Top 10 Worst Mistakes Made by WWE

You've witnessed epic showdowns, nail-biting rivalries, and unforgettable moments that get replayed in your head long after the final bell has rung. But let's face it, not everything is a slam dunk in the WWE universe. In fact, some decisions and events have left fans scratching their heads, or even worse, changing the channel.

You've probably had those moments where you looked at the screen and thought, "What were they thinking?" Whether it's misusing a talented wrestler, crafting storylines that missed the mark, or making business decisions that led to public relations nightmares, WWE has had its fair share of blunders. It's almost as if someone took a steel chair to common sense.
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1 Ending The Undertaker's Streak

Ending the streak wasn't necessarily the worst mistake. It was more about who they made him lose to and how they built up to that loss. Having him lose to Brock Lesnar after losing multiple matches to him prior to the match was just an awful advertising gimmick. If they had him lose to CM Punk a couple of years prior, it would have been a better choice.

At WrestleMania 30, Brock Lesnar broke the undefeated streak, turning it into 21-1.

2 Releasing CM Punk

After getting fired, Punk showed the courage to fight in the UFC. Remember, UFC fights are real, not scripted. Unfortunately, he lost both of his UFC fights, and his MMA career turned into a disappointment.

He actually left. He told Vince he was going home and that he was done.

3 Pushing Roman Reigns to the Top

WWE has attempted to establish Reigns as their next "Babyface," having him main-event WrestleManias continuously from 2015-2018. Despite getting booed all four times, WWE still pushed him to the top, with him finally winning the Universal title in 2018.

4 Switching to a PG Rating

Turning into a PG show isn't bad because, in the end, wrestling is a family event. The problem was more that WWE had completely forgotten how to tell a good story, which is what made the change from the Ruthless Aggression era so bad.

Ever since 2008, WWE has turned into a kid-friendly show. I miss the old hardcore days of the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era.

After 15 years of watching and loving WWE, it was THIS that made me stop watching! WWE turned to crap when it turned PG!

5 Transforming Talented Wrestlers into Jobbers

Rey Mysterio, Kane, Big Show, Chris Jericho, Christian, Great Khali, Mark Henry, Sheamus, and many others have fallen victim to this.

Great Khali is not talented in the slightest.

6 Prioritizing Charlotte Over Other Women on the Roster
7 Overusing John Cena's Babyface Character

He has portrayed a heroic character throughout his career, with the short exception of 2002-2003. Considering how talented he is as a wrestler and in portraying characters, I would like to see him play a "villain" once in a while.

8 Continuing the Crown Jewel PPV in Saudi Arabia

Holy crap, this needs to be higher. WWE continuing to support a dictator is not good for your image.

9 Banning Chair Shots to the Head

This was a regular scene from the Attitude Era. I understand they banned this for the safety of wrestlers, but I have to admit, those were very entertaining.

Yeah, I love them like the next guy, but concussions, injuries to the skull/neck, and Chris Benoit are serious concerns.

10 Making Brock Lesnar's Matches Formulaic and One-Sided

A typical Lesnar match has the following elements:

1. Lesnar dominating the match from the start
2. His opponent failing to deliver any offense towards Lesnar
3. When his opponent is finally able to strike back, Lesnar reverses it with an array of German suplexes
4. The match typically ends with an F-5 by Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar is an excellent performer, but his matches could be more creatively designed.

The WWE definitely used Brock Lesnar incorrectly. No one wants to see a guy just suplex people in every match. This is an MMA fighter. Have him use submissions and a more varied offense.

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11 Weakening Samoa Joe

Give it time. They can't push every wrestler to the top. If they gave everyone a title, it just wouldn't feel special anymore. Plus, throwing a title around between wrestlers like a hot potato just makes it feel worthless. Just look at the US Title.

12 Featuring Retired and Old Wrestlers in Main-Event Pay-Per-Views

It depends on how they do it. If it is a main event like the Royal Rumble or an Elimination Chamber, they are wonderful. However, if they are tag team or singles matches, it shouldn't be done unless it is a nostalgia match, similar to the Edge/Hulk tag team. Additionally, I don't think that if you're going to bring them back, they should win. It should purely just be fan service. Have them show up, do some cool things in the ring, and then have them eliminated.

13 Defeating Kofi Kingston with Brock Lesnar
14 Overemphasizing the Women's Division

WWE decided to align with third-wave feminism, and the end result was a separate pay-per-view event only for women, named WWE Evolution.

And what's the problem? They've had great matches since Evolution started. In fact, they've been better than the men half the time.

15 Burying The Nexus

And Wade Barrett, in general. They really had something with him and that stable, and Cena's got to be Cena. Even he realizes it was a mistake.

Meh. Honestly, aside from Wade Barrett, Ryback, and Justin Gabriel, the other members of the Nexus just weren't that good.

16 Limiting Goldberg vs. Lesnar to One Minute and 26 Seconds

There's nothing wrong with the match they had at Survivor Series, or any other match they had. Goldberg became popular in WCW because of matches like this one. Their feud will be considered a classic in a few years.

Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar (Survivor Series 2016): This was Goldberg's returning match after a 12-year absence from WWE.

17 Letting Bobby Lashley Win the ECW Championship at December to Dismember
18 Hiring Brock Lesnar
19 Introducing the 24/7 Championship

The 24/7 championship is useless to the company. Within three months, WWE would have crowned nine champions, and the championship design is ruining the company's name.

20 Defeating Kane with John Cena
21 Releasing John Cena
22 Letting Stephanie McMahon Win the Women's Championship
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