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Dragon Ball Z
You heard it right, Dragon Ball Z haters! No matter how much you hate it, this anime has to be the most popular in our generations. Not only in Japan and the US but in other countries all over the world as well. Just check it's Wikipedia page and see how many languages it has been translated into. Most people who got into the anime fandom started with Dragon Ball Z. Some people bash Dragon Ball Z for it's long fight scenes that span into several episodes, for characters that move too fast that you don't see them anymore, etc. Some even compare it to newer action titles and say that the new title is better because it got better story and action scenes. Sure. When it comes to story and action scenes, I don't put Dragon Ball Z on my number one either but were talking "greatest" here. I try to recall how much I loved it during it's time when this new anime doesn't exist yet. How much excitement did it gave me back then and compare that to the excitement this newer anime with better story and fight scenes gives me. I can say that nothing beats Dragon Ball Z for that matter. It was the first of it's kind and the others only followed. Only a few considers Muhamad Ali to be the pound-for-pound best boxer of all time, he's been beaten several times while other fighters retire with their records unblemished. But why is it everyone considers him "The Greatest"?


Anyone who has not seen Gurren Lagann should watch it before disagreeing it, he's bigger than the biggest galaxy, if you don't believe me, then watch it on YouTube.


Dragon Ball z is the best. Is the father of all manga anime. If Dragon ball z wasn't exist Naruto and the others also wasn't exist. The nine tails fox is a copy by the giant monkey from Dragon Ball z
If you haven't seen Gurren Lagann, you BETTER see it, it's completely different from Dragon Ball Z and WAY more action packed, while the most powerful Dragon Ball Z character can harness the power of one sun or one galaxy, the Gurren Lagann characters can harness the power of MILLIONS of galaxies and can even be bigger than a million galaxies when the main character grows to maximum size and builds up power to the maximum, WAY better than all the other animes COMBINED! 1


No show reinvented a genre like DBZ. They showed that fast paced action was awesome. But, its best aspect was its characters which were awesome. They fought from Radditz all the way to Omega Shenron. Best series ever and a memory of my childhood
[Newest]Simply because it has more following, more following = better
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2One Piece
One piece is the best anime I'd watch ever because of unique story. I'm amaze on the writer who did this story.. Incredible imagination. How he did this?.. Huh.. Thumbs up.. For this.. It delivered to the audience a funny trek and more than that a true friendship and dreams occur in this story..
I just can't believe one piece doesn't at least have the number two spot! One piece is like the most epic anime I have ever watched (I've seen a lot of animes. ) Oda Sensei is an amazing story teller and has kept me interested in one piece up the current chapters that now number over 600. Yeah, the art may take a little getting used to, but it gets better along the way. Plus, it's more refreshing because it's different from a lot of other shows. I got to admit, the characters are awesome and the fights are just amazing. Anyone who says they don't like one piece obviously hasn't seen up to Sky Island Arc, Water 7 Arc, Impel Down Arc, MarineFord War Arc, Fishmen Island Arc, etc. Seriously, don't let the length of the anime and manga stop you getting into one piece because you won't regret a single moment of watching or reading one piece.
The best because of the great story, the many great characters and their background, the epic scenes, the combination of funny and serious and the imagination of Oda. Simply the best
[Newest]This deserves to be no. 1. Without a doubt the best anime ever... better storyline than any other anime. Unique characters except zoro (silent tough guy like Vegeta). Hilariously comical antics throughout the story. Amazing power moves better than DBZ. Original soundtracks are mind blowing. The women are exceptionally HOT. Best of all unbelievably GREAT VILLAINS (Joker).
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A good storyline, good fights and, as someone said before, it explains what happened to all the characters, unlike Bleach, where they really forgot about Ashido, Nelliel and Kuukaku.
Naruto is the new standard of a realistic fantasy!
Exaggeration is minimal.
And there's always explanation for everything...
How could this not be number one. Naruto is the best of best, the most exhilarating anime of all time. Naruto has it all, little romance, lots of action, martial arts, suspense, and etc. Why wasn't this number one I don't know, but I do know you guys should reconsider your choice of number one. This is an outrage to every Naruto fan out there. There's not an anime created that's better than Naruto. By the way people say Naruto doesn't have enough episodes but go to Naruto Shippuden which is also breath taking you would see the anime and the manga are still being created. They have new episodes and manga chapters. No disrespect because these 2 animes still deserve to be in the top 5, but they can't compare to Naruto. Also there are no new manga or episodes out for dragon ball Z and OnePiece. This anime has a tremendous plot, storyline, and very organized characters. They also always leave you wanting to see the next episode immediately. No questions about it Naruto is #1 the best anime that's ever been created. I <3 this anime and I'm positive everyone elso does to. If you don't accept that Naruto is #1 you are completely self centered and you are simply retarded. This is not a comment to look down upon all the other animes, but I do want every anime fan in the world to acknowledge Naruto is the #1. Naruto is the best there is, best there was, and best there ever will be. Please any comments about this comment post them as soon as you can. By the way if you don't agree idc but you do need to understand not to mess with the Naruto fans around this planet. So post what you want, but when you do make sure you're fully aware I will post back. Dizaster613 has gave you his opinion.
Naruto is the most amazing anime. The plot is so good and the characters are so well developed. I hope they make a new Naruto series maybe called Bolt Shippuden. I don't want this amazing anime to end. Naruto is love, Naruto is life!
[Newest]Naruto is the coolest anime ever... In my opinion Naruto is the best anime ever...
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4Fairy Tail
Fairy Tail is amazing and is my favourite! It should definitely be number one in the list. I wish that this anime would be more recognized. I discovered it by luck and I love it. I love the bonds everyone shares and how Lucy won't leave her friends' sides even if it would cost her life. It's perfect. It's sad, dramatic, serious, funny, adventurous and includes fighting. It's the full package! If you haven't watched this anime yet I suggest you watch it as soon as possible! It may be an ongoing anime and it might take you too long to watch all the episodes up to date, but it's definitely worth it!
Fairy tail deserves a seat in the front row. Seriously, what is it lacking? A good protagonist, an anticipating plot, and action that doesn't eat away 10 episodes per battle. On top of that it lives up to its comedy genre.

Most anime have very irritating villains who do evil things purely based on the fact that they're evil. Not all the bad guys in Fairy Tail have a silly purpose like that. There's always a little reason why they take such actions. Not all the enemies are complete psychos or just plain evil.

But anyway any top 50 anime list should have fairy tail somewhere in there. Fairy Tail is marvelous. I absolutely adore this show.
Fairy tail is awesome. It is the best show. Every one are powerful and strong. Anyway natsu is the king.
[Newest]It is my 2nd best anime! Because it is a world that portrays magic that I've dreamed to have and also there will be nothing that will beat the Power of Bonds in our hearts, No matter what happens nobody will leave their friends just to run by themselves. !
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5Naruto Shippuden
In my onion, Naruto will be the best anime ever, but Naruto shippuden is what makes it even greater. I think that a lot of good ideas have been used, it's a perfectly executed story line with amazing characters. SNM!
Opinion, not onion, and Gurren Lagann is the GOD OF ALL ANIMES as a MATTER OF FACT! The main character can get bigger than any galaxy and harness more power than one.


I think Naruto s should be up there. It is part of Naruto just with a different name and the story gets 10 times better. It is action packed, mystery solving and has a great development to the characters it should be at least in the top 15
Best anime ever made
Best epic fights of all time
Best story line ever made
Its genius, smart, and exhilarating
[Newest]I love most of these amines but I just adored the sequel to abrupt
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6Death Note
Best anime ever!
Let's put it in first place!
It the most amazing anime I've ever seen.
Death note is an epic, intense masterpiece, an unforgettable adventure. The plot is enthralling and the characters realistic and three dimensional.
Death note is the best anime I have ever seen... Perfect story and every episode makes you want to see the next one. Deserve more than the 3rd place.
[Newest]The Story will make anyone feel like he's involved in it or perhaps it just happened in my case. But the story writer definitely cannot be crossed anytime soon.
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Kenpachi could probably kill Chuck Norris and he hasn't even released his bankai yet.

Also, Gin and Toshiro are on this show.

Reason enough.
Great Characters, Great storylines, intense action. An excellent Anime, highly recommended.
This is the most amazing show ever. It's made me laugh, cry, and kept me at the edge of my seat. It will always hold a special place in my heart.
[Newest]It is the coolest anime ever and the powers are unbelievable
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8Code Geass
The ending... THE ENDING...
Code Geass is death note mecha no anime can even challenge it
It was everything Deathnote was except even smarter. It always kept you guessing and you never knew what was going to happen. It was so great I cried at the end, because how could it be over. It was a ride that I never wanted to get off. It is Hands down my favorite anime.
Smart, dark and captivating. Simply could not stop watching. I hate when no one ever dies in a anime. In this one, you're trying to figure out who is going to survive. Unbelievably great.
[Newest]I loved it. However, it's current rank is suitable and agreeable. It wasn't better than "Death Note".
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9Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood‎
Idiots if you haven't seen this. Oh my this is the REAL fullmetal alchemist it's based off the manga the story was way more progressed I found myself watching ever episode absolutely flawless an if you say the regular version is better you are truly an anime idiot this version explains the story so much better pure and utter masterpiece by the way not bashing the original just pointing out this is the better version
Manga plots and characters are always well developed, this is no exception.
The first Fullmetal Alchemist was great, and will always hold a special place in my heart. But to compare how great the original was as opposed to Brotherhood, is like comparing Tim Burton's Batman to The Dark Knight, in the sense that both are great, but one still far surpassed the other.

Let me just start by saying after I finished FMAB I cried, not because the ending was sad, but because I was sad that it was over. This anime has everything that a good anime needs, epic action, beautiful animation, an exceptionally gripping plot, and some of the best voice acting that I have ever seen in an anime (dub especially).

The plot is about two brothers, Edward and Alphonse, who lose their mother to an incurable disease and attempt to bring her back to life using alchemy. They fail at bringing her back, and in the process Ed loses his leg and Al loses his entire body, so Ed uses alchemy and sacrifices his arm to bond Al's soul to a suit of Armor. It's this event that sets the story in motion. After this happens, Ed is given a automail (robotic) arm and leg, he later joins the military to become the youngest state alchemist in history, and he and Al vow to get their bodies back. This is where the story begins.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is, however, not for the faint of heart, and is extremely dark and emotional. There are very sad and shocking scenes, as well at lots of intense and bloody violence. But aside from that the anime can also be very funny, as in laugh-out-loud funny, and heartwarming at times. So overall, FMAB is certainly one of, if not the best anime I have ever seen.
[Newest]I love this anime in my top 10 list for sure behind SAO I just didn't like how brotherhood didn't have an ending really sucked
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10Fullmetal Alchemist
It is really really awesome
Fma rocks the story is great and the character also I don't know why it is in seventh position it deserves 2 or 3 position because it is the most popular anime ever from 2003 to 2009 it was very popular but because of some anime series
By far the best anime. Anime's should not be assessed on how strong the characters are. So far, that's all that has been shown. Full Metal Alchemist has an amazing plot, with a blend of action and adventure, with emotions. Full Metal Alchemist is a fairly short Anime series (compared to the ones above), yet has sensational character development. It also hurts to see people critiquing this series without watching it, because I can guarantee you, that if you see this whole anime, there is no way you can say it is substandard in any way.
It's a anime for mature people, great mixture of action and feelings. The history is the best that I've ever seen, very dynamic and aprensive. And it makes you reflex about life sense.
Every person should watch before die!
[Newest]I like this show

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The Contenders

11Attack on Titan
Amazing. Such beautiful and innovative animes are making themselves rare these days. Those who like stunning graphics will be served, I personnaly have not seen anything like this since FMA Brotherhood.

