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I love Blind skateboards. Blind have good quality and great pop and they have nice graphics. I know Blind is not the best but it's my favorite brand so far. People enjoy your skateboards even if it's Almost or Plan B or maybe Blind just enjoy. All skateboard brands are excellent to me but for me I choose Blind because of the great pop and good quality but still there are many excellent skateboards out there. People if your looking for a board that has good quality and great pop with nice graphics I say Blind but again there are still brands that are better then Blind but for me I choose Blind
Blind skateboards have great pop, good quality and nice graphics. People if your looking for a good board with great pop and good quality go with Blind but there are still lots of excellent brands out there like Almost or Plan B and more! But for me I choose Blind.
Got 2 blind decks and they both lasted me a year. The pop lasts long and the concave can really keep its shape. They were my first boards and from my experience, they have lasted me the longest. The eternal life decks are supposed to be very good also. Good graphics, and good quality decks, Blind has got to be one of my all time best boards.
Blind decks are good. My first board was a blind and I had that for a year and its still in good condition. Blind has good quality skateboards with decent pop and good durability which last very long. The new Blind eternal life decks are amazing as well!
I got 3 blind decks, and it rocks! This one has a good pop and it's hard to break, not like element decks, I broke my last element deck in 3 hours. So, blind must be number 1!
The blind is the best board because it has a lot of different colors and it has good pop and I still have my blind for four years and I skate every day of my life I jump four stairs and fives and it does not split best board in the world
Blind is the best brand there is element sucks... blind boards last really long that crack as easy as other boards blind is also the best board to do impossibles on COME ON PEOPLE FRIGGN VOTE


I haven't had a blind but my friend had one and we were at the skate park and he let me try his blind that was like chipped and like a year and a half and still had better pop than my new plan be deck
I have had a blind for a wile now and it can handle anything I throw at it. Not only does it feel great when you skate with it, but also looks amazing, and defanetly owns a majority of the boards out there. Great board! Love it.
I got my Blind skateboard and I made a good choice of buying one. Blind skateboards have great quality, good pop and a very strong deck. Probably gonna get another Blind for my new skateboard.
I've had my blind for over a year and it's still in good condition. I highly recommend Blind. I've skated with their boards for years now. Still love them!
Awesome for popping nice and light flips like a dream really hard to break epic for all tricks comes in a size for all
Skaters I have had 4 blinds all have lasted at least 1 year that's why they are the best make of all time
I think the blind Eternal Life is best. It has good pop, its light and it has a metal plating in the middle so its hard to break.
Dude Blind is awsome It rolls really smooth. It's pretty light so i can get alot of pop out of it... yeah it's the best.
Blind is perfect it grinds good and you can do any kinds of kick flips easily plus it pops really good. I order nothing but blind. blind has really good decks. BLIND ROCKS.
Blind is sick and good never brakes but should recommend for medium boarders. Awesome ollies has best ollies in all brands.
I have a blind board its a north park great pop awesome for impossibles and really fast
blinds are the best i have one there good for olies,popshovs,kickflips and reverts


I lit. GREW UP W/ THESE DECKS, TRUCKS, & WHEELS! They're REALLY STELLAR! Like they're hella durable doing flips, jumps, rails, stairs, etc.
I am going to get everything with the brand Blind! It is now my favorite brand and I will buy anything with blind on!
Blind is a good strong skateboard. I recemend it!
I just got my new blind and it's awesome I've beaten everybody I know who skate ever since I got this board it has awesome pop and I love the graghics
They literally cheat death! Mine got run over TWICE by a truck and it's still strong and durable! I love it!
To: the people who skate with Element boards. Message: YOU ARE A POSER!

To: The people who skate with Blind boards. Message: YOU ARE A REAL SKATER
Good designs why is element number 1 I have a blind boards its good and reliable
With bones bearings
Blind is the best mascot the reaper element just has a tree

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