Top 10 Best Modern Rock Bands

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Linkin Park
The Best Band Ever... The Combination of Rap and Rock or as you say ROCK AND HIP-HOP is truly unique and beautiful... Nothing Beats Linkin Park...

Mike Shinoda has got the best rapping skills(along with eminem of course) and his accent is just too good

Chester Bennington has got the voice...

Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Joe Hahn and Dave Farrell all rock

Here's a list... Randomly Ordered so don't care for spots
The Songs marked *(star) don't suit everyone

1. Blackbirds
2. Burning In The Skies
3. Waiting for the End
4. Wretches and Kings*
5. Irridescent
6. The Catalyst
7. When They Come for me*
8. We made it ft. Busta Rhymes
9. Dirt Off Your Shoulder, Lying From You ft JayZ
10.99 Problems ft Jayz
11. Numb/Encore ft. JayZ
12. Big Pimpin' Papercut ft Jayz*
13. Not Alone*
14. Papercut
15. One Step Closer
16. With You*
17. Points of Authority
18. Crawling
19. Runaway
20. By Myself
21. In The End
22. A Place for my Head
23. Forgotten
24. Pushing me away
25. Don't stay
26. Somewhere I Belong
27. Lying From You
28. Hit The Floor
29. Easier to Run
30. Faint
31. Figure 09
32. Breaking The Habit
33. From The Inside
34. Nobody's Listening
35. Numb
36. Given Up
37. Leave Out All The Rest
38. Bleed It Out
39. Shadow Of The Day*
40. What I've Done
41. Hands Held High
42. No More Sorrow*
43. Valentine's Day
44. In Between*
45. In Pieces
46. The Little Things Give you Away*
47. New Divide
48. Across The Line
49. Enth E and
50. Reading My Eyes*


Best rock band in the world... Also the most innovative, that's what I really like in them ;
For those who hate lp, you know nuts...


Linkin Park is just plain the best. Every single one of their songs is excellent. They actually put time and thought into their songs, they make it lyrically unique and awesome. The mixture of all the styles is just epic.
[Newest]I like this band

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2Avenged Sevenfold
Avenged Sevenfold is the best bands of our generation in my opinion. I love everything they do, every album they make sounds different yet it is sounds great.
Everything thing they have ever done sounds exactly the same.
M. Shadows is the most epic man in the world. And he has the most amazing band ever... PERIOD!
Linkin park?
Those guys were great but now they suck.
I loved Linkin park but now I hate them. They are not creating music now, they are creating jokes. I listened to their recent album. It was rubbish. I wish they stop this nonsense. Now it is all about A7X. They make Metallica look like a little child. Their songs are great. Simply they are the best.
What the hell you are Avenged Sevenfold is worst band ever I am shocked to see that Avenged Sevenfold is at #2 I think Linkin Park is more better than Avenged Sevenfold even Green Day is better I am satisfied with this list but not with your comment and Avenged Sevenfold LINKIN
[Newest]A7x is undoubtedly the best rock band... I listened almost all songs of them...
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3Three Days Grace
The only band that meets my style of rock music;
reasonable lyrics
good vocal
bad - ass
and sexiness
Come on guys they are much better than any of the bands available above it just listen to 1Animal I HAVE BECOME you will come to know they are simply the most talented but most underrated band
They the 21st century rock
their lyrics is awesome thier music is great... each of thier song will force you to bang your head... I just love them.
[Newest]There a very good rock band
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4Breaking Benjamin
I JUST LOVE BREAKING BENJAMIN they make damn great songs ever
Ben burnly has the best voice in life and that I am sure of
So many of their songs carry such a strong message... We can all relate to their music, we can all learn from what they have to say. Powerful.
Mindblowing band...
all albums are damn consistent... with almost each song a relic
variations are worth applauding
overall one of the very best
BB Forever
[Newest]Greatest band with most consistency, hands down!
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5Green Day
Green Day are amazing, best punk-rock band ever, love em!
Doesn't matter if you think they are not punk. They are still the best live band I have ever seen. And I am 52 years old and have seen many concerts in my time.
Green Day is not just a typical rock band. Green Day's songs show more than typical lyrics that discusses common topics like love, loss and all those things. Some songs discuss these common topics but most stand out because they are a way of speaking out to the government. It is a way of protest.
Green Day is surely one of the greatest bands of this era.
Great band. I love it how the red hot fans blame the youth for its popularity laugh out loud
[Newest]Number 5?! Green Day are amazing!
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6Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl is the Man. The foos are without a doubt the best rock band around.
They are the best thing music has to offer since the grunge movement. Of course everybody is impressed with Dave Grohl's musicianship, but it's always their chemistry as a band that makes them be better than any contemporary band. They are not a band of posers, they do not pretend to represent a generation, and do not pretend they play are among the best in the world. They just get together and rock out, which is exactly what the other bands are lacking. Rock 'n roll isn't all about elaborate compositions and "the rock star lifestyle" and is best practiced when your friends are next to you - so that you do it for fun and for the love of the craft.

Long live Foo Fighters!
Dave grohl, taylor hawkins, nate mendel, chris shiflett, and pat smear are the best
[Newest]Dave Grohl is amazing, how are Foo Fighters so low down?
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They are creative and diverse! Which bands have written a symphony based upon the themes of space rock presented in a Chopin/rachmaninoff/Rossini style! Their rock music it totally awesome! They do the basics extremely well and encourage expermentation and new music! They don't sound like old blues and rock n roll and don't go for the emotional appeal either! They really push the boundary and their live performances says it all. Another notable thing is that they've always stayed true to themselves and not changed their line up and gone on hiatus etc... They have not ruined their style of music and as they have progressed they have improved and got more popular! They are a proper rock band which doesn't sound the same and are totally extrodinary and sound like nothing else if listened to with an open mind! Linkin are only famous because of transformers face it! Muse should be at the top! Rock on guys!
Muse is the all time best band in the world. From each band member's individual talent to the range of sounds and styles the incorporate into their music. Even a person who doesn't listen to rock music can listen to muse and find at least one song they love. Linkin Park is great, save for their newer musical endeavors, but I think that the top five should REALLY be Linkin Park, Muse, Foo Fighters, Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The other five bands that are listed here suck ass, I've listened to them all and they are all crap. Three days grace? Rise Against? ALTER BRIDGE?! What are you people thinking. The people that chose these bands must also be the people that voted Barack Obama into office.
The best modern rock band by a country mile. Not only are they masters of prog metal, but they're also extremely diverse, as evidenced by just how different every single one of their albums are.


[Newest]Simply the best rock band out there today!
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8Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are the greatest band ever! They currently hold the world record for most number 1 hits on the alternative rock charts, and have, like Linkin Park, combined several different forms of music together. Funk, Punk, Alternative Rock, and Rap have all been genres they have written music in. They are the band of a generation. Hell, I'll even create a list of their greatest songs for all those out there that might want it: By the way, Can't stop, Venice Queen, Around the World, Scar Tissue, Purple Stain, Cabron, Higher Ground (Stevie Wonder Cover), Havana Affair (Ramones Cover), The Adventures of Raindance Maggie, Look Around, True Men Don't Kill Coyotes, Californication, Readymade, Purple stain, Under The Bridge, Save The Population, Give It Away, Even You Brutus? , Soul To Squeeze... Those are just a few off the top of my head. Just listen to them, and try no to J your pants.
The greatest bands on this list are RHCP, System of a Down and AB. This is the truth people. I like them for different reasons though.

