Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

This is not a hate list or anything like it. We all know being Homosexual comes with many negative connotations. What do you think are the worst?
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1 Having to put up with idiots that make top ten lists about why you shouldn't be gay.

Oh lord, I hate voting for things I disagree with just to prove a point. As it says in my little occupation, I am lesbian, so I have one thing to say about this. This list is wrong and just because you're homophobic, creator of this list, doesn't mean that you can make a list out of people being gay and classify as wrong. Humans actually are the only species to disapprove homosexuality, and since it's found in other animals, it's pretty natural I would say. But anyway, love is not a choice, and the number one vote is about you, isn't it? I honestly hope that this list is sarcastic. *Claps*

What the heck this site is so rude, I mean no one is making a list that is 10 reasons not to be straight so why this. I have a hypothesis that they actually might be more evolved due to the fact that they might reproduce in the feature and advance the population of humans.

Everyone here is such a homophobic person. I can think of at least two people, amazing people, that were gay (Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres). I don't see what the difference is. If you like a guy as a guy, WELL THEN YOU DO. (No, I am not a homosexual, but I stand for the right of other people, can't I? ) I don't see what's so wrong about this. It isn't a sin in my book, anyway. WHY ISN'T SOCIETY NICE TO MOST PEOPLE OR EVERYONE?!

In 2015 we finally legalized gay marriage, but it took so long. Of course the amazing people did this, America had made up it's mind but why did it take so long? If a girl and girl are in love, or a boy and a boy are in love, they should be able to marry without one single being thinking it is wrong. I already see the changes happening, nobody calls stuff they don't like gay anymore and all my friends are ok with gays now, but their will always be idiots like the maker of this list who are against it and they will bang the bible and paraphrase a book written thousands of years ago, put religion before happiness.

2 It's a sin

I honestly don't even know why I'm looking at this list because I hate homophobes, but I think all you people putting stuff on this list should get a reality check.
God said to love everyone, "Love thy neighbor." So I SERIOUSLY doubt God would put someone in hell just for being gay.
I'm straight, but I support gay people. STOP hating people just because they love the same gender. Do you think people getting all this hatred just for liking people of their own gender what God would have wanted?

It is a sin. People are not born gay, you don’t see two female birds mating. Here are some Bible passages to check out:

Genesis 19
Corinthians 6:9-10
Romans 1:26-27
Timothy 1:10
Leviticus 18:22
Leviticus 20:13

Hopes this helps you affirm your stance with god instead of siding with the evils of this world (:

A lot of people say that it is a sin and a lot of people say that it isn't, so I'm cracking it. God made men and women to have children, but back then they didn't have intelligence, so they weren't able to properly love. It never says anywhere in the Bible that Adam and Eve loved each other, they just did it because they had no choice, and in my opinion that is wrong. There is more to love than having kids, that's more shallow than lust. I think the true intentions of God was to have humans survive, and their are enough straight people for more kids to be born, in fact over population is a problem now. Also, you have to keep in mind that not everyone on this site is Christian, so to some people the Bible is nothing, and that makes you look like your having a big fuss over nothing. Everyone on this site has respected Christians and their religion, and they need to respect us.

Leviticus also gives chapter after chapter of in-depth ways to slaughter and sacrifice animals. We don't do that anymore. Many verses used to combat homosexuality is from the Old Testament, and Jesus came and changed all of that. Making those verses invalid. Jesus never mentioned homosexuality, and everywhere else its mentioned is by humans, who could very well be wrong. Would God allow a flaw in the bible? I don't know, but what I do know is that humans are flawed, and the chances of something ungodly to have made it in the bible is possible. Even then, the bible itself is not a "do or don't" manual. Its ultimate message is love and be kind to everyone while spreading the good news. And loving who you love is not a sin.

3 Having to accept the rainbow as your sign

Actually you don’t. Or some of you don’t anyway.