Not to mention the plot, which is really something else. It is so well made that we instantly get into the "apocalyptic-kind" atmosphere, which is as well embodied by all the characters.

I highly recommend this one.
Best anime of 2013! It didn't drown us in introducing too many action paced scenes in the first episode. The animation is epic. There was a mix of amazing suspense in there. The plot seemed predictable but there was a great twist in it. I DID NOT SEE THAT PART COMING. I DIDN'T. It reminds us constantly about the fear, the hopelessness of the situation and the reality. How they handle it again and again and finally something turns up. Then there's a plot twist to that. Can't mention much. I'm just here to tell that this anime is incredible. It's still continuing and the most recent episode gets me thinking and I'm excited to learn the truth about it. So many possibilities.
Shingeki no kyojin (attack on titan) is definitely amazing anime. It has very beautiful graphic and the plot is superb. The anime will give you "cruel yet beautiful" kind of impression.
If you like bloody gory grotesque mature yet enjoyable anime, attack on titan is highly recommended.
[Newest]This Anime is outstandingly breathtaking. I have three little sisters, but one is only two years younger than me, and she's a HUGE Anime fan. She introduced this to me and I've been obsessed ever since. My favorite character is Armin.
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12Sword Art Online
This is definitely the best new anime of 2012, and deserves to be higher.
I would recommend this to anyone and everyone, it is fantastic!
I think they should make another sword art online 2 cause I think its ganna be finished soon loke 12 epesode or so
This anime has some awesome action fighting, I like it.
[Newest]Best anime I've seen to date.
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13Cowboy Bebop
This list is depressing, clearly most of the voters are children, I mean Naruto at number 2?! Cowboy Bebop is the best anime ever.
How is this not #1? It's a brilliant, mature, creative anime that appeals to all ages and has something for everyone. I mean, my parents love it for crap's sake. Really, it deserves so much more respect than it gets
Should be no. 1... Or at least in top 5... Come on! Awesome characters... Story-line... And MUSIC! Shinichirō Watanabe just rocks!
[Newest]This is by far one of the best anime I have ever seen.
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14Hunter x Hunter
It is an amazing anime written by the same author of yuyuhakushow Note: I am including the OVA's in this because they continue along the manga's main plot line.
Fast pace action scenes.. Unique story and characters
Hunter x Hunter is a spectacular anime and manga, it has spiritual powers, an amazing story line and incident after incident is basically just meant to happen, the start of the story features an exam based way of getting what you want, and it presents an inspiring and interesting goal which follows on, it is adventurous, the main character is honest and the fighting scenes are amazing. It is by far my favourite anime. Inspiring and motivational, with a hint of horror and overpowering atmosphere that got me sucked in from the very start.
[Newest]One of my favorites
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Oh, this should be way up higher. It makes me laugh cry, and I always am wishing I could be kagome. This seriously needs to be higher up because it's my life.
In my opinion this show should probably rank among the top ten anime shows. It was an interesting story.
Loves it! Needs to be all the way at the top because I says so. You can disagree but I don't care. There are amazing characters and a great story line that is extremely gripping and suspenseful.
[Newest]One of the Favorites of me
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16Dragon Ball
I didn't like Dragon Ball Z as much because the heroes never really lost. Also, when Goku set the bar, becoming a Super Saiyajin, I thought it was cool and all, but after Gohan became SSJ2, and the series progressed, there really was no limit to any of the character's strength, and that annoyed me. In Dragon Ball, the characters were very much balanced, and even when nearing the end of the series where Goku had improved greatly under Kami's guidance, the characters were still fairly balanced.
Nothing compared to Gurren Lagann, in which the characters of that show are bigger than galaxies while those of Dragon Ball and all other animes are just the size and power of humans to buildings.


Better than z cause it's funny and still has that action. This is anime in its purest, most entertaining form.


Definitely better than z or gt and the first one at that! I really loved the fact that there were really hilarious scenes (see episode 45) but in z and gt they forgot about some of the funniest characters. Definitely my favorite anime of all time!
[Newest]I never laughed as much as I did with Goku and company when they were kids, adventures were so funny then... And I never loved a character more than I did kid Goku, he was just from another planet... Even before we actually knew it.

17Yu Yu Hakusho
When people were starting to get tired of the Dragon Ball Z phenomena, they had to look for something else, something new, but will still provide the action and excitement Dragon Ball Z has given them. Then comes Yu Yu Hakusho. In our area, as far as I can remember, Yu Yu Hakusho became a household name. Everyone was watching it. Even some unexpected people came out of nowhere acting like they were Toguro and Yusuke. Even my classmate in high-school used to put Yusuke's name as alias in his test papers. And I thought that was just too much. The story is different from Dragon Ball Z and you might also notice the attempt to give it more twist. But I could say that the action and fighting scenes were somewhat patterned from DBZ. Really a great and entertaining show. According to my brother, this is his favorite series of all time. And for the balanced amount of popularity and "how much I liked it", I put it at number 8.


Yes, DBZ deserves to be up there; in fact, I made my own list but mine was top 100 and was for all animated television shows. I think I put DBZ at number 3 on my list. With that being said, number 1 on my list was Yu Yu Hakusho. I have never watched a show animated or live-action as compelling and riveting as Yu Yu Hakusho. What an amazing show that's y I think it deserves to be the number 1 anime of all time.
Dragon Ball Z is, sure, a good anime. However, the battle scenes go on for more than just five episodes at the least.

When I first started watching Yu Yu Hakusho, I thought for sure the same thing was going to happen -- and I was very pleasantly surprised. Because even when they're fighting in a tournament, their matches sometimes only even last half an episodes, whereas Dragon Ball Z it would probably take... three episodes. (Not bashing on DBZ, but it's true. )

Yu Yu Hakusho does a brilliant job at packing the most punch in fight scenes, while still keeping them short and bearable.

Not to mention that none of the characters really look like their on steroids when they start fighting. Well, maybe Toguro...

Anyway, I like Yu Yu Hakusho because the characters are still powerful, yet they're limited which makes it that much more believable. Not to mention that each character has his own amount of kick-as time!

And speaking of the characters, they're beautifully done. Each have a thorough back history, each have believable and RELATABLE personalities, and watching it, you'll want to cheer each one of them on.

That's why I like Yu Yu Hakusho opposed to Dragon Ball Z -- If, say, Trunks gets into a predicament and gets beaten up, I mean, sure it's sad but you don't really feel devastated. However, if Kurama gets tossed around and beaten up and kicked and punched, you immediately feel horrible and start screaming at the screen, "NOO! DON'T HURT HIM! NO! "

And this anime is FUNNY! Some of the jokes are laugh-out-loud funny, and besides the fighting, it's another reason to keep watching.

Not to compare this all to Dragon Ball Z, though, it's a great anime by itself and definitely deserves to be at LEAST in the top ten. If you're a fan of fighting animes, WATCH THIS! You will NOT be sorry!
[Newest]My favorite anime of all time
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Misty has never kissed Ash.
Anyway, Pokemon is a groundbreakingly good anime. 700 episodes and 13 movies and still standing strong
Why is Pokemon 15th place?! It extremely entertaining to watch, and it is a awesome kids show, and all of their Anime's are so good to watch.
On worst this is #2... SCREW THEM! Pokemon is so awesome! But too many shows copied off it...
[Newest]Pokemon is the best anime ever and it always will be!
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19Angel Beats!
Angel Beats was really influential and showed me that anyone can change their past for a better future if they tried. The struggles that all the characters go through shows that they really want to change their future even though they don't have one, cause they are dead. It shows the power of good leadership and... It is drawn really well!
This anime series from start to finish blows your mind and every time I reach the end of it I feel as if my life is coming to an end itself. There isn't another series that I feel can compare this this beautiful master piece, the stunning animation, the amazing music and the overall storyline. It makes you question yourself as a person and will capture the hearts of anyone who watches it. The only down side to this series is that, its as short as it is. :( I could go into detail but I don't want to spoil it for anyone planning to watch it.
I truly think this deserves to be top 5 easy I understand that it has a short story but who cares this series is my number 1 and I doubt that will ever change. I have seen many anime series like Bleach, Naruto, High School of the Dead, Hicaru no go, Blood+, Avatar the last airbender, Dragon Ball Z, Elfen Lied, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and ghost hunters. I could go on but that not the point this decision of mine comes from watching many series and when it comes down to it Angel Beats! Is my favorite. :D A must watch for everyone!
Sad ending :'( watch its an amazing anime that should be number 2 death note 1
[Newest]Angel beats is the type of anime with action school life and it will have you crying and it's funny
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20Avatar: The Last Airbender
A truly FLAWLESS ANIME! Great story, Epic action, comedy and a good ending. It deserves a spot in the top 3 at the very least.
This show has great pacing, animation, and story. If and when you get into the show, you will likely fall in love with at least a few of the characters, and you are sure to be mesmerized by how well they animated everything. I can't really think of many times they cut corners in animation to save money, and I can't say I can think of a time when I wasn't amazed by how well they coordinated the characters.

This show is better than almost every anime I've ever seen (and I've seen plenty). The show is very similar to an Anime in terms of style and focus on story. Considering it has the restrictions of being a show in America, and a "kids" show, and yet it still manages to get intense fights, deep stories, and witty humor, I would say that this is the blurred line for Anime vs American cartoons. Honestly, I feel this show will (or should) revolutionize the way American cartoons are made and seen, and should receive some high honors.

The four element premise is fairly basic, and they spice it up using spiritual themes. Each element follows (mostly) a certain type of martial art, (waterbending is tai-chi I believe) meaning most of the moves not only seem natural, but they are also not made up or completely inhuman all the time (looking at you Code Geass).

The soundtrack is fitting for the show, my personal favorites are The Agni Kai theme and Final Agni Kai. I think the soundtrack is otherwise fairly average, and won't be the main attraction of the show. The VA was actually very good, though some points were a bit iffy, I would say it is close to perfect.

The characters are numerous and frequently introduced. Most characters are used very well in such a natural way that it never seems like the supporting roles are ever just "there" to be there. The setting is consistent and beautiful. There isn't much more to say than that, as words could only ever diminish what you see.

Ignore the Shamlyn movie, that guy could ruin the greatness of the Statue of Liberty or the moon if he made a movie about it. I didn't get into Korra, can't say it was bad, but I found the first season to be a bit less engaging.
Avatar is on its own level. It's not just another pointless, plotless story that has a few giggles and kisses to keep you interested, it has a real, powerful, heart-wrenching, intense yet oh so carefully soft story line. The characters feel so real it's as if they could really breathe... The voice acting is superb, every tear, fight and laugh sounds so realistic it's almost Unreal. The paths the characters follow are so twisted... with so many chances to take a wrong turn. And the best part? They do. They're humans. They make mistakes and feel the grief and self-loathing associated with their decisions. They fight for what they believe in, every single character will.

Avatar is not just another anime. It has a real-world feel to it... Their world faces the same problems that ours does, just with bending involved.

As a kid, it taught me to respect peace, not to look for a fight, or a war. It taught me to fight for what's right, even if I find out later I was wrong. It taught me to work hard, that nothing good ever comes from not trying. And it taught me to be free... To experience the world as not just the place where you survive, but where you lead a life, where you can be happy.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is #1. The fight scenes are gorgeously executed, and well researched. The comic relief is actually funny, and you find yourself in fits of laughter more often than you'd think for such a serious plot. The characters are tangible, breathable, REAL people that you can't help but root for, even if they're the antagonist.

There are plot twists and loss, life long advice and unbelievable sadness...

