Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

This is not a hate list or anything like it. We all know being Homosexual comes with many negative connotations. What do you think are the worst?

The Top Ten

1 Having to put up with idiots that make top ten lists about why you shouldn't be gay.

Really, my idol was bi, and do I look like I care? If Freddie Mercury was happy (I really hope he was), should anything happy. I'm not a homosexual, and I wouldn't care if I was, and neither would anyone else. Whatever floats your boat. And number 2 really makes me mad. Increased risk of an STD? This is disturbing. What kind of society do we live in where states don't even allow gay marriage! GIVE PEOPLE RIGHTS! It's the personality and the you beside that that counts!

Everyone here is such a homophobic person. I can think of at least two people, amazing people, that were gay (Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres). I don't see what the difference is. If you like a guy as a guy, WELL THEN YOU DO. (No, I am not a homosexual, but I stand for the right of other people, can't I? ) I don't see what's so wrong about this. It isn't a sin in my book, anyway. WHY ISN'T SOCIETY NICE TO MOST PEOPLE OR EVERYONE?!

And also people who make lists like the most violent religions. All rights seems to be for gays because this is simply seen as being modern and progressive and more fitting therefore in society..religion, black/bame rights and humanitarian rights are seen as "meh, not our concern"

You love someone for their personality, not their sexual prefferences. Homosexuals are the same as anyone else, and why do people think it's right to act prejudice towards them? - Nejixchan

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2 It's a sin

While I do prefer to be in the arms of a man and be kissed, make love to and be loved by a man, how can you say who you fall for is a sin? You simply have no control over whom you fall in love with. Love is not a sin. To love and be loved is a gift from God. Please don't turn it into something cheap and sordid. - Britgirl

PREACH IT BRITGIRL! And my favorite singer was a homosexual, Freddie Mercury. - Derpyderpderpderp

Okay, to those people who are saying that you will burn in the pits of hell if you aren't a Christian, are you suggesting that Mahatma Gandhi should go to hell while Adolf Hitler should be praised and lifted to the highest place in eternal heaven just because of their beliefs?

I'm not a Christian I'm actually really opposed to Christianity but you obviously don't understand Christianity and you also don't understand Hitler. Hitler claimed to be a Christian only to gain political support from the people and in private was an anti-Christian atheist. If he did believe he was a Christian (he didn't) he wouldn't have gone to heaven because being Christian isn't about having certain beliefs it's about forgiveness of sins. So if Hitler truly understood the wrongness of actions and was sorry for them and trusted in Jesus he would go to heaven. That didn't happen because he was an atheist and cause no heaven/hell. - maverick88

Uhhh, no it is not a sin. Nowhere in the bible does it say that homosexuality is a sin. In fact, nobody even MENTIONS homosexuality in the bible! In fact, around the time of Christ, homosexuality was actually more common in society than it is even now. Even some of the Roman emperors were homosexual. Nobody knows what Jesus thought of homosexuality. The only reason homosexuality became associated with sin was because of saint Paul (who was also a sexist and believed in slavery) whined about it in his letters to the Romans which weren't incorporated into the official Christian doctrine until the Nicean council in the 3d century AD. Similarly, the bible which homophobes love to take excuses from has also been used to justify, among other things, racism, sexism, slavery, war, genocide, murder, self mutilation, torture and to justify theocratic dictatorships like the holy Roman empire. Does the bible talk about any of THAT? NO! And it's not like the official church doctrine has ever been ...more

You do realize in the bible that the word "man" is used to describe humans in general RIGHT
"if man lay with man he shalt have committed a sin"
i think it means if you don't care about your family and wife, it is a sin not if your gay - GleamingShadow

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3 Having to accept the rainbow as your sign

This sounds like a joke a gay person would make and to be honest the gay flag could've been better - 4our2wen0ty

I like rainbows. - XxembermasterxX

Yes but it's SOO SWEET... - georgegoony

That is reasons TO BE homo. Rainbows are awesome. - AnonymousChick

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4 Being labeled as feminine/masculine instead of gay male/gay female

YES! Just... yes! Sexuality isn't the same as Gender! - DogmeatAndRex

I'm a gay man and I love Hockey and Sports. - DeVillMan

It really sucks when you're a lipstick lesbian (girly lesbian). No one believes you're gay. It's like, really? I have to act all rough, tough, edgy, and like a boy to like other girls? I can rock my heels and gush over a fine lady, thank you.

I'm not gay, but I know lesbians who have to be "tomboys" in order to be known as a lesbian

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5 Being embarrassed in public

I just I could live alone, I hate this world...

So? Just slap them in the face and leave. - WheresMyGuitarPick

... Because of jerks who call you out and tease you about stuff you can't control.
It's a bit like bullying someone for their hair colour, but at least you can dye your hair. - Flamesofsilver

Who cares about what random people think of you?

