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William Jefferson Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States. He previously served as governor of Arkansas. He became president after unseating incumbent president, George H.W. Bush in 1992. He was re-elected in 1996 after defeating Senator Bob Dole.


Bill Clinton's behavior in the White House has been one of the most significant factors influencing the moral decline of our country. His example of moral depravity was spotlighted for a generation of our children who learned to make bad life choices. The good that is attributed to Clinton was a result of a Republican congress that force his administration to make some good fiscal decision.

The States under him bombed for the very first time an sovereign country without the permission of the UN dropping forbidden cluster bombs and bombs with uranium. You do know what followed., cancer among kids and still the rate of cancer is not dropping. Besides that, because of him peace of mine country is " legally " stolen and my country have the biggest number of our own refugees per citizen living. For me they are all more3 of less really bad, but this Bill Clinton is by far the worst.

I don't want his crazy wife to be our president.

I can't handle Hillary and I can't handle him. The only reason why they're still together is because he's helping Hillary get elected. And by the way, we might as well just pick up someone off the street rather than have Hillary as a president.

He did nothing. He luckily presided over a great economy for which he had no responsibility. With the Republicans he gutted New Deal era bank controls and set the stage for the Great Recession. He wasted his time in office by sexually abusing an intern, then lying about it and should have gone to jail.

The guy was impeached. What more do you need to put him at the top of the list? He wasn't convicted by the Senate which was then controlled by the Democrats, but that's politics. Truth is he should have been tried before a jury, convicted, sentenced and jailed for obstruction of justice and perjury.

Clinton had the intelligence, the personality and all that it implies, but he didn't know discretion. He should have kept his affairs out of the public arena and out of the Oval Office. Also, when confronted with the affair with Lewinsky, he should have just admitted it rather than lying about it. Geez. For someone that smart, he made a dumb move.

Bill Clinton took an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution and then as a sitting President lied, under oath, and subverted the rights of a U. S. citizen under that Constitution. As the POTUS, his behavior as a womanizing cheat is is not just between himself and Hillary, it's a matter of moral terpritude and is of public concern. If he lied about his sexual escapades that liberals think is of little consequence, what would he (or did he) lie about when the stakes were much higher. He degraded the Presidency in great measure as Nixon did by lying the the American people - just to cover his behind. Hilary is no different. And, by the way, he did not create a budget surplus. The country has carried debt since WWII and no President, including Slick Willie has done anything to correct that situation. The budget is in the hands of Congress anyway, for better or worse.

Clinton was riding off of the booming economy from Reagan and Bush; he did absolutely nothing

Thanks to him, our 45th president might be Hillary Clinton, and she will obviously make us more corrupt than Sudan.

This rapist and murderer needs to be publicly exposed to all the US and our allies, and then needs to be put in Prison, built simply to keep him and only him, and publicly flogged by the victims of his crimes

Many people blame bush for 9/11, but it was this guys fault. Bush was just getting into office, and had to deal with where Clinton failed. Clinton could've done something about the rising terrorism threat, but what was he doing? Screwing the intern. - Therandom

He did not do much for our country but still a role model that I would never disrespect any time of day. He did not need to be president but there are still many things that I do like about him he was very nice and it was great to meet him

Top of the worst. Destroyed the presidential position. I even got out of the military, after 32 years because of Clinton... Lack of leadership or trust. Worthless.

He committed sexual assault in the white house! He didn't accomplish anything and was a whiner. He had no idea what he was doing and brought us to war! You may say Trump is bad but just search Bill Clinton and find out how EVIL he is!

My main problem with Billy Bubba is not the fact that he got a BJ that is between him and his wife. The problem was he disrespected the office of the President by doing it in the oval office and then lied about it under oath. That is what bothers me.

Waste of time. Brought america into years of a soap opera. Sure he was an Okay! President but that's about it. Between all the lying cheating and drama his presidential legacy has been destroyed.

People only put him on here because of his actions. He was actually not a bad president. And I'm a republican saying this! - DoroExploro13

Rape. Groping in the White House. Multiple affairs. Never going after Bin Laden except with cruise missiles. Left the economy in shambles, however, with higher taxes. He downright led the highest office into ruin.

Yes. That scandal was ridiculous. His wife is worse though. I can't believe she isn't in jail and that people were considering him to be the first man of the USA. Most of all, I wish trump would persecute her but nope

Just like Hillary. Dishonest and rude person. I guess it comes from the family.

Worst ever: 1) signed NAFTA into law, crippling our middle class. 2) Signed fair housing act, enabling people that can't afford houses to buy them then default on loans, crippling our economy. 3) Turned down Sudan TWICE after they captured Osama Bin Laden and tried to turn him over to U.S. 4) Looked the other way after terrorists bombed WTC and USS Cole thus emboldening terrorists. 5) made the White House seem like a joke after his scumbag shenanigans, etc...

Foreign Policy sucked, and all the other policy's sucked, all he did was dumped all the money Reagan saved into the economy and we all prospered, but the rest of his policy's were horrible, not to mention him cheating while he was in office,

Bad policies and relations. He was a stupid man unable to function in position of power and inferior to his wife. He's also a narcissistic liar and a rapist! Worse than all the other accept maybe Andrew Johnson.

Come on guys. Yes, he did totally cheat on Hillary but he was a great president in terms of economic stability and he did a great job leading our country. - ProfessorSparks