There is no better show in any country, in any language, on any planet, than Avatar: The Last Airbender.
[Newest]Loved this show growing up!
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21Soul Eater
This is the most amazing anime/manga ever created! The Animation/Drawing style is so unique and lovely. The characters are developed very well. The set that its in (death city) is wonderful and dark. The fighting scenes are amazing and beautifully animated. The plot though, is the best bit. It's obviously been thought out hard.
There's sad meaningful episodes and then there's the lighthearted fun episodes.
If you haven't seen Soul Eater you must watch it. NOW. Though the first few episodes aren't as good as the rest it won't take long for you to get hooked...
I love how the anime was set up. They focused and a lot of main characters rather than just one. It had a very interesting story-line and the ending could have been better but over all it was Amazing. The fight scense and coreograph is amazing as well. YOU MUST WATCH!
WHY IS THIS 33! It should be 20-10 not in the 30's its really cool. The manga is awesome too. I've watched every single episode. And Crona & Ragnarok are BEASTLY
[Newest]I like all the action in this anime
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Dude, this will make real man cry, good luck resisting not to cry. This should be at the TOP.
Makes men cry and women cry more. And cry. And cry again. Top quality storylines and creative art
Clannad and Clannad After Story. I have never been more emotionally invested than in this anime. It's sad to see this down at 49. I have seen all types of anime. I used to think of myself as an action-packed anime buff... But having seen this beautiful masterpiece... Words cannot describe the happiness and sadness that this anime has imparted into me. If you're looking for an anime to really mess with your emotions... If you're looking for many tears (on many different episodes even! ) then this anime is THE BEST IN EXISTENCE.
[Newest]I Love this thank you people
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This should be #1 on the entire list! Anime News Network did a poll and then rated it themselves on the best animes of all time, and this came out as #1! It has an amazing plot that is unexpected at every turn and will keep you until 3 o' clock in the morning, because you can't resist watching the next episode! The characters were all great, the plot was the best that I have ever seen. One of the characters is based off of a true story! It is just plain amazing!
This is a slow but mind blowing anime. This should be in top 30 or so.

The character development is very great and as the anime progresses the true twists and turns can be known and in the end there is a mind blowing twist which lifts the anime and makes it one of the best.

So I highly recommend it.

P. S: Anime is is best for those who are searching for a plot driven story
Brilliant anime loved every bit of it. Loved all of the characters especially okarin and his laugh
[Newest]How is this number 23!?
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24Ouran High School Host Club
Funniest anime that I have ever watched in my life.
Personally I would recommend this anime to anyone. The graphics, plot and episodes were perfect. The intro wasn't bad either. One issue that I have with this is that, I would prefer if this anime went for a longer period of time. It only has 26 episodes. I would prefer for it to have around 50-70 episodes, anymore than that it would get boring. But anyway all in all, an amazing anime.
This is such a good anime! I have watched the series around 50 times and still don't get tired of it! I even get my 11 year old sister to recommend it to her friends, trololololo...

;w; OHSHC for the win
It was THE funniest anime that I have ever watched.
The characters were amazingly hilarious with their own complexes.
I loved how the rich characters were so ignorant about instant coffee.
I also loved how they were always making fun of the poor "commoners".
And bananas were a recurring gimmick!
Oh, and the managers high power machine and her laugh.
Making fun of middle class!? Sorry but not everyone is Bill Gates! Seems like a nice anime though, I'll have to watch it.
[Newest]I demand a second season for this anime
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25Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
I would Agree w/ you
It's super awesome and I really2x love it For me it's top 1
Please watch and the story is about
The life of a young boy named Tsunayoshi Sawada, who finds out that he is next in line to become the boss of the most powerful Mafia organization called Vongola, the Vongola Family. As such, the Vongola's most powerful hitman, a gun-toting infant named Reborn, is sent to tutor "Tsuna" on how to become a respectable boss.
Katekyou Hitman Reborn is a story about friendship and how strong it is I really loved it so much
It's the first anime I watched and it got me hooked to the Japanese culture! I think it's an awesome anime that definitely deserves more votes.
I love the plot, the background and setting, the characters, and the relationships between everyone. It's really sweet and I love how Tsuna became so much more mature than before, he really deserves happiness ;u; After watching other animes and reading many books, I still find that Tsuna is an unique and one of the kind character. Tsuna may seem useless and weak, but he's really kind and nice and treasure his friends a lot. Even if he felt like giving up, he would still do anything for the people around him. I like how his friends are the ones who give him strength to fight on. I think the main theme in this story is friendship (and action, yeah) and we can see all the characters struggling and then succeeding.
And not to forget Reborn, he's a fantastic character too, I love how he can be so sadistic and perfect but in the last arc it made him more human and shows that he really cares for Tsuna. I love the tutor-student relationship between the both of them! So cute!
The characters are fantastic, like Hibari, Mukuro, Byakuran and many more. What's there not to watch for an anime filled with hot guys?

It'll always be my favourite anime, and I think this is an absolute must-watch for all anime lovers, really.
[Newest]I demand a new season
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26Rurouni Kenshin
WAY better than some of the ones in the top ten. This one is way more mature than DBZ or One Piece. The art style is way cooler too.
Definitely belongs in the top 7 at least! An amazing anime with a great balance of ACTION, COMEDY and DEPTH. Very realistic historical and very enjoyable at different levels for all audiences. A MUST WATCH!
My favorite Anime of all times. It has great characters, storyline, music/theme songs, and style, THE BEST! And Kenshin Himura is the best hero of all anime/manga!
[Newest]IT's an anime that you can feel you are in Japan..
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27Black Butler
This is the best anime ever. The story goes with a young boy who made a contract with a demos Sebastian Michaelis in order to take a revenge on the death of his parents. Combined Comedy, action, and detective stories. And you must try it.
Black Butler is just amazing. Every character is different, and you get to really understand every single one, and why they are good or evil. (or in between! ) The plot itself is very complex, and it will keep you guessing until the very end. Black Butler is truly a masterpiece.
All the characters, every single one of them is developed with such skill, the plot will always keep you going and the perfection of this. One amazing anime/manga!
[Newest]I think this anime it a good anime because of the story line
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28Elfen Lied
Pretty much the best anime I've seen. It has a very deep and partly disturbing storyline. I don't think I'll ever forget this anime's story line.

Its not suitable for children for pretty much every reason and it goes well beyond your average R rating.
Its sweet but by far one of the best in terms of story
This gripping story will literally make you cry in places but makes up for it with its comical parts!
Quite literally one of the most creative anime out there
I really love the story line of this anime. If you look into it there is a deep meaning in the story. It is about trust and friendship. I hope they made it longer and make the ending more satisfying at it is. But overall it is the best.
[Newest]The best I've seen. And I've watched all of them good ones. The top 10 list is nowhere near this anime's standards.
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29Case Closed AKA Detective Conan
Detective conan is the best anime for me. It's just the only that can make a viewer also think what is the true motive of the culprit or how/what method did he use kill the victim. Conan is still running and I hope that it will not end.

It has more than 600 episodes, 15 movies, OVAS, SPECIALS, LIVE ACTIONS, in which totally prove that many fanatics are still watching for this anime.
If you are to connect all episodes to one it's not very good. But each episodes individually are great and the way each character was shaped and molded... totally awesome... although I don't want it to end yet I so wanna know the ending
I really love this anime so much now! I remember when I first watched it back in 2010 on Adult Swim and I was about 8 then. For some reason, I liked it even if I didn't know what it was about. Anyway, now I do know what it's about, and I like about every single episode. I don't think there's just one episode you could hate since most of them has to do with Conan trying to crack a case. What I love the most about this series is that you could try to solve the mystery before Conan can, even though there's a likely chance that you won't, but they give you hints after the end of each episode so you'd get a small visual. People needs to give more respect to this anime in America like the Japanese do in Japan! I mean there should be NO POSSIBLE WAY that you could hate Shinichi/Conan! I guess the reason why they canceled this anime in America is because of low ratings, due to people thinking it's "too old", or that Funimation made the mistake of airing it late at night or it could be a little of both. And because of that, the anime has 20 gazillion seasons out there in Japan with 700+ episodes while it's still airing, and we got ONLY 5 with 130 episodes. But usually, the old animes are the best in my opinion! Anyways, DC is now my first 1st favorite anime and my 2nd favorite show. The only thing I don't like about it though is that it gets a bit annoying that after ALL THESE YEARS, 20 years of the manga, and 18 years of the anime,20 and 18 years of cracking cases, taking antidotes, and nearly confessing his a dark secret to his love interest, Conan/Shinichi is still the a kid, and he hasn't confessed his dark secret to Rachel/Ran yet. Sometimes you'd just wish you could fast forward to the series finale, but at the same time, you just don't want it to end... At least not yet.
[Newest]This anime is great and all but... WHEN WILL IT END?

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30Neon Genesis Evangelion
This is not my #1 favorite anime, but I think it's the best one on this list! Deserves its place in any top 10 or top 20 anime series list. It's unusual in that the characters are not really likeable heroes in the classic sense. One of the things that strikes me about it is how much more empathy I had for all of the characters as an adult compared to when I watched it as a teen- when I was younger I didn't feel particularly connected with most of them, and felt very dismissive of certain characters due to their personalities and portrayals (eg Asuka's abusive behavior and attitude was pretty off-putting to me, while Shinji seemed 'whiny', Rei was 'wooden') that, now since getting older seem a lot more human to me. I think sometimes you have to overcome or understand your own issues better before getting to like a series like this and it's characters, growing out of fantasizing about who you'd like to be or who you think you'd be (powerful, competent, cool, in control, super-heroic) and therefore who you'd like to see in this situation, versus the characters you actually get. Looking at the show through adult eyes I certainly understand the four main characters and their experiences a lot better. I think you need to grow up and seriously doubt yourself a little, experience depression, darkness, disappointments and failures after really over-confidently believing in yourself etc... what it's like to wear a social mask of happiness and responsibility... bad feelings, confusion... to really relate to Shinji, Asuka, Misato, Rei and co. Otherwise, unless you're already a very wise and empathic person at a very young age, you're just going to look at either some or all of the characters as annoying, whiny, weak, dull or bratty characters. Looking past the hype or the cool trappings like the giant robots and the very heavily merchandised 14-year-old girls who inexplicably enjoy cult pin-up status around the world, these are ultimately unusual and interesting, unique, challenging character choices that came to have a much greater effect on the type of psychological stories told since the series came out. I don't think that many shows portray seriously conflicted relationships between the various personalities and the effect it has on the characters quite as well as Evangelion (without resorting to the "I hate you, you stole my birthright! " / "You killed my brother / father / best friend", "You're my bitter rival because of _x_" kinds of stories). Evangelion at first looks like a simple power fantasy (boy gets robot & the power to save all of mankind), but it ends up also hugely deconstructing it and getting to the heart of something real: people, relationships, mental illness and existential torment. "The worst foe lies within the self". I don't think it proposes to have all the answers, it's just an interesting exploration and an attempt to grasp some meaning and make some sense out of reality when there is emotional and other kinds of chaos going on inside and out. Which is one of the things that sometimes tends to drive people to create art in the first place.

