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I always thought they were American

Crikey, AC DC is my favorite band a' tallywaggers playing the digiridoo up in the jolliwoggy mate.

2 INXS INXS INXS were an Australian rock band, formed as The Farriss Brothers in 1977 in Sydney, New South Wales.
3 Bee Gees Bee Gees The Bee Gees were a pop music group formed in 1958. Their line-up consisted of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb. V 1 Comment
4 Savage Garden Savage Garden Savage Garden were an Australian pop duo consisting of Darren Hayes as vocalist and Daniel Jones as instrumentalist.
5 Cold Chisel Cold Chisel
6 Birds of Tokyo
7 Powder Finger
8 Wolfmother Wolfmother more. V 1 Comment
9 Tame Impala Tame Impala Tame Impala is an Australian psychedelic rock band founded by Kevin Parker in 2007. The group began as a home recording project for Parker, who writes, records, performs, and produces the music.
10 Midnight Oil Midnight Oil Midnight Oil are an Australian rock band, who originally performed as Farm from 1972 with drummer Rob Hirst, bass guitarist Andrew James and keyboard player/lead guitarist Jim Moginie.

The Contenders

11 The Easybeats
12 Silverchair Silverchair Silverchair were an Australian rock band, which formed in 1992 as Innocent Criminals in Merewether, Newcastle with the line-up of Ben Gillies on drums, Daniel Johns on vocals and guitars, and Chris Joannou on bass guitar. V 1 Comment
13 Tonight Alive
14 Portal Portal
15 Skyhooks
16 Little River Band
17 October Rage
18 Flash and the Pan
19 Airbourne
20 Violent Soho
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1. AC/DC
3. Bee Gees
1. AC/DC
2. Wolfmother
3. Tame Impala



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