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Looking for an amazing studio in Utah? Something to increase your fitness, and your ability to defend yourself? Martial arts is a great way to develop many skills, and has many benefits. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Absolute MMA
I've actually trained at 3 different gyms over the past 10 years. How can I describe my experience? Have you ever been skiing and your buddies take you to the top of the double-black-diamond run and as you flop off the ski lift they shout, "See you at the bottom! " Well at the other gyms they tended to cater to the advanced members and I felt that I was left to flop on my face and be the punching bag for the other guys that knew what they were doing. When I walked in the doors at Absolute MMA there was a definite different feeling. The gym is bright, clean and welcoming. As I workout there, the coaching is first and foremost welcoming and I actually feel comfortable to ask the advanced guys for pointers and they are awesome at taking the time. The other gyms seemed to have the feeling everyone was walking around sizing everyone up and grumpy all the time. Rob Handley and Pedro Sierra are running a very upbeat and inspiring gym. I signed my 11 year old boy up because I appreciate the positive influences. That being said there are some up and coming champions being trained at a high level and winning their professional matches. Imagine me a beginner and a professional champion working at our highest level together and improving at our own pace. Absolute MMA has my vote.
I can't talk about the life changing experience yet, since I barely started at absolute MMA. But what I can say is that I felt like home the moment I entered the gym. Pedro is a great guy, and the crew is amazing, humble and supportive. I actually fell on my bottom in first 5 minutes of being there. We did a shadowing and I threw a knee and my back leg followed and I landed pretty hard :) but you know what nobody was laughing at me. One of the guys just said you're OK get up, it happens to everyone.
Wow what else is there to say. by the way they treat ladies as equal so don't expect to be spared of hard work if you're a female. I can talk only for my self, and I felt welcomed and respected and in that kind of environment you can only give the same. I hope this is a beginning of a long and beautiful friendship for me. Come, see, stay
I've been coming to Absolute MMA for a little while now and I notice that the instructors and the members are always positive. I'm new to martial arts and don't know a whole lot yet Everyone makes me feel like I'm an important part of the team. It's not just the instructors who make an effort to teach me, all of the people I work with here try to show me things to improve what I do. Absolute MMA is a great place to get a killer workout and be surrounded by awesome people.
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2World Class Martial Arts
Master Andy and Moses took everyone to perform at the Utah Jazz Halftime show. It was such a great experience, even though it was a bit scary. Thank you for helping us overcome our fears and face that crowd! This is perfect for our whole family.
We love Master Moses and Andy.. they have helped my son with his focus and have taught him how to be respectful and do his best. If you want your children to learn from the best World Class Martial Arts is the place to go!
They are the best! They support and back up parents helping my children be more respectful and in control of their tempers. I recently started myself and they are so encouraging, helpful, and push me beyond anything I think I could do!
[Newest]World Class Martial Arts focuses helps their students be better in every facet of their lives.

3Kim's Academy of Tae Kwon Do
My son and I both reached black belt and became assistant instructors. Almost all of the assistant instructors are "home grown. " They earned their black belts and Kim's, and have stayed with it, progressing to 2nd and 3rd dan. Discipline is positive, not negative. Things needing correction are addressed promptly and kindly, followed by positive reinforcement. It's a great place for kids, and for their parents.
Grand Master Kim is one of the best. Kim's Academy has been around for a long time, and is a great way to get fit.

4Amys Martial Arts
Specializing is Tae Kwon Do, this family owned martial arts studio offers personalized training, and have great classes for kids.

5Shaolin Arts
One of the best priced martial arts studios for the content. Teaching Kung-Fu, Tai Chi, Karate, and fitness classes, this is a great place to study if you are interesting in martial arts, especially in Kung-Fu.
The most complete system of self defense I have ever found. Amazing instructors teaching traditional, family style, martial arts. I have checked into other places but never had such a positive experience.

6Hidden Valley MMA
Excellent place to train, the level of knowledge and skill of the instructors there is incredible. They take the time to make sure you understand the techniques and that you can apply them effectively but safely. This place is family oriented, so happy to call them my family.
qualified instructors, clean, no big egos like most martial arts gyms in utah
Offers a wide-array of classes, including Judo.

7Wasatch Kenpo

8Arrowhead Martial Arts
Specializing in teaching adults exclusively, and giving you a more personalized look into martial arts.

9Muay Thai Institute
I have lost 45 pounds doing muay Thai and have had an incredible experience at the muay Thai institute. Everyone is very welcoming and positive, and have helped me make amazing improvements in my technique.
One of the foremost schools of Muay Thai in Utah.

10Booth's ATA Black Belt Academy
Out of all the ATA instructors in the state, the Booth's have given me the most effective and relevant Taekwondo training considering my individual background, experience, personality style, and learning style. For those near American Fork, Utah try it out! It is worth a shot! It may be one of the most positive experiences of your life! You never know until you try and I believe it is better to live life saying "oh well..." rather than asking "what if?..".
I love that the Booth's can run a whole class while still focusing on everyone's individual needs all in a positive and friendly environment. They are wonderful with all ages and all levels of experience. Great place to train!
Over 13 years experience in training some of the best martial artists in the world. Personal approach and individualized training no matter the class size.
Traditional Art that trains discipline and respect.

The Contenders

11Black Diamond Taekwondo

12Salt Lake Aikikai

13Champion Karate West
This school is a family owned business located at 3224 N University Ave Provo Utah. Master Barker is a 5th degree black belt teaching Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiu-jitsu ad self-defense to ages 3-adult. Call 801-709-6011. Sensei Jordan diaz a 3rd dgree black belt teaches 2 days a week. Also Ms. Rivera is a new black belt assisting in classes.

14Ultimate Combat Training Center
Located in Draper, Utah, UCTC is Utah's oldest, and most highly regarded Mixed Martial Arts training facility. Offering courses in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, MMA, and ilovekickboxing, UCTC has something for everyone! Check them out inside the VF Factory Outlet Mall at 12101 South factory Outlet Drive, or give them a call at (801) 967-5295.

15Champion Karate West

16Toyama Ryu Iaido
Classic Japanese Swordsmanship.
This is samurai swordfighting, from the glass smooth draw-and-cut, to partner practice and sparring, to training in how to move and respond to an attack.
The sensei is a wonderful martial artist and an excellent teacher. At $35 dollars a month, it is quite the deal.

17Tony Martinez Kenpo Karate

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