Top 10 Worst Things About the Ice Age Franchise


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21 Scrat is Predictable Now

Scrat NEVER gets that stupid acorn, its getting old

22 Collision Course (5th movie) killed the franchise

The third ruined it, the fourth made it unoriginal and the 5th killed it, I agree on that

23 Manny

Manny the Mammoth has big head, tiny brain!

He was a hilarious mammoth to a pointless overprotective dad.

We should start an ice age hate club.

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24 Diego V 1 Comment
25 It's Gotten Worse

I have to agree. The first three were pretty decent. The fourth and the fifth one are going to kill this franchise, though. My favorite Ice Age movies in order are:1: Meltdown: In my opinion it was the best movie though many people view this as a horrible sequel. I also think it was a great sequel to the original.2: Ice Age: The original is only a bit worse than the sequel in my opinion. It was still a thrilling movie that I love. This and its sequel rank in my top ten favorite movies.3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs: This was also a pretty good movie with many characters such as Rudy, Buck, and Scratte.4: Continental Drift: This movie killed the franchise with its horrible dialogue and plot. Though there were a couple laughs here and there, I despised this movie and I think the fifth one will be way worse.

I don't think Fox is giving themselves enough time to write good storylines for the Ice Age Franchise. The first 2 were good, but the third and fourth were just awful, and had very simple plots.

Oh yes, for some reason I didn't like the 3rd one, I liked the characters but I guess the plot was boring. also how can manny identify mommy dino as a dinosaur, but not the children dinos? lol

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27 Buck Isn't In The 4th Film

He made a tiny apperance while scrat was falling down earth, ( how predictable, once again )

28 They're Not Even Trying V 2 Comments
29 It Was Never A Good Franchise, But They Still Made Sequels

Seriously, none of them were good.

30 There Will Be More Sequels
31 Bathroom Humor
32 It's Way Too Well-Known
33 Ugly, Laughable Character Design
34 They Forget the Fact that It's the Ice Age

Throughout the sequels the directors slowly forget the material the actual Stone Age has to offer, like cave bears, maybe some wolves tempt Diego into attacking manny so they get a quick meal. Maybe they meet that baby as a adolescent. I like the jokes made about the ice age in the first one and I think they should try again.

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