Top Ten Worst Things To Find In Your Sandwich


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1 A Wasp

I'm petrified of wasps they scare the living life out of me. If a wasp found its way into the sandwich I'd ran into the window with a straitjacket

Something worse, half a wasp.

Someone should start a program of extermination toward these EVIL things.

Get the machine gun... - RockStarr

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2 Dry Concrete

That would hurt like crazy!

Call a dentist after this stone sandwich

It would hurt more than your ex!

That would seriously suck

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3 A Condom

Especially if it's used

I'd would never pay for a sandwich from a strange place again then (but I never do that) - tent2

Am I the only one who's found a condom in their sandwich... ?

If you don't know what a condom is then you shouldn't be on here

I forgot what a condom is…

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4 A Small Firework

Your sandwich will surely go off with a bang. But if I want that, I just put hot sauce on it. Couldn't be simpler. - PositronWildhawk

It really would taste quite bitter. And don't go trying to eat fire afterward. - PetSounds

I can imagine myself just eating my sandwich then I exploded

Don't put hot sauce in it and you'll be find

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5 Hot Diesel

Vin Diesel? No... He would taste like baby oil and muscles! And I don't want to eat a human! Plus, Vin Diesel isn't hot! - ethanmeinster

Hot diesel is not referring to Vin Diesel. It is referring to hot diesel gas that trucks use.

Is there anything worse than hot diesel? - ThePeacemaker10

I'll explode after I enjoy this sandwich

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6 A Miniature Harpoon Gun

You take your first bite and it fires the trigger, now you explode

You may be in the dentists chair the next day, buckwheat!

You may also break a tooth even if you avoid the trigger - yatharthb

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7 Cheese

Cheese is the worst. Hate to have varnished mucus hidden in my sandwich, then stuck to the back of my throat as if I had swallowed a live leech. The nasty surprise within most of these things.
If I sound strange for saying I have always disliked it, then fine; I'm used to that. - PositronWildhawk

You bite into your sandwich taste the cheese and have to take the whole thing apart just to get rid of the cheese

American cheese is the worst kind of cheese! How can anyone like it? It's literally just a few molecules away from rubber!

I love cheese! - Lunala

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8 Poop

But its only half a poop. - SammySpore

Eww! This list is disturbing! - LapisBob

Get your poopy sanwich right here, cooked bye the toiilet

9 Nuclear Waste

The cheese powder of doom

10 The Last of an Endangered Species

Glad to see other people care about these things.

Stupid sandwich let the animal live

It's like finding the last rhino in yo panini):

I would just cry for the rest of my life!

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11 A Taser

The electric sandwich, eat one to get electricited

Burnt tongue flaver... my favorite!

12 A Bug
13 Pubic Hair

Yeah... I don't want pewbs in my sandwich or my chili. And I don't want to eat my parents over pewbs either. - MontyPython

14 Hair

Hair goes in my mouth random sometimes

You don't know who's hair that was!

15 A Porcupine

This sandwich is so prickeoy

16 Ketchup

I put ketchup in my sandwich, lol.. - Pony

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17 A Tracking Device

Nuclear bombs are in the way, eat this sandwich to start another world war

18 Your Testicles

Try it its good and the sandwich will never be dry!

So my surgery is eating a sandwich

19 Mold
20 Plankton
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