people have been killed in the name of Islam.

The worst political ideology to have. It's one where God rules the land, there is a lack of democracy and has repressive attitudes towards women & gays. Terrible in every way. - Mrveteran

Seriously, call me whatever you want, but Sharia law is terrible. Seriously, just read it. Any intelligent human being with a moral compass can see it.

Hands down retarded

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8 Anarcho-Primitive

No technology, going back to the Stone Age, probably the worst ideology for that alone. Plus believing that humans should do that is foolish and wrong; my vote for the worst ideology on here.

This is literally the idea that we all need to go back to the Stone Age from thousands of years ago and get rid of all technology.

9 Anarcho-Communism

How... how is an ideology like this even possible?

10 Zionism

The state of israel was created as an escape zone for jews who frauded people on their money.

There are two kinds of people.Jew and Zionists,but Zionists are evil.

The Contenders

11 Anarcho-Syndicalism
12 Capitalism

The greatest economic system in the world. It can help the poor to survive and help themselves, while allowing anyone to succeed at what they want to do. And while some on the left may equate it with slavery, they forget that unlike slavery you aren't forced to buy products or work. It's all up to you. Besides, you have far more freedoms and rights than under a communist government which is far more equitable to slavery. It may be very flawed, but it is the best out of the bunch. - Mrveteran

Capitalism sounds bad on paper, but America and many other countries have great programs to help poor people succeed and become rich. I love capitalism.

I prefer socialism, but I would rather live in a capitalist system than a communist system.

Capitalism is just alittle bit more evolved form of feudalism. It makes the West and first world countries rich and powerful. Because of the exploitation of resources(gold, oil, drugs, minerals, food) in the third world by American and European corporations which is neo-colonialism. Any country who trys to nationalize it's own resources for the benefit of it's own working class. Either gets invaded by A first world country(USA,UK) or gets a western backed coup for the benefit of the ruling class, big banks and multinational corporations. Two examples of this would be Chile and Honduras.

Another issue with capitalism is that it exploits the working class by outsourcing labor to places like China were they get paid poverty wages. All while they break up labor unions, pollute the environment and stagnant American worker wages. Because capitalism puts profit before people and planet just to make the 1% even richer and more powerful turning democracy into plutocracy and ...more

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13 Monarchism

A lack of modern examples? Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain etc... are still today monarchies. Are they working? Yes, but it cost a LOT of money to the people who live in those countries. They get paid for doing nothing.

There is a lack of modern day examples. But in france it was a total fail.

Monarchy, especially a constitutional monarchy with executive powers reserved to the monarch is a great idea. Much better than democracy, which always leads to national debt, demagogues, and corruption. And to the poster above, the French monarchy was certainly better than the Reign of Terror and massacre of the Vendée that happened after the sadistic Republicans took over.

14 Feminism

Masandry disguised as "equally" that was solved almost 100 years ago

I think you mean Feminazism, which is the type of "feminism" they have today. To compare the feminism of the 20th century with the whining, unstable, neckbeard patriarchy obsessed idiocy that infests websites like tumblr today is insulting.

I was a feminist once..then I realized I was lied to.

Then again if I make fun of femenist, they are all triggered now.

15 Socialism

Everyone equal and dependent on government descisions is only for absolute socialism. This kind of socialism doesn't exist anymore. Socialism is now democratic-socialism. Meaning that people have the right to accept or to reject certain ideas that a democratic-socialist government are proposing. Social Healthcare works very well in Europe and Canada for instance.

All for one! Makes everyone equal financially and dependent on the government. Sounds like a nightmare, scary knowing it could become a reality.

This ideology led to the spread of communism and Nazism. Which caused the deaths of tens of millions of people

This is just a lessened and more "humanised" form of communism that is designed to fool the idiotic millennial sheep who live with their parents, too lazy to work and expect free handouts from the government or probably just haven't experienced the real world yet. Or if they already maintain a job and own their own private property, all traits of Capitalism, then they're just downright politically misinformed.

Socialism always leads to a bigger and more corrupt government who steals money from the hardworking middle class and upper classes who worked hard for their wealth and singlehandedly destroys business through oppressive taxes and regulations.

And speaking as a European myself, who is considering moving to the US in the future, quit praising Europe in general as some sort of "Socialist paradise", because it's not. Come here and see for yourself. Europe and the EU as a whole is laden with debt, corruption and has the slowest economic growth and highest unemployment ...more

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16 Stalinism

Stalinism and fascism are one of the same. Stalin claimed to be a communist but he was not. Communism is when all people are equal. Stalinism had one absolute ruler. Stalinism and fascism both wanted the wipe out of all other ethnicities and the annihilation of free will. They were the purest level. I am a classical liberal.

Without Stalinism and Maoism, communism wouldn't look as bad as it is today.

Stalin won WW2. How is that a bad ideology?

17 Islamism

Islamism is a dangerous movement

Are you autistic. Seriously.

This is biggest danger


18 Maoism
19 Feudalism

A joke that calls for a king to give too much authority to his lords which then leads to serfs being really poor

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20 Liberalism

Liberalism is actually a very good ideology, liberalism is split up into two different schools, classical liberalism and social liberalism, although social liberals are just triggered buthurt people, classical life herbalism is actually a very good ideology it is the ideology of almost all of the western world, this includes Britain, germany, france, and many more, America has to ideologies, classical liberalism is the primary one and republicans is the secondary one the founding fathers even said so. Its an ideology that suports freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic scoiciety, secular governments a d international cooperation.

Worst. Ideology. Ever.

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