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Aubrey Drake Graham, known professionally as Drake, is a Canadian rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.


Annoyingly Arrogant. He seemed to like "Thank Me Later" so much that he decided to keep releasing the same album over and over again. Can't sing, has no lyrical talent, is only capable of rapping about his fame or women, boring flow, mediocre rhymes.

This is why Drake is the worst rapper ever:
1.HE USES WRITERS. This should be the end of it. He's so bad that he can't even write his own wack lyrics. At least Lil Pump writes his own lyrics.
2.He's a disgrace to the game. Hip-hop is supposed to be a voice for the voiceless. A way for the poor to speak. And this fake lyricist raps about girls, and more mainstream things that deter real hip-hop fans.
3.Without his instrumentals he wouldn't be so popular. As with most rappers these days, his instrumentals sound great, but his lyrics are wack.
4.His freestyles are PREWRITTEN. Listen at his freestyle on TimWestwoodTV. Not ONLY was it rehearsed, but his flow and lyrics were still awful.
5.YOU DIDN'T START FROM THE BOTTOM. You were a teenage actor and you act like you were broke. Wanna know some people who actually started from the bottom? Joyner Lucas, Eminem, Tupac, and Logic.

I mean honestly, once Vanilla Ice could beat you in a rap battle, then you know you've got ...more

Honestly he does need to be compared to Eminem. Drake: I was an average kid who got to be on television and I was middle class and became rich. + I live in Canada. Eminem would have responded with "that's cute". Same for Justin Bieber. Justin says it was rough growing up with his mom only when most people these days and back then did anyways. Eminem would have said "ha that's cute". He didn't start from the bottom. Hardest part of his life was getting fired from Degrassi and working in some other job.

Views sucks. Now that that's out of the way, go listen to If Your Reading This it's Too Late. You may not personally like it, but you have to admit there is a much more experimental and more musically complex feel to the offbeat instrumentals, and there is certainly much more lyrical depth on this record than on something like "Hot Line Bling." Certainly not the best, but Drake is definitely not one of the worst compared to many others. Why isn't Nelly in the top 10?

Drake claims he "started from the bottom". Really?! Oh yeah, living in a rich and luxurious Canadian NEIGHBORHOOD, not ghetto, is really the bottom. I feel so sorry for him! Living in a rich neighborhood is SO HARD! What a sad life.

Wack flow, whiny lyrics, laughable claims and crappy beats. Started from the bottom my ass. This poser would die in a pillow fight, yet calls himself gangster. And what's interesting is that his supposed influences are legends in the rap game.

Damn Drake is an awful rapper, it sounds like he is just reading words off of a BlackBerry on top of terrible beats. Started from the bottom? His family was wealthy. He should go back to being a cripple on Canadian Sitcoms.

This guy is the most overrated rapper ever! I don't get why people call him the best alive if he so terrible!

I can't stand drake. He calls himself "gangsta" and raps about killing people. He probably doesn't even have the guts to kill a fly and the closest he ever got to being a gangster was an excessive use of profanity. Plus he's from Canada where "not that gangsta" might actually be written on the flag in Latin.

Along with the auto tune mixed with his voice repeating lyrics but changing the lyrics (Especially the God's Plan song) he's so annoying, All he does is say something then move on with another lyric, Then change all of the lyrics into a new topic, How basic and dumb is that? - SandwichSWAT

Drake is so bad. I have no idea why people appraise him like he's the best rapper to ever exist. All he "raps" about is he's feelings while pretending to be tough.

Ok most of these posts have to be old because Drake actually straightened up his act. He was just going thru some things at the time. He is better now. He makes new songs then listen to the new ones not the old ones just so you can backfire when you know your opinion doesn't matter. By the way this is not an opinion, these are the facts.

How he is rapper? He can't even freestyle. He has very fake persona. He claims that he started from the bottom. But he actually lived in Canadian rich family. I don't think that he would last even 20 seconds in a gang war.

Mediocre flow, basic rhymes, monotonous, sings more instead of actually rapping, kid who was born in the middle class family(maybe even higher) and acts like he started from the bottom and not to mention that he doesn't write his own lyrics! I cringe when I hear his songs and I can't believe people actually thinks he is one of the best rappers of all time.

He sounds like he has been awake for the past 4 days when he records his songs. It's like he doesn't care about his music and I understand why. I hope people stop thinking he's good soon.

He is one of the best rappers ever but he can't love nicki minaj. Drake wrote 0 to 100, tuesday, and so many other good songs. Him and Lil Wayne shouldn't be mentioned on this list.

He's name is not drake its aubrey laugh out loud haha definitely one of the worst rappers in the history of mankind.

Drake the cupcake it just some put to gether popcorn artist cause he's not a rapper.

He is the worst Rapper of all time... He has a very Crushy and bad voice he didn't deserve to be a rapper

"Started as an upper-middle class child actor, now I'm unfortunately here! "

Started From The Bottom? Ha Please. That's Eminem.

Sucks. Accused of having a ghost writer way too much to be considered great. At the top of a game that no longer is about lyrics an storytelling. King of bull rhymes about material bull

Anyone who says drake is great must not know what REAL rap is and are just sellouts like him.

Drake doesn't even write his own lyrics!

He's not even a rapper - he just says some random sexist words to some crappy beat (ever since I left the city YOU etc)