Worst States In Brazil

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1 Sao Paulo

I really think this is the worst state in Brazil - britainrocks123

Very dirty, biggest city in Brazil in this state, lots of droughts, over crowded! - britainrocks123

2 Rio de Janeiro

Very dirty and over populated province in Brazil. there is a lot of poverty and poor people. and this is my opinion Brazil is just not ready to hold the Olympics that's the end of it. - britainrocks123

This state makes others Brazilians states shame... "The most known Brazilian city" just makes us Brazilians bad view by the world shame on this...

3 Alagoas

The state of Alagoas has the highest crime rate in Brazil. - britainrocks123

4 Piaui

Poorest state in Brazil. just horrible - britainrocks123

5 Federal (Brasilia)

The Federal state also known as Brasilia as the capital of Brazil it does not deserve its on state in the government. and my opinion most of them there are rich snobs. - britainrocks123

6 Amazonas

Amazonas is just bad the deforestation of the amazon in the state has died down a bit. but has a high crime rate and lots of capturing of animals and taking them out of the jungle illegally - britainrocks123

7 Ceara

It has a high crime rate and don't even get me started they have a horrible GDP rate. its like Brazils Detroit or Flint. - britainrocks123

8 Acre

Illegal animal trade heaven. - britainrocks123

9 Rondonia

Just boring as heck. - britainrocks123

10 Goiás

So good state. The structure is not the best but in return the people are very polite and receptive. Good quality of life.

The Contenders

11 Roraima

Just plain out boring again. - britainrocks123

12 Tocantins
13 Santa Catarina
14 Pará
15 Mato Grosso
16 Sergipe
17 Rio Grande Do Norte
18 Pernambuco
19 Maranhão
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