Pure example of a spoiled, rich, white boy. I gave a few of his songs a listen to because I wanted to know the buzz about this kid. I actually started to laugh. He couldn't rap if his life depended on it. Only reason he is famous is because of little 10 year old girls who don't know what real music is. He is extremely auto tuned and he has zero flow. Nicki Minaj is better than him, and that's saying something. - dragonfly99

This kid sucks! The fact that he has almost 5 million subscribers on YouTuber drives me nuts. He ruins perfectly good songs such as "See you Again" with dumb rapping and usually includes a pretty girl to star in his videos with an equally bad voice. He also wrecked "We ar Never Ever Ever Getting back Together." Here's his rendition. "You go talk to your mom, talk to my mom, talk to me." It's stupid. He thinks he's amazing but he sucks. His parents just one day though they could make millions of dollars off of an untalented joke and this was the result. Stupid white boy thinks he hood oh put him out on the street for 2 hours and see where he ends up. He'll be begin for his limo to drive him back to Cali.

Ugh... this kid though. He thinks he's so cool but everybody knows he's a turd. I hate when kids just barge into the industry thinking they have the right to cover inappropriate songs such as "Blurred Lines" (which MattyB DID cover, just Google it). Somebody terminate his YouTube account, he has no business being on there. He's just a huge disgrace to rap itself. Please stop, kid. You may be following your dreams, but you're also giving people nightmares. Once I came across this fan on iTunes and she gave away all her PERSONAL INFORMATION asking if he could meet her. That just proves how obsessive and brainless his fans are. This kid has got to stop!

Worst ever. He thinks he's so cool, someone please shoot me... He's a rich 10 year old who can do whatever he wants and changes lyrics to be "kid friendly" I can't stand him. I sometimes want to see how stupid a new video of his is... But I can't... Because if I do... I'm paying him MORE money. He doesn't need more. He annoys the crap outta me... He ain't no rapper he's just a stupid cover kidz bop kid.

He doesn't really even rap. He just ruins your favorite songs. He is always so auto-tuned and his voice is so horrible even with that. His worst song was by far his cover of "Loyal" by Chris Brown (I already hated that song but he made it even worse. ) Here are his lyrics to it:

When a cute girl flirt you and you call and she won't pick up that girl isn't loyal.

What? And I won't even mention the part where he does Lil Wayne's part.

I know someone making a diss track. Look it up on Google in July 2015

You must be joking. How can a little boy make so much money. He is even younger then Bieber. I hate this. And I feel sorry for this boy. He is going to become a heroin addict in a few years.

What the guy remixed Call Me Maybe and the first line is "We met this rapper online" and it goes on with "He makes good videos too." What made it worse the whole time they were acting gushy and mushy and they were teenagers. This sounds like a stuck-up parody. Wait, IT IS. It has no depth. No meaning. Just a brat who's acting like a cool jock when in real life he is pampered by maids and cries whenever he stubs his toe. I rather listen to Iggy Azalea's Fancy. #IDon'tDoThatOften.

He's a rapper? He doesn't even qualify as a singer on my watch, but some people consider him a RAPPER!? That's messed up. I'm still gonna vote him as worst rapper. He really does suck, and this is coming from a ten year old girl.

This little kid has no style, rhythm, looks, fame, bars, or voice. He is just a kid that tried to rap on YouTube and unfortunately made money. His rapping is wack. Matter fact he is wack and he can't rap. He just needs to find a new way to be famous like dude you can get Instagram famous ya know?!?!

Wait a sec, he's a rapper? No he's not just a pathetic rich ten year old who ruins your favorite songs, and we doesn't even rap he just sings and thinks he's rapping

We already have some child singers that suck (Rebecca Black, Allison Gold, etc. ), but MattyBRaps is completely ruining rap. He's just a stuck-up rich boy who gets executives to make crappy music videos. His rapping is as tame as a lullaby and shouldn't even be classified as rap. - ethanmeinster

He ruins every rap song. And he ruined one of biggie's best songs juicy. He just changes the words at the end of every song. He's like 11 and hasn't even hit puberty. The only reason he does this is because he's a rich white boy. That thinks he's cool. He ain't even a rapper. He ruins everything.

I don't want to sound mean, but this kid doesn't know what he's doing. He thinks he is a great rapper, but he's just a spoiled child, he just needs to focus on other stuff and he might find an other talent because he really sucks at this.

I don't like to make fun of kids but this $@&? Can't rap he is just a wannabe gangsta.

He sucks! He is a little 10 year old squeaker who thinks he's cool. He makes parodies of the best songs and changes them to be about himself. He is an idiot

He is actually good when you mute the sound and close your eyes!

Nobody likes you. You are rich, spoiled, and are stupid enough to be killed by some albino chipmunk and give your, I mean your parent's money to your dead goldfish.

He is a little Eminem/Vanilla Ice wannabe, he's everything a teen my age (15) makes fun of.

Mattybraps is worse than Lil Wayne and drake combined! I hate that kid. He's like the next Justin beiber.

He is the worst of all artist (singers, rappers, etc)

Actually I used to give him zero attention till he covered biggie and Eminem's song, this kid is an embarrassment to the rap industry!

Little spoiled white12 year old acting like he's endured life's most challenging obstacles, he sucks.

When he made a remix to juicy I felt like getting a group of people to jump and break his equipment and tell him next time you pull that kidz bop bull on anymore songs I'm gonna lock you in your closet

It's like mixing kidz bop with a 10 year old Justin Bieber. Now just make the lyrics even stupider and the Frankenstein's monster you have created is MattyBRaps.