Listen if your a girl who dates girls you have a different sign and if your a pansexual you have a different sign and so on. See?

To be fair, I never liked the rainbow - looks way too forced but at the same time it's great because it celebrates diversity of people like diversity of colours. It's still not bad to be gay though.
Also no one's being forced to accept the rainbow as their symbol.

What if African Americans had that sign, is that a reason to stop being black! Being gay is not a choice!

WHat! I'm pissed that the gays stole the rainbows now whenever I draw a rainbow pattern people ask me if I'm gay.

4 Being labeled as feminine/masculine instead of gay male/gay female

It really sucks when you're a lipstick lesbian (girly lesbian). No one believes you're gay. It's like, really? I have to act all rough, tough, edgy, and like a boy to like other girls? I can rock my heels and gush over a fine lady, thank you.

Depends on how you pose yourself and why. If you feel more feminine/masculine, then you should go for it. Society accepts it more than in straight relationships due to the gay steriotypes.

I think there is a sexuality where you prefer a sex but you can do with the other, its not bisexual, just look it up!

I'm not gay, but I know lesbians who have to be "tomboys" in order to be known as a lesbian

5 Being embarrassed in public

I have a friend who is in and he takes major offense to this bull! Probably why he and I are both atheists! Because the theists say is mostly crap!

Who cares about what random people think of you?

... Because of jerks who call you out and tease you about stuff you can't control.
It's a bit like bullying someone for their hair colour, but at least you can dye your hair.

The only thing embarrassing is this list. Haha

6 Not having to enjoy Wham! But loving Coldplay

Is that an insult to Coldplay or something? Coldplay is my favorite band, but how does this relate to homosexuality? I love Coldplay and I'm not a lesbian. Why is this on the list?

I mean come on what even is this bullcrap you're putting on the lists? Coldplay is awesome and I don't even know what the hell wham is.

Umm, I think this is on the wrong list. Like maybe "Best Things About Being Home schooled"

Musical tastes in wham and Coldplay have nothing to do with being gay or straight

7 Sex won't be as good

Actually the sex can be even better with 2 men... We both have tools and holes. It works out quite nicely... I don't know about lesbians but I do know about sleeping with men and women. Trust me... 2 men can be quite fun..

I've been with over 60 different girls in my life up to age 25. Been with about 10 dudes since.

I can honestly say, same sex sex, is much much hotter. Guys know what guys want I guess and same for the chicks.

Look up, Ten Things I Hate About Homophobes. Men have G spots in their butts that women don't have, plus you get each other more socially.

Lesbians ruined my relationship and my girlfriend bff ruined it and SHE was a lesbian

8 Being disowned by your religion

Actually, some have no religion

Some don't have religion

I have no religion

Who gives a damn?

9 Not being accepted into society

I'm 14 and I'm bisexual and people get very surprised how comfortable I am with my sexuality. People tell me that gays/ lesbians really don't belong in this world and that were all going to hell. But I rather be different and be myself and be comfortable, than try to fit in with society. I have a girlfriend and I'm proud of it

Our society is at fault here. People have this stupid idea that our society is perfect, but it is very twisted and hypocritical. It disturbs me that people feel the need to try hard to fit into it.

Most places and people are really accepting of it unless you're in a close minded area that has set ideals for what a person should act like
(lthe country/ghetto), which even still has some accepting cities and people.

You know who else isn't accepted into society? Homophobes, because they can't respect other people's sexuality or be anything but a douche.

10 Increased risk of STDs

Gays have higher risk of HIV and rectal cancer, and lesbians have higher risk of herpes and abusing drugs, not a nice lifestyle.

I have absolutely NOTHING against homosexuals, but that has been true because I read that the people with the highest chance of getting AIDS are sadly gay men or men who have sex with men. That was also the group of people with the highest numbers of people with AIDS during the 1980's AIDS epidemic. That was an actual fact. I'm not being homophobic. Freddie Mercury was a gay man who died from AIDS. I'll repeat: I'm not homophobic, I'm just stating facts. Sorry if anyone is offended by this.