Ghost in the Shell movies are also great, too. Boogiepop, Macross Plus, Jin-Roh, Angel's Egg, Ergo Proxy and Haibane Renmei are other very good anime with both humanity and some kind of exploration of the psyche that are not on this list, so if you like this kind of thing give them a try (Satoshi Kon's Paranoia Agent, Perfect Blue and Millenium Actress are all very interesting too). While I do think that there's nothing wrong with enjoying a good old fun, entertaining 'action' cartoon sometimes, it's a shame none of these were on the list too.
What can I say, my favorite anime used to be deathnote because the psychological struggle, symbolism, and in-depth characters... Then I saw Neon Genesis Evangelion... Blew me away completely. For starters the characters are some of the most developed I've seen especially when you consider the story length isn't all that long. The story shines with complete originality along (angels coming to destroy earth and mankind using all it's resources to defeat them to control their own fates) with it's whole cast of interesting and diverse personalities (my favorite being Asuka, the red headed spitfire who pilots ever Unit 2, she's absolutely hilarious). The music is great... And the placement of each seperate tune is very choice. So much diversity even in the soundtrack... From some of the most happy sounding tunes (such as Misato or Asuka Strikes) to the most heartbreaking (I mean you Thanatos... Or even Kom Susser Tod! ). I don't know what else I can say about this show besides I fell in love with it. I never considered myself an Otaku or anything but I got tons of merchandise from shirts to figurines from specifically this show... I absolutely can't suggest this show enough to anyone searching for a show with depth, psychology, personality, philosophy, and originality. It's a masterpiece.
The series of evangelion is very complicated. It happens in the future when robots like usually seen in gundam series is being used to destroy their enemies. The pilots are called child Rei Ayanami, Asuka Soryu and Shinji Ikari being the 1st, 2nd and 3rd child. Being popular here is not guarantee that anime is the best but it is more appealing to more readers and viewers. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but beware of controversial scenes that are not suitable for minors


[Newest]I tried to watch it many times, but I never got into it, I don't know if it's just boring or if I didn't understand the plot very well...
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31Future Diary
I have seen a wide variety of animes, and this was my favorite (although it wasn't far ahead of some other anime). Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) deserves to be higher up on the list. You can never predict what will happen, and it consists of all sorts of elements inlcuding violence, action, romance, comedy, and mystery. No matter how hard you try to think of what will happen in the end, you will probably never guess what happens. This is the only anime I've ever cried in! That's pretty big for me since I come off as a generally stoic person. 10/10!
This is a great anime I think it should be higher up because the storyline is great and the girl is insane
No words to express the epicness of this show - its like a survival game, who win will become the new god of time and space, each one receives diaries which can predict the future in different ways... And each players backstory is great, its pretty much like death note - in fact is the anime you are looking for if you are trying to watch something like death note... 1000000000 out of 10
[Newest]The best anime I ever saw. Has great characters...
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32Clannad After Story
I'm am male, 21yo and I was depressed as hell at that time. Before watching this anime I haven't cried for over 5 years. But during this anime my depression went away and I cried like a little girl. This anime has happy parts and sad parts. I actually became a better person after I watched it. Because this anime made me sit down and think for a while. Okazaki just represented me, he acted like me, used the same humor like me, skipped school a lot like me, hell he even looked like me, he had problems with his dad like me.

Hell I'll never forget this anime...
This deserves to be higher than 40. It's one of the very few animes where anyone can relate to the story.
Honestly yes, I'm one of those people who cried out at some parts.

It's just sad how the characters struggle and then touching when they fix their lives and endings. This anime is not aiming to be sad. It is, but it is still more TOUCHING. That's the key factor on why the characters are so sympathyzable. Their back-stories and how they help each other to end their suffering. Truly one of the best I've seen so far.
[Newest]This show changed my life it was so good
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I love Yu-Gi-Oh! It annoys me that so many hates it. Most people has only seen the 4Kids version and then thinks: ", this show sucks! It's just a little kiddie show.. " or something like that. Yu-Gi-Oh! Is so much more! Personally I prefer the Japanese version. I just love Shunsuke Kazama! His voice as Yugi/Yami was so awesome! And Shinkichi Mitsumune's Soundtrack! And the original unchanged storyline by Kazuki Takahashi! Many people thinks Yu-Gi-Oh! Is just an anime about a card game. I must say if that's what you think, then you don't even know what Yu-Gi-Oh! Is.. Sure the card game is important, but there are so many more things in Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh has tons of great relationships, great character development, no stupid fillers that makes no sense and so much more! I highly recommend anyone to watch all the episodes of this show! Yu-Gi-Oh! Is my favorite anime of all time!
I love yu-gi-oh, why is it #17?! I mean, the storyline may be a little long, but it's not boring or anything. The story actually has some depth, unlike animes like Pokemon, Pokemon currently has over 720 episodes and still airing... That series is becoming monotone~ But yu-gi-oh is awesome, I've liked it for 2 years and still going strong
This show is amazing - Pokemon shouldn't even be in the top 10. Although the original series was definitely the best, each new one had something cool to add to both the game and the Yu-Gi-Oh! Universe. As for the original YGO, the character development was amazing, and it showed how truly in-depth a character can become in 5 seasons. The plot was awesome, and even though each new series gets progressively more and more about merchandising, YGO will always be one of my favorite anime.
[Newest]My first anime! And I still have all my cards. Honestly, as far as anime character development goes, Yugioh is in the top 5. I haven't even seen the whole Japanese version and I still love it. Yugioh will always have a place in my heart
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34Highschool of the Dead
20? Really? Its probably the most captivating anime I've seen. It really got me thinking about some stuff. The way some Highschoolers are forced to survive against endless undead in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. The animations are also fantastic. I was sitting on my arse watching all episodes non stop and then proceeded to read the manga. its awesome!
This was a great Anime and to find it at 21 is sad it is definitely deserves to be in the top 5. Great storyline and great action. It was so good I couldn't wait to get off work and throw it in the dvd player. Enough said.
This was an original idea from the start. It can taints things from all sorts of different anime, and DOESN'T look like crap! And unlike the overrated anime like Naruto and cowboy, it actually DESERVES second place at LEAST. I have no clue why it went straight down to THIRTY!
[Newest]I think this anime is good with all the action in it

35Kuroko No Basket
This is an awesome anime about basketball!
Fast pace, brilliant graphics, likable characters, it understands how seriously it should take itself. Currently it only has a single season, so it should be higher but not the best, until the animation companies can really show how superior this anime can be compared to any other sports anime. I have great faith in this one.
It's better in movie, I really like it..
This story make me curious what happened next
[Newest]Love it very much!

Best Anime Ever experienced... Perfect psychology in which it changes our opinion about it the more we watch it. It is a true masterpiece... No offense to all fans but this Anime should be on the top.. At least the top 3. It was written by one of the most influential artists of manga, Naoki Urasawa... We should at least appreciate the effort of the creativity and the psychological thrill!.
It is an incredibly complex storyline woven in to a maze! Monster is more than anime... It is a classic.
A tad bit long in the amount of episodes. But man... Does it deliver. The best anime (for adults really) out there. A real marathon too watch, but as good as any thriller you'll ever see. My favourite.
[Newest]Monster is literally brilliant, I still didn't understand why it's so below and not famous but once you watch it till the end, its just brilliant... anime like death note (i love it) are really overrated...
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37Spirited Away
Spirited Away is a captivating masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki. It has great art and the soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi is simply superb. The innocence of Chihiro at the start and how she develops into a more mature person as she fights for the people she loves. Another great aspect to it is that the main antagonist isn't shown to be evil. She does good things as well as bad which I believe is great.

Overall Spirited Away is a must watch movie and is better than crap like Naruto.
Spirited Away is something I watch every few months. It has loads of innocence in it and while the character growth isn't obvious, it has an inner quality that really touches me.
I truly adore spirited away, I have ever since I was a small girl! To saying I've watched it a hundred times is a great under statment! Please whenever you get the chance watch this anime!
[Newest]Spirited away is SO GOOD! But its an anime movie

38Saint Seiya
Despite the low rankings Saint Seiya is one of the Greatest anime legends of all time well known in the West particularly Mexico.
The story revolves around the Bronze Saints Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, Adromeda Shun and Phoenix Ikki fighting against evil to protect the human incarnation of Athena.

It shows how they became strong physically and emotionally through their rough times as orphans and as saints.

This anime is action packed, deeply moving, intense, epic and fast paced although there are some gory, scary and disturbing scenes that are best hidden away from kid's eyes because this anime is more aimed at teenagers. Once you watch it you get sucked in with the series remembering it probably for the rest of your life. There is the prequel of Saint Seiya that can be recommended called The Lost Canvas revolving the origin setting back the 18th century.
Saint Seiya is one of my favourite animes of all time, the story revolves around the Bronze Saints protecting Athena from evil gods. It revolves on how they become stronger both pyhsically and emotionally.
I like the Lost Canvas version too.
Other comments have already stated how great this anime/manga is. It is amazing. Despite it not being mainstream in Japan or the US, it is popular in many regions of the world. So to those of us that live in the US and find this anime, it is a hidden gem to be sure. While everyone else is enjoying DBZ, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rururoni Kenshin, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, etc we are enjoying this masterpiece. If only more people in the US knew of its existence. They are really missing out on of the best anime experiences in their life.
[Newest]In Brazil, is the best, forever and ever.

39Darker than Black
This anime is the definition of "cool. " also, Chinese electric batman, need I say more? Laugh out loud. But really, there's great action, deeply interesting characters that you can sympathize with, even if they are on the wrong side, and the plot is interesting and layered. It's a very well-rounded series and it's a sad testament to anime viewers that this isn't ranked higher.
In all my years of watching anime this show is one of the best I've seen, it's a great original story with unique powers etc. You'll be hooked within the first few episodes
It should be in top 20 I think, its one of the most captivating anime in this list, I strongly advice yu to it immadiately
[Newest]This anime is very cool so cool that this anime is worthy for the rank inside the top 20 it's a great anime with a very great storyline yeah I agree with the person below "You'll be hooked within the first few episodes" trust me its cool anime and worth it for your time

40Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann... Gurren Lagann is inspiring. It doesn't have an overly complicated plot, and it doesn't try to leave it's viewers wondering about it's philosophical implications. It's a simple robot anime... Right?

Not even close. You see, one misconception I've found is that people like Gurren Lagann for it's sheer over-the-top action. This is often helped along by the Kamina fans who will shout out in capital letters WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK I AM! And proclaim that he's the manliest thing ever, and that Gurren Lagann is the anime that will pierce the heavens, and talk about how EPIC and BADASS the final fight was.

That's... Well, I can see the appeal. But Gurren Lagann isn't really about mechas. You see, Gurren Lagann's strength isn't the fight scenes (though they are quite exciting), or in the plot. It's about the characters. At it's very heart and soul, Gurren Lagann is the tale of Simon, a boy who becomes a man. It's about an orphan who's good for nothing, and yet has infinite potential. His development is incredible, and extraordinarily compelling.

It's an optimistic Shounen anime, of course, and delivers cheesy messages about believing in yourself, never giving up, and always fighting for what you believe in - but it does so with so much passion and heart that it's easy to be inspired yourself.

Honestly, I don't really like Mecha anime all that much... but Gurren Lagann's characterization and passion is genuinely inspiring enough to make me keep trying, hoping to find a hint of that elsewhere.

Ultimately, Gurren Lagann isn't an anime that you'll try to think through, and consider carefully. But what it may lack in complicated philosophy, it makes up for with passion and energy. If you're capable of appreciating that - of turning off your brain and turning up your heart - then you'll love Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
I've been putting off watching this anime for a while... Started it this morning in the background as I did other stuff. After the first few episodes, I had stopped doing everything else. I just finished the entire show in one go... And I have no words. Shed manly tears numerous times (especially on the final episodes). I enjoyed bleach, loved death note (minus the end), and can't wait for the attack on titan to have new episodes... But none of them ever made me feel the way this show made me feel. It may be the greatest thing I've ever watched. The OST has replaced everything else in my workout playlist... Nothing else could make me feel this determined. Hell, I think I'm gonna go for a run now. I only found this list looking for more stuff like Gurren Lagann... And there is nothing that can compare.
I accidentally tripped upon this gem while searching YouTube one day, and finding a review on it. I'm not the hugest anime fan (I'm more of a Video Game fanatic), but this has easily become my favorite show/anime of all-time. This even rivals in comparison to my favorite Video Games (The Metal Gear series and Mother/Earthbound series). The story is touching, the music is amazing, the characters are over-the-top, and the action is simply EPIC. I highly recommend this series. Go watch it if you haven't already ;D
[Newest]Possibly the most inspiring anime ever.
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You have got to be kidding me 139?!? Berserk is easily in my top 3 of ALL time.