AB - Best Alternative rock band since Nirvana and Pearl Jam
System of a Down - The best heavy metal band of the last 12 yeats
RHCP - For being the best band ever
just the best band ever, I listen RHCP since I was 10 years old and I still do!
so everybody listen to these guys, at least give it a try. In the beginning they could sound a bit weird but it's just best damn music on the planet!
[Newest]Greatest band of all time

9System of a Down
Where I am living. Is this world is crazy? Or my eyes are blind or what? I do not know much about this rock band but the moment I listen to their song chop sue I started crying because I am going trough some of my worst days before hearing this song I always think that I should deserves pain pain and severe pain you will not believe that once I started thinking about attending suicide but when I her this song I could not able to move my hands and legs tiers are started falling from my eyes These guys done an impossible job How on earth can make such a beautiful song They deserves not only the no. one spot but above it After listening this song I realize that nothing the hell is impossible in this world if you try hard to achieve what you want then even god can not able to stop you Believe me no one can NO ONE
Just because they have one good song you can relate to doesn't mean that they deserve to be in the no. 1 spot. A lot of people have been in similar situations as you and they also have a song from another band that they value highly like you. One song doesn't make a band better than other bands. Bands can only be better than bands by consistency, fan base, popularity, originality, relatability, albums, singers, drummers, etc. Not because of a song that touches a depressed person's heart
Where do I begin? They were something else, not only were they awesome in everything their music had great message behind it which. They definitely deserve more attention than they get but fortunately it doesn't stop the awesomeness. ROCK ON!
P.S. serj is simply amazing
Nothing against Avenged Sevenfold but seriously, this band is way better then them in my OPINION. They put so much meaning and emotion in their songs. Their lyrics are off the wall, emotional, relatable, deep, and just the most amazing songs ever. They may not have the most insane shredding but they have skill leaking out of their ears in everything they do. Every album they released has touched me emotionally.
[Newest]One of the best nu metal bands, should be number 1

10Rise Against
Rise Against should be number one. They have adrenalin pumping songs (beats Green Day), they don't dick around with their music (beats linkin park), their lead singer doesn't look/sound like a girl (beats tokio hotel), and I have never even heard of "alter bridge". And even after six albums their still kicking ass... Not to mention they're one of the few bands who write songs with a real meaning behind them like "Make It Stop" is about September's children, "A Hero Of War" is about a soldier's mistake in Iraq, "Help Is On The Way" is about Hurricane Katrina and the Oil Spill and "life Less Frightening" is about the dangers we face every day... I'm a die hard RA fan, their music has inspired me to be who I am today... And by the way I'm awesome...
Rise Against is one of the greatest modern bands out today. This and Foo Fighters should be a lot higher. O, and who thinks its weird that 30 Seconds to Mars is 15 here and 6 on Top Rock Bands? Id k, its just weird.
My favourite band, just listen to "paper wings", "behind closed doors", "give it all", "heaven knows" and you'll see what I mean
[Newest]Savior got me into the band literally one of my favorite band ever, the kick ass and great live performances too
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The Contenders

Wow man they are so rocking... their soft voice make me mad...
They are really different from other rock bands who just don't know how to sing and just beat their metal equipments
Very beautiful voice. I love the simplicity of the music at the first album, then how it complicates into an extraordinary piece with beautiful vocals.
They need to release another album soon too.
SHE IS AMAZING, I don't know why she isn't in the top 10
[Newest]Evanescence is AWESOME. Good vocals, amazing lyrics. VOTE!

The reason why Skillet should be number one is not just because they play (in my mind) the best music, but they also do a lot more with their music than most bands. I know adding violins and cellos would not work for every rock band, but for Skillet, this just adds to the skill level at which they perform and sounds amazing! I could go on for a very long time about why this band is the best, but I believe the best way to tell anyone how great they are is simply this; go see them live. Enough said.
Hey skillet should be at one his songs are very inspiring, his are really ver very good, best thing of his songs is the lyrics, I hope that it will improve your rating
Hey guys! Have you ever seen the mixture of male and female voices in a rock band if not then this band is perfect for it just listen to their song 'HERO' and it will make you a instant fan of it and yes the girl and her voice both are super hot
[Newest]I was recently at Winter Jam, 2015, and holy cow these guys are some of the best

13Alter Bridge
I think they are the future of rock! Their songs are artistic.. Melodious... With blend of modernity in them! Alter bridge rocks! I think they are the best! They should be number 1 on the list! Sad to see them in 5!
Alter Bridge is loaded with talent. They bring a great combination of melody and rock crunch with amazing guitar riffs and meaningful lyrics. I'm a bit surprised they are not more popular in the United States, but apparently are very big in Europe. If you aren't familiar with them I suggest you give them a listen. Check out some of their live concerts from Amsterdam or Wembley.
Work so well together as a band, Myles' voice is absolutely iconic, this band has great potential to become one of the greatest rock groups around
[Newest]These guys Rock! Can't wait for more material!
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Nickelback isn't the best band. But they should be in the top 10. Everyone hates on Nickleback because they are Canadian, all songs sound the same etc. You are kidding me? All songs, don't sound the same! Compare Burn It To The Ground to Lullaby. Is there a difference? That is why I think Nickleback is a lot better than number 26 on this list. So please, VOTE FOR NICKLEBACK!
My favourite band of all time, their music varies so much:
"S. E. X" and "something in your mouth" which are more hardcore,
"savin me" and far away" which are softer rock,
"how you remind me" and "rock star" which are more pop songs.
In my opinion they are just the best band ever. They have been going for years and have build their popularity up to one of the best bands ever
Lies! Lies! Lies! That is what hate conspirators spread about this band and they do so evilly just because they are Canadian. That is discrimination! They have a wider range of music than most bands and very few of their songs are about sex. At good 80% of it is very meaningful and Chad Kroeger is a brilliant lyricist even when he does write about sex. He knows just how far to go and uses metaphors better than most could ever hope to. They are the stadium rock everyone is dying for and yet they can't handle that there is a grunge band out there doing better than Nirvana. Listen to them and stop hating for no good reason.
[Newest]Quite good band that have found their rhythm and mostly stick to it... Sometimes their downfall though.
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1530 Seconds to Mars
Best rock band. Jared has a beautiful voice. Sensitive yet so strong. Moreover have style to die for.30 Seconds to Mars forever

one of my favorite drummers ever and make the best choruses ever


Jared Leto's voice is something to die for. And I love how they aren't the typical Rock band. They have their own unique and distinct style and they know their own roots. It is also fascinating how they deliver their songs using symbolisms and subliminal messages. When it comes to this band, you shouldn't just listen, you also need to understand.
[Newest]30 seconds to mars is amazing. put the at like 14 and put skillet at 13. put My Chemical romance at like 20

16My Chemical Romance
My Chemical romance are absolutely the best band ever, 13 isn't enough for them, here's a little glimpse of what you're up against when you choose My Chemical Romance:

1st album:"i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love". This album is all about lyrics, you won't quite understand the meaning if you don't have the intention, and if you don't understand the songs then you shouldn't be hearing this.

2nd album: "Three cheers for sweet revenge". This one is about emotions, a bit about how My Chemical Romance chose to continue, take cemetery drive as an example, if you remove the earphone slightly you can here "don't do it don't do it, don't" in the background, Way characterized it as a call for their friend who was suicidal, they dedicated this song in his honor, convincing him not to.

3rd album:"welcome to the black parade". this song is about how a tragedy can seem to end a person's life, but either way "they'll carry on". This album focuses on fan-based reactions, therefore, the fans' favorite.

4th album:"danger days: the true lives of the fabulous killjoys". This is the pointbreak of My Chemical Romance, they've had enough of the depression in the first 3 albums, this shows the party and happiness in them, which is completely the opposite of the first 3.

5th and final album (not really an album but anyway):"conventional weapons": Although it's not really an album, it's just My Chemical Romance's final singles put together in an album, it shows that they were so happy through the years of being a band, but it must end at some point, which was march 2013, a date to never be forgotten.