I've read the whole of this list and I agree with the title - I have nothing against gay/lesbian people and I think they are treated harshly but I believe that many things can go wrong from being gay or lesbian. Bullying for example. However, this isn't the gay/lesbian's fault so the world should treat them the same as anyone else and this list wouldn't have been created.

This is the only item on this list that makes sense! Besides this, no negatives. Although being bisexual doesn't infer that you have intercourse...

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11 Going against the procreation of humanity

Having children is an ignorant thing to do anyways. Especially in countries like India and China. And I don't mean I want the human race to die out but we should have way less children. The world is overpopulated

The world is overpopulated and humanity is exhausting its resources. In reality, homosexuality is pretty beneficial. We don't need every single couple on earth to produce children.

So overpopulation is good! You're not gonna stop gays from being gay just like your not going stop African Americans from being African American.

You know that without gay/lesbian people, the world would be more overpopulated right? So in other words, being gay actually helps the human race.

12 Idiotic religions hating you

Branches of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are NOT idiotic. Calling them 'idiotic' makes YOU the hater. You wouldn't want to see that item in reverse: 'Idiotic homosexuals hating your religion.'

This argument is retarded. Jesus said to love everyone. keep your friends close and your friends closer

13 Idiots hating you

No one cares about idiots hating them though.

Kinda funny sometimes

14 To avoid obnoxious top 10 lists that tell you why you shouldn't love who you want

Whoever put this is a genius

This is a stupid list in my opinion #lovewins

This needs to be at 1!

Can we get this to #1?

15 Hate crimes

I'm not gay but I don't hate gay people. Also, this argument is stupid! Don't you think that the real criminals are the haters here? It's a one way argument unless you can say and prove that all gay people hates straight people. The truth is that gay people don't hate straight people. They will maybe hate someone who beat them up but but even than it will be not their fault. They didn't do anything wrong ( it's their life ). And like one of the comment says " every crime is a hate crime " meaning that straight people will hate straight people as well if they're beaten up for some reasons. Being hated is not an exclusive argument for the gay community.

Alright, this is a long one, so sit back and read this whether you are pro LGBT or not.

I'm a 12 year old from Australia and yes I'm Christian.

Before you start thinking that I carry signs around saying "rise up the world is a lie! " Or "god hates" or "kill all gays" no, I don't. I don't want to kill and mutilate gays but I certainly don't support their lifestyle either. Why? It's a sin in the bible (sorry folks, my beliefs and what I believe is true!) and the are a lot of them I find through out my experience are big hypocrites themselves. You might think I'm just a Aussie boy who knows nothing about it but trust me I do. Before I move on don't get mad at me after all it's only my opinion. Well to start with, the hate crime stuff is massively filled with hypocrites. For example, Christians are seen as gay haters, but no one mentions the Muslims. The hate gays, Muhammad married a 9 yr old girl, they KILL infidels and a bunch of other stuff. If I say openly that I don't ...more

I think a lot of these aren't to be worried about. If your happy who cares? The only thing that is to worry about is Hate crimes because whoever made up the majority of these insults obviously has taken the thought or already been in a hate crime. I mean, come on. Imagine if being Homo-sexual became as normal as being straight. I think it would shut every one up after many legal issues.

We're not demons. We won't try to make you become gay. So why are people so scared of us? Seriously, why would people hate us? "Homosexual" doesn't mean "Rapist."

16 Being disowned by your family

Once you become an adult, and your guardians are no longer required to take care of you, their approval isn't needed. So if your family does disown you, remember you are an adult and you can live the way you want to.

PROTIP: do not ever come out to your parents if they believe that gays are "sinners" or some other crap. Once you move out, you're free.

Fortunately, lots of parents are excepting and supportive in America.

Not if they really love you.

