Top 10 Best Pop Songs


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The Top Ten

Thriller - Michael Jackson
Greatest entertainer to have lived.. Lives and will live forever! We love you MJ!
He is a purely born legend and this song is it's proof. A master of dancing and the king of pop. People are not fool calling him so. He will truely live forever in our hearts and in our ears


Yeah, they call him the King of Pop for a reason.


[Newest]I love him his my idol

2I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys
90's classic pop song. One of the best pop ballads from the backstreet boys. Ranked at #10 by Rolling Stones/MTV in 100 greatest pop songs. A must listen pop song. My fave pop group. It is a definitive pop song of the 90's.
This is truly the best pop song EVERYBODY knows and sings this song. Black white. Hispanic. African. Indian Italian doesn't matter what you are where you come from everybody knows this song and that makes it one of the greatest if not the greatest pop song ever... So awesome and so catchy.. You are my fire the one desire believe when I say I want it that way
I love that song. When I was a kid my mom played this song when she was depressed witch was all the time. But you know now I never hear that song but I still love it.
[Newest]Never fed up listening to it!

3Bad - Michael Jackson
This is sexiest Michael album of all time. Love you Michael!
Bad is Just awesome...!
This list is wrong. it is the best song, even better than thriller
[Newest]I <3 Bad, just got 1 question... Who's bad? Lol

4...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
I voted for britney
But I think it should be You Drive Me Crazy
And You Drive Me Crazy is also Brit's favorite from her first album
I love it and still love it. It jút gives me so many memories. Makes me wanna flashblack to the old times. Brit will always be the princess in my heart... :x
my baby one more time every day!


[Newest]Hi this song so beautiful is my heartbeats

5This Is Me - Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas
They are wicked man somethin nice I learnt their song ganna here them all!
Best song ever by any singer... She is my favorite.. Despite of her melodious voice she is so underrated :( this world is so mean. Demi is on the top in my list! Love her forever...
This is real, this is me, and I LOVE IT. It was one of those songs that made me feel good about myself. Which is GOOD because people always hate it at my house. BUT YES JUST KEEP MAKING SONGS!

6I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
It's not exactly "pop", I would say that is more soulful. It's my fave song by Whitney and actually the first song I ever heard by her. It's an awesome song and maybe one of the most romantic songs all times.
AMAZING song amazing voice... I HAVE BEEn singing this all day!
I love this singing I bolled me eyes when I found out she past away but she is always in my heart and that's why I vote this song
[Newest]Once again I came back I love you Whitney Houston

7Poker Face - Lady Gaga
The song just super, which should fall into the top 5. Because it sounds just fine and easily, well done Lady Gaga... By the way is my favorite song!
So classic. So modern. So... Lady Gaga. The favorite song of millions, and so great to dance to!
This should be in the top of this list...u didn't correctly allocate this list!
[Newest]Love the song so much can't stop listening to it I am even listening to it now!

8Written In the Stars - Tinie Tempah
I love this song, I use it on most of my back room music for drawing on YouTube... LOVE this SONG got 3, 564, 223 watches!
This Song Is Awesome and gets me super pumped at the same time... If You listen to it once you'll love it guranteed
I love this song but wouldn't this be more of a rap song
[Newest]Like it very much.. !

9Firework - Katy Perry
This really is Katy Perry's best song. And I totally mean it when I say, 'Katy Perry. YOU REALLY ARE A FIREWORK! ' You rock. And this definitely is one of your best songs. Hilarious. Anyone would agree. It should be in the top 10. Definitely.
The best pop song I've ever heard. This song rules the world of pop. Very inspiring and catchy song.
10 thumbs up for this beat. Its crazy why should it be the 29th best?! HUH ITS CRAZY ALRIGHT IT SHOULD at least BE THE 5TH BEST I WANNA SING OVER AND OVER AGAIN UNTIL I DIE
[Newest]I love Katy Perry Songs

10Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
No.17 call me maybe is such a good song the second most popular song after gangnam style. And add more selena gomez songs I hate this list
No.17 what I love this song it's catchy and fun to listen to
Call Me Maybe is a great song!

The Contenders

11Titanium - David Guetta
Love it always sing it everywhere
I love this song it is awesome, I think it should be nu. 1
Brilliant Beat by David Guetta + voice of Sia = Titanium..
[Newest]Great song. Should be in the top 10.

12Go Time - Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho lets loose and shows her teenage pop side. This girl has more talent than anyone I have ever known. I can't wait for her new album
"Awakening to come out September 23. What a ride the last four years have been. From 10 years old on AGT to her new world tour at age 14. Watch out world her she comes.
This song and video will be playing at all the Justice girls clothing stores - I hope her promoters plan to get it radio airplay... This song kicks butt.
I could listen to this song over and over and over and...


13We Are Young - Fun.
Not really pop, but whatever!