The issue is when you get picked on constantly, this is a problem in schools and some workplaces as you can't get away from them. In general, yes, it's good to have that mindset of not caring what others think, but you shouldn't have to put up with being treated like trash. - Flamesofsilver

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6 Not having to enjoy Wham! But loving Coldplay

I'm straight and have been a fan of Wham! since I was a small child.

Yeah, because loving the same gender totally sums up your music taste. - 3DG20

Is that an insult to Coldplay or something? Coldplay is my favorite band, but how does this relate to homosexuality? I love Coldplay and I'm not a lesbian. Why is this on the list? - Merilille

This makes no sense - NuMetalManiak

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7 Sex won't be as good

debatable - 4our2wen0ty

Sex is never good when it comes to public

I've been with over 60 different girls in my life up to age 25. Been with about 10 dudes since.

I can honestly say, same sex sex, is much much hotter. Guys know what guys want I guess and same for the chicks.

Actually the sex can be even better with 2 men... We both have tools and holes. It works out quite nicely... I don't know about lesbians but I do know about sleeping with men and women. Trust me... 2 men can be quite fun.. - shanew

I guess you'll never really know though if you've never done it with the opposite gender. - dipperpinesfangirl618

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8 Not being accepted into society

And it's their fault & not the fault of people like YOU? - RoseWeasley

Because of people like you. - RoseWeasley

Came out and literally nothing changed so that's this argument debunked - 4our2wen0ty

I'm 14 and I'm bisexual and people get very surprised how comfortable I am with my sexuality. People tell me that gays/ lesbians really don't belong in this world and that were all going to hell. But I rather be different and be myself and be comfortable, than try to fit in with society. I have a girlfriend and I'm proud of it

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9 Increased risk of STDs

I have absolutely NOTHING against homosexuals, but that has been true because I read that the people with the highest chance of getting AIDS are sadly gay men or men who have sex with men. That was also the group of people with the highest numbers of people with AIDS during the 1980's AIDS epidemic. That was an actual fact. I'm not being homophobic. Freddie Mercury was a gay man who died from AIDS. I'll repeat: I'm not homophobic, I'm just stating facts. Sorry if anyone is offended by this. - PhoenixAura81

Gay is absolutely disgusting but lesbian (porn) is sexy though just saying

This is just a stereotype, dumbass. - Supersalsa

I've read the whole of this list and I agree with the title - I have nothing against gay/lesbian people and I think they are treated harshly but I believe that many things can go wrong from being gay or lesbian. Bullying for example. However, this isn't the gay/lesbian's fault so the world should treat them the same as anyone else and this list wouldn't have been created. - jmepa1234

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10 Being disowned by your religion

Some don't have religion - ElSherlock

Actually, some have no religion

I have no religion

MOST have no religion

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11 Going against the procreation of humanity

Aren't there like way too many people on eath, I don't think this would be a problem especially seeing that the world population is still growing - 4our2wen0ty

Many places are already overpopulated - GleamingShadow

Having children is an ignorant thing to do anyways. Especially in countries like India and China. And I don't mean I want the human race to die out but we should have way less children. The world is overpopulated


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12 Idiots hating you

Kinda funny sometimes - 4our2wen0ty

No one cares about idiots hating them though. - 3DG20

13 Idiotic religions hating you
14 Hate crimes

I'm not gay but I don't hate gay people. Also, this argument is stupid! Don't you think that the real criminals are the haters here? It's a one way argument unless you can say and prove that all gay people hates straight people. The truth is that gay people don't hate straight people. They will maybe hate someone who beat them up but but even than it will be not their fault. They didn't do anything wrong ( it's their life ). And like one of the comment says " every crime is a hate crime " meaning that straight people will hate straight people as well if they're beaten up for some reasons. Being hated is not an exclusive argument for the gay community.

We're not demons. We won't try to make you become gay. So why are people so scared of us? Seriously, why would people hate us? "Homosexual" doesn't mean "Rapist." - DogmeatAndRex

Alright, this is a long one, so sit back and read this whether you are pro LGBT or not.

I'm a 12 year old from Australia and yes I'm Christian.