You have no idea what you are missing out on folks if you have never heard of or seen Berserk, just YouTube search it, it's unreal! Even better read the Manga, and also 3 movies will be out in 2012!
I've checked so many mangas in my life (from "Hokuto no Ken" to "Sakura card captor)... Berserk is the only series (including "real life" T.V. shows) that I've seen and seen again at least 10 times!
Berserk is absolutely not a grotesque manga focused on gore scenes and nudity (as written almost everywhere), but as said in the beginning of each episode, it philosophically focuses itself in the question of humanity, existence of God and the complex principle of karma (the "destiny", in Indian philosophies like Buddhism)!
For instance, every act of violence ordered (naively? ) by the young and deeply charismatic army leader Griffith in and out the battle fields, all along the years, will have incredible serious consequences in the final episodes, for him, and most of all for his poor "friends".

Really this manga is full of serious dialogues (i.D. they are teens, but they talk like normal to very instructed adults) mixed with great action scenes and very intelligent scenarios. (watch out, the voices are far better given in Japanese than in English! )

Vincent Valentino (French from Belgium)
The Anime Is Pretty Damn good. It has a great story line, its short with no fillers what so ever, The English dubs are done pretty damn well and there are plenty of epic gorey battles. The manga is 10 times better than the anime with epic demon battles, Huge ass sword that's around 7-8 foot, More gore and Darker. This is my number one anime and manga. I suggest you watch it and read it!
[Newest]With an amazing art style, epic action and a terrific story this is easily my favorite anime of all time!
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42Fruits Basket
A beautiful story that had me in tears on more than one occasion. As an avid fan of stories featuring or concerning the zodiacs, this is definitely at the top (Fairy Tail a close second with Lucy and her zodiac keys). The characters are engaging, the voice-acting in the anime (Japanese, and surprisingly, English) is enriching and perfectly matched to the characters, and the adventure the manga takes you on is simply riveting. The only reason I can think why Fruits Basket is currently so low on this list is because not many people have been exposed to it. I implore all anime and manga lovers to give Fruits Basket a chance. Friendship, love, heartache, heartbreak, comedy, drama... Fruits Basket has it all. 10/10
Fruits basket was amazing. It had animals, romance and humor. It's also entertaining for all ages. I think they could of made it a bit longer though for me twenty-six episodes wasn't enough.
Fruits Basket has struck a chord within me. You can really relate anything with it. I was so into it, it make me cry for so many reasons. It's emotional, funny, dark, serious and so many more. The manga is so touching.
[Newest]So happy and wonderful
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43Sailor Moon
Come on guys, who could forget those iconic pigtails brought into our culture by this show? Such a great series, in my view this is #1.
For sailor moon to not be in at least the top ten is blasphemous, even if I cannot spell that word. It is as classic as dragonball and is loved worldwithe. Although the English translation is full of cheesy 90s phrases, the original Japanese version is a Jewel!
Sailor moon rules all. Sarena, Lita, Mina, Rini, Sailor Venus and Rey. The best set of girls in a series.
[Newest]Sailor moon is awesome 😃😃😃😃
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44Vampire Knight
But is a good anime even though this may not get ratings fast it's a good anime and worth watching even though it has only got 26 episodes very in depth and suspenseful. Not you average story also there are not actually knights in it.
If you like vampires Vampire Knight is a great anime series for you, it has many sad, exciting and happy scenes. It's one of my favourite series that I ever watched.
I just finished watching the anime on Netflix like a few days ago and it was amazing even though I hate to say it I personally didn't mind the whole vampire loving vampire thing because it was kinda cute and interesting at the same time and every time my dad would walk in the room he'd be like what are you doing I was like watching vampire knight and one night I walked in and saw him watching episode like 10 and I was only on 3 now I've got my whole family except my sister into it now my parents need to watch dance in the vampire bund and read the manga. by the way I am 16 so leave me alone and please don't say anything it was just my opinion. I still think the story was amazing though and had ups and downs and the whole time it kept me guessing. I wish they made spin-off for it or something.
[Newest]Loved every episode such a good story line.

45Blue Exorcist
A really great anime, worth watching.
Oh This is one of the best animes that I ever watch the soundtracks are EPIC and the story is interesting really must watch
I watch this show in one day. and I don't thin I can watch any other show again with out thinking it should be more like blue exorcist and I would rather a show be long and dragged out than ended to soon. there are to many shows were a hole new world was made for every one to enjoy now I think new authors should look at shows that been made and make something in the worlds that been forgot-an and this world or show has made its way to my heart.
[Newest]My friend likes it

Funniest anime in the WORLD! It taught me a lot about world history while making me laugh at the same time! Okay, laugh is an understatement. I've laughed so hard that I CRIED! And all the characters are so cute! This will forever be my favorite anime!
Hetalia is one of the best animes I every watched. It taught me new things and definitely made me more aware of current world affairs. Not only is it somewhat educational, but it is extremely funny and made a large inpact in its fans. Hetalia needs to be up in the top!
I could go on and on forever about how amazing Hetalia is, but this is my thoughts in a small summary:

Hetalia is and will always be my favorite anime. Ever. One of the reasons I really love Hetalia is because you've never ssen anything like it! The characters are amazing, and you just fall in love with every single one of them. Hetalia has tought me more about history then any teacher ever has. Not only does it make you view the world in a compleatly differnt way (positively), but it is also extreamly funny and addictive! The art style is very unique too! Himaruya Hidekazu (The creator of Hetalia) is my hero and he is a genius for creating such a unique and outstanding anime.
PASTAA! ~~~~~~~~ To all you Hetalia fans out there- Bravo!
[Newest]It may not be precise when it comes to facts and figures, but it is still hilarious!
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Very good worth a watch if you like mystery, good action and some very good twists. Only this low because it is so new it will rise in rank quickly once people find it.
Best horror anime so far.
This anime could shock you, I know people who couldn't watch it with out the lights on. Very scary and suspenceful
[Newest]This anime a little scary never watch it at night and go down stair's but a real good anime

A future where everyone carries a gun, the universe's most powerful gunman, however, he's an idiot, vash the stampede is a legend
Probably one of the top 15 Anime ever made, although simplistic at times, it is definitely a very emotional anime, especially towards the end of it. Death, Compassion, the will to go on in a barren planet, It shows some of humanity's worst and best side, a 'must watch' if you like anime.
Vash is my favorite character of any anime. The show is worth it just to watch him and wolfwood together.
[Newest]Seriously guys! Come on this is a 90s classic anime series! Vash is the most dangerous man in the world but also the most misunderstood. Deep down he is a man with a heart and a wanderer looking only for love and peace.

49Maid Sama!
If you love romance/comedy anime you should really watch this! It has many romantic parts and a lot of funny scenes. This is the first anime I really got addicted to. I like the manga more than the anime 'cause it has many more "killigg" and funny parts. By the way, this is my 1ST FAVORITE anime and manga. Please. Try to watch it, 'cause you'll never regret watching it,
Cutest drama ever! I recommend watching this if you like cute annoying guys or if you like tough acting girls! Heheh!
All the characters here are cute and also I like Misaki's braveness and boyish character which is not completely boyish
[Newest]I love maid cafes now!

50The Melonchy of Haruhi Suzumumia
It seems like Haruhi doesn't want to win this...
She has the ability to change stuff and do what she wants.
For example, if she wants to win, we will definitely win.
By the way, it's The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Not The Melonchy of Haruhi Suzumumia
I loved this anime so much, I couldn't stop watching which made me feel bad after it was over that I hadn't slowed down and let the series last longer, and the move was just as good.

I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it was because I didn't know much about it, but I love these kind of comedy, sci-fi things. All the characters were hilarious in their own ways. Makes me wanna be someone with supernatural powers to change the universe c:
It's a great anime, quite interesting plot and epic characters, with a very captative story and so all the turns this story has to tell you.
[Newest]First correct the name

One of the very first Animes that I started to watch was Digimon Adventure. It was totally different from any other Anime that I've seen before, it had a great story, lovely characters, good enemies and of course, the Digimons!

I can say that Digimon was the true beginning that encouraged me to see more pure Anime. I even think that, over the years, every time that I remember this Anime makes me love it more, even I feel that I was part of that great Adventure because it is stored in my heart. It's impossible for me to forget Digimon, specially Adventure, I grew up with this and it's very difficult to find something as big as Digimon!

Forever one of the best series of all time!
64? Why!? It's so amazing! It makes people cry.. So emotional it changed my life... I will always value it..
Digimon= amazing childhood
Love Digimon, I don't see why it didn't get bigger. The plot in the first seasons was extraordinary good, and there were so much humor into the series. No copy of Pokemon at all, the plot is as differnt as it can be. Kids that travel to another dimension and hook up with Digital Monsters, and saves the Digital world, and planet earth. Great!
[Newest]Almost perfect Anime ever! The evolution concept is way too good!
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52Guilty Crown
I do not understand why so many people hate this anime so much. It is hands down one of the greatest that I have ever seen
It is one of the best anime ever! Actually it must be at about 20th to 30rd rank! All the theme songs are also filled with heart touching lyrics! I wish there is another season of that! I can't just get enough of it!
I don't get why so many people hate this anime so much it is hands down one of the greatest I have ever seen
[Newest]In think it is the best anime I have ever seen, but the ending was not what I had expected...

53Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball Gt is about Goku be turned into a child which still contains all fighting experience and is able to unlock the next level of super Saiyans!

Although with all the knowledge of an adult and the body of a child he has to relearn the skills that were learned while an adult as he races across the universe to collect dragonballs filled with negative energy. To restore the original shenron to its greater form, he then has to defeat the negative versions of shenron including the omega which fortifies his power with the other dragonballs collected by goku.

In order to hear more about this anime...
WATCH IT! No more spoiling...
I understand that it was not as good as DBZ and DB but you got to admit it that Baby, Super Android 17 and Omega Shenron were really cool villains with awesome power. Even though it all centered around Goku through the whole series and Vegeta got SSJ4 four at the end it doesn't changes the fact that it was good. The most awesome thing was Gogeta SSJ4 that was the most awesome thing in anime history. Main thing is it when it ended I cried and still remembered those words, " Until we meet again"
Dragon ball gt was still in my opinion a really good show even though it wasn't AS GOOD DB and DBZ but I think it was and always will be a good series and definitely should not be last
[Newest]The shenron saga was great because of Gogeta SSJ4

54Slam Dunk
One of my best sports anime along with major. Awesome characters, extremely funny, the main character is one of my favorite characters of all time, the only flaw is the slow progression with the matches (1 match can maybe take 2-3 episodes). I recommend you watch the first 2 episodes and then you will see the rest in like 2-3 days (at least that's what I did :P).
Slam dunk.. the best anime ever.. ! Why. ? It was a blending of love, school life, friendship, action, drama, dreams, failure, victory, strength, sports as well as drama... I'm not fond of watching anime' until I've just watched one of slam dunk episodes... I can't believe I'm falling in love over and over again in this anime... 10 years ago.. And it was still my favorite anime... I think it should be place on the top... ! It was almost based in real life... You must watch the series and you will know what I mean.. sad it was place as 25th... But I don't believe it was... But for me.. SLAM DUNK... the best among the rest...
WHY IS THIS ON NUMBER 27?! THIS SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE! This anime's a legend, even Animax still show this in 2010 while this anime was born at 1993. Takehiko Inoue is a true legend! The storyline is also good. It shows friendship and everything else. This anime also make me play basketball... Until now
[Newest]It's so fun with awesome dunks plays like the pick and roll and romance it should be number 1

55Ranma 1/2
I have to say Ranma 1/2 was probably the one of the best animes that I have ever encountered. It was the first manga and anime that I ever finished and it is definitely worth your time to watch. It has everything from comedy to making you feel super awkward, haha. All in all, Ranma 1/2 should be in the top ten, because it is definitely top five in my list.
Ranma is hallarious. I'd watch the whole series over again if I could.
Ranma 1/2 is the best anime and manga ever made. Can't believe it's on the 81st place.. It deserves to be at least in the top ten!
[Newest]Ranma was the one that got me into anime and manga. I started reading the manga, and I got really into it! Then I watched the anime, and then, it was done. I had to find and watch more of this shows! I can watch the Whole series over again, and I wont regret doing it either. I love it.

56Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple
Are you serious?! 76th place!? Probably that's because it's new and most people didn't watch it.. I strongly recommend all FIGHT ANIME FANS to watch it, it's great, the storyline, the funny moments, the fight scenes, everything.
This should definitely. Be in the top ten. Kenichi is the ultimate underdog wile at the same time having the will do do what no one else can.
This story is both funny, inspiring, and incredibly bad ass to top it all off. It is everything you want from a good show and it will leave you wanting to watch it over and over again. But, and I know this is a big taboo amounst some anime fans... Watch it in English, all the characters are so much funnier and Apa Chi will leave you clutching your sides. In fact, I am going to go watch it now.
Kenichi is THE is just really something. if you had experience with fighting, or gang banging or just interested in seeing martial arts and street fights this is the show for you. well that's also if you are into little funny perversion, wimp turns to extreme fighter and more great stuff. there is a lovable brute in this show that make this show so much more fun to watch. check it out. if I can, I would rate this anime among the top 10.
[Newest]One of the best animes ever

57Ghost in the Shell
Oh come on... No comments yet?
You've got serious issues people.. If you haven't watched GITS yet!
It's kick-ass for all the cyberpunk lovers out there.
Not just that but the anime also takes the cake in action sequence..
Highly recommended!
This should definitely be AT LEAST in the top 10. No other Anime compares to the sheer amount of thought put into this. I guess there are not many Psychological lovers out there. I haven't seen every Anime on this list but out of the ones I have seen, this has a more intricate story than those and it almost requires you to think in order to understand things (which is probably another reason why it's lower on the list. A lot of Anime fans like the more simple things they don't have to strain their brain cells over. )
This is the finest canon of anime that I've ever seen. It's not only an introspective look at a future society but it also dovetails into socio-ethics of politics, the thin line between democracy and dictatorship, questions of what defines humanity, among other things. Overall one of the most thoughtfully written, amazingly directed, and interesting anime's of all time.
[Newest]Greatest anime I've ever seen! Raises so many philosophical questions! Love it!

This is the best anime ever! You should watch it. This is about your friends, your classmates, your teacher, and everyone!

It's so funny, but sometimes you'll cry because it is so touchy!
How this isn't no. 1 is dumbfounding! By far the best Anime ever. It's funny, it's sad, it'll make you laugh, cry and jump with joy.
K-ON! Is Japanese anime. They do light music as club actibity.
But they are rude. It is exciting for us to be rude.
You should watch this anime.
[Newest]Seriously, 59?... K-on! Deserves a better rank than this...

59Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
My absolute Favorite, I think it is the best Anime ever. The Story is something I had never expierenced in other Anime. It is an Anime that you can't forget after seeing it, because of the setting and yu should watch all episodes to get the story
The anime is very confusing at first, but later it gets explained and it makes you think of it in a whole new way. When you watch it you will cry, laugh and feel every emotion of the crew. The original subbed version is the best, the dubbed ruins most of the suspense and emotion that the subbed portrays. Very good anime! Recommend 100%!
Honestly, it's slightly depressing that most good anime (I'm not just referring to Higurashi) was shoved down the list to make room for DBZ and Naruto. I don't have anything against shounen (I started out watching it myself and still watch it to this very day) but it's quite unfair to push down good many good series simply due to popularity.
[Newest]I'm honestly surprised this is under something with the likes of Black Butler, Sword Art Online or Naruto, it seems like these anime series are just most popular instead of best anime. The story was amazing and it had wonderful characters and animation.

60Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Arguably one of best animes out there, this anime is second only to my favourite, Neon Genesis Evangelion, in quality. The reason I voted for this is because such a quality anime is at such a low point, when in fact Madoka Magica is far better that a lot of the ones above it. A story that only lasts 12 episodes, Madoka Magica is an emotional rollercoaster that doesn't stop going, and takes as many twists and turns as it can. Nothing is what you'd expect in this world, and those of you who think you know Magica Girl anime, prepare to have your previous conceptions smashed to pieces, by deconstructing the genre spectacularly. Instead of characters defined by one emotion, you have complex people with flaws as well as good points and seem more grounded in reality. It is dark, the animation is beautiful and nightmarish, and the twists are utterly unpredictable. Despite this, it still has a wonderful message. With only 12 episodes, there is no time for filler, everything in Madoka Magica serves a purpose to continue the story, and this works wonderfully. This anime is a must watch for everyone who enjoys anime, and is high quality magical girl like you've never seen it before.
Honestly, this anime was top of the charts amazing for me. It not only changes the opinion people have on 'magical girls' but also their opinion on each of the characters, showing great development in the plot along with breathtaking art work. Although it is rather boring at the start, it's safe to say that once you get into it, you're thoroughly hooked.
The anime as said above, puts a different twist to the usual magical girl animes, whereby the good guys prevail by defeating the bad guys and everyone lives happily ever after. Instead, It shows a plot that's much more deeper and is tied closer to reality. Not only that, the anime slowly reveals how each character is much more different than what you may imagine.

I would HIGHLY recommend this anime.
I really enjoyed how this anime is more about plots and character interactions. The artistic unity in the anime makes it very easy to enjoy and nothing really seems 'out of place'. There isn't a single character that doesn't have some sort of story.

It's a rather short anime, but it does in 12 episodes what Naruto and Bleach try to do in whole seasons. This anime is free of filler episodes and covers loose ends quite nicely. Just a warning though, this pushes the limits of magical girl anime. The story is very good, and it ends very well, despite all the moments of sadness. Make a contract with this anime to put it higher on the list!
[Newest]Wow.. Why is this so low on the list. I suspect there's a lot of people that watched the first 2 or 3 episodes and stop, thinking it's a girly girly anime only for young girls to watch.. But it really isn't! Don't judge this anime by the first few episodes. Its deep. Its dark. Its unforgettable. Its flawless. The characters.. The story.. Its amazing! Definitely one of the best animes of all-time!
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It's so sad that a lot of people are unaware of this anime. It has a brilliant cast of distinctive and fully-developed characters, and the story-line is incredible. The jumping timeline can confuse people, but if you keep watching everything will become clear. Far superior to so many of the animes on this list- popularity does not necessarily equate to quality. The best anime of all-time.
Baccano! Really deserves a lot more fame. It was the first anime made by the production company Brain's Base and boy did they leave an impression! Seriously though, the characters are all likeable even though they've killed people and stolen things (except Eve, who's a saint) with Isaac and Miria being the most likeable characters I've ever seen! The plots are sure to grab your attention and the animation is fantastic. The dub is one of the best out there. You must watch this before you die!
Most interesting anime developed with a story line that lets you continue to imagine even after the series has finished. I will state that the first episode is hard to follow but afterwards the plot grips you and you can't help but be fascinated by the range of characters. Definitely worth the watch!
[Newest]Come on guys, is a good one! Deserve it a twenty place!

62Cardcaptor Sakura
The best anime ever by the best group of manga creators ever. The artwork and story are great, and all the characters are wonderful. Sakura is my favorite main character of all time, she is so cute and sweet. The magic and various costumes are incredible. The show is a wonderful mix of fantasy, friendship, and love. The music is also wonderful, and the interactions between the characters are great. It also shows various forms of love. This is a wonderful series, and I would recommend it to anyone.
My FAVOURITE anime of all time. The characters, plot, animation, action and just everything about it is just plain pose to the max. Plus it introduced me to CLAMP. If you haven't watched this watch it asap. Depending on how open minded you are, no matter who you are (male, female, teen, elderly, etc. ) you can watch it enjoy it to the fullest.
A story about friendship, love and fantasy. It's quiet pleasing to the eyes actually. The different cards sure is heart warming together with the different characters with different personalities.
[Newest]Clamp best work... The best anime one could ever watch... Steals your heart away

63Kill la Kill
I was an anime hater. And then someone introduced to me and I decided to give the Japanese media culture one more shot. And I never regretted it. This one brings the genre of Magical Girls to another more matured and twisted level. The outfits might be skimpy, but for some reason the whole show erased the effect. it is amazingly heart warming and adorable.
Just finished watching this new anime and to be honest its just the breath of fresh air all anime lovers need after sitting and endlessly waiting for all of the big animes like Naruto and one piece etc to catch up to the manga. It's a short yet jam packed with many many great fight scenes that will make you remember the love of watching rediculous and uncomrehendable fights and in my opinion it should be up there with the likes of death note, code geass and other widely loved animes simply because its just the right mix of great fights, serious plot, humour and just pain wierdness! I recomend watching it! (Sorry for any spelling errors)
This is one of best anime I've ever watched. I won't explain anything, go watch it by yourself, I think you'll like it :D please, why is this anime on 80th place? It deserved much more than 80th place. But KLK is for me number 1! ^_^

64Great Teacher Onizuka
The funniest, most idotic teacher can really teach a class full of mean smarties to get rid of him. He is so stupid!
A teacher with a great passion in teaching, teaches life values more than the subject itself and it is worth watching it. full of suspense, drama, action, comedy, romance.


Onizuka, a person who was a motorcycle gangster has only 1 dream, to become a teacher. Only problem is that most of his student try every method in the book to fire him because they hate the teachers. The story is about how he makes them love school and show that school can be fun too. Lots of fun, Heart touching moments, also some pervertness but it is controlled. The best part is that it is realistic. I really luvd it... It is too under rated.
[Newest]A very good one

I love this anime, just too bad they messed up the storyline and wouldn't make another season. It's my Favourite anime and I have to watch it all over again sometimes.
Great anime that captures your attention straight from the get go. All but the last two episodes have a terrific story and great action. I highly recommend it.
Claymore is very good. Cause it is different from anything else, there is a lot of action, the writing is great and sometimes it can be really creepy.
[Newest]One of my favorite anime ever

One of the best anime ever.. This one made me cry and laugh at the same time.. A lot! I wonder why its at 134, this should be at top 40's or higher. I like how Taiga evolves throughout the story and how she accepts her feelings for the one she love. From being the badass school girl to a lady who share the same feelings with any other girl who wishes to be loved
One of the best comedy/romance anime ever. Has a lot of emotion and feelings. I almost cried several times especially in the end of the series but I also got good laughs from this anime. Taiga (one of the main characters) is a very good tsundere character and she's my favorite in this anime. Toradora! For the win!
One of the best anime ever it could make you have different kinds emotions in every episode with all those romantic moments with Taiga and Ryuji most importantly episode 25 which was the first kiss but unfortunately they didn't get married but at least they turned out fine or even better and had someone who understands them
[Newest]Toradora is a super good anime it teach you about true love and when you love a person and you don't know it

Wonderful anime with a wonderful story and wonderful characters. The character development is really good and realistic. Gives you a lot to think about as the viewer in a wonderful way that no other mystery anime I've seen to this date has done.