"fake your death", their final released song, gave us a glimpse of hope of their return.
These bros are awesome live, save lives, create inspirational and deep lyrics, and are really good at composing their music. They've all fought of their demons bravely and deserve all they have today. Listen to their albums, read up a bit on what was going on at the time each song was written and about the double meanings of some of the songs and I promise you won't be disappointed. But overall, I am fairly pleased with this list and you guys' overall taste for quality music. It's moments like this that help restore my faith in humanity!
They are the best of the best. Please for god sake listen to the song welcome to the black parade and you will be able to realize why I am telling this. After hearing this song I saw a dream about a women who was ringing the bell of my house. It was too dark to watch her clearly. But she has long hair. Double the hair of Robert plant and then she ask me to give some water I was little bit scared but I gave her a glass of water. Then again she asked me to give some more water. I was too scared at that time I just switch off light and went to bend and then suddenly I watch her asking me to give some more water from my window. I just die after that dream due to heart failure and believe now I am a ghost still listening to my chemical romance and if you do not vote them then might be something scary will happen to you. BELIEVE ME. HA HA HA HA...
[Newest]#16? It has to be in at least top 5! You guys should regret on voting other bands like Nickelback and Evanescence...
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17Papa Roach
Come on..! They are much better than Evanescence.
I believe that they deserve to be in top 10 at least...
Linkin Park are good because they have many well-worked songs but papa roach are a true rock band. Avenged Sevenfold are overrated... Their only really special song is Afterlife while Papa have at least 3 special songs in every album. Breaking Benjamin are amazing but they have fewer hits than papa. Only 3DG might deserve a higher place than papa... RHCP was the best band but they are not that new and fresh.
So my top 10:
10. Radiohead
9. Rise Against
8. Muse
7. Thirty secs to Mars
6. Green Day
5. Disturbed
4. Breaking Benjamin
3. Linkin Park
1. Papa Roach
It should be on the top tens, of course after their best album the connection was out... Even nickelback and bullet for my valentine can beat it... Hell yeah it should be in the top tens... And it is so so much better than alter bridge!
I love papa roach. They are the best ever! Jacoby Shadixx is so cute it makes them even better
[Newest]They know how to rock big time

Favorite band of my life, They are great, and their guitar solo's are wicked.
They have great beats and singing and the best album covers disturbed 4 life
Enough said
Metal rage and hardcore express the violence through the whole song
[Newest]Down with the sickness!

19Bullet for My Valentine
They may have a lesser bunch of songs and particularly not philosophical songs like Avenged Sevenfold, but almost each one of their songs has great music. What adds to the scene is that they are the sexiest lot of them all and even though I am a Green Day fan forever, I can't deny Bullet for my Valentine should be in the top 10. Making songs is different; making music is different!
I loved Bullet For My Valentine because their guitar sound great, matt tuck voice so unique and he play guitar so well like his singing. You can compare with the other band, and you will agree that Bullet For My Valentine are on the same level with A7X...


Best band ever! When I heard All these things I hate - I fell in love with them, and after I heard Tears don't fall, waking the demon and so on... EPIC BAND EVER! PLEASE ROCK ON GUYS, YOU ARE MAKING UK PROUD!
[Newest]This band makes me wet

Nirvana is amazing! Not exactly a modern band though. Also pretty much all of the bands on this list suck except RHCP, Jet and Wolfmother, also where is Radiohead? They Should probably be n0.1
Honestly, they deserve to be in top three. Many modern music are so crappy these days, and a lot of them don't take music seriously. And Linkin Park, even though it is a good band, they should be somewhere lower than 1. Nirvana is a band that created a unique revolutionary sound. This is a way lower ranking. How are they lower that Bullet for My Valentine? No. 21. Not cool.
While not as modern as other bands on this list, in terms of quality, they're the best. They revolutionized Grunge and Alternative, two genres that I don't necesarilly like, but one that's impact I can't ignore. Nirvana basically lead the rise of alt rock, with bands like Weezer following closely behind. Not only that, but Kurt Cobain's guitar skills are horribly overlooked. While not the best guitarist ever, his skills should get more attention. Dave Grohl is a fantastic drummer, and Krist Novoselic is a fine bassist. They are definitely better than other entries on this list, like Linkin Park, Evanescence and Nickelback.
Also, speaking of Nickelback, fans of them claim people only hate them because they are Canadian. I love Celine Dion and Rush, so that can't be an option. I hate them because their music sucks.
But anyways, Nirvana's gritty and sometimes dark mood was a major contributor in the grunge movement in the 90's. But even though they were bigger in the 90's, their influence can still be heard today. Not really, though, because music now is all computer made.
[Newest]Best band of their time

I am only 12, but Coldplay is my LIFE. It is what gives me joy and happiness. I love Coldplay with every fiber of my being, and I have loved their music my whole life. Don't Panic is the first song I can remember loving when I was an infant.

Chris Martin's voice is heaven to me. His voice carries me to a land of pure light and happiness. It sounds cheesy, but I am being truthful. The melodies carry me away, drifting me to a state of love and peace.

The instrumentals on Coldplay are always unique, whether beautiful, powerful, or energetic. I love how everything just flows together and is one. Solo instruments are not common in Coldplay, which I like (except in the songs like O where it is mostly piano and vocals. However, those have such amazing piano, all is well. ) I also love how sometimes one song has two different themes, usually one slower and one more fast/rock-like. Just listen to or think of Amsterdam or 42.

I could go on forever about Coldplay. My love for them is endless. If you do not know what Coldplay is, I am extremely sorry for you! Listen to them, you will see! And VOTE!

Coldplay will always be my favorite band. They are simply the best.
Coldplay's music is not only inspirational but also very unique, in ever good way, especially their newest album "Mylo Xyloto".
I might only be fifteen, but Coldplay is everything to me. It's the fuel to my joy, the mirror to my conflict and antidote to my sadness. I've only been listening to them since 2009 (which is yeah, pretty late) but it's just that unique sound they have that is so diverse, but yet so uniform. Blending of instrumentals features highly on their music, and it sounds simply beautiful. Other times, when solo instrumentals take the lead, it makes the track shine. The piano and guitar riffs on their songs are just pure wow. Don't even get me started on Chris Martin's heavenly voice. If it's even possible, I've fallen in love with it and will probably never recover.
If you haven't listened to them, give them a try and just listen to those lyrics; let them touch your heart. You won't regret it.
[Newest]This is not rock

I'm voting for Shinedown. Not because they're the best. Linkin Park does get that. Shinedown's good. Really good. They should probably be above Rise Against. They sure don't deserve 26th. They need to be above Evanescence at least. I mean, their song "Devour" was the theme for a Madden game. And they're touring with Three Days Grace this spring, and Three Days Grace is #4 now (not to mention my current favorite). So Shinedown should be around 6 or 7 probably. It is worth noting, however, that they did a Foo Fighters cover. Foo Fighters are #7 now. A cover means respect. And so, Shinedown respects Foo Fighters. Maybe that means that they should not be above FF. But more than one space would not be giving due credit.
In my opinion, Shinedown belongs in the number 2 spot right behind Avenged Sevenfold. Shinedown puts out amazing music. They have true talent, compared to most bands nowadays.

And to the person who said Avenged Sevenfold is way overrated and their only good song is Afterlife... Haha... You are WAY off. They deserve every ounce of their fame. They never fail to put out a great song and their musical talent is BEYOND any other band today.

Back to Shinedown, listen to their music. THEY ROCK.
Progressive and disgustingly talented. They produce songs that are radio friendly, but are not anywhere near "watered-down". Check them out!


[Newest]If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life it could easily be shinedown.
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Weird list. Radiohead should be the first, they're much more talented than a lot of bands in the top 10. My list would be:

1. Radiohead
2. Muse
3. The White Stripes
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. The Strokes
6. Foo Fighters
7. Arctic Monkeys
8. System of a Down
9. Green Day
10. Rise Against

Other good bands: Dream Theater, Avenged Sevenfold, Porcupine Tree, Opeth
Radiohead is one of the most creative and truly artistic rock bands out there, second only to The Beatles in their experimentation. Their music is simply beautifully crafted and one of a kind. I love a lot of these bands so it was hard to choose, but I definitely know that NICKLEBACK SHOULD NOT BE HIGHER. Also 3 Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, and Papa Roach, suck. They all sound the same. Super heavy vocals, lame generic guitar riffs, and overly edited in the studio. Also all the playing sounds so technically perfect that it doesn't even sound human. You could have robots up their playing and you wouldn't know a difference.
Critically, skillfully, and success-wise, one of the greatest and most innovative musical artists of the past 20 years. Thom Yorke is among the greatest frontmen in rock history. Jonny Greenwood and Ed O'Brien are each considered to be among the greatest guitarists of all-time. Colin Greenwood is one of the more unique bassists out there. And Philip Selway is, rhythmically, among the drummers who challenges himself the most and continues to raise the bar.
[Newest]Can't believe Coldplay are ahead of radiohead when they basically ripped radiohead off and made it sound more pop

24Hollywood Undead
As good as linkin park. Mix of rap and rock. With danny not deuce HU is great.
They really don't get enough credit, their really not all that bad. Sure not all of their songs are the best in the world but they have some of the better lyrics compared to most other bands out there.
Best Band ever!
Most of their songs are great!
Love almost all of their songs
[Newest]Best band ever. Belong in the number 1 spot I'm telling you

25Blink 182
The band with a new hit every month, songs like all the small things, adam's song, and many more they blast through most of the competitions.
Mark, Tom and Travis are the best trio that I have experienced. There is no bad blink 182 song, they are simply the best!
Their self titled album was my very first when I was only seven. My dad gave it to me when it first came out and ever since they've been my favorite band. I'm glad he did but I think they should be higher up. No trio is better nor more inspiring.
[Newest]Blink 182 is more than a band. They are a group of funny jackass' that can cheer anyone up or keep the party going. They kick total ass!