Before you start thinking that I carry signs around saying "rise up the world is a lie! " Or "god hates" or "kill all gays" no, I don't. I don't want to kill and mutilate gays but I certainly don't support their lifestyle either. Why? It's a sin in the bible (sorry folks, my beliefs and what I believe is true!) and the are a lot of them I find through out my experience are big hypocrites themselves. You might think I'm just a Aussie boy who knows nothing about it but trust me I do. Before I move on don't get mad at me after all it's only my opinion. Well to start with, the hate crime stuff is massively filled with hypocrites. For example, Christians are seen as gay haters, but no one mentions the Muslims. The hate gays, Muhammad married a 9 yr old girl, they KILL infidels and a bunch of other stuff. ...more

God loves everyone. Also, there is no such thing as a "homosexual lifestyle". Gay people are just people who happen to prefer their own gender. - Absolite

I think a lot of these aren't to be worried about. If your happy who cares? The only thing that is to worry about is Hate crimes because whoever made up the majority of these insults obviously has taken the thought or already been in a hate crime. I mean, come on. Imagine if being Homo-sexual became as normal as being straight. I think it would shut every one up after many legal issues.

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15 To avoid obnoxious top 10 lists that tell you why you shouldn't love who you want

Whoever added this, here's a hug:
( )
And to all my non-homophobic & non-heterophobic gay, straight, & anything in between friends:
( ) - RoseWeasley

Can we get this to #1? - GleamingShadow

Like this one! - The_Random_Content_Guy

Whoever put this is a genius - Absolite

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16 Being disowned by your family

Not if they really love you. - 3DG20

Once you become an adult, and your guardians are no longer required to take care of you, their approval isn't needed. So if your family does disown you, remember you are an adult and you can live the way you want to. - yaygiants16

PROTIP: do not ever come out to your parents if they believe that gays are "sinners" or some other crap. Once you move out, you're free. - NuMetalManiak

Fortunately, lots of parents are excepting and supportive in America. - BlueberryCatfish

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17 Having to enjoy Wham!

Heh heh heh I'm uber gay and I love Wham! - Kuro

I like Wham, well George Michael, and I'm 99.999999% sure I'm not gay. - BeatlesFan1964

Yeah, and what's so bad about that? I love Wham! - FennikenFan9

You don’t have to enjoy anything. - 3DG20

18 Suicidal thoughts

Because of people like you - RoseWeasley

Because of this list.. and bullying and everyone hating you for no good reason

That is only a result if your gay it's just love
and people care about you
before you commit suicide, think about all of the people who care about you and would be devastated if you died - GleamingShadow

Um, don't heterosexuals also get Suicidal thoughts? - Qryzx

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19 It's weird

Not to homosexuals - GleamingShadow

What the heck is wrong with the reasons on here? It's not weird. It's natural, get over it. - Spokane

Don't you think that this is subjective? Since human kind exist there were gay people. Just accept the fact that it's a natural fact of life.

You know what else is weird? Everything most people do! - AngryByrd

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20 Your biological family tree could end/no kids

Adoption? Sperm banks?
Adopted kids aren't biologically yours, but hey, using sperm banks can bare babies. - BorisRule

Umm... adoption? - DogmeatAndRex

Not everyone wants kids though. - 3DG20

You could go to a sperm bank and get a sperm donor. But honestly I would feel highly uncomfortable with having someone that I barely ever met of hung out with being the father of my child. - BlueberryCatfish

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21 It's icky

You sound like a baby. - RoseWeasley

Now these thoughts are what proves you have the mindset of a three year old.
Let me explain.
When you were younger, you probably saw people kissing or hugging (whether gay or not), and thought 'Ew, that's disgusting'
But as you got older, you realized that they just really liked each other, and were showing affection.
And if you still think people showing affection is 'icky'.
Take a look at yourself. - Flamesofsilver

your icky - GleamingShadow

Wait since when do people say "icky"? - Qryzx

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22 The stereotypes that people judge by
23 It's Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve

Yeah. This is a good point because it rhymes

Then you can Adam & Leave. - RoseWeasley

Do you realize that not everyone is christian right? - ElSherlock

Just because they weren't homosexual doesn't mean it's not okay - GleamingShadow

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24 Does physical harm to body

No it doesn't - GleamingShadow

Anus is a one way gate orifice. Things should be coming out of it but not the opposite. - Luray

When people have anal sex it damages your anus and when you grow old you'll begin to leak unhealthy fluids.

So, what you're saying is that as soon as you realize that you're gay, you experience chronic pain? - BeatlesFan1964

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25 If everyone was gay humanity would be low

But not everyone is gay. - RoseWeasley

Sounds like a good thing to me, look how much humans have destroyed the planet

But the chances of every single person suddenly becoming gay are... Wait! There are none, so this item is invalid. - 3DG20

Not necessarily true. Some females might get sperm donors. And some males might give sperm donors. - BlueberryCatfish

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26 Being stereotyped to the point of disgust
27 People will make fun of you

Obviously, no one is safe from bullying in either sexuality. - Qryzx

Yeah, irrelevant people. - 3DG20

Well, just try to kiss them. If it's a boy say "maybe I'm not." If it's a girl say "But I love you." - AnonymousChick

And who's fault is that?