The pacing might not be appealing to everyone though as this anime is very slowpaced compared to the more popular animes such as Dragon Ball and Naruto. Still a must watch if slow pace and having to pay attention to every moment is your cup of tea.
Gosick should be much higher. The plot was well developed and each episode related to each other. This detective anime hosts memorable characters (no one can forget Victorique! )
A beautiful anime of mystery love and friendship... For anyone to watch it will be the best anime and definitely make your day. Simply beautiful I LOVED IT! IT WIL BE THE BES!
[Newest]One of the best anime I have seen ever, that's it.

68D. Gray Man
I'm 12 years old (girl) and I love d gray man! This show should be in the top 10 list not all the way here. I love the way katsura made the story about a 15 year old boy that goes trough a lot and still goes trough more hard times knowing that he is the 14th noah and feels like he can't be trusted anymore. It should be in the top ten list.
This anime is one of my favorites. It has adventure, comedy and supernatural. I was very sad when it finished, because the story wasn't completed. Animation is also well done, along with soundtrack, which rarely happens.
Are you effing serious? Why did this make 152?! I've been watching anime sense I was about 14 years old and I'm 24 now. This is seriously the best anime I've ever watched compared to all the other worthless crap that's being pumped out every week from Japan and deserves way more respect then whats its getting right now and should be up there with Naruto bleach, onepiece and every other legendary anime. Seriously people go watch it
[Newest]Love this anime! You must watch this anime!
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69Beyblade: Metal Fusion
Come on, 80? It's deserves a much better place with awesome characters like Ryuga and Kyouya also Ginga who is like the main character of every anime. Even people says that it story line sucked, please man watch the Season 3 of it. It had awesome story and the first two season was a progress to the main storyline. The most saddening thing was Ryuga dead (Man why? ). If you talk about popularity, It's was a whole lot when it was airing than the original series.
Bottom line : It's an anime that deserves a much higher place.
The metal tops have always been the best.
Come on 75 it deserve a much better place.
[Newest]Probably one of the best anime meant for a younger audience.

S. A one of the epic anime of all time. Rivals in LOVE. Funny, exciting, drama, love story.. Surely to be enjoyed by everyone!
! This is my most favorite anime since there is love, rivals, and ex factor in this anime. I really like how the characters get involve with each other and how they make me smile by myself. I also like the way they make funny pictures from the characters. Oh, HOW I LOVE THIS SHOW..
Aw such a good anime! Not like usual romances, yes in some way predictable however, still a great romance anime
[Newest]S. A very cool, yo have to watch

71Hellsing Ultimate
This should be in the top ten. The episodes are longer than they are in Hellsing and the main protagonist is a vampire who kills other vampires. What's not to love? And the whole thing is just packed with non-stop action. I love this show!
More closely follows the manga truly epic
Just as good as Hellsing, only the episodes seem longer. Great show from start to finish! One of my favorites!

72Shaman King
Shaman kIng The Best Anime! The Idea to made like that anime its really impressive I really love it! The beginning tHe story The Ending! It's so Special! The Fight, Spirits! GZ but to be 40 place nah that's sucks!
It has a great story line, a great cast of charecters and makes time for humour which to me is a very important part of any anime. Naruto manages to do this but on in fillers whilst Shaman King maintains a good balance throughout all of it's episodes. Never have I enjoyed an anime so much.
The best ever! Such a great storyline with the X-laws and Jean!
[Newest]How can this great anime be in the 65th place? It is the most meaningful anime of all!

Great Story Line from the very beginning, a lot of blood and gore, Some funny scenes and I would recommend it for people if they like: Vampires, Werewolves and Nazis.
It has the best conflict a war maniac could imagine; the third crusade warriors; the most badass vampire aka Dracula, and the crazy Nazi soldiers! Not to mention the conceited English nobles..
Intense fight scenes and a over all great story line, I only wish it was higher on the list and this was also my first anime. Highly suggest this for anyone looking for a good anime.
[Newest]I love Hellsing. Although it's dark, I like the opening song and the theme.

74Rosario to Vampire
Rosario Vampire! The best anime ever! Inner Moka is awesome, Tsukune is so cute, Kurumu had really big breasts (perfect for perverts! ), Yukari is so smart, and Mizore is just awesome! ~
The best anime ever made of vampires I wish this series must go on...
My Friend Showed Me This and I really like it already ha. Especially Kurumu and her boobs. Really Funny and cool anime.
[Newest]Even though the humor is incredibly raunchy if you watch it with your parents, it is still incredibly enjoyable

75Prince of Tennis
Nice this anime is so cool.
Here you can see the improved quality of the characters even though the sketch is a bit different. This anime is so awesome! The plot has so many twists and turns, it was surprising me until the very end, and the characters are some of the most awesomely developed I have ever seen. I literally cannot say enough about this anime, it was so good!
This anime is little bit funny, all of my problems were erased because of this anime, in this anime they will show you what is tennis and their relationships as friends, it will show you that even though they have different personalities they have teamwork and even if it is not obvious they really love each other and willing to sacrifice their life just to fulfill their dreams, dream of winning in the competition,
Its just wicked awesome aniy fancyme...
The main thing about that it shows reality not like any other anime with fancy names

This anime is so awesome! The plot has so many twists and turns, it was surprising me until the very end, and the characters are some of the most awesomely developed I have ever seen. I literally cannot say enough about this anime, it was so good!
This is the best anime ever! It's got the characters, the humor and the great animation. The end is surprising ad the whole Anime wraps up in the end and God, I just love it!
Durarara is an incredible anime. I never obsessed with an anime so much like Durarara. The plot and story is wonderful. I especially loves how realistic the characters is. Everybody in this series is realistic. Their personality, interests and love life. The relationships in Durarara shows that there is no 'perfect relationship' in life. The amazing part is, even the protagonists is as twisted as everybody. I especially likes it when everybody have a reason why they changed into someone they are today..

77Inazuma Eleven
It's a very amazing cartoon what a story! It has took soccer far beyond imagination. It's a very nice anime. The characters are always blending each other.
Oh come on people 81?
Really! It is the BEST ANIME EVER!
I can sit and watch it over and over and over till my eyes get out from it place
It's a very amazing cartoon what a story! It has took soccer far beyond imagination. It's a very nice anime. The characters are always blending each other.

But Why it's on 76 Oh Come on it Should be in Top 10 I want to Watch it Again and Again it's So Awesome Especially Mark the Captain of Team!

78Skip Beat!
Skip Beat is just hilarious! I'd say this should be the top shoujo anime of all time! The great part about it is that it shows great character development and have plenty of meaningful plots of each character's situations. It all fits right in and makes perfect chemistry for romance and comedy :D
I also love this Anime. It's still haunting up my mind until now. How I wish to watch the next season of this as soon as possible. To its author please grant my wish. I'll wait for it. Laugh out loud :-D
Mhh this is my favorite anime. The manga gets even better. I don't think anything can top this. It's Shoujo at it's peak. If the manga will be ever made into a complete anime it will be popular. Maybe it's not cutest drawing style ever, it's actually rather plain most of the time. But the story itself is just really well thought through (which is one of most important parts of manga). It's hilarious, it's serious, it's meaningful, it's cute. Nakamura-sensei gave her heart to make this I'm sure. I have to read it again and again to understand it all. But I'm talking about the manga here... So IF this ever will be made for the small screen, it will climb up on this list FOR SURE. Can't always be Shounen up there, right girls?
[Newest]A different Cinderella spices things up. All the more she is not.

Most Creative anime ever.
Come on is the best anime since ever we all grew up with him he taught us how to solve life problems
I love this cartoon... The best... It should be in the 1st no,
[Newest]Doraemon is nothing compared to Dragon Ball and even Dragon Ball is nothing compared to Gurren Lagann, the most underrated anime ever made, Gurren Lagan is bigger than 100000 galaxies.

I seriously hope that the low ranking for this series is because of its relative newness. While from the outside it doesn't seem incredibly demanding, the show gets closer to perfection than most other series that I've seen.

The animation is beautiful, the characters real, the story engrossing, and the emotions are powerful. There are so many moments that this series has engraved into my brain, and even now as I'm trying to move on to other series, I just want to go back and watch it all over again.
Why why is this so so low on the list. Fate/Zero is easily the best anime of 2011. The jaw dropping visuals with fantastic use of CGI are outstanding. Each and every character is interesting and it is just amazing to see them develop. Just the overall epic nature of the story as a whole is amazing. But to sum up why you should watch this, simple: A medieval knight flying an F15 jet fighter, trying to shoot down the Mesopotamian king of Uruk while he flies some kind of UFO. (Stuff it 2 sentences) Meanwhile King Arthur and Alexander the Great fight the psycho French general Gilles de Rais as transforms he into a giant squid monster... Epicnesses in its purest form...
Fate/Zero is amazing. It's got everything I like in it. Legendary heroes from history fight to the death for their masters, and the wish-granting holy grail at the end of it all. There's magic, adventure, and some of the most amazing battles I have ever watched. I'd recommend watching the first episode twice, though, or at least make sure everything they firehose you with makes sense.
[Newest]Really? Only 81 it should be like 5!

81Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic
This is an awesome and hilariously funny anime. One of my personal favorites!
Smooth animation, well thought out characters, suspenseful battles. I also like Gyokuen: she's everything a villain should be. The girls are real tough too, and the boys are very charming. Love it. The manga is great too
Amazing anime! Original, funny, and just overall awesome! This anime should get some recognition and a way more better ranking.
[Newest]On par with full metal, code geass, attack on titan. A must watch if you like animes.

82Samurai Champloo
Hands down, best anime ever created. How on earth is this not at least in the top 20? Best samurai action of all time, with a superb story line. Action-Love-Funny-Friendships... And more action. If you like anime you've got to check this one out.
Why is this SO low. From the creator of the greatest anime of all time Cowboy Bebop... Enough said. How can there not be more people that think this is at least top 20? Three inseparable friends journeying through tons of action and a stellar ending, what's not to like. Come on fans start voting and move this great anime up in the ranks.
Some of the best swordfights ever! The characters don't jump into hyperspacr whenever they go in for an attack like some anime. I've seen many badass animes like cowboy bebop and black lagoon, but for some reason I always find myself going back to this. I LOVE the setting- the Japanese Edo period with some elements of modern day, such as hip hop. Fuu was sweet and acted as the glue of the series, keeping the others together, Jin was the quietly badass ronin who, surprisingly, could be funny although he was always serious. Mugen, however tops my chart for being one of the most coolest badass character of any anime because of his hotheadedness, skill and blasse that he shows. He is also funny and many episodes are centered around this guy. I also LOVE his breakdancing technique of fighting! I strongly recommend this series because of the fact that it does not take itself seriously. It can be funny this moment and serious in another. I definitely think it should be higher up (beats the pants off of Afro Samurai, in my opinion) and also believe it is severely underrated. It's also great for people who are somewhat new to anime, as it is meant to appeal to western audiences. You could even call it a mature cartoon, really. Definitely watch this! You won't regret it! :) Have a good time!
[Newest]Why so low! NOO... But seriously please just watch the anime!

83Gurren Lagann
Gurren Lagann should be at the top of this list, because no anime has ever presented it's theme, in such epic passion and emotion the way Gurren Lagann did, and although the feats of the characters in this anime series is outright impossible and did not make sense, the way they repeatedly explain how they happened by the term "SPIRAL ENERGY" knocks some logic into this Heaven Piercing series.

It seems Gurren Lagann haven't been paid much attention by anime lovers everywhere, and makes me kinda sad about how the other noob anime got so many attention, even though their storylines are very cliche and full of fanservice. If you think the high ranking anime are great, Gurren Lagann went beyond great, beyond the impossible. Each episode is filled with extremely awesome badassery, unlike the high ranking anime which only have a few moments of awesome in their 500 long episodes, which even one of those moments can never top any of Gurren Lagann's CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOMENESS

PS: I love Gurren Lagann. In my top 10 list, all 10 of them are Gurren Lagann
While Naruto and Bleach are popular, anyone who has ever seen Gurren Lagann will have to say that Gurren Lagann is the best. Other anime get high rankings because of ignorance, and they appeal to a main stream audience but Gurren Lagann has something for everyone, and anyone who has seen it can't deny that it's great, if not the best anime they've ever seen.
Gurren Lagann is the definition of epic. It's extremely over the top, but the way it does it excuses any faults it has (has none by the way).

