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1The Godfather

There's no words to express my feelings for this movie. Every time I see it I don't know if I want to laugh or cry! All I can is "watch it, " and you won't regret it!

Number one on my list of best movies ever. I could watch this classic over and over and never get tired of seeing it. I read the book beforehand and seen the movie when it first came out in the theaters. Great acting by Brando, he portrayed an inspiring characterization of Don Corleone!

Everything about this movie is great and hope it will be my Favorite till my end of life... Marlon Brando no words to describe his acting n his personalty... Big big fan... RIP God actor

Historical performance in Hollywood

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2A Streetcar Named Desire

MARLON BRANDO is freaking awesome actor. Love him in most of his movies. I was actually hesitating on whether to pick this one or On the Waterfront. But finally decided that he is absolutely hilarious in ASNS. Breathtaking performance... Hey Stella!

Masterpiece. 'The Godfather' can't give to the viewer the depth, the sensitivity and the powerful quality 'A Street Named Desire' offers. I wonder why so many people get impressed by gangster movies. How come and they talk to their lives? Are we serious now?

in my opinion his greatest performance, better than the godfather. It's the movie that made brando a star. it's the performance that inspired everyone who came after him! - Mathx

This indeed is brando's best in terms of performance

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3On the Waterfront

This is Marlon Brando at his best. You can feel the emotion that Brando puts into the role of Terry Melloy, and how he reacts to the world around him and tries to achieve redemption for the life he chose of corruption. With a doubt the greatest movie ever made, with beautiful contrast between black and white of the film, and with a superb cast, with the directorial of Elia Kazan. Not to be missed for all generations of film lovers. Marlon Brando changes the world of acting with this astonishing picture.

It's one of my favorite films. It's a heart breaking performance from the one and only Brando, as well as his best one. It's a gritty and true portrayal of a broken man and city.

This is the second greatest performance made by Marlon Brando and only edged out to the Godfather. Which was the greatest movie of all time

Phenomenal movie that truly stands the test of time. The movie is as applicable today as when it was made.

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4Apocalypse Now

The surreal take on war is brilliant and haunting, Sheen and Brando's performances made the film way better than it already was

5The Wild One

The wild One is a landmark in many ways, it was one of the most important movies for a new generation of youngsters in the 1950s, his style waring raw denim jeans, white tee and a biker jacket is most probably the most iconic look in pop culture. His rebellious performance as the motorcycle gang-leader in "the wild one" is the reason for the modern cowboy, the outsider witch find his freedom riding the highways across USA, and his peers establishing motorcycle clubs such as Hells angeles and Bandidos. Not only a top actor performance but creating one of the iconic looks of todays rebellious youth.

One of his best acting with young vision and charismatic identity as a gang leader. His most of the up-coming performances more mature but expressing weak attention.

Brando as young raw talent, a brilliant performance. If it wasn't for this movie Brando would have faded into the Hollywood wallpaper, deserves to be number 1 just on those merits..

Deep meaning... Johnny meets himself in kathy

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7The Teahouse of the August Moon

Very funny movie I love it, and marlon was a genius, I like Japanese people and the movie is really good


The finesse laiden, yet powerful nuances of Brando's acting are on display as he owns the first 10-15 minutes of the best comic book movie ever made

9Last Tango in Paris

This is Brando's finest performance, in my opinion. I like 'The Godfather' better as a film, but this film captures Brando's darkest two hours in a movie. The scene in the end where he is talking to his dead wife was mostly improvised... THAT IS INSANE!

Compelling, tragic and thought provoking. gutsy roll

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11The Young Lions

Totally underrated in this film. Better than Streetcar, Godfather combined.

Best film by far. One of the best films of the Second World War

12One-Eyed Jacks

This was a spaghetti western before there was such a thing as far as the story goes, way ahead of it's time! Shows yet again the versatility and vision and daring of Brando

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13Julius Caesar

Watch his speech in this movie.

14Mutiny on the Bounty

One of best films of all time and brilliant performance by Marlon Brando

Great from start to finish...Brando the greatest

15The MenV1 Comment
16Viva Zapata!V2 Comments
17The AppaloosaV1 Comment
19Guys and Dolls

Couldn't believe that Brando sang better then Sinatra in this movie, loved it

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20The Night of the Following Day
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