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28 How to tell your parents you're gay?

Walk out of a closet wearing rainbow clothes & sunglasses, look 'em dead in the eye & say, "I'm gay.". - RoseWeasley

Again, if they really love you, they will support you. - 3DG20

Best if you don't - NuMetalManiak

1. Walk up to them, say ''i'm gay'' and walk away.

2. When your homophobic uncle says ''Thank our Lord there are no gays in this family'' say ''SURPRISE BITCH''.

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29 It is punishable by death in Islamic countries

Based on the islamic rules, gay/lesbian who had ever had a sex, should jump from the tallest point/building at the same time people throwing rocks to them until they fall and die. And eventually they get into heaven.

This isn't Islam and whoever added this is a retard.

30 Being called a f*****

In what cases?
Why was this list even allowed to be made? - Flamesofsilver

In some cases you might deserve that

People are called f*****'s as an insult as well, like bitch. - Qryzx

F***** was a punishment given to homosexuals in the middle ages, where the person would be put into a barrel with spikes sticking through it. The barrel would then be set on fire and rolled down a hill.

Still think some people ''deserve'' it?

31 Every religion will hate you

That's not true - Luckys

NO! BUDDHISM ACCEPTS GAYS. All people are accepted when it comes to Buddhists like me. - Spokane

Wow! Good for them, but is it really worth not being able to love who you want? - 3DG20

Buddhism is the only religion I like.

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32 Harder to find true love

Nope not true - GleamingShadow

Not really lol... like - Jada

My dad said that Seattle was the world's gay Capitol.

Or you could just move to San Francisco. - ethanmeinster

33 The person you like may not be gay

That is not 100% true because if you're straight the person you might like could be gay or lesbian

The person you like may not be straight - AnonymousChick

34 There are more than 75 countries where homosexuality is illegal

Nigeria, they're very religious and may kill the people of the lgbt+ community. That didn't stop Bobrisky, a transgender woman. - Luckys

Most of them are countries where almost everything is illegal. Most of them are countries so poor and underdeveloped as the mentality of their citizens. Between Sudan and Sweden, make your choice. - pitralon

Move to a better country.

And whose fault is that?
The fault of the homophobes who made it illegal in the first place!

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35 Bigots claiming you're a sinner

I know some very kind people who are homosexual. - RockFashionista

-_- I thought we were all sinners. - AnonymousChick

36 Being bullied because your gay


37 You get isolated from the rest of the society

No you really don’t - Jada

38 Having to listen to self appointed gay representatives

I don't remember gay elections, do you? I'm gay, who are these people, they don't speak for me.

39 Getting insulted by dumb people
40 Darwinism is against it because you would not live on to pass your genes on to the next generation

Do these people know how overpopulated this world is?!

41 Idiots will constantly shove Christianity down your throat

I'm Christian and some of religious extremists are bad. - BorisRule

Look who's talking - ElSherlock

Ooh, I think you just roasted yourself, hypocrite. - Qryzx

Considering 80% of this list is “you’ll go to hell” or “it’s a sin”. - 3DG20

42 It's Adam and Eve, not Allie and Eve

This list is the textbook definition of bull.

Allie and Eve? I ship it. - AnonymousChick

Way to be original, Biggot - DeVillMan

43 It's just stupid

Like whoever added this. - RoseWeasley

Oh so kind of like this list. - 3DG20

Do you know whats even dumber a straight girl having sex with a man as a freshman in high school

This lost is sickening and full of homophobic people. I'm not even gay or a Christian but if the Christian God talked to me he wouldn't probably hate gay people.

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44 You will die and burn forever

God would think twice about punishing homosexuals. - BorisRule

That's the problem, Satan doesn't judge you, but God does. Tell me who's evil. - WheresMyGuitarPick

I'm not gay but I'm not going to hell because it doesn't exist (in my point of view) - THEGNOME101

Bull crap. I guess then I'm gonna go to hell because lust, cursing, and gluttony are sins! I know plenty of Christian homosexuals. They are no more sinful than anybody else, and they will go to Heaven. This list is rude, and in this case, false. - AngryByrd

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45 It's ungodly

Try being open- minded for once - GleamingShadow

Not everybody is Christian dumbass

Seems religion matters to YOU and no one else here.

True and god tells us to act godly, guys gay isn't right and if you'r gay, your head isn't eathier

46 Kids could be embarrassed to be around you

Kids can be bullies by having gay parents

47 Embarrassment

Nah - Jada

48 Better chance of being labeled a molester

How so? Most molester attack the opposite sex. - Kuro

Labeled a molester? Why? You just like someone... - Absolite

49 Your family and friends will be embarrassed

Not if they're your real friends. - DogmeatAndRex

50 Be afraid of being christian and bissexual
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