Top 10 Worst Things About Autism Haters

As an autistic person myself, we all autistic people need to be treated properly. However, not everyone understands.

The Top Ten

1 They drive autistic people to suicide

I have a friend on here who has autism. He doesn't let ignorance about autism get to him; he just gets on happily with his life. - Britgirl

2 They refer autism as a disease or a curse

As someone with autism, I actually have to admit that I feel like a disease.

3 They use “autistic” and “retarded" incorrectly
4 They are hypocrites

This is true. They claim autistic people are monsters while themselves are monsters. They also claim that autistic people are rude, yet they're hating on us for having autism. They also say that autistic people should be euthanized which is not right at all. - Croy987

5 They don't understand autism very well
6 They are cruel
7 They are heartless
8 They give death threats to autistic people
9 They call other people autistic even when they're not

Bronies, fnaf fans, and furries for example. - Croy987

10 They are stupid

Very true. I bet they don't even know what autism is.

They r stoopid and meanies! 1! 1! 11! - StephanTheIdiot

The Contenders

11 They compare autistics to Chris-Chan

This is so wrong. -_-

12 They are bullies

Bullying is never acceptable.

13 They treat autistic people like weirdos
14 They use the word 'autist' as an insult
15 They compare autistic people to Jake Paul
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