Seriously, this show is unbelievably inspirational. While they do the most redonkulous things, the main message stands: Believe in yourself and you can do anything. I used to have a pessimistic outlook on life. But after watching this, I charge through the day with my head held high and confidence ablaze.

I actually hated anime prior to watching this show. And I never really got adrenaline rushes before either. But both have changed since. If you haven't watched this show, then you're really missing out. Go out and watch it. You'll love it. Take it from someone who disliked anime.
[Newest]BEST ANIME EVER! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes mecha anime! Really good!
More comments about Gurren Lagann

84Fushigi Yuugi
Fushigi Yugi or should I say Curious Play or should I call it Mysterious Play? Love it no matter what the name... It deserves to be on top 10, no, top 5... So what if its old... Its story will never ever ever be old enough for us fans... forever
This is the best anime... Just don't understand y its on 43? There are a very few stories that touch your life and your soul and this is definitely one of them... Watched it 12 yrs back when I was a kid and am still in love with it... If you can't understand this story then sorry dude.. you don't understand life...
One of the best anime... The story revolves around family, friends and loved ones...
[Newest]My friend showed this to me and I was addicted. I just can't describe it! I love it! It's funny and serious at the same time. Go watch it, then make it in the TOP TENS
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85Howl's Moving Castle
Its AWESOME! Its romantic, adventurous, and it really touches your heart. I think most of the girls would like this! Its about a spell which is put on a girl to make her look old and she goes to find the handsome wizard (howl) to break the spell, but later realizes the way to lift the curse is LOVE!
Another one of Miyazaki's amazing animations. It is based on Diana Wynne Jone's book. Anyone who has watched Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away would love this too!
Howl's Moving Castle is a unique and heart-throbbing anime for those who enjoy a good romance. It has a few twists and turns but that's what makes it interesting. you just don't want to stop or pause until you've finished it
[Newest]Miyazaki and studio ghibli make the best anime movies, but this isn't an anime it's a movie

86Deadman Wonderland
One of the best anime ever made with massive amounts of blood and also the greatest sequel of events. Some of the nicest characters and powers you can ever imagine, I have a particular interest for bloody anime but this one was really nice.
It's pretty gorey and a lot of blood is spilled, but the storyline is pretty awesome and what's more, there's a great twist. WE NEED SEASON 2!
It's the kind of work you search for as an Otaku, or even a semi regular watcher of anime. You want the best anime, and it's animes like this that you find it in. Season 2, bring it on, I personally can't wait.
[Newest]This anime is so great, but REALLY underrated. It has amazing characters, gorgeous animation, etc, and some parts really make you think.

87Afro Samurai
What did the producers take so long to create an awesome anime about totally badass black guys?
One of the best ninja anime around. It's exciting with great voice work, plot & soundtrack. It has that classic Ninja Scroll vibe to it. I highly recommend buying this whole set.
Still some of the best visuals to date with an art style original enough to impress competitors and artists everywhere. Plus the soundtrack alone should give Afro a better rating... Not to mention Ninja ninja
[Newest]About time they show anime based on black guys in positive ways

88Black Lagoon
Beauthifull story line with amazing charactars, if this anime had more episodes then it would definitely be in the top 10 EAST.
Ok, I must admit, if I could vote more than once, there are definitely a lot of series that I would also vote for. However, I totally agree with some of the voters here in that many of the series in the top 10 are simply OVERRATED! And many other great series are UNDERRATEEDD! Seriously, what are you voting for anyway? Black Lagoon is definitely a top 20! Yes, the fact that it is only two seasons (and a couple of OVA) makes it a little frustrating in that you always have this "I wish it continued..." feeling, but all the series in top 10 have like HUNDREDS OF EPISOODES (Except for DEATHNOTE and GEASS)! I think the industry should find a number in between: like not so little as 2 seasons, but then again not so long as Pokemon! In other words, VOTE FOR SOME GOOD SERIES LIKE BLACK LAGOON, AO NO EXCORCIST (BLUE EXCORCIST), HIGH SCHOOL OF THE DEAD, BLUE GENDER, NGE, SHINGEKI NO KYOUJIN, etc.
Similar to bebop, but totally different at the same time. Is a work of art. Revi and chang are intense
[Newest]Best shooter anime in the world

89Devil May Cry
Although I have not played the game but I love the anime it's amazing Dante is very very cute although he is very innocent he has a sharp persanality that every girl likes although he acts tough he has a soft side and the little girl patty that he had to take care off was also very cute and his girlfriend was even hotter
Dante is the man you wish you could be. He's cool, he looks awesome, he sounds awesome, he fights awesome and girls like him, no? Anyway a very enjoyable anime adaption!

90Princess Mononoke
Simply amazing... Can watch it over and over and still become totally mesmerized by the quality of animation, character depth, and engrossing story.
It's a really cool anime whats it doing down herewith Akitasha Mononoke and Moro its exciting
Princess Mononoke... Hayao Miyazaki Masterpiece :)
His Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle are nothing compared to Princess Mononoke. Plus the great message it conveys!
Also that you discover new things even if you are watching it for the 16th time!
[Newest]Why is it... every household that likes anime I've ever been in, has THIS movie sitting on their shelf? It's pretty good, that's why.

91The World God Only Knows
This is definitely the best manga I've read so far... And I've read plenty! Storyline, plot, characters, everything is awesome and the main character is absolutely awesome! Love this!
This is the best work in my opinion. The protagonist is unique and unpredictable and at least he is being decisive. The story is creative.
Difinitely one of the Best Anime I've watched, recommend it to people who are game addicts/nerds, lonely. Haha Don't belittle this anime, I'm sure when someone watch this they'll love it (after 2-4 episodes maybe) haha :) love it
[Newest]Love the plot on the opening songs to my number ONE!

92Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal
I'm a sucker for anything with action and romance, it's got a darker and deeper more meaningful connection to things than most anime. Looking at all the work put into the detail alone to stress the significance of situations proves that it belongs near the top 10...
Best piece of anime work in my opinion. The detail that was put into the work as a whole including the art, storyline and character development was phenomenal.
Rorouni Kenshin ( Samurai X ) Best anime ever created and Trust & Betrayal shows why.
[Newest]The best anime ever.. ! This is the anime closest to the real life.. not too much excess imagination, and I like the story very much.. ! It should be at the top ten!

93Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
I don't think this is the best anime of all time or anything, but I find it depressing that it was not even included in this list. Anohana, Clannad, and Angel Beats are the big three of the genre, and yet Anohana isn't even included. This list is clearly made by a bunch of kids who haven't really dug into the world of anime.
Anohana may not be the full-packed anime that you are looking for, but it is enough to melt your heart and make your tears run down to your cheeks.
Anohana is truly touching, the ending made many people cry. I love how this anime is based on friendship. All for Anohana!
[Newest]Not sure why this anime is so far away on the list... this is one of the best anime, have an excellent story. it should be ahead of Clannad and Angel beats.

94Tokyo Ghoul
This Anime is amazing it shocks me that I can't find it on this list! It could possibly be the greatest anime I have ever watched, the Art style is gorgeous, the plot is amazing and the characters are awesome!
The greatest anime I have ever watched. Never have I been more invested in a show than Tokyo Ghoul, with a superb story and intricate characters. Outstanding and completely amazing.
Come on Tokyo Ghoul 100th even thought it's new I would expect it to be in the top the in Japan in 2014 this was the 4th most popular anime. So I would like to recommend this to all anime lovers

95Astro Boy
If you only saw the remake that was done in 2003, you're probably surprised why I put it in number 2. Just in case you don't know it, Astro Boy (Tetsuwan Atom) became a household name for many generations too just like Dragon Ball Z probably it's reign was even longer. It's a work of the late great Osamu Tezuka, The Father of Manga. I really don't remember the details of the story anymore because I watched this maybe 20 years ago, but I know I loved it back then. And my brothers and I grew up knowing who Astro Boy is.


One of the best anime stories ever written Truly great should have been higher on the list. Much better than Bleach and Naruto and even has one of the most Iconic anime heroes of All- Time.
You know what, the people who are voting on this list didn't watch diffrent kind of cartoon shows. I got a say that the ten animation shows are terrible. I don' know this is the best animation show from Japan, but there is no animation show that was more influential than this one. I don't care people voting on shows, but make SURE TO WATCH CARTOON SHOWS FROM THE OLDEST TO THE NEWEST BEFORE YOU VOTE. The shows higher on the list are for real kids. I'm not saying this show is the best, but made a revolution to the T.V. in Japan.
Did you know that it would take a million years to watch every video on YouTube?

That's not important though, but do you realize how long it would talks for us to read and watch EVERY SINGLE ONE? Some will give you nightmares. Some will make you wanna punch the T.V. screen. Others? Nyeh.

Point is, people like different stuff. The reason the person put this on here to see and state his opinion.

Question is, have YOU even done that?
[Newest]I love this show.

96Wolf's Rain
The ending speaks for itself one of the best endings in anime history and one of the only shows that actually ended. The only problem is episodes 15-18 were recap episodes which could have been used for something else.
Wolf's Rain should be Number one! It is much better than any of the other animes on this list! Dragon-ball Z? Come on! Wolf's Rain beats the lot!
I really enjoyed the story line and plot to this, I wish it wouldve been higher in the list, it deserves it
[Newest]A beautiful anime. That is all I have to say.

97Gundam Wing
I was in high school when I first watch this anime. What draws me at first is the bad-ass graphics at that time. But as the story progresses, you will be really amazed at how the storyline reflects the physical, psychological, and political effects of warfare. Told through the eyes of five teenagers, caught in a battle created by the old geezers hunger for power, this anime is a must see for all ages.
Got to be one of the best Gundam anime's out there. This is one of the few anime's I actually own personally. This is one of the few animes that doesn't insult your intelligence, you actually have to think about the plot and follow it along. The character development it fantastic as well as the intensity of conflicting ideas between sides.
Oh, man really? No comments? I watched this series a dozen times between T.V. and DVD before the obsession wore off. It's a classic with the traditional Gundam philosophical and emotional depth. Good guys and bad are both strong, and the bad aren't necessarily bad... Which is realistic for a war anime. Good intensity on and off the battlefield. Gundam at it's finest.
[Newest]One of the deepest and well thought out anime series' I've ever seen. yes they reuse lots of the shots and all that, but what makes gundam stand out is the mature storyline. 9/10 in my book and always a good watch

98Hayate the Combat Butler
Lucky is very lucky to be mistress of a butler like Hayate. This show will definitely make anyone smile. The dutiful Hayate and the jealous in love Nagi form one f the cutest anime couple.
I love this anime from the bottom of my heart. I will never forget it as I love the characters so much, go watch for yourself if you have any doubts, a few episodes will clear them. If I got chance to go to anime world then I wont choose Naruto, bleach or one piece but thiz you will see why.
I never really want it to end. It got everything. Its just so awesome. Just watch it you wont be dissapointed for sure. Love it
[Newest]The anime is good, but the manga is even better.

99Love Hina
Hilarious fun in every episode ^^ the king of harem anime! Pervy while delivering wonderful story elements.

100Baka and Test
Why isn't this number 1? This anime is awesome!
This anime is like the funniest thing of all time I watched it twice and laughed at every joke. BETTER THAN DRAGONBALL Naruto AND... ONE PIECE!
Why is this lower than Boku no Pico. This anime is life.

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