Top Ten Worst Things About The Loud House

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81 It's the anti-2010s animated show
82 It's loaded with constant filler

Really, it's just The Whole Picture that has filler. Why is this here?

83 It's the new Family Guy for kids

Media would've been a million times better if Family Guy AND Loud House never existed.

Chris Savino is just as bad as Seth MacFarlane. SERIOUSLY, NICKELODEON?! You won't let Lynne Naylor and Chris Reccardi create their own show, yet you let the same guy that ruined Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls create his own show?!

84 It's a mix between Peppa Pig and Superjail!

This doesn't make any sense at all. - TLHFanBaseSucks

Don't think it's Superjail! crossed with Peppa Pig? How about this? : it's Nickelodeon's attempt to make Johnny Test!

It's not a lie or a joke. It's a literal fact. Chris Savino loves combining lazy animation with cruelty. I know Peppa Pig and Superjail! came out after seasons 3 to 4 of Dexter's Laboratory, but Chris Savino literally learned how to draw from the creators of Peppa Pig. Now, he also learned how to draw from the creators of Superjail! Peppa Pig and Superjail! are perfect examples on why the 2000s was a horrible decade for animated shows. So, literally EVERYTHING Chris Savino does is a mix between Peppa Pig and Superjail! Savino needs to get fired from the animation industry forever.

It is not. - kcianciulli

85 Leni is a clone of Dee Dee from the Chris Savino era of Dexter's Laboratory
86 The Grim Crocker Art
87 It's very mean-spirited and cruel
88 Chandler

I don't know what it is, but this guy ticks me off.

Isn't that a girls name

89 Season 2

The Loud House was only good for season one. Season two is just awful!

I disagree. Season 2 is actually better than Season 1 so far. Except for No Suck Luck and Brawl in the Family. - regularponyfan09

Both seasons sucked anyway. - AinezoChan

90 It's starting a seasonal rot of its own

Chris Savino, the king of seasonal rots!

91 Lynn is a athletic jerk

All she ever cares for is winning. - AinezoChan

92 It's called The Loud House
93 Lincoln has white hair

Who put this here? This is stupid. - SPM1_TopTenz

94 It had a Christmas special
95 Lincoln is too nice to everyone and that isn't realistic

Far from true. He's an ass, which is why I hate him. - PhantomMilitia

96 Because the main character wears orange

Color has nothing to do with the show, this shouldn't be here! - Neonco31

97 There are too many mysteries
98 Leni Loud Leni Loud

I absolutely hate this character so much! She is the equivalent of post-movie Patrick! Imagine if she ACTUALLY did all the wrong things Patrick has done. Yeah, that's literally Leni Loud.

She's a rip off of Lindsay from Total Drama, which is way better. - AinezoChan

I disagree. Lindsay is a self-absorbed brat. Leni is nice and unlike Lindsay, her stupidity is actually funny. - regularponyfan09

99 Lincoln gets punished for no reason

I know Lincoln may be unlikable, but he's about to become the only likable character in the show, because he's starting to get punished for no reason. He even got punished for no reason at the beginning of the Green House.

100 They reuse jokes

Like, Luan's cheesy and corny jokes and Lily's poo poo. And Lori's shoes joke. Not cool. - AinezoChan

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