Worst Reasons to Hate a Video Game

Some people have pretty pathetic reasons for hating video games. Here are some of them.

The Top Ten

1 Everyone else hates it

Having your own opinion is a far cry from adopting somebody else's. It's not easy to know what a game will be like to play until you try it out for yourself! - Entranced98

Don't let others influence your opinions. - drdevil

Bandwagons much? - ChatNoirFan18

2 It came out years ago

Some retro video games have such great gameplay that they still feel fresh today, and even a few modern games surely have plenty of qualities that won't age. Plus, we can't stop time, so why should it stop our appreciation of things? - Entranced98

And... your defense, no seriously what's your real defense? - htoutlaws2012

3 Its fandom is cancerous

So Minecraft's fandom is cancerous like Undertale's is.
Both get bad reps, but are good games.
That's terrible! Why do fandoms ruin everything...? - mattstat716

FnaF haters and BaTIM haters in the nutshell.

Hate the Rule 34 fans, not the casual one (screw Rule 34). - ChatNoirFan18

4 It isn't 100% politically correct

This should be at the top. The politically correct people would be the ones complaining that a game doesn't suit their taste, then when the developer does something according to what they said, they are still not pleased. - NuMetalManiak

5 It is low budget

What counts most is the effort and passion put into making a game that plays beautifully. How much money goes into it doesn't matter as long as it's enjoyable, challenging and user-friendly. - Entranced98

A game that is low budget could still be amazing; a game that is high budget could still be awful. - drdevil

6 Someone you hate likes it
7 It has mediocre or bad graphics

Favouring graphics over everything else is in fact one of the worst issues that has plagued modern video games. I appreciate the effort that has gone into graphics, but they shouldn't cast a shadow over gameplay. I'd much rather play a good game with awful graphics than a terrible game with amazing HD graphics any day. - Entranced98

Okay it may look like crap, but what if it plays great then what are you going to say next? - htoutlaws2012

A game with mediocre graphics could still have amazing gameplay, story and music. - drdevil

8 It's too difficult for you, but not for others

There's no excuse to not practice some similar, easier games from the same genre first. I remember getting absolutely nowhere with shmups a while ago, but I tried Pop 'n Twinbee (which is fairly easy for a shmup-type game) to learn the ropes - I started to get much better at them and move on to the much more difficult Darius Gaiden. For pretty much any genre, working your way up from the bottom is a much more smooth and motivating approach than throwing yourself straight in the deep end. - Entranced98

9 It has annoying music

Not a reason to hate the entire game. If you dislike it, just turn the music off and play something of your liking. - drdevil

Looping music over and over is the difference, but not 75% of the time. - htoutlaws2012

10 The characters aren't hot

Good gameplay is more important than attractive characters. Can't believe people actually hate games for this reason. - drdevil

The Contenders

11 It was made in a foreign country

This is just racist. - drdevil

12 It isn't available for your console
13 It isn't in English

So dumb. Yet DreadOut (the Indonesian horror game) was likeable, although it isn't in english. - ChatNoirFan18

14 It was made by Nintendo

This has Xbox fans written all over it.

15 It isn't rated M by ESRB

Enough of this.

16 It has a thin plot
17 There are a few bad characters
18 The graphics aren't realistic
19 It's your enemy's favorite
20 It's your friend's least favorite
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