Worst Rugrats Characters

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1 Angelica

Angelica is a brat and bully.
Helga from Hey Arnold who has neglectful parents.

Childhood brat. Maybe become a mature adult and not turn into her mother.

How is she #1 on both the best Rugrats characters and #1 on the worst Rugrat characters.

Angelica has schizophrenia and abuses anyone that doesn't listen to her. - TheGrammarPolice

2 Tommy

Tommy is annoying. No, like SERIOUSLY, he is aggy. Especially to Chuckie. Have you seen the way he treats him? Here's an example. One of the first episodes I'm watching now. (Its called Ruthless Tommy; Moose country) In the second part Tommy literally thinks theirs a MOOSE in the backyard and is willing to find it. So in order to get out of the play pin and find it, he CLIMBS onto poor Chuckie without permission, while Chuckie is struggling to keep up, and he tells Chuckie "HOLD STILL" and then tells Phil and Lil to grab his arms. Like LITERALLY yells "GRAB CHUCKIES ARMS! " While Chuckie can't handle it all. Then after ABUSING Chuckie they go into a hole and eat worms. And once they finish they each help each other out, they EXCLUDE CHUCKIE and LEAVE him in the hole. So Chuckie had enough and lectured Tommy and pointed out that he was sick of the things he went through, and proved there was no Moose. And that there was no point of the search. Until the end Tommy ...more

Me; Knock knock. Tommy:Who's There? Me: Kick But. Tommy: Kick Butt Who? Me: I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass Tommy Pickles.

He is the main character, is not the best but deserves respect

He is one of the original babies, the early Rugrats.

3 Chuckie

I would hate to have a friend like him in real life, he's scared of everything is and a loser like his father.

Oh come on Chuckie had buckteeth when they would've been his baby teeth. He was not a coward, if you re-watched episodes through to the end. (Even if it might be silly to watch its for kids under 10)

Chuckie should be 1 or last but he is a stupid crybaby

Chuckle is adorable but I will admit they gave him way too many episodes. Why couldn't they give us more episodes centered around Phil and Lil? - regularponyfan09

4 Dil

In my honest opinion, Dil was literally a boring character, and I feel as if Dil was only added just so they could think of more plots just to make the show last longer.

He just doesn't really seem to fit the show that much, considering that it's a show about the point of view of babies (hence why the babies talk in the first place). - Excited

I completely despise dil. This will defiantly be just my opinion, but I think Angelica is nice compared to dil. He's a completely boring character. He's mean and even brattier than Angelica. He is Such a brat I'd throw him out of the upstairs window if I could. I completely Hate Dil Pickles.

Dil was an annoying obnoxious brat that really served no purpose in the show. One day I'd like to write a rewrite the rugrats movie without dil!

Cute but the pointless character, the show should've been cancelled after the first movie.

5 Kimmy

She ruin the Show I didn't Care when she came into it I stopped watching rugrats just wasnt the same

I stopped watching when she came in Rugrats.

I love Kimi. Always have. Maybe the seasons with her and Dil weren't as good as the first three, but they were still good. She's way too sweet for me to hate and I don't think she ruined the show at all. I don't like her in AGU though. - regularponyfan09

She looks Asian and lived in Paris? Wow! - Connor360

6 Stu

Who put him on this list!? He is my cartoon crush you know!

The inventor is awesome, so I'll delete the Top Tens

The middle finger? In a kids show.

No he's cool!

7 Grandpa Lou Pickles

In the first 3 seasons, Lou was actually an awesome character. From season 4 onward however, he became a crotchety old bugger.

His whole character from season 4 on out can be summed up like this...

"Hi. I'm Lou Pickles and everything that's current and modern is terrible, and everything old-fashioned is good. I play favorites in my family. My eldest son can do no wrong, and my youngest son is a loser. I even play favorites with my grand-kids. Aren't I just a wonderful character for this show? "

8 Dee

Didi (in my opinion) was the most annoying character on this show. If her voice alone wasn't enough to make you want to murder her, then her antics soon would. I get that Angelica is generally considered the worst character, and she's definitely deserving of that, but Didi was able to irk me slightly more. Firstly, as another user mentioned, she was an incompetent mother whom always took parenting directions from books rather than relying on her own human instincts. You would think that she would just ask her parents, Boris and Minka (who were actually good parents by the way), what to do in certain situations, but no. Instead she reads books by some quack whom doesn't even have any children of his own. Then there was her attitude towards everything. She had a tendency to talk down to everyone and treat everybody like they were infants. I wanted to ' punch her on more occasions than I can even count. In short, I hated Didi, and to me, she's one of the worst cartoon characters ever ...more

Didi is terrible plus shes so weird looking

Don't you mean Didi? - regularponyfan09

She always thought the only way to parent was read Lipschitz. It was annoying.

9 Josh

Josh nearly killed the rugrats! He would've been sent to juvenile hall.

I hate this kid more than I hate Angelica. - regularponyfan09

10 Doug

Who put Doug on the list? He's from a completely different show

Who the hell is Doug? - Connor360

Doug is literally the best Rugrats character. No exceptions. - Excited

How did Doug get on the list - YoshiApple

The Contenders

11 Goober the Gopher
12 Reptar

Reptar come on.

13 Timmy McNulty
14 Charlotte
15 Drew

The character is ruined because of that troller overly-gross Internet group The Barney Bunch.

16 Dr. Lipschitz
17 Susie Carmichael Susanna Yvonne "Susie" Carmichael is a recurring character from the Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats and its spin-off series All Grown Up!. She is an African-American girl who lives across the street from the Pickles' residence. She is a polar opposite to Tommy's cousin Angelica, and as such, she is always ...read more.

Literally my least favorite character in the whole series, and that's saying something, considering how much I hate Dil as well. She always seems to ruin the plot of every episode, and she just constantly flaunts how good she is and such.

The episode where Angelica and Susie were competing to be the teacher's favorite student though, that actually made her a little more unlikable for me than she already was.

Also, the entire episode gets pretty boring if she's in it for more than 3 minutes (movies and specials can be exceptions though since they're longer). - Excited

Susie is awesome. - regularponyfan09

Annoying goodie two shoes but very judgemental.

I love Susie.
She's sweet and amazing.

18 Phil

He and Lil are my favorites. - regularponyfan09

19 Coco LaBouche

While Coco was pretty awful, Coco got punished in the end, so it definitively worked out. I wish she would've gotten punished a little more, though the ending will have to do for now. - Excited

Coco must be killed!

20 Didi Pickles

You don't even watch your kids and they somehow manage to leave and escape plus you don't ever pay attention along with the other parents.

21 Big Boy Pickles
22 Jean-Claude
23 Mr. Tippy
24 Lil DeVille

I only don't like her in AGU. Otherwise, she and Phil are my favorite characters. - regularponyfan09

25 Taffy

Personally, I don't think Dil and Kimi are useless. I like both of them and accept them as Rugrats characters. At least they helped Tommy and Chuckie be more responsible. Taffy on the other hand did absolutely nothing and there was no reason for her to exist whatsoever other than to keep Amanda Bynes in a job. She's supposed to be the Rugrats' new babysitter but why was she even hired? There are already a lot of adults on the show who can watch the babies. And Taffy is just as irresponsible as all of them combined. Yes, she is that useless. It's no wonder the show ended shortly after her debut. She didn't even appear in All Grown Up! I guess the creators themselves realized how pointless she was and nixed her entirely. - regularponyfan09

26 Drew Pickles

He's already on the list - YoshiApple

27 Mr. Fiend
28 Fluffy


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