Best Regency or City of Central Kalimantan


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The Top Ten

Pangkalan Bun - West Waringin City

2Sampit - East Waringin City

3Kuala Kapuas - Kapuas

4Buntok - South Barito

5Muara Teweh - North Barito

6Palangkaraya - Palangkaraya

7Kasongan - Katingan

8Pambuang - Seruyan

9Sukamara - Sukamara

10Nanga Bulik - Lamandau

The Contenders

11Kuala Kurun - Gunung Mas

12Pisau Island - Pisau Island

13Puruk Cahu - Murung Raya

14Tamiang Layang - East Barito

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