17 It's weird

It's not natural. Natural would be a man and a woman just like it's been since humans have been on this earth. But I do agree, people should shut up and let people be who they are. The only people who will be judged by the Lord for being homosexual are the homosexuals.

It is kinda weird...girls are one of the best creations of god, how could a guy be attracted to another guy with so many hot chicks out the way I'm not against homosexuality I just think it is kinda weird...

Don't you think that this is subjective? Since human kind exist there were gay people. Just accept the fact that it's a natural fact of life.

What the heck is wrong with the reasons on here? It's not weird. It's natural, get over it.

18 Suicidal thoughts

More like a reason you should stop bullying people that are gay/lesbian just because they like someone of the same gender.

Being gay is the worst I have suicidal thoughts everyday because I'm gay... lucky straight people

And they have suicidal thoughts because of things like this list.

Idiot that from depression how could that have to do with being homosexual

19 It's icky

Now these thoughts are what proves you have the mindset of a three year old.
Let me explain.
When you were younger, you probably saw people kissing or hugging (whether gay or not), and thought 'Ew, that's disgusting'
But as you got older, you realized that they just really liked each other, and were showing affection.
And if you still think people showing affection is 'icky'.
Take a look at yourself.

Holy Hecc bro, when I saw this all of my gayness just disappeared. Now I'm a proud Westboro member. Thank you for opening my eyes the ickiness that is being gay.

Wait since when do people say "icky"?

No offence but you sound like a baby.

20 It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

STOP IT WITH THE Christian REFRENCES! I'm legitly most sincerely NOT against Christainity at all, though this is a dumb list, and I'm tired of all these Christian refrences on the internet saying that it's the best religion ever and the only one that's good or whatever. It's our opinion and part of the First Amendment is FREEDOM OF RELIGION, so please stop with all of these Christianity refrences that make it sound like what it isn't and leave everyone else alone. So please don't try to hate me, but that's just how I feel about all of these comments that say very extreme like stuff about Christianity. And also those types of comments can hurt other people's feelings like hard so be careful of what you say on the internet.

NOT EVERYONE IS Christian! Some don't even have a religion and those who say atheism is bad, remember: your religion could be wrong. I'm not against religion, but no religion can be proven right or wrong.

But Adam and Eve caused the downfall of humanity so I wouldn't consider them role models.

Just because they weren't homosexual doesn't mean it's not okay

21 Your biological family tree could end/no kids

You could go to a sperm bank and get a sperm donor. But honestly I would feel highly uncomfortable with having someone that I barely ever met of hung out with being the father of my child.

Perhaps biologically, but of course there's always the option of adopting a child. Whether I'm bisexual or not, doesn't matter. Either way I'm adopting.

If you are lesbians, you can go to a lab and convert one of your stem cells to a sperm in join it with the others egg.

Adoption? Sperm banks?
Adopted kids aren't biologically yours, but hey, using sperm banks can bare babies.

22 Having to enjoy Wham!

Yeah, and what's so bad about that? I love Wham!

Heh heh heh I'm uber gay and I love Wham!

I like Wham, well George Michael, and I'm 99.999999% sure I'm not gay.

You don’t have to enjoy anything.

23 The stereotypes that people judge by
24 If everyone was gay humanity would be low

This reason is so stupid. Not everyone is gay. Plus, lesbian couples are able to have children now thanks to sperm donors, so your argument against us LGBT people is invalid.

But the chances of every single person suddenly becoming gay are... Wait! There are none, so this item is invalid.

Not necessarily true. Some females might get sperm donors. And some males might give sperm donors.

Sounds like a good thing to me, look how much humans have destroyed the planet

25 Does physical harm to body

When people have anal sex it damages your anus and when you grow old you'll begin to leak unhealthy fluids.

So, what you're saying is that as soon as you realize that you're gay, you experience chronic pain?

Anus is a one way gate orifice. Things should be coming out of it but not the opposite.

Its funny because things like anal sex is done by everyone gay or straight

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