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21 Amar Poth Chola (Artcell)

This is the best bangla song ever it surely should be in the top five. Best Bangla band song ever. Good lyrics, best music composition and great vocal. Overall, it's the best Bangla band song of all time. It

Awesome song. It recalls a lot of memories of family and friends. Love it.

There's nothing that can be 'BEST'in music as music depends on the moods perspectives and reasons... I won't say it is the best but it surely deserves some more appreciation

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22 Chaite Paro 2 (Aurthohin)

This song should be number 1.. How the hell it is in number 33.. Are you kidding me. This song is played in radio heavily.. Best song ever.

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23 Sat Din (Aurthohin) V 1 Comment
24 Chena Jogot (Vibe)

How is this even Possible?
It should be in top 15 at least
I am an ArtCell Fan, but still... how is this even possible?

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25 Ghumonto Shahare (LRB) V 1 Comment
26 Anmone (Aurthohin)

It's an outstanding song with overflowing emotion. I really wonder why it is placed at the end.

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27 Amar Shongbidhan (Vibe)

reaches international standards. good job guys. best bangladeshi metal song.

This is the a awesome song so I think it should be upper position. Thanks


Awesome song by a sadly underrated band.

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28 Guti - The Finale (Aurthohin) V 2 Comments
29 Aushomapto (Aurthohin) V 2 Comments
30 Hasimukhey (Shironamhin)

Should be in top 10. It touches my heart.

This song deserve to be on top ten. One of the best song in Bangla music. I became fan of Shironamhin after listening to this song.

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31 Holud Pakhi (Cactus)

Greatest bengali song ever... With awesome lyrics and music.. Thanks cactus for giving us this super awesome song...

Best song ever by the greatest rock band of Kolkata

Nothing to say much. But I just love this song.

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32 Musafir (Mizan)
33 Hotasha (Warfaze)

This amazing song deserves to be in top 5

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34 Krodher Vetor Krodh (Black)
35 Bondho Janala (Shironamhin) V 2 Comments
36 Diona Mastana (James)
37 Nil Bedona (Cold J)

The first Bangladeshi Alternative Rock song in Bangladesh

38 Tomaye Dilam (Mohiner Ghoraguli)

Real taste of rock music what Bengal had got.

The most iconic and the first true bengali rock music... #Legend...

39 Bodhu Re (Cactus)

I heard this song accidentally, and nothing was able to take away my love for it after that. It has a great composition, good lyrics and the singer is amazing, you actually feel the song flowing through your veins!

40 Nikrishto 2 (Aurthohin)

Such a great metal song
Awesome lyric and music
It have to be at top 10 I guess

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