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Thriller - Michael Jackson
Greatest entertainer to have lived.. Lives and will live forever! We love you MJ!
He is a purely born legend and this song is it's proof. A master of dancing and the king of pop. People are not fool calling him so. He will truely live forever in our hearts and in our ears


Yeah, they call him the King of Pop for a reason.


[Newest]Obviously thriller is the best all the time because its appearance has been changing the thinking of most people on earth how to truly music must be enjoyed.

2I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
90's classic pop song. One of the best pop ballads from the backstreet boys. Ranked at #10 by Rolling Stones/MTV in 100 greatest pop songs. A must listen pop song. My fave pop group. It is a definitive pop song of the 90's.
This is truly the best pop song EVERYBODY knows and sings this song. Black white. Hispanic. African. Indian Italian doesn't matter what you are where you come from everybody knows this song and that makes it one of the greatest if not the greatest pop song ever... So awesome and so catchy.. You are my fire the one desire believe when I say I want it that way
I love that song. When I was a kid my mom played this song when she was depressed witch was all the time. But you know now I never hear that song but I still love it.
[Newest]Not really from my era, but you can't deny the many layered pop hooks in this one.

3Written In the Stars - Tinie Tempah
I love this song, I use it on most of my back room music for drawing on YouTube... LOVE this SONG got 3, 564, 223 watches!
This Song Is Awesome and gets me super pumped at the same time... If You listen to it once you'll love it guranteed
I love this song but wouldn't this be more of a rap song
[Newest]Like it very much.. !

4Poker Face - Lady Gaga
I go to almost all your concerts and poker face is my favorite nothing can top it you are A great singer I don't know what I'd be listening to without poker face it's like so cool I never heard a song like it and I sing at school at home with my friends in my room in the car on my phone no time to sto sing at school at home with my friends in my room in the car on my phone no time to stop if my friends don't like it I might cry love poker face best song ever
So great never listen to any song listen to it all the time I wish I was the song I if I feel bad I listen to poker face when I'm bored with my friends we listen to poker face when I'm driving in my car I listen to poker face when getting ready to go to sleep I listen to poker face what would I listen to that's not better I love it it's so great when I hear on the radio I turn it up all the way don't think I'll ever change it out of my number one love it
The song just super, which should fall into the top 5. Because it sounds just fine and easily, well done Lady Gaga... By the way is my favorite song!
[Newest]Lots of well layered pop hooks in a perfectly simple song which pretty much repeats the same chord progression throughout. That is how a greatest pop songs are created, in my opinion.

5Bad - Michael Jackson
This is sexiest Michael album of all time. Love you Michael!
Bad is Just awesome...!
This song is almost great to me, but not quite. I just feel like the hooks of this song sound a little bit forced together and the chorus, while it is almost catchy, doesn't really go anywhere except to repeat itself until it's time to go back to a verse. This may be pop music blasphemy, but from this era, Prince is so much better than Michael Jackson, at least to me. Raspberry Beret is so much better than this song.

6Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus
She is excellent! And Party in the U.S. A is definitely one of her best!
Its lyrics are good, the beat is good and she sings it in a terrific way!
DId you know Canadians love her and this song weird but HOT


Wow! Excellent song. I love it so much

7We Are Young - Fun.
Not really pop, but whatever!

8Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
No.17 call me maybe is such a good song the second most popular song after gangnam style. And add more selena gomez songs I hate this list
No.17 what I love this song it's catchy and fun to listen to
Call Me Maybe is a great song!
[Newest]Best song better than gangnam style

9...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
I voted for britney
But I think it should be You Drive Me Crazy
And You Drive Me Crazy is also Brit's favorite from her first album
I love it and still love it. It jút gives me so many memories. Makes me wanna flashblack to the old times. Brit will always be the princess in my heart... :x
my baby one more time every day!


[Newest]Classic, Britney is great

10Give Me Everything - Pitbull

The Contenders

11Firework - Katy Perry
This really is Katy Perry's best song. And I totally mean it when I say, 'Katy Perry. YOU REALLY ARE A FIREWORK! ' You rock. And this definitely is one of your best songs. Hilarious. Anyone would agree. It should be in the top 10. Definitely.
The best pop song I've ever heard. This song rules the world of pop. Very inspiring and catchy song.
10 thumbs up for this beat. Its crazy why should it be the 29th best?! HUH ITS CRAZY ALRIGHT IT SHOULD at least BE THE 5TH BEST I WANNA SING OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL I DIE
[Newest]One of her best

12Problem - Ariana Grande

13Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

14Titanium - David Guetta
Love it always sing it everywhere
I love this song it is awesome, I think it should be nu. 1
Brilliant Beat by David Guetta + voice of Sia = Titanium..
[Newest]Can't help but dance when this song comes on

15Tonight - Enrique Iglesias
What a song! One of the best! Should be on top! Come on all fans of enrique!

16I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
It's not exactly "pop", I would say that is more soulful. It's my fave song by Whitney and actually the first song I ever heard by her. It's an awesome song and maybe one of the most romantic songs all times.
AMAZING song amazing voice... I HAVE BEEn singing this all day!
I love this singing I bolled me eyes when I found out she past away but she is always in my heart and that's why I vote this song
[Newest]Once again I came back I love you Whitney Houston

17Gangnam Style - PSY
Awesome song! Should be in top 5
The only word I have for this song is epic cool

18Like a Prayer - Madonna
This might have been one of the last great pop songs by Madonna. That being said, it isn't as strong as her other great songs. Over thirty years later, I caught myself with Material Girl in my head today without having to hear it. Ever song on her first two albums plus Crazy for You and the one from Desperately Seeking Susan are better than this one. It says more good about them than it does bad about Like a Prayer though.
This song is better than any other on this list. All those who really know music can say this. Go, Madonna! Queen Of Music!
I am a big fan of most of her music, but even everybody who hates her seems to agree that this song is brilliant and timeless.

19Angels - Robbie Williams
This song is for everyone

20Fancy - Iggy Azalea

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