It's not only the music that's really awesome, but also taylor, jeremy and hayley are just fantastic! And I really enjoy watching them having so much fun with what they're doing. I JUST LOVE PARAMORE AND IS REALLY MY FAVORITE BAND!
Listen to one of their albums, you don't have to listen to the others, but you will. And try to keep your eyes off them after watching videos of them. Good luck hating them, because it's not possible. They are the healthiest addiction.
Their music is hot, crazy drums, killer voice, the riffs are out of this world, the lyrics make perfect sense and they really hit the spot when I each out for something to relate to. Definitely DESERVES TO BE IN the TOP 10°
[Newest]Not the best "rock on your face band" but they are the hottest and the most real band out there.
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27Black Veil Brides
PARAMORE ISN'T EVEN ROCK WHY IS IT ON THIS LIST?!?! Ok sorry for that explosion, but honestly. Paramore sucks, I used to listen to them a lot and then they changed for the worse and went mainstream and stuff. Black Veil Brides is so much more talented and passionate than a lot of these others, they pour their souls into their music. I saw this list before Paramore went mainstream, and they were like past 50. They got so far up because of their new pop music, people saw this and were like "yeah, I heard them on the radio, I'll vote for them! " Kudos to them for getting popular and all, but personally I just believe that they no longer belong on this particular list. Their music does not fit the genre anymore, and even in their old days, they never tried halfway as hard as Black Veil Brides did and still does to this day. If anything, Black Veil Brides MOST DEFINITELY deserves a spot above Paramore.
Black Veil Brides... You guys should really go listen to these guys; they're a band that actually represents a person's true feelings and a rocker. I'm telling you, you'll love them! Vote for them! Black Veil Brides, for the win!
Awesome band... It took two and a half years of friends talking about them to finally listen; and I loved their music straight away. The lyrics are amazing (if you listen to them like me) and Andy Biersack is pretty damn cool. Listen to them! You won't regret it!
[Newest]Black Veil Brides is definitely my favourite band, they put a lot of effort into creating great music, and they are extremely attractive. If you ever see me listening to music, you will definitely hear one of their songs blasting from my headphones. In my opinion, this is one of the best bands in this generation. Probably THE best band.
More comments about Black Veil Brides

The dark and heavy guitars, and smooth beautiful strings of Red are only a few things that makes this band awesome. It has some pretty good electronica influences too, and the screaming of Michael Barnes is simply amazing. The guitars are usually tuned to drop A, B, or B flat, so if you like guitar riffs similar to Breaking Benjamin, give Red a listen. In the end, the only reason Red is so underrated is because they're Christian, which personally I love, but if you're not a Christian, listen to them anyway. They're that good
Red should be at least in the top ten list... Not many people know about them but they are a great band and their lyrics have so much meaning.
These guys are amazing... How are they so low my chemical romance and red are very underrated.
[Newest]Of Beauty and Rage. That's all I'm gonna say.

29Thousand Foot Krutch
This band brought me into the world of Rock itself. Every time I listen to It, I feel nostalgic and grateful. Their songs are so diverse and interesting. Exploring Thousand Foot Krutch feels like exploring a world in its own right
I love Thousand Foot Krutch. They got me through a lot and the songs are amazing. They're my favorite band and I think that they should be in the top ten.
This band serves the birth of Rock in me. Every song gives you hope and love to believe in yourself. Who wouldn't want that kind of blend in music.
[Newest]This band was on NHL 13 and I liked all the songs of theirs I listened to

30Arctic Monkeys
Honestly, if Arctic Monkeys are all the way down here, this list can't be taken seriously. Some of the bands at the top are plain awful and half of them sound exactly the same as the others.
Arctic Monkeys, on the other hand, have their own unique sound and seamlessly cross different rock genres flawlessly, experimenting while still retaining their unique sound. Alex Turner is one of the best lyricists of this generations (ex- "Fools on a parade cavort and carry on for waiting eyes" (Secret Door); "I took my batteries out of my mysticism and put them in my thinking cap" (The Hellcat Spangled Shalala); "When she needs a break from reality / she takes a dip in my daydreams" (Arabella); "You are the fugitive / But you don't know what you're running away from" (Old Yellow Bricks); "Yeah but his bird thinks it's amazing, though / So all that's left / Is the proof that love's not only blind but deaf" (Fake Tales of San Francisco.
And Matt Helder is one of the best drummers currently, (see: Pretty Visitors).

Case Closed.
First of all, Alex Turner has the most amazing voice on the planet. It's just so soothing that I could listen to it and forget about everything else. Not to mention his killer looks! But their music is just genius! The lyrics are so unique and they actually reflect the real and raw image of life through words not easily chosen by other songwriters. Their albums are each one better than the other. Over the years they have evolved, they have experimented with their music and they have achieved to be versatile but yet so true to their style. I think that is a really important thing that a lot of the bands on the top of the list don't actually have. Not to mention their amazing stage performances.
English music is the best, all these English greats that are stuck down here like oasis and kasabian is a joke. Nothing else compares to English rock
[Newest]AM is one of the best albums I heard to. Every song is a gem.

31Five Finger Death Punch
When it comes to vocals its Creed meets metallica. With a wide range of styles from the softer side "Far From Home" to the hardcore metal side "White Knuckles"
Hands down FFDP is the best. Coming from a redneck we love rock to this band has good soldier songs they respect the troops defending our country and they are down right the best.
Fastest growing band in the modern time. Especially the release of their new album. Each album is getting better and better.
[Newest]They kick every bands ass just look at the name

I can not believe this wow Metallica is the absolute best. If it was not for Metallica there would be no hard rock, metal core, metal, heavy or hard anything. I mean come on! Not only are they the ones who really set things in motion but who hasn't heard of Metallica... Does that not go for anything! I don't know about them being absolutely #1 because there are just too many bands that are just to good to put in front of one another. Like I don't think you can compare red hot chili peppers to Avenged Sevenfold they are just to very different bands they both play extremely well... Whitch means it just goes by preference at that point. But seriously no band has been around as long as Metallica and kept up as well as them PERIOD! This is disgraceful to this legendary band..
Metallica is next to Simple Plan and Fall out boy... what
Metallica has something for everyone, they are a great band who should be in the top 10 at the very least.
How is this so low?
[Newest]Umm... Its Metallica... Basically all the bands on this were influenced by Metallica...

