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Jurassic Park
I think is probably the best movie in history, Why? Cause it's a solid film, like LITERALLY solid. Original story, perfect development of plot, perfect cast, incredible cgi, perfect horror and suspense, thrilling action, perfect acting, incredible scenery, perfect soundtrack. I can't think of any other movie that succeeds in so many overall aspects as Jurassic Park does.
Jurassic Park, my favourite movie of all time, is an exciting, adventurous, amusing, and DANGEROUS movie. Surely anyone would agree that Jurassic Park is a rollercoster ride filled with total madness
one of the, if not the greatest movie ever made. who didn't fall in love with it
[Newest]I am the number 1 fan of this movie! Love Dino's and Jurassic park!

2The Land Before Time
The Land Before Time has 13 Sequels and a T.V. show.

(And A 14 Sequel Coming Out December 2015 and it will be Traditionally Animated so it won't be another Disgraceful Computer Animated Movie.)

I think The Land Before Time deserves the praise and fans that it gets because who would not agree that The Land Before Time is Awesome?
this movie has 12 sequels!
This movie is so awesome but I don't think that they should have killed Sharptooth (Red Claw STINKS.)

The sequels would have been so much awesome...

3The Lost World - Jurassic Park
I absolutely loved this movie trilogy. But why the hell is Toy Story here. It's a bit of a disgrace. If anything, Godzilla should be on this list instead of Toy Story
This is one of the best dinosaur movies. It's really fun to watch and it's the best jurassic park movie! I hope they make a new one!
Not as good as the first Jurassic park but still really cool
[Newest]Better than the third but not as good as the first or Jurassic world.

Nice movie, I like it
Everything about it is true except the dinosaurs are the Triassic and Cretaceous dinosaurs and they don't live together but still really cool!
Who in the world put that dumb land before time better than this? Dinosaur is awesome. It looks amazing for an animated movie. I also love that they put a carnotorus as the bad guy instead of a t-Rex. I love the carnotorus! And land before time is the dumbest movie ever.

5Jurassic Park III
I think it's much better than "The Lost Better" deserves to be up there.
COME ON whats this doing at the 10th place it deserves 1 2 or 3rd
This deserves to by #3


6The Land That Time Forgot
Also the ORIGINAL 1933 King Kong, too
This should be at the top!

7When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth
Delightful Stop Motion Animation

8Jurassic World
I was thoroughly impressed. It's not as good as the original, but it was better than the second one, and equal to the third.
Outstanding movie, loved every minute of it
Very good, as good as the first installment!

9Journey to the Center of the Earth
9 come on it deserves at least number 5

10Toy Story
How the heck is toy story a dinosaur movie? Just because it has a toy dinosaur named Rex does not make it a dinosaur movie. The movie includes more dinosaurs and has more information about them. Toy story is about toys silly!
Having a dinosaur in it (and a toy dinosaur at that) does not make it a dinosaur movie. Even if it was, I personally wouldn't want it on the list. I know I'm in the minority, but I absolutely hate the whole Toy Story franchise.
Having a dinosaur in it does not make it a dinosaur movie. Even if it was, I personally wouldn't want it on the list. I know I'm in the minority, but I absolutely hate the whole Toy Story franchise.
[Newest]A great movie, but not a dinosaur film.

The Contenders

11King Kong (2005)
2nd best after jurassic park
I like the bit where king k rips the t r's mouth open
Jurassic park is cool but the battle part with kong and the t rex's was awesome.

12Godzilla (2014)
It is a lizard dumbass

13Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

14The Good Dinosaur
Pixar makes amazing movies. I doubt that this movie will be bad.

15Jurassic Park III
This is already on the list! Look at #5!

16Land of the Lost

17Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend


19Barney's Great Adventure
Best movie of all time all you that don't like it are heaters yes it's q barney movie but it's better then Jurassic park and is way scarier, more suspenseful, has better CGI, and is the best action/horror movie ever! Don't underestimate it. Barney is lord.

20Jurassic Park 3D

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