Worst Things About the Ducktales Reboot

I know that there must be haters of this abomination on society come out please!

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1 The most blatant nostalgia pandering

Isn't nostalgia the point of a reboot?

This may be the first show I've seen that references something from the 80s or 90s 20 times a frame. There are no original ideas or moments where it isn't a wink, wink, nod, nod to adult audiences about "better" times - Masochismismagic

Come on. This is reboot is amazing, in my opinion... All these complaints are very petty.

2 Webby

Compared to the original Webby, this new one is much better.

Before she was just a kid now she's every damn female Disney /channel character. Plus her new voice is grating - Masochismismagic

She's every quirky Disney girl since Mabel so annoyingly uninspired - Masochismismagic

3 Douchy nephews

I disagree strongly.

They honestly make the quack pack versions seem tolerable - Masochismismagic

Even thought the original series was good in the original series huey,dewey, and louie just had the same interse, but in the reboot that was different - BoyGenius234

4 Weak animation

It looks like a comic. Not garbage.

It looks like garbage - Masochismismagic

5 Weird voice acting casting

With the exception of Uncle Scrooge being played by David Tennant none of the really feel quite right for the roles - Masochismismagic

6 The original jokes are.....eh at best

When it's not pandering to 80s and 90s brats the jokes feel stale and lifeless - Masochismismagic

The jokes are relatable and smart.

7 Weak villains

None of them felt fresh just awkward - Masochismismagic

8 Overpraised for mediocrity

Self explanatory - Masochismismagic

9 The new theme song is just the old one with a hipster tint
10 Bentina beakley (new)

Is this even a stereotype?

Why did we need a butch stereotype grandma? - Masochismismagic

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11 The characters changed personalities
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