Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

This is not a hate list or anything like it. We all know being Homosexual comes with many negative connotations. What do you think are the worst?

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1 Having to put up with idiots that make top ten lists about why you shouldn't be gay.

Really, my idol was bi, and do I look like I care? If Freddie Mercury was happy (I really hope he was), should anything happy. I'm not a homosexual, and I wouldn't care if I was, and neither would anyone else. Whatever floats your boat. And number 2 really makes me mad. Increased risk of an STD? This is disturbing. What kind of society do we live in where states don't even allow gay marriage! GIVE PEOPLE RIGHTS! It's the personality and the you beside that that counts!

Everyone here is such a homophobic person. I can think of at least two people, amazing people, that were gay (Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres). I don't see what the difference is. If you like a guy as a guy, WELL THEN YOU DO. (No, I am not a homosexual, but I stand for the right of other people, can't I? ) I don't see what's so wrong about this. It isn't a sin in my book, anyway. WHY ISN'T SOCIETY NICE TO MOST PEOPLE OR EVERYONE?!

You love someone for their personality, not their sexual prefferences. Homosexuals are the same as anyone else, and why do people think it's right to act prejudice towards them? - Nejixchan

I'm bisexual. I like a girl. There's nothing wrong with me. It's 2017, whoever still hates LGBT+ people needs to grow up. - Absolite

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2 It's a sin

While I do prefer to be in the arms of a man and be kissed, make love to and be loved by a man, how can you say who you fall for is a sin? You simply have no control over whom you fall in love with. Love is not a sin. To love and be loved is a gift from God. Please don't turn it into something cheap and sordid. - Britgirl

PREACH IT BRITGIRL! And my favorite singer was a homosexual, Freddie Mercury. - Derpyderpderpderp

Okay, to those people who are saying that you will burn in the pits of hell if you aren't a Christian, are you suggesting that Mahatma Gandhi should go to hell while Adolf Hitler should be praised and lifted to the highest place in eternal heaven just because of their beliefs?

I'm not a Christian I'm actually really opposed to Christianity but you obviously don't understand Christianity and you also don't understand Hitler. Hitler claimed to be a Christian only to gain political support from the people and in private was an anti-Christian atheist. If he did believe he was a Christian (he didn't) he wouldn't have gone to heaven because being Christian isn't about having certain beliefs it's about forgiveness of sins. So if Hitler truly understood the wrongness of actions and was sorry for them and trusted in Jesus he would go to heaven. That didn't happen because he was an atheist and cause no heaven/hell. - maverick88

A lot of people say that it is a sin and a lot of people say that it isn't, so I'm cracking it. God made men and women to have children, but back then they didn't have intelligence, so they weren't able to properly love. It never says anywhere in the Bible that Adam and Eve loved each other, they just did it because they had no choice, and in my opinion that is wrong. There is more to love than having kids, that's more shallow than lust. I think the true intentions of God was to have humans survive, and their are enough straight people for more kids to be born, in fact over population is a problem now. Also, you have to keep in mind that not everyone on this site is Christian, so to some people the Bible is nothing, and that makes you look like your having a big fuss over nothing. Everyone on this site has respected Christians and their religion, and they need to respect us.

Wow, are people really going to be that idiotic?

I never like to get involved with religion or politics, but here goes.

Who cares if it is a sin? I'm sure the vast majority of Christians have at least preformed one sin in their lifetime. Are you really going to say 'oh you shouldn't do something because it's a sin~! " Well, no. This is the real world. We are people. People need to join hands. It is ok to be gay. It is ok to be an atheist. It is ok to be anything. As long as you don't harass people (which the person who made this list is doing right now) you are doing ok. Stop being stupid. I'm bisexual and if you really are gonna be like that, go sit down in the throne... the throne of satan.

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3 Having to accept the rainbow as your sign

Yes but it's SOO SWEET... - georgegoony

That is reasons TO BE homo. Rainbows are awesome. - AnonymousChick

What if African Americans had that sign, is that a reason to stop being black! Being gay is not a choice!

