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21 People who only played Pokemon Go

I have a friend who started liking pokemon through pokemon go, and now she watches the anime, but those people who pretend they know everything about pokemon when they only played that game its just aauuuggghhh

I play Pokemon Go. I don't care what the Pokemon elitists say. I like it. - NikBrusk

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22 Hoenn Babies
23 Eeeveetards

Those people should shut up and stop trying to make eevee a celebrity

Eeveelutions are not the best. I had a friend who battled me using a team of level 100 eeveelutions.

24 Gen 5 Haters

These people love to hate on the fifth generation of Pokemon. They act like genwunners claiming that Vanilluxe and Garbodor are unoriginal.

25 Mewtwo Fanboys

These guys aren't as bad as Charizard fanboys because they can actually back up their claims with evidence. - FrozenHatingPokefan

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26 Unovabortions
27 Bulbasaur Haters V 1 Comment
28 Advanceshipping
29 Kanto Haters

I like Kanto not just out of nostalgia but also the iconic Pokemon and gen 1 haters really annoy me they complain about how it had terrible mechanics, simple Pokemon designs, and was just plain boring. Give gen 1 some slack it was the very first game.

I don't hate Kanto, I just never played it, but it is not the best region

30 Misty Haters
31 Pedophiles Pedophiles
32 Poke tubers V 1 Comment
33 The people who only play Pokemon because others play it

God I hate this sort of thing! Stop following the trends and make them!

34 Ash-Greninja Fanboys
35 Socially Awkward Ones
36 Fake Fans Who Only Played Pokemon Go

Why do they exist? Why do they have to ruin everything for everybody?

These people only play one sub-par pokemon game and they think they know more than those who have played every generation and spin-off, go away with your BS

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