14Crush - David Archuleta
David has done lots of great things in Music Industry. He never put any foul words in his songs. He has great a attitude. More people will like him. Great things come to those who wait. Overall, he is PERFECT
He is young singer. His song always be hits. I think one time he will be legend in the world. Everyone like his song like as me. I love you so much Archie. I believe you will be the winner..
David is an awesome singer. I love the song "Crush".
[Newest]David can sing anything. Crush makes me happy it is innocent like a young crush would be.

15Party In the U.S.A. - Miley Cyrus
She is excellent! And Party in the U.S. A is definitely one of her best!
Its lyrics are good, the beat is good and she sings it in a terrific way!
DId you know Canadians love her and this song weird but HOT


Wow! Excellent song. I love it so much

16Angels - Robbie Williams
This song is for everyone

17Like a Prayer - Madonna
This song is better than any other on this list. All those who really know music can say this. Go, Madonna! Queen Of Music!
I am a big fan of most of her music, but even everybody who hates her seems to agree that this song is brilliant and timeless.
In a billion time better and higher than Thriller


18Gangnam Style - PSY
Awesome song! Should be in top 5
The only word I have for this song is epic cool

19Naturally - Selena Gomez
I love this song so much. Selena has a great voice! I would say she is way better than fun, she is one of the few artists in The top 100 billboard that can really sing, although Rihanna is really good too


This song is the best. Its catchy and you're gonna sing along after the first time you heard it. Its very dance and a standout from her debut album with The Scene. You can listen to it the whole day and never get sick of it

20Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
Always can touch my heart..
It's great..
Listen to it..
I bet you'll love it :)
this song and artist is amazing it always touches my heart

21Umbrella - Rihanna
Amazing :) but what's up with all the illuminati stuff in the video
A truely amazing song

22Happy - Pharrell Williams

23Earth Song - Michael Jackson
Earth Song is an excellent song for so many reasons. One reason is that it made people learn that you should care about not to litter and recycle allot so you don't kill trees. Another reason is that it sounds so sad.
A song in sync with nature

24My All - Mariah Carey
Really?!?! Just placed at 20?! Come on its one of Mariah's greatest songs. You people should look at what the lyrics says, not how good the beat is or if who s the artist!

25Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) - Kelly Clarkson

26Someone Like You - Adele
I am from Iran. I love this song so much because it say a story which is going on wherever humans live.
Love! So much passion & pain, it's real. It's beautiful! ♥
Adele is beast. How come this ain't at the top of this list? This is REAL POP MUSIC. She never dissapoints

27Problem - Ariana Grande

28Please Don't Go - Mike Posner

29Mirrors - Justin Timberlake
Mirrors is really a touching song that makes us believe we have to reflect ourselves in our life..
Justin Timberlake really curved up this one...

30Wuthering Heights - Kate Bush

31I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

32Fancy - Iggy Azalea

33California Gurls - Katy Perry

34Tonight - Enrique Iglesias
What a song! One of the best! Should be on top! Come on all fans of enrique!

35Give Me Everything - Pitbull

36She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Ok I don't know who it is, but someone on this list is mest up in the head I mean this is the only m5 song on this list!

37SexyBack - Justin Timberlake

38Take a Bow - Madonna
Did you hear this song? If yes you would know what I mean


39Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

40Purple Rain - Prince

41Crazy In Love - Beyonce
Your righ it's still so good

42Listen to Your Heart - Roxette
Roxette belongs to the top and only on any chart of mine. But that's just me. Time will tell whether a song is of quality or merely just a firework.
This is one of the best ballads I ever heard. Like it very much. Hope for much more songs like this from Roxette and Per Gessle.

43Billie Jean - Michael Jackson
I listen to all genre of music, pop, rock, nu metal, death metal, melodic death metal, rap but this song out of all is my personal favourite, for me this song is the best, no Metallica, Pink Floyd, Linkin Park, slipknot, death, children of bodom, Black Sabbath, iron maiden, Eminem can make me going as much as this one

Just my personal opinion though, even Michael's own songs doesn't come close to this one, with his dance this song is pure epic
Billie jean is number one! The best! This is symbol of pop.
The best song which must be in the top 10

44She Wolf - Shakira

45Ooh La La - Britney Spears
The chorus is Superb!

46What the Hell - Avril Lavigne

47You and I - Lady Gaga
The vocals in this song is just really makes this song over the top


It's such a great song.
I like.. That song.,

48Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

49Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
A true blue pop song with a great message.

50Love The Way You Lie - Eminem
Wait what? This is rap not pop!
Okay, it's Eminem and Rihanna, so of course this song is sick. Would I know every word to it if it wasn't? No, that would be a waste of my time.
Eminems rap is just breath taking and rihanna adds the extra charm
[Newest]Eminem is a awesome rapper not a lame pop singer

51Kiss You - One Direction
No you are wrong this song sucks as well as the band and every other stupid boy bands out there try listening to something good like definitely leopard, or Bon Jovi or something like that.
This song sucks. just as much as the rest of 1D songs. do they even know how to write songs. while watching the music videos of 1D, I mute it and look at their faces.

