The Return of Slade


This episode was awful! The show's creators left a promising hint at an actual return of the villain the Titans had been endlessly pursuing, but instead of showing their battle with Slade, they the Titans returning from what would have been an epic battle to see in an elevator. Then the episode brings in Earth's most vile creation - clowns. The clowns proceed to terrorize the citizens of the city turning kid-friendly things into vicious creatures of destruction. What part about this show is acceptable?! Not only does it suggest that violence is fine and even shows images of kids holding guns, but it portrays all the characters in a childish and stupid way. Raven shouldn't be so in love with a kids' toy, and Beast Boy and Cyborg, masters of coolness, shouldn't be so in love with a harmless - yet terrifying - clown.

Do you know what the worst thing about Slade not being in this episode? The ABSOLUTE WORST THING ABOUT IT?!? Not only do we never see him in this episode...BUT WE NEVER SEE HIM KILL THOSE REATRDED TITANS!

Think about it! This even could've been the last episode of this God-forsaken show! If Slade showed up in this episode, the Titans would probably fight him by acting like their normal retarded selfs (in other words, they do noting to save the day). Since these versions of the Titans are the worst human beings on the entire planet, Slade does what he's best at and kill every single one of them, thus ending the series for good! What's also funny about this is that this would make Slade look like the REAL hero of the show!

Huge spit in the face to both old and new fans. And that's saying a lot because most episodes from Teen Titans Go are a spit in the face to the audience. Us older fans thought we'd get to see Slade again, and the new fans wanted to see who Slade was, but no, they just leave the "fight" out and we just get subjected to more stupidity. And the worst part is, they built up to Slade and after they get back from a "victory" they episode doesn't mention him again. This episode fits snugly into the #2 spot on my personal list.

This episode is an insult to everything related to animation. It claims that animation is only for children and adults should have outgrown them. That insults not just the original Teen Titans fans or their haters, but the entire medium of animation and the audience it has attracted.

This episode is a massive ratings trap for the fans of the original show. In the actual episode we get something that supposedly builds up to seeing Slade. "Oh cool, maybe this will be a good episode, Slade is a cool villain! " NOPE! Instead this sad excuse for a cartoon skips the WHOLE. FIGHT. and decides to focus on... A CLOWN or a dumb metaphor for cartoons. Yep. Clowns are cartoons and the episode keeps telling more adult viewers that "clowns/cartoons are for kids! " NOT ALL OF THEM ARE. Some cartoons are VERY mature. Stupid ratings trap of an episode.

I agree with the "metaphor" thing.

The other day on YouTube, I saw a video of some Disney Villains defeats, with an "edgy" version of Let it Go. This is SUPPOSED to be a family-friendly song, but these imbeciles found a way to make it like the stinkin' clown in this stupid episode, it RUINED Let it Go for me (which I think is a good song with a good message, despite it overplayed. Well you know what, the most "overplayed" videos are someone filming little girls in Elsa costumes singing along, but I like the ORIGINAL song).

Sorry about that, this reminds me of this terrible excuse for an episode.

This episode is insulting to fans of the original. It uses a title to draw the old fans in, as they think they will see an awesome villain, Slade. WRONG! When they begin mentioning Slade, they SKIP the whole battle. Instead, the titans throw a party. The plot then begins, with idiots Beast Boy and Cyborg wanting a clown. (Clown is a reference for cartoons by the way.) The other titans, except for Starfire, say they're to old for them. Star becomes afraid of clowns because.. reason? They get a clown, and find that they do not like it, the rest is just dumb.

This is one of the most offensive cartoon episodes of any show ever! It's not only offensive to the 2003 series and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, it's offensive to every cartoon show out there, like Courage the Cowardly Dog, Ren and Stimpy, The Powerpuff Girls, SpongeBob SquarePants, Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes! - Svampbob164

I'm 20 years old, and I still like cartoons. And you know what that's okay. And you want to know we hang on to are childhoods? It's because of how timeless it is, from what we were to what we grown up to it's the basic of who we are, and what we are now. The cartoons we grew up with shaped us up to what we are today, and when we're old and grown up we still look back at them and Remember them for all the fun we had with them. And For that matter Gumball is one of those shows that are current, but show that they put effort into something that can be enjoyed by adults as much as children. And is for you your just a cartoon that thinks we know what we like, but you go and mock us like you always do. So the sake of you and the rest of us go die now.

The title is so weird. Only because Slade is hardly a character in this episode. Shouldn't they call it something about clowns? The first clown was clearly better than the second one. At first Starfire was a bit of a coward, but she totally had the right to be afraid of that second clown. The mutated clown was way too evil creepy and gross."

I really hate this show! Not because of the fact that it's an insult to the original show, but because it's a huge insult to comedy! None of the jokes in any episode (especially in this one) made me laugh whatsoever!

Even if it wasn't a spinoff to the original show it would still be hated due to the stupid plots, annoying and unlikable characters, repetitive and unfunny jokes, irritating audio, and sometimes unwatchable animation!

I would usually respect someone's opinion if they like a cartoon or television show that I'm not really into... but for this one (just other horrible T.V. abominations like Caillou, Drawn Together, and I Didn't Do It)?!? I just don't understand why?!?

Cartoon Network should've just pull the plug on this piece of crap after acknowledging the huge amount of hate it gets!

I'd rather watch One Course Meal from Spongebob than this and Boys vs. Girls.

It's one thing to ignore criticism, but it's another thing to show just how much you don't care about criticism. If you haven't guessed already, this episode is the latter. - alphadan12

I hated this episode, it lured so many views and tricked them. Slade was mentioned and didn't appear! This episode is just about clowns!

I don't know why they keep doing these critic-call out episodes when their target audience (children) has no idea whom they're addressing. It's like the writers forgot they were even there in the first place. - alphadan12

How could they do this! Deathstroke was the best villain after Brother Blood in the Teen Titans show and not once do they actually show him! This show is an abomination. This episode is a disappointment. - Daviddv0601

I like how Slade had almost NOTHING to do with the actual episode, and they end up obviously trying to grab attention from people who think the show is bad. I don't hate it because it's not the original Teen Titans, I hate it because the writers seem to be completely braindead! - Garythesnail

I didn't know it was possible to flip the metaphorical middle finger to your audience and critics in animation, but this episode showed that it is. - alphadan12

I was excited to see Slade again. I TRUSTED this abysmal episode. And it was about frigging clowns.

Slade didn't even appear in this episode at all and they bring a clown! It should've just been called Nightmare of Titan Street or whatever! This title is misleading!

This list is getting pretty popular now. Keep it up guys! - EpicJake

It's like the creators think we're stupid enough to believe that Slade was going to show up! This episode proves that they're making the show this bad on purpose! What total jerks!

Bad troll episode. I practically gave up on the show after this episode.

I think many people gave up on the show after this episode. Including me. I was never a huge fan of it, but this episode made turn against it. - Svampbob164

While this isn't the worst (still top 3) it was by far the most INSULTING. P.S - Do not let the name of the episode fool you. It builds Slade up and I thought it was going to be EPIC, but I was wrong. It only shows him for about 10 seconds and he's just forgotten. - KingFab

Ron Perlman has way too much dignity to be a part of this show. - phillysports