This is legit the only legitimate reason. They could pretty screwed with this logo. - SoldierOfFortune

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4 Increased risk of STDs

I've read the whole of this list and I agree with the title - I have nothing against gay/lesbian people and I think they are treated harshly but I believe that many things can go wrong from being gay or lesbian. Bullying for example. However, this isn't the gay/lesbian's fault so the world should treat them the same as anyone else and this list wouldn't have been created. - jmepa1234

This is the only item on this list that makes sense! Besides this, no negatives. Although being bisexual doesn't infer that you have intercourse... - Flowersocks2137

Condoms were invented.

I don't think so. - ParkerFang

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5 Hate crimes

I'm not gay but I don't hate gay people. Also, this argument is stupid! Don't you think that the real criminals are the haters here? It's a one way argument unless you can say and prove that all gay people hates straight people. The truth is that gay people don't hate straight people. They will maybe hate someone who beat them up but but even than it will be not their fault. They didn't do anything wrong ( it's their life ). And like one of the comment says " every crime is a hate crime " meaning that straight people will hate straight people as well if they're beaten up for some reasons. Being hated is not an exclusive argument for the gay community.

Alright, this is a long one, so sit back and read this whether you are pro LGBT or not.

I'm a 12 year old from Australia and yes I'm Christian.

Before you start thinking that I carry signs around saying "rise up the world is a lie! " Or "god hates" or "kill all gays" no, I don't. I don't want to kill and mutilate gays but I certainly don't support their lifestyle either. Why? It's a sin in the bible (sorry folks, my beliefs and what I believe is true!) and the are a lot of them I find through out my experience are big hypocrites themselves. You might think I'm just a Aussie boy who knows nothing about it but trust me I do. Before I move on don't get mad at me after all it's only my opinion. Well to start with, the hate crime stuff is massively filled with hypocrites. For example, Christians are seen as gay haters, but no one mentions the Muslims. The hate gays, Muhammad married a 9 yr old girl, they KILL infidels and a bunch of other stuff. ...more

I think a lot of these aren't to be worried about. If your happy who cares? The only thing that is to worry about is Hate crimes because whoever made up the majority of these insults obviously has taken the thought or already been in a hate crime. I mean, come on. Imagine if being Homo-sexual became as normal as being straight. I think it would shut every one up after many legal issues.

I don't think so - ParkerFang

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6 Going against the procreation of humanity

Having children is an ignorant thing to do anyways. Especially in countries like India and China. And I don't mean I want the human race to die out but we should have way less children. The world is overpopulated

The world is overpopulated and humanity is exhausting its resources. In reality, homosexuality is pretty beneficial. We don't need every single couple on earth to produce children. - Matthewn1999

There is more to love than having children. Children are only a small part of a couple's relationship.

Animals can be homo as we - OnionLists

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7 Being labeled as feminine/masculine instead of gay male/gay female

I'm a gay man and I love Hockey and Sports. - DeVillMan

I'm not gay, but I know lesbians who have to be "tomboys" in order to be known as a lesbian

I'm a lesbian and I sometimes have sex with guys too!

I hate the constant teasing about stuff like that - OnionLists

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8 Being embarrassed in public

... Because of jerks who call you out and tease you about stuff you can't control.
It's a bit like bullying someone for their hair colour, but at least you can dye your hair. - Flamesofsilver

Who cares about what random people think of you?

The issue is when you get picked on constantly, this is a problem in schools and some workplaces as you can't get away from them. In general, yes, it's good to have that mindset of not caring what others think, but you shouldn't have to put up with being treated like trash. - Flamesofsilver

I have a friend who is in and he takes major offense to this bull! Probably why he and I are both atheists! Because the theists say is mostly crap!

Who cares what other people think? - OnionLists

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9 Suicidal thoughts

And they have suicidal thoughts because of things like this list.

