Best Alternative Bands of All Time

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341 Friendly Fires
342 For the Broken
343 Band of Skulls
344 Editors

Good vocals, good band!

345 Hands Like Houses
346 I See Stars
347 Trading Yesterday

They are amazing. They are awesome. They are legendary. They are epic. The list could go on!

348 Ayreon

Especially their album "Human Equation" is worth hearing. Decide yourself, but I think that Arjen Lucasen is one of the most talented musicians ever.

349 Stereophonics

Best Alternative Band Ever, all songs are fantastic

350 Wolf Parade
351 New Order

Defined the genre decades before everyone else.

V 2 Comments
352 Never Shout Never

Christofer Drew Ingle <3 An emo/Acoustic band that has a unique sound and an amazing voice. Very meaning songs

353 LoveHateHero V 1 Comment
354 Gym Class Heroes Gym Class Heroes Gym Class Heroes is an American rap rock-hip hop band from Geneva, New York, United States. The group formed in 1997 when Travie McCoy met drummer Matt McGinley during their high school gym class.

Definitely the top 20 of alternative bands!

355 Swans
356 The Sisters of Mercy

At this rank - truly obvious sign that this list is worthless and made by people who dream of Britney Spears

A giant in this category - anyone who thinks otherwise is an oingo boingo superfan

One of the few bands that deserves to be at the top of this list - poor lost souls here

357 The Jesus and Mary Chain

Clearly spoke to Jesus when I heard them

358 Temples

They are a new psychedelic alternative band. They have release one album so far (Sun Structures) and it is the best album of 2014 (so far).

359 EarlyRise

Amazing alternative rock band consisting of a female singer called Orly and the musicians

360 Noah

Try to hear Indonesian music

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