Worst Things About Cartoons

I am strictly talking as a cartoon fan and nothing else, As a kid I grew up on cartoons they were the best however over time cartoons have had their share of problems a fair share of controversy, and horrendous stereotypes.

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1 Awful Stereotyped Characters

What does any of this have to do with Awful Stereotyped characters, cartoons have always had a history of stereotyped characters the way they've portrayed the British, Native Americans, Eskimos, the Chinese, The Russians, Italians, Mexicans and especially the Jews.

Since Anime=Cartoons, I'm guessing they have those things to. If you look at the Japanese translation book under cartoon, you will even see the word anime. There is nothing different about it except the styles. Fullmetal Alchemist is a cartoon as much as Animaniacs is an anime

There was an episode of Pokemon called princess day that is based on girls in Japan but was banned because kid would not understand it

Most times they just put Ninjas to represent Japan

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2 History of Racism

Its no secret Cartoons have had a long history of racism for example the way they use to portray black people with black faces and big pink lips. - egnomac

Is not a history were proud of but it is a very important part of our history and to deny it is like denying that the Holocaust and and Slavery ever happened which is just wrong. - egnomac

Best example The Censored Eleven. - egnomac

Lonely Toon Nips by Nips

3 Bullying Adult Characters

Sideshow Bob is the way to do this RIGHT. Homer Simpson is the way to do this WRONG.

4 Bad Parents

Its perfectly common for cartoon series to have bad parents who are never around or not even care about their own kids for instance Helga Pataki's parents never seem to care or even notice that she exist her older sister Olga always gets all the attention while everybody ignores her which is why she acts the way she does, another example is Cartmans Mom who spoils him which is why he is the way he is in one episode she tries to control Cartman by hiring Ceaser Milan to Discipline him it works but no soon after he leaves she goes back to spoiling him, and there's the Turners two people who should be in jail for child abuse, & neglect they leave their only son in the care of a demonic babysitter who is clearly evil yet their two stupid to notice, other honorable mentions Charlotte Pickles - egnomac

5 History of Controversy
6 One Dimensional Villains
7 Encouragement of Bad Behavior

One episode of Beavis and Butthead was banned after an indecent in which two kids were burned to death in a trailer fire allegedly inspired by an incident in the episode. - egnomac

Some cartoons actually encourage bad behavior for instance Bart Simpsosn a bad kid who smarts off to adults and does what ever pleases he's doing bad but people love him for it like Stone Cold Steve Austin who the fans loved for breaking the rules, drinking beer and flipping people off. - egnomac

Cartoons these days teaches butt and fart "jokes" (they're nit funny, why are they called jokes? ) And this is why when I want to see something funny, I search the internet onstead of watching T.V. - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

8 No Character Development
9 Characters Who Develop Badly

A lot of Cartoon character start of likable and then turn into unlikable jerks for example Sponge Bob began as an easygoing character with goals has now become a wining crybaby who constantly annoys everyone around him. - egnomac

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10 Ripping Off of Anime

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11 Over Used Plot Lines

Best example of this is the Road Runner Wile E Coyote plot where Wile E tries to capture road runner only to get crushed, electrocuted, fall of the cliff or his traps backfire which is fine but it can get tiring watching the same plot play out in every episode whats the point of watching if you already know the outcome. - egnomac

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12 Character Archetypes
13 Bad Writers
14 Inappropriate Cartoons Shows That Are Suppose to Be for Kids

Even if some of them aren't really for kids they still show them on a network for kids a few examples Rockos Modern Life which has a lot of jokes which are aimed at adults though kids didn't understand them and Ren and Stimpy how that show ever got on Nickelodeon is a real mystery was incredibly violent and filled with gross out gags which is why it was taken of the air after one episode was deemed too violent for T.V. , even cartoons that were originally for kids to begin with now have a lot of inappropriate references like sponge bob SquarePants my Aunt won't even let her kids watch Sponge Bob anymore after she was horrified by one episode. - egnomac

Where do I start? - Miauzer

They have an aboration joke in Adventure time

15 Cartoon Porn

Is this even a thing? How about no.. - Miauzer

Welcome to the destruction of a childhood,CARTOON PORN!

16 Gross-Out Humor

Just gross, what's so funny about a guy who picks his nose, never takes a shower and farts everywhere? Not to mention cartoons show snot and drool and all that other gross stuff.

Not all gross out cartoons are bad there are some that are mostly loved like happy tree friends.

There is a right way to do it Ren and Stimpy and a wrong way to do it Mega Babies. - egnomac

17 Bad Animation
18 Bad Cartoons Based On Video Games

One of the best examples of bad video game cartoons, Saturday Supercade a cavalcade of bad cartoons based off arcade games where has Frogger who's now a reporter, Donkey Kong & Mario which plays out a lot like road runner cartoons, and Donkey Kong Jr who for what ever reason is paired with this annoying kid, another is The Legend of Zelda surely anything based of the Legend of Zelda is going to be good but it turns into a compete disaster
Link comes of as an annoying kid who single catchphrase is "Excuse Me" which he says a lot in every episode no wonder he never talks in his games then you have Zelda who is a B#$@ and is way too unlikable, Then you have Darkstalkers which worked better with anime in the American cartoon version it replaces all the horror elements with humor the characters look really ugly no wonder the series only lasted 13 episodes and that brings us to Bubsy that only lasted one episode which was as bad as it could get other honorable mentions Sonic Underground ...more - egnomac

American Cartoons have a bad track record when it comes to video game cartoons, Drakstalkers, Sonic Underground, Pac-man, Saturday Supercade wich was a horrible collection of bad cartoons based on games, street fighter, and of all things that garbage that was Captain N.

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19 Too Much "Good vs. Evil"

This is more with Japanese cartoons or as you like to refer to anime. Everything animated is both a cartoon and an anime. Stop acting like they are two different things.

This is with anime too. Along with the high school plot. At least with western cartoons it's not most of the time.

20 No Themes
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