33Sum 41
Underrated. Their Musically Diverse, Going From Pop Rock to Thrash Metal Album After Album. They are never afraid to experiment, and every song they've released has some type of message, whether it would be funny topics like not being able to get out of bed (Heart Attack) to more serious topics that have to do with the troubles of war (still waiting, we're all to blame). Don't forget the instrumentation as well which is much more raw & real than the sampling & power chords of Linkin Park everybody loves. The guitarists like Dave baksh & Tom Thacker are absolutely talented, going from beautiful clear clean chords to shredding solos that literally fly by your ear before you even knew it happened. Drummer is always able to stay up beat in every song. Listen to the hell song, you'll see what I mean. Bassist plays a huge part in every album (unlike Linkin Park) and you can really tell he cares about his bass playing. He and lead vocalists deryck have gotten int numerous arguments about his bass playing, so you can tell he really cares. The unique voice of deryck whibley is out of this world amazing. Don't Believe me? Listen to the entirety of screaming bloody murder. Overall, the best modern rock can offer to you. Please use it wisely
I know its not modern rock or something yet its punk rock which is good and deserves to be shared here
I have been listening to sum 41 since I was 6 years old. This band will always remind me of the great childhood I had
[Newest]This must be on the top! 1SUM 41 is fantastic

34The Killers
The Killers is an amazing band with quite a few good songs.. Although I would not say they deserve top 10 they should at least be ranked a bit higher than this. The Killers have two really great songs, Mr. Brightside and Mrs. Atomic Bomb are both really great songs... Other than that, linkin park in first place? Sersiously? I mean come on, we have all these other great bands here... Bullet for my Valentine, Breaking Benjamin, My Chemical Romance... So much better than Linkin Park... Linkin park was fine at first but it sort of "Jumps on Musical Bandwagons" which is why at first it was metal but then it went into a more "Pop" style. The "Minutes" album was a huge dissapointment, at first they incorporated different kinds of music but now they just play what sounds "Cool" and are moving towards a more generic style of music.
I've been a fan of them for a while and they never disappoint the always make fun and meaningful songs. Also I have seen them in concert many times, they make a fabulous show and make me sing along I think they deserve at least number 15 spot
You can't just look at their most popular songs you have to dig deeper into the music and when you go deeper into each album and listen to every lyric, you release no band hails in comparison to The Killers.
To simply put it they are ( in my opinion and many others ) the best band since The Beatles
[Newest]They are one band that has stayed true to themselves, and have not changed to please a more commercial audience. They are so innovative with their sound and Brandon Flowers is an amazing vocalist. They should not be 33 on this list.

Slipknot wasn't made for the general public, and however I love their music and it's full of badassery and adrenaline, I can understand that most people don't like it.
Slipknot is the psychosocial bomb like come on people have some duality in your adrenaline laugh out loud before I forget click this vote button now
How is Nickleback higher than Slipknot?
[Newest]Slipknot at 35? You guys are crazy.

36The Strokes
The Strokes wipe the floor with these other bands! Great melodies, Great lyrics, Great guitars, drums, and a distinct style that cannot be replicated without someone saying "That sounds like the Strokes. "
The Strokes are so perfect, it's not even fair to other bands out there. Except for Arctic Monkeys cause they rule (but not to mention The Strokes were a huge inspiration and influence on AM in the first place anyway). Two of the best bands of our time.
The Strokes kicks all of those bands' asses. Definitely the BEST band of the 21st century
[Newest]The Strokes defined modern alternative rock with 2001's Is This It.

37Escape the Fate
HOW COULD NO ONE NOTICE THAT THE BEST BAND OF ALL TIME IS MIA? Awesome band. Even though Ronnie left, he's in a better band now. Craig's okay... No matter what it's not about the band members it's about the music they make, which is pure genius. Screamo bands for the win!
Favorite band. Awesome guitar riffs and solos, they survived without their original vocalist just like AC/DC did. Craig is a great singer. Their drummer not only is awesome, but he lookalikes combo between Michael Jackson and Slash
They're just amazing and their lyrics are so meaningful.
[Newest]Not a single bad song in the Discography

38Sleeping With Sirens
THEY ARE PERFECT, THEIR SONGS ARE AMAZING, I'm so glad I started listening to them to be honest, I can't believe the load of crap I used to listen to before I heard of them! Love them so much! Kellin Quinn so perfect! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!
46? They deserve better than this. This band has formed just five years ago and they already made many epic songs!

Try listening to this songs : If you can't hang then, do it now remember it later, roger rabbit, If I'm James Dean You're Audrey Hepburn
They should be #1! They're lyrics are inspiring and actually have meaning. They are perfect! Plus Kellin Quinn is hot, so yeah. I <3 SWS FOREVER!
[Newest]Because kellin is bae...

39All Time Low
Granted, a pop punk band who don't take themselves very seriously shouldn't necessarily be number one when ranking the best "modern rock bands"... However, these guys are by far my favorite band. They have insane talent which isn't apparent unless you're familiar with the members- the bassist Zack Merrick plays without a pick and is just crazy good at what he does and the vocalist/guitarist Alex Gaskarth has mad pipes. Their music is fun and they put on live performances that rival Green Day (literally. They just toured together. ) You're crazy not to recognize the talent these guys have
All time low is a really cool emo/pop kind of band. Everyone should listen to this band at some point in their life. Listen to theis song Dear Maria Count Me In. Great song!
Well, I know there a ton of great bands out there, and they already have a good position on this list. But for their talent, dedication and skill, I vote for All Time Low. They are simply brilliant in what they do, and no doubt, can only become greater from now on.

40Pearl Jam
Way better than all those other bands up there, their debut album went diamond... Not many of the other bands have done that on this list..
So many amazing songs have even written by this band. It's criminal not to see the in the top ten.
This is ridiculous Pearl Jam should definitely be in the top ten. you should have an age limit on who can vote why is Linkin Park #1?
[Newest]Top ten band on this list easily

41A Day to Remember
A Day To Remember is simply one of the best modern rock bands (and I would even go as far to say one of the best bands in music generally) that I've heard. They can do both modern rock songs as well as heavy metal/screamo songs perfectly - and sometimes they combine both musical styles into the same song! "I'm made of wax Larry - what are you made of? " and "Over My Head" are examples of their modern rock songs whereas on the other hand "Sticks and Bricks" and "2nd Sucks" are examples of their heavy metal/sceamo songs. Overall they are an amazing band and shouldn't be ignored!
We need more bands like this in the immediate future. They are simply to good for what little recognition they get.
This band is SO amazing! Can't stop listening to them! This band is my favorite out of all the bands I listen to. Truly an amazing group. Please go to Warped Tour again soon!

Amazing band. Well Enough Alone is a truly great yet underrated song... I'm not joking, you need to search up this song and listen to it. I don't say this about every other song. Also Breaking Benjamin rules and should be no. 1
Marilyn Manson should be up there too, along with Disturbed, Egypt Central. Good day to all. And check out that song, Well Enough Alone. My work here is done :P
This band is so good! Very underrated. I can't believe they're not in the top ten! They have amazing writing talents (lyrics and the music itself). I would put them just under breaking benjamin. Love them, and if you like good, melodic post-grunge rock, you'd love Chevelle. Definitely. One of me favorites
Chevelle's music is incredibly good! As amazing as their singles are, they really shine with their other songs deep in the albums. It's like having a delicious cake decorated with sprinkles and cutting into it and discovering a huge layer of chocolate cream in the center. Can't recommend them enough!
[Newest]Hats Off To The Bull is so far my favourite song of this decade.

ACDC in my opinion is, has and will always be the best, they are amazing, best song in my opinion is Highway To Hell, they a pure amazing and awesome,
-War Machine
-Skies on Fire
-She like's Rock'n'Roll

There are so many, but my opinion is they are the best, but other bands are fabulous, but ACDC tops my list, now and forever!
Please don't insult ROCK. By putting legends like these in this list.

