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21 Ash-Greninja Fanboys
22 Oshawott Haters

People hate Oshawott?! I hate my generation.

You hate Oshawott, I hate you.

Oshawott is better than that stupid Greninja and that bratty-ass Piplup - InklingSethO

23 Jynx Haters V 1 Comment
24 Mewtwo Fanboys

These guys aren't as bad as Charizard fanboys because they can actually back up their claims with evidence. - FrozenHatingPokefan

But mewtwo is strong

25 Hoenn Babies
26 Eeeveetards

Those people should shut up and stop trying to make eevee a celebrity

Eeveelutions are not the best. I had a friend who battled me using a team of level 100 eeveelutions.

27 Misty Haters
28 XYZ fanboys
29 Charizard Haters

I swear, if someone hears you say you love Charizard, they won't shut up about how "overrated" he is. Pisses me off. I should know how it feels, it's happened to me.

Lame reasons to hate Charizard they have.

Charizard is weak because of its double weakness to sr? Butterfree has it much worse! - Yungstirjoey

Charizard haters are stupid jerks that act as if Charizard is the only Pokémon with a quad weakness

30 Bulbasaur Haters V 1 Comment
31 Greninja Fans

Just because Greninja outspeeds Delphox and Chesnaught, it doesn't mean it's automatically the best. Plus Greninja is totally fan service because it gets Protean as its hidden ability and gets a battle bond ability. It also gets a black shiny form so people would like it. to be honest, I prefer Delphox and Chesnaught rather than Greninja who can't take a single hit without a focus sash.

Greninja fans are jerks that act like Greninja is the best Pokemon of all time. They bully anyone that disagrees with them, especially Delphox fans like me. Why do people hate Delphox so much anyway? It's a perfectly good Pokemon. I'll tell you why Delphox is so unpopular and overhated! Because Greninja fans realized that Delphox is a better option than Greninja, so they discredited it and made it seem like a bad Pokemon so no one would ever choose it and therefore, no one would realize how good of a Pokemon Delphox is. As for the few people that were brave enough to choose Delphox (like me), Greninja fans bash Delphox and make fun of it because of its ear tufts. ITS EAR TUFTS! Seriously, that is the dumbest reason to hate on a Pokemon! Especially when it looks cool. Anyway, this Delphox hate is getting to the small amount of Delphox fans. Take me, for instance. It got to me and that's why I'm writing this fat ol' passage! Right, Gotta keep on track. Just because Delphox has little to ...more

They are obnoxious, cruel and disrespectful people who makes excuses when they lose a fight against Delphox using Dazzling Gleam or Chesnaught for having type advantage in general. Newsflash for you jerks, Delphox using Dazzling Gleam is no different than you using moves that's strong against the opponent, like Ice Beam or Blizzard against Chesnaught.

Greninja fans are total hypocrites and doesn't understand what they have is an OPINION yet they treat it as a fack and bully people who likes Delphox, Chesnaught, etc. I used to like Greninja well enough, but its fans just ruined it.

32 Unovabortions
33 People who think you like a Pokémon based on its OP stats

But that is what matters about Pokémon, so you only mean the obnoxious ones, right? - FrozenHatingPokefan

"Oh, hey. So, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle? "- Random person
" Charmander" - Pokemon fan
"Same plus, I know why you chose it." RANDOM PERSON
"Why? " - Pokemon fan
*squishes water bottle in hand into a wrinkly mess* - Pokemon fan

These people only judge Pokemon by their OP and stats.

34 Advanceshipping
35 Forfeiters

Cowards. - FrozenHatingPokefan

Well I'm happy that I won but... I was ahving fun here! - HeavyDonkeyKong

36 Kanto Haters

I like Kanto not just out of nostalgia but also the iconic Pokemon and gen 1 haters really annoy me they complain about how it had terrible mechanics, simple Pokemon designs, and was just plain boring. Give gen 1 some slack it was the very first game.

I don't hate Kanto, I just never played it, but it is not the best region

37 Red fanboys
38 Socially Awkward Ones
39 Fake Fans Who Only Played Pokemon Go

Why do they exist? Why do they have to ruin everything for everybody?

These people only play one sub-par pokemon game and they think they know more than those who have played every generation and spin-off, go away with your BS

40 Mew Fans
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