Top 10 Wrestling Themed TV Animated Episodes

For this list we will be looking at the top wrestling themed TV animated episodes from both cartoon and anime it can either be professionally or amateur style wrestling.

The Top Ten

1 Rasslor - Dexter's Laboratory Rasslor - Dexter's Laboratory

The world's greatest heroes are challenged by the intergalactic wrestling champion Rasslor for the fate of the world at stake among the heroes include Major Glory, Krunk, Valhallen among others who are easily defeated by Rasslor and Monkey also attempts to fight too by Rasslor refuses to due to his small size but eventually easily squashes Monkey but Monkey like John Cena refuses to quit and keeps coming back for more earning Rasslor's respect and sparring the Earth, and also Rasslor is voiced by the late great "Macho Man" Randy Savage. - egnomac

Wrestling With Wregret Did a Video About This the Same Day You Made This List - s646451

2 Gorgeous Grampa - The Simpsons
3 Bunny Hugged - Looney Tunes
4 Ludwig Van Bone-Crusher - Time Squad

In this episode Beethoven turns into a professional wrestler along with several musicians and in order to try and get him to give up the wrestling lifestyle Tudrussle decides to face off against Beethoven in a wrestling match with hilarious results. - egnomac

5 Pain King vs Cleopatra - Kim Possible Pain King vs Cleopatra - Kim Possible
6 W.T.F. - South Park W.T.F. - South Park

After attending a WWE event the boys sign up for the school wrestling team but don't like the Olympic style wrestling as they think its too homoerotic and form their own backyard wrestling league called the Wrestling Takedown Federation or W.T.F. that focuses more on theatrical elements and scripted story lines rather than actual wrestling which attracts rednecks and the interest of Mr. McMahon of course infuriates Mr. Connors the wrestling coach who is hellbent on sabotaging the event. - egnomac

7 Bobby Slam - King of The Hill Bobby Slam - King of The Hill

In this episode Bobby joins the wrestling team much to Hank's delight, then Peggy starts coaching and helping Connie to join the wrestling team which leads to a huge conflict in which the coach pits Bobby against Connie for a spot on the team. - egnomac

8 Tiger Millionare - Steven Universe
9 The Strongest Woman in the Universe - Outlaw Star The Strongest Woman in the Universe - Outlaw Star

Though not really a full wrestling episode but it does feature some elements of wrestling in it, Gene is hired by Fred to prevent a female competitor from winning a tournament for the fifth time so he doesn't have to marry her they try to enter Aisha but due to Ctarl-Ctarl's being banned from entering she is unable to enter which leads to Gene having to take place in the tournament in drag but Aisha manages to sneak in by taking the identity of one of the competitors Fire Cat. - egnomac

10 The Incredible Bulk - Goof Troop

The Contenders

11 The Krusty Krushers - SpongeBob SquarePants
12 With Friends Like These - Rocko's Modern Life
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