Top Ten Worst Things About Being a Leftie


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1 Binder Rings

All the things doesn't matter to me, they do not exist for me, this list is idiotic, without any doubt, why should anyone care about such problems? There are no such problems if you don't feel such things. That you can do the things in the right way then why will you ever consider those 'problems', if you think or read about such problems then you start to look whether they are in you or not, don't do that, never heed such negative possibilities. - Ananya

But there are left-handed people so I don't think this is idiotic

2 Smudging

This is the single problem - THEGreatLordOfAll

3 Spiraled Notebooks

They are probably annoyed to. - THEGreatLordOfAll

4 Trying to Use Righty Things

I'm so lucky I'm a righty - JaysTop10List

I'm sure glad that I'm right-handed. - EpicJake

Good thing I'm a righty. - cosmo

I like breaking righty scissors...

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5 Eating Next to People
6 Scissors

Then you'd cut yourself. - EpicJake

7 Guitars

Kurt Cobain was left-handed in guitar

8 Cars

In majority of the world, the people use Left Hand Drive. This is very favorable to left-handed people because you look using the left eye, you have the brake on the left, and your left hand is always on the steering wheel.

The gear shift can only be on one side of you. With that being said, righties in Britain have as big a problem as lefties in America. - PositronWildhawk

But I'm good at Mario kart. - keycha1n

9 School Desks

Those ones with the arm rests...I am a righty, but I really feel bad for all the left-handed people who are stuck with those things. It's crazy that they're stripped of the opportunity to write more comfortably in class thanks to mostly genetic factors they can't control. - Entranced98

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