Putting bands like RHCP, STONES, BON JOVI, ACDC, Nirvana, along with these other bands is a shameful thing to do in the name of ROCK.
Why ac/dc so low? They are the greatest. HOW CAN YOU ABLE TO COMPARE THEM WITH ALL THESE ROCK BANDS WHO SOUNDS YUCK. Really I get depressed listening to all these bands but ac/dc still sounds amazing. Please listen to the song back in black. The song will give you the felling that the song is not sung by a human it is like some other species of some other planet singing it

44Asking Alexandria
They are a great band, they send a great message, yes some of their songs are a bit, ya' know, but most bands have songs like that, they are a great inspiration. Danny and Ben are just the best people in the world x3 who couldn't love them? But I think everyone should listen to their music and just give them a chance!
I think Asking Alexandria is legit it's a shame they so far down on the list should be in top 10!
Perfect mix of singing and shouting, best song is Not The American Average, I love them and a7x, should be in the top 10 not down here at 54

Korn used to be one of the most unique and popular bands of its time. Their unique sound and meaningful lyrics are leaps in bounds ahead of today's "artists" in terms of quality. Even if you don't like their new dubstep stuff, for them not to even scratch the top 20 is unbelievable.
My music taste has been influenced a lot by my dad. Korn is a band that he really loves as do I. Their music is crazy awesome as well as their lyrics. Each member contributes in outstanding ways and they make incredible music. They should definitely be in the top ten at least, considering that some of these bands above them have been influenced by them. Their new electronic music is awesome as well. They have always been amazing and have influenced many bands.
Korn is one of the greatest bands of all time. Linkin Park would not be here without Korn. Nor would Papa Roach. So many modern rockbands have been influenced by Korn, and yet they sit here in 28. Korn is amazing because they created their own sound, and it is fantastic.

46The White Stripes
This is for rock, not numetal, right? The White Stripes IS the definition of a great modern rock band. Some of their best and most famous songs: Seven Nation Army, The Denial Twist, the Hardest Button to Button... They are Jack and Meg White. Jack is also known for his work with the Raconteurs (another band that should be near the top of this list. ) This should have these bands at the top, in no particular order: The White Stripes, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Cage the Elephant, Queens of the Stone Age, Raconteurs, Five Finger Death Punch, Audioslave...
This band contains one of the greatest modern rock guitarists and songwriters Jack White. He truly is a brilliant artist. It also has the wonderful yet simplistic drumming of Meg White. They have created some of the greatest songs (Seven Nation Army, The Hardest Button to Button etc. ) and some of the greatest albums (All 6 of their albums. ) of the modern rock scene. I cannot believe this band is not in the top ten and last time I checked, this list is not for nu metal.
They are a really cool band and I think that they are pretty cool and stuff like that along those lines. You should really think that they are cool too and stuff because I think they are cool don't you? So yeah I think there cool and what not and stuff so like yeah and stuf.
[Newest]Elephant destroys any of the "top ten" bands' whole discographies.

When I listened their songs ; (Careless Whisper, Broken etc. ) Shaun's voice learned us how to use music with our guitars or drums.
What, Seether is the best band out there today. If you've heard any of their songs like Fine Again, Fake It, Country Song, Remedy, Gasoline, Careless Whisper, Rise Above This, and Broken you'd be choosing them for number 1
Seether is totally underrated. But Broken Whisper is a cover, not an original by Seether. They have other great songs anyways!

48Billy Talent
What an absolutely amazing band. Billy Talent has some of the best lyrical composition I've heard in a very long time. Plus, each and every song from them is like a snowflake, no two are remotely the same. The main singer, Ben Kowalewicz, has also got to be one of the most impressive rock singers of all time. Their brilliant take on a darker tone of music makes Billy Talent a band I surely won't forget.


Billy Talent is such a breeze of fresh air and their lyrics are AMAZING. Two years ago listened to a song called Standing in the rain and I was HOOKED and still am to EVERY their song :) favorite band.

"you hung me like a picture, now I'm just a frame" I mean, how badass is that?
Billy Talent is the best band around, in my opinion. I've heard all of their songs and like almost all of them. I've been listening to them a few years now and I'm still amazed by the lyrics in most of their songs
[Newest]That's what I call "real rock"!

By far one of the greatest bands out there in rock. This entire list seems a bit off. The fact that not only is Tool this low, but Nirvana only 1 spot ahead of Nickelback? Also, NICKELBACK is on this list, that in itself is a problem.
Nothing compares to Tool. I can't be alone in this thought...


My Favorite Band! Unbelievable that they would be this low! Even the people that like the classics will still like this band! And five finger death punch is so monotone must I add
[Newest]Kinda sad that Tool is this low... They were absolutely one of my favorite bands growing up as a kid!

Tool is really something special! It's different, and in a really good way!

50Fall Out Boy
How are they not rated higher? Their music is diverse, unique, and they always put everything they have into it. The lyrics are brutally honest and have helped so many people. Patrick, Joe, Pete, and Andy are so dedicated to making the incredible music that they do, as well as being great people who treat fans wonderfully. I've had conversations with two of the four members and they seem like genuinely nice people. While live, everyone puts all they have into giving a good show. And it's mindblowing how their music can range from upbeat, powerful songs like "The Phoenix" to slow and moving ballads like "Golden". Fall Out Boy are incredible.
Take This To Your Grave is a great album.
From Under The Cork Tree is one of the best albums of the last decade.
Infinity On High is amazing.
Folie a Deux shows that they have diversity.
Top, TOP band which are wrongly criticized for just being HUGE.
How Fall Out Boy isn't higher, I guess I'll never know, but they are the reason I've developed into such a music lover. Pete is one of the most interesting deep, metaphorical, and relatable song writers in existence. They care about their fans, and NEVER disappoint. I went to their concert recently and that night made it into my top 15 of greatest nights. I can't think of much more to describe their amazingness you'll just have to listen for yourself.
[Newest]Fall out boy is amazing. if I'm having a bad day, a fall out boy song can solve everything. patrick stump has a great voice, I don't understand why fall out boy isn't rated higher to be honest.

51Pierce the Veil
I'm not to surprised that PTV isn't #1 (don't get me wrong I love them and Hell Above has been played over 300 times on my ipod). but not even in the top 20? I wish all bands had an amazing song writer like Vic, there are so many examples of incredible lyrics I'm going to list some of my favorites: "the water is rusted the air is unclean and there for a second I feel free" ( I had to put that first. I want that line tattooed on my arm because it means so much to me ), "hold my heart it's beating for you anyways... What's so good about picking up the pieces? What if I don't even want to? ","this isn't fair. don't you try to blame this on me. my love for you was bulletproof, but you're the one who shot me","a violin with no hands plays symphonies with no words. a drowning boy with no voice prays... A diamond bullet and a gun made of gold she was covered in blood last seen in san francisco", "Would you ever try to leave me for somebody who deserves you most?... And maybe we're meant to lose the ones we love but I'll fight for you 'till then","she sits up high surrounded by the sun one million branches and she loves every one. Mom and Dad did you search for me I've been up here so long I'm going crazy... If you were me you'd do the same, everything's not alright and I would rather..." ( I'll admit I cried the first time I heard that song. Mostly because I heard the first few lines and said that sounds so much like me and then... ),"I've been having this dream that we can fly, So maybe if we never wake up, we can see the sky. No, alright. Please, don't take this out on me, 'Cause you're the only thing that's keeping me alive. And I don't wanna wait for the down-set date 'Cause I would rather end it all tonight. And if I mean anything to you, I'm sorry, but I've made up my mind... I've been having this dream that we can fly, So darling, close your eyes. 'Cause you're about to miss everything (about to miss everything) About to miss everything (about to miss everything)" there are so many more examples I could list. even in their less popular songs there is a line or two that will make me stop and think "God/gosh that's exactly how I feel but I could never put into words" and also they just generally make me happy to be alive.
Why aren't they number one?! They are amazing not only music wise but they have great personalities. They care about their fans and they have great music style. In my opinion Pierce the veil is the best band today. They are truthfully inspiring.
Pierce the veil is my all time favorite band! Why aren't they AT LEAST in the top ten?! They've saved so many lives and they're lyrics are really relatable and inspiring. Also, they care so much about their fans. All of them have so much talent, I can't even describe it. Tony is one of the best modern guitar players I've heard!
[Newest]Amazing that's all you can say

52Kings of Leon
How is this not a top ten band. Their song Revelry is awesome. Use someboby is an american classic. It was a hit before. Everyone knows the kings of leon.
Not a fan of King of Leon. The singer has an annoyingly whiny voice. He sounds like finger nails scaring a chalkboard to me
Not at all. Its very sexy. Caleb has amazing talent and unlike most bands real. They're performances live are crazy good. No auto tune. đź’–
Highly underrated band. Everything about this band is awesome.


[Newest]The kings are some quality rockers man!

