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Dude this guy should be like number 1 I mean he can take on a whole army plus he's the only who can take on Smoke

Very easy to play, has moves that almost cover all aspects of fighting, including counter attack as the teleport, long range including the hell fire and the get over here rope, then there's the take down, which is very very good for close combat as they almost never see it coming, his amazing combos,

He slashes peoples faces which makes their brain flow out, can summon demons from hell, has cool attires in every game (except remember its only my opinion I didn't like his head shape in the game where hi head is scorpion shaped) but other than that he even screams GET OVER HERE! By pulling you with his kunai or the rope dart if you may.

I like how fast Scorpion's attacks are but sadly, they deal low damage.

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Easily the most cerebral fighter. Can control the game pace, play offense, defense, set traps, and lay a ton of damage on you in the corner. He is a slower character, but his ability to manage the spacing of a fight more than makes up for it.

Sub zero is one of my favorite charters and I am very good playing as him too

He chills down all the other fighters with just a ice ball!

Sub-zero has defense and offense under control. Great combos. Play me online as Drago34

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3Sonya Blade

She looks sexier ever. Great new outfit - Magnolia

Sonya is badass best character in Mortal Kombat. - egnomac

She kicks major ass. She has sweet moves and is not afraid of anyone.

Easy to use for beginners

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This guy is my favorite mk fighter - always was and always will be. In MK9 he kicks ass as usual but I hate the fact they made him look so ugly. I mean his arms. His body (not face) wasn't hideous in MK 3 and Deception - Magnolia

He's just a really great character! I've used him for quite a while now, and he's always my favorite character when I play with my brothers and have little tourneys and such. Truly devastating blows.

He has little to know weaknesses, and the buzzsaw is good against crouch-spammers.

Wow I had no idea this guy was so popular! I love Kabal! Weird costume he has but very cool fighter. Did not expect to like him. - evoxpisces

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5Liu Kang

He has awesome attacks and is easily mastered, he isn't hard to use and has amazing combos... Love him. No homo

This is my favorite character and he is the best

Best combos in the game and the best combos to connect to 1 another

Liu kang is awesome

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6Johnny Cage

Johnny looks awesome in this game - is it his outfit from mk4? Very similar - Magnolia

Johnny cage is the best I never lost with him

Who doesn't love the classic nut punch?

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Ermac is very strong, and awesome plus he ripped jax arms off with his powers who does that

This guy has got a counter attack for every character up his sleeve.

Badass and has the best combos and has telekenisis like powers

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Although she can be really cheap if you use her right, she still has a unique look, fighting style, and despite her mouth she's arguable one of if not the most sexy girl in the series

She is the coolest and more most unique female ninja ever created

One of my favorite characters in mk9 love her combos, movies and fatality

No one tops Mileena.

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Nice to see Jade again. She kicks ass and her new look is wonderful - Magnolia

Awesome kick from her... like the speed

10Noob Saibot

He is a very good character. His shadows keep you at bay, his teleport can get you if you play his projectile game. If he gets you with his ghost ball... you health will be torn away by his shadows. His x ray is massive damage and his fatality is as everyone should be. BRUTAL! So yeah, noob isn't BEST, but he's top 10. Maybe 7

Noob is a very powerful character. He has a pretty fast fighting speed and deals high damage. What I like most about him is that he uses fear to defeat his opponents.

One of the best fatality I have ever seen, very good role in the storyline

Best character for sure...

He just the best😂

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Stryker proves you do not need ice balls or magical powers to kick ass. Stryker is the best!

Stryker DESERVES to be in top 10 the best not the worst! Screw screwattack!

If you can master his special attacks you can beat anyone.

I love this guy he is a cool dude

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Just started playing MK with MK9 for the 360. Tried almost all of the characters, but I just felt very confident and smooth when using Kitana for the first time. Definitely the best start I had with any character in a fighting game!

Man! She uses here fans and wins all the time.

Best FEMALE character in the whole game

She is the best love her

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13Kung Lao

I really love his brutal fatality. Glad they brought it back - Magnolia

I want to be like KUNG LAO. I want him to kill gorp

You can have endless combos with this guy

This guy is awesome. Period

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14Freddy Krueger

Reptile isn't only one the the most unique fighters but is also in my opinion one of the best. Suprised sub-zero isn't up here though. Nice list.


Most overlooked character. Easy combos and high damage


I love to use all the different gadgets he has.

He is best of mortal kombat world

Cyrax is one of the best his combos are more deadly than anthing

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Has the best combos seen so far which is capable of inflicting more than 60% damage.

I love rain. Because he have great combos and stronger game strategy

All though he uses water he still can beat someone very quickly.


His best combo can make 42% of damage, its easy to use, his teleporting is easy to use and really useful, if you use it wisely you can kill Shao Kahn and Goro really easily without being damaged at all.

By The Way, I only played it for two days, and I already learned to use every character, and I liked it.

He the most powerful character mortal kombat he should be at first he can use torpedo again and again

He uses lighting like no other he can do some serious damage in kombat.

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He beat all of the gods! And he is a demigod. He is the strongest of all characters! He has a lot of powerful weapons too.

Kratos power is so unbalanced I only lost one round on the challenge tower as him.

He may be slow but her can dish put a lot of damage easily. I discovered a %42 damage com o with noeters used.

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