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21 Cultural Marxism

Should be number 1

This is not only the worst ideology ever, but it's even the basis for some other ideologies on this list. Cultural Marxism destroys civilisations by letting women be complete degenerates, importing incompatible cultures, tolerating obvious mental disorders, supporting socialist policies and using political correctness to silence opinions. It is the ideology which modern leftism is pretty much built on.

22 Anarcho-Communism
23 Anarcho-Primitive

No technology, going back to the Stone Age, probably the worst ideology for that alone. Plus believing that humans should do that is foolish and wrong; my vote for the worst ideology on here.

24 Left
25 Socialism

Everyone equal and dependent on government descisions is only for absolute socialism. This kind of socialism doesn't exist anymore. Socialism is now democratic-socialism. Meaning that people have the right to accept or to reject certain ideas that a democratic-socialist government are proposing. Social Healthcare works very well in Europe and Canada for instance.

All for one! Makes everyone equal financially and dependent on the government. Sounds like a nightmare, scary knowing it could become a reality.

This ideology led to the spread of communism and Nazism. Which caused the deaths of tens of millions of people

Jesus was a more or less a socialist. All it means really means in colloquial terms is that the political system should allow a safety net for the needy and that the wealth gap should not become too big. This is most often found mixed with capitalism (typically social democratic systems in Canada, France (current run by the Socialist party), scandinavia, the uk, Netherlands much of developed Europe) in state terms.In more radical terms it is done without the state in systems that are anarchist or yes, marxist communist. Don't mistake left-libertarian style communism for the Soviet brands of Marxism, Leninism and Stalinism which were the foundations of pretty much all the Communist states throughout the world. They became corrupt and because of their authoritarian approach, and many Marxists and Anarchists at the time to criticize the Russian Revolution in 1917. Meanwhile just like the democratic peoples republic of Korea is NOT democratic the National Socialist party were NOT ...more

26 Nationalism
27 Social Darwinism
28 Anarcho-Syndicalism
29 Corporatism
30 National Socialism
31 Democracy
32 Anarcho-Capitalism
33 Christian Theocracy
34 People who think "Zionism" is a real thing

Zionism is a real thing, it's the whole reason Israel exists.

AKA Illuminati conspiracy theorists.

35 Maoism
36 Technocracy
37 Democratic-Socialism
38 Dominionism
39 Rugged Individualism
40 Oligarchy
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