53Falling in Reverse
I can't believe that falling in reverse is so poorly ranked. Ronnie radke is one of the best song writers of our generation. Rock isn't what it used to be, but these guys are the closest thing. They have only just begun but they are already one of the best bands of our generation. Way better than linkin park!
These guys need to be ranked higher! They are definitely at least top ten material!
One of the finest bands of this century, they are really great...
[Newest]One of the best band ever

I don't understand why they are not higher on this list. 226th are you kidding me? Their songs are so original and relateable I love them!
This list is not right they should be in top 10 they are the best of all time
OneRepublic was the band I was looking for! They are pop and they have MANY good songs!
[Newest]Are you kidding me why are they 54 they should at least be on top 20 even though they deserve even more

One of the best when comes to musicality and unique piece. Love the compositions plus the superb Brandon's voice
Great musicians and very unique. Lyrics are beautiful
One of the best when it comes to live performances.
[Newest]Should be in the Top Ten, what!

56Simple Plan
They really are a great band! I used to listen to them all the time and they would get me through my bad days. Their lyrics are amazing and I know almost all of their songs
I Came all the way down to 58 to vote for this awesome Band! Why! This Band is so Underrated come on guys this band should be on the top 10! They are lyrically awesome!
Simple Plan is the perfect band to listen to when you're having a horrible day. It's like they know exactly how it feels to be pushed around, stepped on, and outcasted.
[Newest]Really good band. Songs like perfect, astronaut, this song saved my life are enough to make you like them.

They actually should be #1, they are the only band of the last 15 years with attitude. by the way Linkin Park are terrible.


Very Interesting... this should not be voting for what your personal preference is but who in fact is the biggest. This list is So far out of whack it's so silly Oasis at #62 is this a joke? They should be at least in the top 10 for releases and over all awards and record sales.. U2 is #1 period anyone who says different is high. Oasis, Metallica, Guns & Roses, Coldplay, Nirvanna, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers... all these websites are totally way off. Avenge Sevenfold #2? What?
Every Oasis song is just AMAZING! SERIOUSLY you can't not listen to all their playlist. Good vibe and pretty awesome instrumentals!
[Newest]Linkin Park are awesome so shut your face

58Dream Theater
So sad that this is only at number 71. DT has more talent than all ten of those top ten bands combined. I don't want to be hating on other people's bands or anything, they're alright, but none of them come even close the lyrical beauty of Learning To Live and The Spirit Carries On, The Master Musicianship of The Dance of Eternity and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, the surreal epics that are Octavarium and A Change of Seasons... I could go on forever. The musicians in the band are the best music has to offer and LaBrie's brilliant and well-matching vocals completes the deal. Anyone who doesn't vote this on number 1 has either not heard of them or does not have any taste in music whatsoever.
Best band of all time there sound is unique and continues to innovate with more and more albums. These walls, sacrificed sons, and panic attack are examples of songs that continue to echo throughout the thoughts and inspiration of (muse and the white stripes) rock bands that just do what Dream Theater started and continues to do. So 47 is a fit number for a band with the ability to create something new like some bands on this list not dream theater!
Laugh out loud. This list tells me that no one even knows what real music is. "laugh out loud" is all I have to say. This list is a joke. If this was a list where the people who have heard and listened to all types of rock, progressive would be #1. Dream theater would be number 1 if people werent such tools.

Simply THE BEST! He has the right dose for every song! All his album rocks!
Very good music and really lovely lyrics...
It is the best band ever.'here and now' is the best album in the world. If anybody hates daughtry he is probably drunk!
[Newest]Daughtry is my FAVORITE! I have like all of his songs on my iPod! He deserves way higher than 61! I wouldn't put him in the top 10, but at least in the top 25!

60The Black Keys
Unbelievable that they are ranked so low. The black keys have extreme talent for being only two members. Turn on the radio and you will no doubt hear one of their songs. They crush Lincoln park anyday. Very underrated!
How are these guys so low! Their living legends! Love the guitar along with the drums. These guys put so much skill and effort into all of their albums, unlike other bands who only have one or two good songs in one album. So underrated!
They have the potential to become the greatest band right now even better than Linkin Park.
[Newest]What the hell? This low!

61The Offspring
They deserve a much better place, They're one of the current best-known rock band. Their songs are all awesome, although they don't change their style as much as other bands in their albums, They make very catchy songs.
If you still haven't heard any song, try "You're gonna go far, kid"
The Offspring ROCKS! What more can I say? Best band ever!
Dexter's voice is amazing! They really should be in the top ten.
One of the best rock bands ever. Should be inside the top ten, also can't wait until they release their new album.
[Newest]I started listening to them when I was 6. Now I'm 19 and I still do.

62Bring Me the Horizon
Great hardcore band and then they experimented with an electronic sound for their latest album. Oli Sykes is a great frontman and although the lyrics on this album weren't his greatest he has had some awesome lyrics in the past.
His voice is brilliantly unique no one beats Oliver Skyes you just have to have good music taste to realize this, apparently the people who put his band at 79th place don't.
Bring me the horizon is awesome it has the best guitar sound in "shadow moses! "
[Newest]This rating is an OUTRAGE!

633 Doors Down
Have ever heard the song "Here without you" by 3 Doors Down. This song is enough to fall in love with them. So majestic of a song...
How are they so low on this list, they should be top 20 at least
I grew up listening to these guys. I can't believe they are so low. Top 20's at least?!
[Newest]Are you kidding me they should at least be on top 20

64Velvet Revolver
It is such un underrated band... Its a great band. Slash and Duff (both ex-GN'R) become this band fantastic. Listen to "Slither" and "Fall To Pieces" ;)


The solo from Dirty little thing just blows my mind, one of the best songs of the 2000's.

Weezer has brilliant variety, so many good songs, something for everyone.
Way too low. They've been very consistent in delivering quality music since they began (except ratitude). All of their great stuff definitely lets me overlook that one bad album. They should at least be top 20.
Hey it's me again. The one who was looking for real rock and not alt... Weezer top 10 please.
[Newest]Their first two albums are enough to put them up on this list further.

66Mayday Parade
Best band ever! Deserves way better than 136!
Hey, they deserve more. Listen to his song miserable at best and you'll change your mind :D

I think halestorm should be higher up in the list. They make pretty good music. I literally love each of their songs. They are good entertainers on stage and their music sound exactly like their recordings. This band has been working since little kids and deserve a spotlight.
Halestorm has an awesome lead singer in Lzzy Hale and amazing instrumentalists,
While they have been around a while they are still one of the best newer bands on the scene
[Newest]Come on halestorm I s heart with their music balanced not too much rough like black metal, and not too soft either.

68Puddle of Mudd
What a superb rock band! Deserves at least a place in top 20...
Killer rock band! Every song they make is completely kick ass! Give them a listen
I love EVERY Puddle of Mudd song I've heard so far. Keep making music guys!
[Newest]Pretty good band with potential!

69Sick Puppies
I can understand why Sick Puppies as high as I would like them to be, after all, they don't make albums very often. But that doesn't change the fact that they have probably the most meaningful songs there are, but they are still fierce. Plus, its a three man band, yet they sound twice as good as half of the other bands above them. I mean Linkin Park, really? They are more like half rock and techno now.
Well for one, this band is awesome! Two, this band may not have many albums but listen to the ones they have you will find some good songs, three, listen to "you're going down" and "change" most inspiring songs I've heard yet, four and last, if you can't like this band and or at least like one of those two songs then you don't like meaningful music. Period

P.S. The song "change" made me think maybe there's more to life than being stuck in the same rut every single day.
This band is a very diverse band, though it seems mos people on this list don't know what that means (FOB is "diverse" lol) Songs like "Connect" show their softer side, but songs like "Cancer" show their heavy side, and political side as well. Some of their songs are very unique, like "Under A Very Black Sky." Shim is a great frontman, (too bad he was kicked out) Emma is one of the best modern bassists out their and is hot as hell, and Mark is... well he's silent at most times, but is a badass when he shows his personality. SP for the win!

