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1 Angelica Angelica

Angelica has schizophrenia and abuses anyone that doesn't listen to her. - TheGrammarPolice

She is damn good but it the end, write and do not know the names well

Usually the annoying ones are the worst. - Connor360

I don't like Angelica either. But she's not as bad as Trina Riffin.

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2 Chuckie

Chuckle is adorable but I will admit they gave him way too many episodes. Why couldn't they give us more episodes centered around Phil and Lil? - regularponyfan09

Always cries and fears over everything.

Holy crap, his tantrums were creepy. - Connor360

3 Kimmy Kimmy

I love Kimi. Always have. Maybe the seasons with her and Dil weren't as good as the first three, but they were still good. She's way too sweet for me to hate and I don't think she ruined the show at all. I don't like her in AGU though. - regularponyfan09

She looks Asian and lived in Paris? Wow! - Connor360

Shes ausome and shes japenese if you watch all grown up

4 Dil

Cute but the pointless character, the show should've been cancelled after the first movie.

Dil's okay. People are a little too harsh on him. - regularponyfan09

Cried too much slobbered on everything and ruined the show

Yup Dill all the way I hate him.

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5 Tommy

Tommy is frickn annoying. No, like SERIOUSLY, he is aggy. Especially to Chuckie. Have you aeen the way he treats him? Heres an example. One of the first episodes I'm watching now. (Its called Ruthless Tommy; Moose country) In the second part Tommy literally thinks theirs a MOOSE in the backyard and is willing to find it. So in order to get out of the play pin and find it, he CLIMBS onto poor Chuckie without permission, while Chuckie is struggling to keep up, and he tells Chuckie "HOLD STILL" and then tells Phil and Lil to grab his arms. Like LITERALLY yells "GRAB CHUCKIES ARMS! " While Chuckie can't handle it all. Then after ABUSING Chuckie they go into a hole and eat worms. And once they finish they each help eachother out, they EXCLUDE CHUCKIE and LEAVE him in the hole. So Chuckie had enough and lectured Tommy and pointed out that he was sick of the things he went through, and proved there was no Moose. And that there was no point of the search. Until attohe end Tommy wanted to ...more

Me; Knock knock. Tommy:Who's There? Me: Kick But. Tommy: Kick Butt Who? Me: I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass Tommy Pickles.

He is the main character, is not the best but deserves respect

Tommy is a good character. - regularponyfan09

6 Josh

Josh nearly killed the rugrats! He would've been sent to juvenile hall.

I hate this kid more than I hate Angelica. - regularponyfan09

7 Stu

Who put him on this list!? He is my cartoon crush you know!

The inventor is awesome, so I'll delete the Top Tens

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8 Dee

Don't you mean Didi? - regularponyfan09

She always thought the only way to parent was read Lipschitz. It was annoying.

9 Coco LaBouche V 1 Comment
10 Grandpa Lou Pickles

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11 Doug Doug

Who the hell is Doug? - Connor360

How did Doug get on the list - YoshiApple

Why the frick is Doug on here when he is not a rugrats character - IceFoxPlayz

Wrong show. - regularponyfan09

12 Reptar

Reptar come on.

13 Drew

The character is ruined because of that troller overly-gross Internet group The Barney Bunch.

14 Timmy McNulty
15 Charlotte
16 Goober the Gopher
17 Jean-Claude
18 Phil

He and Lil are my favorites. - regularponyfan09

19 Dr. Lipschitz
20 Didi Pickles V 1 Comment
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