Worst Reasons to Hate a Video Game

Some people have pretty pathetic reasons for hating video games. Here are some of them.

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1 Everyone else hates it

Having your own opinion is a far cry from adopting somebody else's. It's not easy to know what a game will be like to play until you try it out for yourself! - Entranced98

Seriously? - DWisawesomethe3rd

Don't let others influence your opinions.

2 It came out years ago

Why do people hate retro games?
Look at games that have been around since before any of us were born like chess.
Sport games like football (soccer) what about real life.
The worst retro games are CD-i and Virtual Boy.

Some retro video games have such great gameplay that they still feel fresh today, and even a few modern games surely have plenty of qualities that won't age. Plus, we can't stop time, so why should it stop our appreciation of things? - Entranced98

And... your defense, no seriously what's your real defense? - htoutlaws2012

3 Its fandom is cancerous

So Minecraft's fandom is cancerous like Undertale's is.
Both get bad reps, but are good games.
That's terrible! Why do fandoms ruin everything...? - mattstat716

4 It isn't 100% politically correct

Oh please this is the biggest complaint in the world. You just hate the human race for what they say nowadays.

This should be at the top. The politically correct people would be the ones complaining that a game doesn't suit their taste, then when the developer does something according to what they said, they are still not pleased. - NuMetalManiak

5 Someone you hate likes it
6 It's too difficult for you, but not for others

There's no excuse to not practice some similar, easier games from the same genre first. I remember getting absolutely nowhere with shmups a while ago, but I tried Pop 'n Twinbee (which is fairly easy for a shmup-type game) to learn the ropes - I started to get much better at them and move on to the much more difficult Darius Gaiden. For pretty much any genre, working your way up from the bottom is a much more smooth and motivating approach than throwing yourself straight in the deep end. - Entranced98

7 The characters aren't hot

Good gameplay is more important than attractive characters. Can't believe people actually hate games for this reason.

8 It has mediocre or bad graphics

Favouring graphics over everything else is in fact one of the worst issues that has plagued modern video games. I appreciate the effort that has gone into graphics, but they shouldn't cast a shadow over gameplay. I'd much rather play a good game with awful graphics than a terrible game with amazing HD graphics any day. - Entranced98

Okay it may look like crap, but what if it plays great then what are you going to say next? - htoutlaws2012

A game with mediocre graphics could still have amazing gameplay, story and music.

9 It is low budget

What counts most is the effort and passion put into making a game that plays beautifully. How much money goes into it doesn't matter as long as it's enjoyable, challenging and user-friendly. - Entranced98

A game that is low budget could still be amazing; a game that is high budget could still be awful.

10 It isn't available for your console

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11 It was made in a foreign country

This is just racist.

12 It has annoying music

Not a reason to hate the entire game. If you dislike it, just turn the music off and play something of your liking.

Looping music over and over is the difference, but not 75% of the time. - htoutlaws2012

13 It isn't in English
14 It was made by Nintendo

This has Xbox fans written all over it.

15 It's for kids

Can you let ANYTHING be family friendily for wonce?

Kids play a game called fortnite it's a shooter o.0

16 It isn't rated M by ESRB

Enough of this.

17 No guns
18 It has a thin plot
19 There are a few bad characters
20 The graphics aren't realistic
21 It's your enemy's favorite
22 It's your friend's least favorite
23 Adults play it
24 The main character isn't your gender
25 The characters' species
26 It's new
27 The music doesn't have singing in it
28 It contains animal characters
29 The character roster

MK8 Hater: Mario Kart 8 stinks, it has Pink Gold Peach and a bunch of Babies and Koopalings.

30 Too easy

I've seen this numerous times in the Pokémon Community, and it really needs to stop.

31 Too Much Water

Classic meme.

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