70Rage Against the Machine
Not even compared to the bands listed here... the band affected all of the others listed musically, guitarist officially one of the best of all times, vocalist too... their lyrics are meaningful beyond the boundaries of music, so is their lifestyle, which is rare these days (some of them)...
I can think of only a few other bands that match the quality and sheer power of Rage. Even when they aren't driving the beat into your chest with instruments, the intensity of their voices (think The Ghost of Tom Jones) alone gets your blood racing. If you need some rock & roll to get your adrenaline up, this is your band.
These people clearly do not know what good rock musics is. Rage is the BEST!

71Iron Maiden
Maiden Is the Best Band Out There they Could buy almost every band on this list... Period... Not one band even comes close to what maiden has achieved when all these bands listed can sell out stadiums 35 years later I'll believe it
Still not tired of their unique sound after all these years. Maiden Rocks.
Iron Maiden was top notch back in the day and I still love the power of the music today.

72Queens of the Stone Age
Hitting almost all corners of the genre, the band has had enough different members to merit their own "Queens of the Stone Age contributors" page on Wikipedia. QotSA has music that makes you want to dance, laugh, cry, have sex, punch a wall, and everything in between.
Very underrated band, but one of the best ones out there. Josh Homme is a mastermind! Qotsa has a very special essence, definilety give them a try, you are going to love them. Albums like songs for the deaf, rated r, lullabies to paralyze and the new album like clockwork are amazing. One of the best bands ever!
Elvis didnÂ't die, he just went Homme
[Newest]Josh Homme is the best. A smooth bluesy singer and a shredding lead guitarist

73Tokio Hotel
Tokio hotel is more than just a band for their fans I mean aliens. They helped lot of people with their music, they showed us that how it's good to be hopeful and to believe in ourselves.
Beest band ever. That all I can say about bill (my love) and his great mates. They are more than just 4 german guys, They're angels.


[Newest]This is the best band ever!

Trapt deserves at least top ten go listen to headstrong and tell me that they don't honestly.
Only modern band who can mix soft spoken lyrics with heavy guitar riffs should be number 1!
I'll back trapt on this one. They should be top 30 bare minimum.


75The Rolling Stones
Why there on the list. there should not be on the list. There not from 1990-now. This list is for artist from 1990-now. Just because they still made music than does not mean there from 1990-now. from 1990-now means they came from 1990-now.


The greatest of a) like time

The Rammstein is one Germanian band and their songs are greats!

77The Fray
Best modern rock band 93rd that's an outrage!
Here are some of the songs they have written:
Over my head
Never say never
How to save a life
You found me
Over my head
Look after you
Please listen to 1 of these songs and then you will probably vote for this one.
I love all of the frays music and I bet none of you have ever even listened to it... KINGS OF LEON WAS OVER THEM SERIOUSLY. Listen to these songs and your mind will change
How to save a life
You found me
Look after you
She is
The fighter
Heaven forbid
This is the greatest soft rock band I have ever heard, listen to little house, over my head, and how to save a life, then come back to this list and vote


Japanese virtuosos costumed as renaissance girls.

80Drive-By Truckers
Really a Southern Rock style band. They have been around for years and putting out awesome music. One of those bands with their own genre. Top ten in Southern Rock. If you like Little Feat to Allman Bros. Style they are a must.
Awesome southern gritty southern rock

81You Me at Six
I know everybody is saying this about their favourite bands but seriously? 50?! I thought paramore and my chemical romance would be higher too. Oh well
As far as modern rock with catchy melodies and clever lyrics, look no further
I've seen the live 3 times. They keep getting better. The depressing thing is they're below BVB.
A bunch of Kiss and Motely Crue wannabes to be honest. All the other bands are great! But being a sixer I vote for these guys

82Bon Jovi
One of the best 80's feel goog rock bands.. Top 5 on this list, easily!
Bon Jovi are still going strong, still bringing out new albums & touring, soundtrack to my life!
My favourite song writers, Jon and Richie

83Alice In Chains
Such an underrated band. Definitely deserve top ten. RIP Layne and Mike S. , so happy with the last two albums.


Rooster, man in the box, angry chair, and these bones best songs ever
They're one of my favourite bands and they still make good music but they're not nearly as good as they were when they had Layne R.I.P. one of the best vocalists ever for on of the best bands ever.
[Newest]Love this band, a lot of talent there.

84Adelitas Way
THEY'RE FIRST ALBUM WAS OKAY, THEY'RE SECOND RECORD HAD ALL THEIR SINGLES ON THE RADIO AND WERE TOP TEN ON THE U. S ACTIVE ROCK CHART. THEIR FIRST SINGLE "SICK" WAS #1, THEIR SECOND SINGLE "THE COLLAPSE" WAS #3, THEIR THIRD SINGLE "CRITICIZE" WAS #1 AS WELL, THEY'RE LAST SINGLE "ALIVE" MADE IT TO #6. THEY'VE IMPROVED a lot IN THE SECOND ALBUM. This band will indeed make an impact on rock with their upcoming third album, which is expected to be released around september and october time and will contain up to 12-13 songs. GO ALL THE WAY!
I've seen Adelitas Way three times. These guys give 100% at every performance. First album was great. Second album is amazing. Going to see them again at Uproar 2012. They will be a headliner in the near future because they are just that good.
Don't know who these guys are? Go listen to Home School Valedictorian before voting. Mind blowing stuff.

Damn they should be in the top ten
They're music speaks for itself.

86The All-American Rejects
The All-American Rejects should definitely deserve a much better place than 98. They have a lot of catchy and chilling songs. Their song is simple yet they have pretty nice solos.
The Rejects have been around for over a decade now and produce hit singles after hit singles.
Move Along, Gives You Hell, It Ends Tonight, Dirty Little Secret, Swing Swing, Beekeeper's Daughter are all spectacular songs.
All American rejects your a nice rack band four me, WE LOVE you good bless..

87Trans-Siberian Orchestra

How are Wolfmother so far down? They are amazing!
Really really really awesome!
There are the best in the world

89Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath invented Heavy Metal.
"Paranoid Iron Man" is the best!

And where the heck is Soundgarden? Really, the BEST rock voice ever can't get some love.
Why the hell are they at 90?!

This is some pretty hardcore Christian music. And most of the lyrics are taken directly from scripture which is amazing! Overall a really great band!
They are good when you are tired of hearing songs about drugs and sex listen to disciple

92Death Cab for Cutie
DCFC is the best indie band out there and deserves to be in top 5. Excellent lyrics, music, melody and vocals are trademarks of this band. This band can belt out piano driven songs that creep slowly up and rise to a crescendo towards the end ( I will posses your heart, Soul meets the body )

93The Classic Crime
My Favorite band of all time. They're real and are really versatile with their sound. They can go from hardcore rock with screaming vocals, to "pop-punk" that doesn't sound like a kid is singing it, to really relatable powerful acoustic ballads, to softer or just straight normal rock (and roll). Vocals as well as creativity are amazing.
•Hard hitting rock songs: The fight, warrior poet, grave digging
•great acoustic: far from home, headlights, precipice
•powerful: medicine, god and drugs
Feel good melodic rock: everything, I know the feeling
There's even a song titled let me die with a bluesy guitar riff!

94Deep Purple
The longest lasting rock band out there, and still kicking ass! They are one of the BIGGEST influences on hard rock and heavy metal, bringing together the influences of In your face rock, the blues, and even classical music. The very definition of rock never seemed to be lost on them even until now. Up there With Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, this pinnacle hard rock band stands out like no other.
Purple live, nothing quite like it. Awesome

95The Allman Brothers Band

96Marianas Trench
Best band in the world, josh ramsay writes and produces the most beautiful music I've ever heard, deserves to be at #1!
Unique band I have been download all song of marianas trench

97Revelation Theory



Whats wrong with people? Sully alone brings this band to top 5 for those who have not seen them live... If you have, you know they are hands down the best band on earth. Not even Metallica (My second choice)
That's it I'm done.. Godsmack at 322?! Come on people. I don't know what to say! This band should be arguably top 10! Just listen to the enemy and bad religion and you will love the band! Very underrated


If they aren't one of your favorites you need to see them live. Rock the house down
[Newest]Pretty good check them out

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