That's a very small percentage of the population which is brought up because of the very few cases and when was the last time you even heard about a suicidal case that happened because of sexuality

I feel sorry for the person that said that he/or she have suicidal thoughts because they're gay( Thanks for calling me and the other straight people lucky though! - Jessicarabbit

Everyone has that gay or not - ParkerFang

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10 Not having to enjoy Wham! But loving Coldplay

Is that an insult to Coldplay or something? Coldplay is my favorite band, but how does this relate to homosexuality? I love Coldplay and I'm not a lesbian. Why is this on the list? - Merilille

Umm, I think this is on the wrong list. Like maybe "Best Things About Being Home schooled" - Fintan

Musical tastes in wham and Coldplay have nothing to do with being gay or straight

Wham? What's wrong with them? - ParkerFang

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11 Your biological family tree could end/no kids

If you are lesbians, you can go to a lab and convert one of your stem cells to a sperm in join it with the others egg.

Your family tree will end. Adoption isn't your kids. Your BIOLOGICAL genes will not be passed down.

Perhaps biologically, but of course there's always the option of adopting a child. Whether I'm bisexual or not, doesn't matter. Either way I'm adopting. - Flowersocks2137

There's something called adoption. You may have heard of it. - Absolite

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12 Not being accepted into society

I'm 14 and I'm bisexual and people get very surprised how comfortable I am with my sexuality. People tell me that gays/ lesbians really don't belong in this world and that were all going to hell. But I rather be different and be myself and be comfortable, than try to fit in with society. I have a girlfriend and I'm proud of it

Our society is at fault here. People have this stupid idea that our society is perfect, but it is very twisted and hypocritical. It disturbs me that people feel the need to try hard to fit into it.

People commit suicide because of this so it makes me laugh when people say it is a choice.

We are in the UK - OnionLists

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13 Sex won't be as good

I've been with over 60 different girls in my life up to age 25. Been with about 10 dudes since.

I can honestly say, same sex sex, is much much hotter. Guys know what guys want I guess and same for the chicks.

Actually the sex can be even better with 2 men... We both have tools and holes. It works out quite nicely... I don't know about lesbians but I do know about sleeping with men and women. Trust me... 2 men can be quite fun.. - shanew

I guess you'll never really know though if you've never done it with the opposite gender. - dipperpinesfangirl618

Just out of curiosity, HOW the HECK are two people of the same sex going to... - RockFashionista

See - Spiritualsavedboy

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14 The stereotypes that people judge by

Who cares what people think you are who you are - OnionLists

15 Being disowned by your religion

Actually, some have no religion

If religion means I can't be myself then I won't be religious - OnionLists

I don't need religion - NikoX

I have no religion

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16 It's weird

What the heck is wrong with the reasons on here? It's not weird. It's natural, get over it. - Spokane

Don't you think that this is subjective? Since human kind exist there were gay people. Just accept the fact that it's a natural fact of life.

You know what else is weird? Everything most people do! - AngryByrd

Umm...I'm lesbian and not, depressed, sad or suicidal these are stupid reasons

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17 Being disowned by your family

Once you become an adult, and your guardians are no longer required to take care of you, their approval isn't needed. So if your family does disown you, remember you are an adult and you can live the way you want to. - yaygiants16

My family aren't homophobic - OnionLists

18 Does physical harm to body

Anus is a one way gate orifice. Things should be coming out of it but not the opposite. - Luray

When people have anal sex it damages your anus and when you grow old you'll begin to leak unhealthy fluids.

So, what you're saying is that as soon as you realize that you're gay, you experience chronic pain? - BeatlesFan1964

Then don't have sex - OnionLists

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19 Idiotic religions hating you
20 Idiots hating you
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1. Having to put up with idiots that make top ten lists about why you shouldn't be gay.
2. Idiots hating you
3. Idiotic religions hating you
1. Increased risk of STDs
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