Top 10 Worst Video Game Covers

Oh my god!! Do I really want to play the game just by looking at the cover!!

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1 Mega Man

Bad Cover BUT awesome GAME! Don't let the covet trick you CAUSE I LOVE THIS GAME!

This is actually the worst box art I've ever seen. Mega Man looks like a chimpanzee with a gun in a space dude costume. It looks really ridiculous.

The cover was nothing like that video game it was a really really big insult

The title just sucks.

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2 The Lawnmower Man

The cover is creepy! - sagat2010

Who is the guy on the cover supposed to be? The Lawnmower Man? Also, I think BOTH the name & the cover are horrible! Is this game about a man who's a lawnmower?

Ahh that face gives me nightmares

The cover reminds me of Where the Dead Go to Die due to the creepy CGI "man". - PerfectImpulseX

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3 Super Bust-A-Move

Woah, that's a creepy cover and stop voting for games just because it's bad. Superman 64's box art looks attractive and eye catching when the game isn't

Holy crap, I remember this game. I used to stare at the cover all the time. It's definitely an attention grabber. - EnchantingWizardOfRhythm

Gross and stupid Hate it.

Just look at it it's a baby with sunglasses blowing bubble gum and wit writing on his or her head ……i don't think I'm going by game. - GamerGirl

4 Super Valis IV

She isn't what she looks like in the game. And she's fighting some blue guy on a tiger that breathes fire. The Japanese cover is right.

Death Battle: Miles "Tails" Prower vs. Super Vails

5 Resident Evil

Well, Chris Redfield looks like Rambo in misshapen version, tremendously horrible desing, even in a gamecube remake cover Jill looks nice.

6 Sonic Rush

Haha just looks like a normal game cover to me

Imagine Sonic in a ponytail.

Who the hell came up with the idea to put Blaze in the damn cover!
She is a dumbass and all she says is 'let's do this'
screw that! - sagat2010

This is a good cover - Sparkjolt

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7 Phantasy Star II
8 Super Street Fighter 2
9 Grand Theft Auto V

Wow. Are you stupid? This game sin't even out yet. You can see it say: Not Official Box Art on it!

What the hell does every game being the same have to do with how bad the box art is?

It's repeating the same thing! It's like saying: "Hey, want to go take a ride in my convertible car? " V is five, we get that! What's next, Sonic 4 : Episode 3 I?

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10 Superman 64

Everybody! Check out the super S on my chest! I can't get more creepy than this right?!

His expression is like he's saying, "how dare you put me in this awful game! "

Guys come on I know the game sucked. But the cover is pretty normal


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11 Pro Wrestling (SMS)
12 Sports Island
13 Moshi Monsters: Moshling Zoo

How? 'Cause it's filled with Moshlings? IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT COLLECTING MOSHLINGS.

14 Wii Sports

Look! It can't get any dumber than this!
But Wii Sports is really good - sagat2010

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15 Batman: Arkham City: Game of the Year Edition
16 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Wait why is legend of Zelda a link to the past on here? It is a great game but why is legend of Zelda a link to the past on here

I DO like Zelda but this cover's just dull - sagat2010

17 Red Dead Revolver
18 Ninja Golf

Why in the name of all that is holy is Sonic Rush on this list? That's a well-designed cover!

The background looks a bit like vaporwave for some odd reason - PerfectImpulseX

19 Breath of Fire II
20 Crash: Mind Over Mutant
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1. The Lawnmower Man
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