Best Hindi Rock Songs

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41Jannat Jahan - Jannat

Amazing and very passionate song for the ambitious person..

Undoubtedly the best song rock song in India by the ultimate and the most finest rock singer Rupam Islam.

42Race Is On My Mind - Race

Very Underrated Rock song of Bollywood.

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43Sadda Haq - A R Rahman

It defines my condition

Awesome song no other nice song den dis...

44Kala Aasman - Sifar

Sifar is undoubtedly India's best pop-rock band so far, and they have a great potential to change the Indie rock music scene.

45Pichle 7 Din - Rock On.!
46Mein Tenu Samjhawan - Nasha
47Bezubaan Kab Tak - Abcd 2
48Robot - Hipnotribe
49Dil Ibaadat - Tum Mile

Listen to its rock version. Simply awesome.

50Main Laut Aaunga - Kaash

Nice band and nice songs..

I just love this song and want to see it at 1st place.

One of the most original bands of India

51But It Rained - Parikrama

This song is much better than most of the songs in the list here, parikrama are india's finest and this song deserves to be in top 10 at least

Best song from an Indian Band... Just try it once... I bet you will get addicted to it..

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52Aur War Nahi - Ahhirann

Is by far the best Hindi Rock song composed so far in this music industry.

This is a very soulful song reminds me of the legendary band Metallica. The lyrics are the best and the drops and changes in the song sounds very much like a western band. Hatts off to such a compostion.

Heard this song for the first time I loved as I am a metal lover. Classic metal song. Loved the theme on war. Love you SAT (Saattaki ) you are so kool. Radhika.

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53Bhulana Payenge Woh Din - Ahhirann

One of the best pop punk song composed in India. Sounds like Old school rock music. Feels like flying back to school. Sounds very much American Punk band sound. Would love to see the video of this song please.

Melodious pop punk song. Reminds me of Band Green Day. Happy to hear the such sound by a band here in India

54Aazaadiyan - Udaan
55Make Some Noise for the Desi Boyz - Bob & KK

I like the singers singing this song

This is a POP song NOT a rock song but still a good song

56Voh Dekhnay Mein - London, Paris, New York

Common guys. listen 2 the beautiful song from Londonparisnewyork...

57Fariyaad - Aagman
58Rishtey - Metro (Pritam)

Without a doubt the best rock song in Bollywood history ever,
Listen to the guitar solo, the bluesy piano arrangement
And the powerful lyrics. If you don't like this, you have no idea what Rock is

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59Yaariyan - CocktailV2 Comments
60Woh Lamhe

Woh Lamhe is the best rock song ever

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