Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from March 1861 until his assassination in April 1865. Lincoln led the United States its bloodiest war and its greatest moral, constitutional, and political crisis.


The person who said Abraham Lincoln didn't free the slaves has to be a far left wing Democrat and must think that all Republicans is bad.

There is good and bad in both parties and Abraham Lincoln was and still is the best president of all times and Democrats just need to get over it.

I have done deep research on all US presents unlike this person trying to say he didn't free the slaves, I didn't find anything showing that didn't free the slaves.

The Republican party always been about freedom for all and if people would do their research they will see that trying to stop slavery is what created the Republican party in the first place.

Noticed a lot of you, instead of explaining WHY he was a good president, you just said, "Yeah, he's awesome! Why is he on this list? " Well, to be honest, if you would RESEARCH, he was not really a good president. He was NOT anti-slavery as many people believe, in fact some believe that he actually OWNED a slave! He also abolished the Constitution! Basically, he is no better than Obama! - Alpha101

What makes Obama a terrible president? Correct me if I'm wrong, but has the economy gotten better. Hasn't everything that made him terrible in the eyes of ignorant citizens, in fact, been dismissed. You're clearly an individual who spends their listening to the lies of others, instead educating yourself. What's the real reason you hate him?

Did not fight a war to free slaves but to keep southern states from leaving.At least 650,000 Americans died in this war and the nation was actually divided racially forever as well as sectionally. He was a lawyer for the railroads and was more interested in their development and financial success than anything else. Ruled above the law as a tyrant and gagged newspaper editors in the northern states(jailed them as well). Dissolved the Maryland legislature rather than allow it to even vote on secession. Overthrew the elected government of Missouri and replaced it with a provisional government. No friend of the Constitution. The single most hyped person in history. His history was rewritten from day 1 after he was assassinated.

He killed a lot of Americans over tariffs, money. The only fundamental difference between the civil war and the revolutionary war is the fact that in the civil war, those who were seceding lost. Trust me, the war wasn't about slavery.

You got to be Kidding me Lincoln rock Way Better than Obama.

For the person who put "We can't. There is 44 US presidents. All of them are on here. Therefore, to the people, Abraham Lincoln is the greatest president of all time. You're American, right? Well, I'm a 12-year-old Canadian, thank you very much. LEARN! " that wasn't very nice putting LEARN! because since you but "top ten" there should probably put ten.

"Lincoln was worse than a plague he wiped out 3% of our country's population, killed off poor people instead of the fat rat southern slave owners, started the income tax and turned the presidency into a an elected dictatorship." Obama is the one to blame for the dictatorship.

Lincoln was worse than a plague he wiped out 3% of our country's population, killed off poor people instead of the fat rat southern slave owners, started the income tax and turned the presidency into a an elected dictatorship.

Anybody realise he mainly did it so we would not split a party. And that did not go well as we had a civil war, amount of redneck/ hillbilly racist improved, and in the end had the bloodiest war ever on American soil. Not saying what he did was bad, just saying he had caused more chaos then needed - Jermaineb12

Destroyed the founders original intent for constitution

Lincoln used the south as a money machine for America. Made it impossible for for southerners to sell to anyone but northesecretary sses. Industries cashed in. Once they got their money's worth from us, slavery was suddenly evil again (even though it always was but it just stopped being convenient to them). Lincoln spearheaded the political oppression that makes an entire reagion of the county poor to this very day.
Famous quote: "I would free every slave to save the union, I would free no slave to save the union."
Famous quote: (When secretary of state asked not let the south go, he answered) "You fool! Where would we make our money? "

And FINALLY: He created a tiny state in the west cost of Africa for the soul purpose of being a dumping sight for freed African Americans. Laws were barley passed in time to give African Americans an option to stay. (He made it clear he would have rather deported them all. )

While he may not be as bad as Obama and the others, he deserves to be here. He is one of the reasons for the Civil War, because he wanted the country to stay together. Total bull. That is NEVER a reason to kill ( not directly, but pretty much... ) thousands of men on BOTH SIDES. He is ridiculously overrated, with people pretty much worshiping his ass as the best president when he really wasn't. Slavery? No. If you haven't noticed, so many people at that time were so capable of abolishing slavery without Lincoln coming around. He's not the worst president, of course, because it wasn't his intentions to start or keep the war going. But it happened, and he was one of the reasons.

WHAT? He saved African Americans from slavery! If you put this on the list you might hate blacks! And I'm African American! He saved the black people! Learn and read the facts you MONSTER!

Began the practice of ignoring the constitution. Without him, the south would still be prosperous.

Lincoln was a racist who instituted the first draft and the first income tax as well. A Big government a-hole who's election caused a horrible war which was unnecessary as slavery was becoming quickly outdated anyways.

If he had lived I think America would be much paler if you get my meaning. He would have returned all the slaves back from where they came and we all would be much better off than today. I just wish he had lived long enough. The white southerners should have done their own dam work the lazy bastards. I hope they burn in hell along with Abe!

Your comment made no sense, and offended me in the process. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. - Alpha101

Stop complaining about Lincoln being on this list. There have been 44 presidents so far. Lincoln is 44th worst. This means he is the best president of all time.

He could captivate and lead a nation to war. Promised the overthrow of Southern Society with all its "inhumane ills." He command generals. He was either their rise or fall. He was a master orator, deeply interested in the centralized power of the government. Yet in the most personal aspect of his life he contained not the power that most ordinary of men possessed.He could not command his children, simply winking at their disobedience. Wisdom is known by it's children..naturally and spiritually.

I think when reviewing presidents we must take 5 steps

Entrance/exit year of office
Never letting the political party get in the way of overall score
Is it really necessary that they enacted laws or acts
Surely they must have done something wrong or right during their presidency.

for Abraham Lincoln we see
Proclamation emancipating all slaves to be free.
entrance: 1861 exit 1864
Not letting the fact that he is a republican get in the way (even though nowadays he would have been a democrat based on his views.)
It is necessary because the south needed to free their slaves because everyone is qual
Sure did a whole lot of good.

War that killed 700,000 was NOT the only way to end slavery.

Also, slavery ended more so do to economic reasons than moral ones. Lincoln did not sign the Emancipation Proclamation out of the goodness of his heart like many believe.

Too much American blood on his hands. Set the US back decades (reconstruction). Got killed for it.

Lincoln was a tyrant how severely overreached his powers. He should be near the top not the bottom of this list. Yes, he did do good things, but completely disregarded the Constitution and everything it stood for.

He was by far the best. And he was assassinated as a consequence of his righteousness. Why do all the good people always have to die? - JustAnAccount

This technically means he was the best well before he un-willingly snuffed it poor honest Abe hope he had no more secrets - michaeldivine