Worst Political Ideologies

There have been many bad ideas. But which one was the worst. Please comment I want to know why.

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21 Theocracy Theocracy Theocracy is a Christian progressive power metal band founded in 2002 by Matt Smith of Athens, Georgia.

At least the leader wont be assassinated.

There is actually no greater government than theocracy...imagine being led by an unfailing God!

22 Imperialism

You must bow down to your king and queen... They are your MASTERS!?!?!

Sorry, I will like to get my head ripped off before I had to bow it down to someone. - Nord666

Basically an excuse to get a few countries' worth of cheep minority labor rapped in a thinly veiled blanket of jingoistic nationalism.

Imperialism does not have a king and queen! That's Monarchism. Imperialism have Emperors and Empresses.

23 Christian Theocracy
24 Democratic-Socialism
25 Christian Democracy
26 Progressivism
27 Corporatism
28 Colonialism
29 Cultural Marxism

Should be number 1

This is not only the worst ideology ever, but it's even the basis for some other ideologies on this list. Cultural Marxism destroys civilisations by letting women be complete degenerates, importing incompatible cultures, tolerating obvious mental disorders, supporting socialist policies and using political correctness to silence opinions. It is the ideology which modern leftism is pretty much built on.

30 Social Darwinism
31 Democracy
32 Anarcho-Capitalism
33 Left
34 National Socialism
35 Globalism
36 People who think "Zionism" is a real thing

Zionism is a real thing, it's the whole reason Israel exists.

AKA Illuminati conspiracy theorists.

37 Nationalism
38 Technocracy
39 Dominionism
40 Rugged Individualism
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