52Genie In a Bottle - Christina Aguilera

53Skyfall - Adele
This song should be in top 5.
Miley Cyrus, one direction etc are nothing in comparison to adele.

54Tik Tok - Kesha
This song deserves number 1
Amazing beats and music and the vocals were out of the world
One of my all time favorites
I love this song so much! Great quality and it doesn't go over and over. Great job Kesha! This song should be in the top ten list.
This is one of the best songs ever!

55Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

56Hung Up - Madonna
Best dance pop song. Finest example of pure pop song
Hung Up is #1!

57Glad You Came - The Wanted
Glad You came After Kiss You... Curse you.

58MMM Yeah - Austin Mahone

59Freedom 90 - George Michael

60Anything Could Happen - Ellie Goulding

61Crazy Kids - Kesha

62Remember the Time - Michael Jackson

63Flashdance... What a Feeling - Irene Cara

64Feel - Robbie Williams
Robbie wiliams is the best singer ever I love him
I love the way you can actually feel the emotions throughout this song.
One of the greatest songs

65Bohemian Rhapsody
BEST SONG EVER Love Freddie Mercury's vocals, this is not a pop song but it's still better than any song on this top, love Queen!
it is officially the best song ever!


Firstly Queen is one of the GREATEST bands ever, and bohemian rhapsody is one of their GREATEST songs

66Disturbia - Rihanna
Best song ever! It should be in #1!

67Touch My Body - Mariah Carey
Its music video might be cheesy but Oh come on it completly fescribes what were thinking if ever we see someone who is mouth waterry!

68I Wanna Go - Britney Spears

69Vision of Love - Mariah Carey
Vision of love is the very first song which describes who is Mariah and what shes capable ofthis song shouldve been at ahigher rank!

70If I Were a Boy - Beyoncé
Best Song EVER!
Best Song In THE WORLD! Listen to it
Beyonce You rule NOW LET'S ROCK THE WORLD!

71We Found Love - Rihanna

72Really Don't Care - Demi Lovato

73Die MF Die - Dope

74Complicated - Avril Lavigne

75Sexy and I Know it - LMFAO

76You're Still The One - Shania Twain

77S.O.S. - ABBA
Pretty much any song by ABBA would deserve the top spot on this list. Their songs all have beautiful harmonies, unique instrumentals and very pleasant melodies. Their songs have the effect of making the listener want to sing along, and yet they have an outstanding amount of complexity to them. Fitting, for the pop genre, most of their songs have cheesy lyrics, and yet a surprising amount hold a lot of meaning if you listen. Most of the silliest of their songs are the most interesting to listen to, because of the stories that they tell. They are amusing and fun to sing. SOS is a very pretty song. It is not all sunshine and roses, but at the same time, it does not bring you down at all. I find it amazing, how ABBA was able to write such excellent lyrics, with English not being their first language.
This song made #1 in several countries, and was in the top 10 in countries around the globe. John Lennon had declared that it was one of his favourite pop songs, and Pete Townshend in particular said it is probably his favourite pop song. Agnetha's vocals are incredible, sounding almost as if she were breaking down in tears.


78Bye Bye Bye - Nsync
This song is so catchy


79Spice Up Your Life - Spice Girls

80Whistle - Flo Rida

81(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin

82Start a Riot - Jetta

83All of Me - John Legend

84Maniac - Michael Sembello

85Pumped Up Kicks - Foster the People
Ya in top 40 for sure. I don't care much for pop but I still love this song. It is kind of like reggae and alternative mixed together. The guitar is okay also.
I love this song!.. It is way better than what we hear on the radio nowadays -_-

86What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
Hey! This song is awesome so this song should be at least in the top 12 4 crying out loud! Well if its of all time I understand but some songs that are here shouldn't even b beating one direction! Well that's all I'm saying so if anybody is reading this sorry for writing a lot and have an awesome day!
You are the best. I love you so so much 1D..
This is the best song I ever heard

87Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes
I think that this song is just as good as Call Me Maybe but that's just my oppinion

88Beautiful - Christina Aguilera

89Will You Be There - Michael Jackson
This song is a master piece and should be number one. It's the best song ever.

90Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake

91Windows Down - Big Time Rush
Yeah they the deserve to be first.

92Bo$$ - Fifth Harmony

931999 - Prince

94Step By Step - New Kids On the Block

95Hips Don't Lie - Shakira
Best pop song I've ever heard. love it very much you ROCK SHAKIRA!

96Paparazzi - Lady GaGa
OMG I absolutely love this song.
The music, the lyrics, the video.
Everything about this song is perfect.


97Meet Me at the Corner - Red Hot Chili Peppers

98Olly Bahebak - Tamer Hosny

99Marry You - Bruno Mars

100Stranger In Moscow - Michael Jackson

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