Best Universities In the Philippines


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University of the Philippines
The University of the Philippines is just simply best. Enough said.

(God, do I have to say more? Everyone knows that UP is the best among the premier universities in the Philippines. You learn about most everything here. UP is the BEST. )
A university named after its nation. NO. 1 in rankings. And even in board exams. Obviously the BEST among the rest. Got what it takes to pass the UPCAT? It takes U.P. (Utak at Puso) to enter U.P. it prepares students through difficulties for them to be able to take life a little easier than it would be after college.
I can't understand why UP is not number one in this list. It usually is in most lists.
[Newest]UP is simply the best university.
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2Polytechnic University of the Philippines
PUP is the best for me.. It is the University of the Poor and the Home of the Leaders.. Haha.. It has the lowest tuition fee here in Asia, 12 pesos per unit! Even the facilities are not good enough and you need to go to another room to get a chair, what is good here is the Quality of Education.. One of the best in Engineering and Accountancy in the Philippines! Viva PUP! Long Live Sintang Paaralan!

BSEE 2-1 student
'Cause being a PUPian is great! Maroon is AWESOME! :) Polytechnic University of the Philippines is a state university that offers low tuition but still provides high quality education, that's why they always say that being PUPian is a wonderful encounter and we believe that PUP also means Pataasan ng Utak, Pababaan ng tuition. "
PUP has still the lowest tuition fee ever that provides a good number of highly skilled graduates. PUP has been one of the best state universities in the Philippines and making its name well recognized in the country. Move up' PUP! Strive for the best!
[Newest]PUP biggest bang for the buck
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3Far Eastern University
FEU excels in both academics and athletics, being among the country's top notch university in nursing, medical technology and medicine, it is also among the best in law, accounting, business administration, psychology, chemistry, fine arts, architecture and information technology. FEU Tamaraw is consistent in being among the best team in UAAP. It's almost a century-old campus is a UNESCO awardee for art and architectural preservation and a virtual oasis in the concrete and polluted jungle of Manila. The only non-sectarian, private Filipino university that has proven its worth throughout the years since its founding in 1928 producing alumnus who have contributed silently but consistently to our country's development. It's students and alumnus came from various social strata of the Philippines, here the rich and the poor go and mix together successfully in their quest for learning, tuition fees are reasonable and there are a lot of opportunities for character development. The richest Filipinos (Henry Sy and Lucio Tan) are Tamaraws whose stories are classic rag-to-riches type. Now that's what we call a Tamaraw spirit! F-aith E-mpowers you-s! F-ortitude E-xcellence you-prightness!
The Land of Green and Gold. FEU not only provides quality education but also it stands to its core values of Fortitude, Excellence and Uprightness.

FEU is not your ordinary school. It is one of the oldest universities in the country. It has achieved and has shown to the country and the rest of the world its products and alumni in different fields of expertise.

The Far Eastern University continuously provides academic excellence by continuing to improve its teaching methods, by engaging the students to the application of theories, by opening the minds of the students to the world and by encouraging them to be the best that they can be.

Other schools may have the best students, but this university proves that she can mold simple minds into great ones.
FEU has been and will always be a center of excellence in all expertise. Medicine, Nursing, Accountancy, Engineering, Laws, Education etc. Name it and FEU will make you achieve your dream profession.
-Consistent Top Notchers in any Board Exams
-Over Qualified for AUTONOMOUS STATUS this year
-Hailed as the "OASIS" inside the polluted city of Manila
-The only UNIVERSITY awarded by UNESCO because of its "ART DECO" buildings
-Excel not only in academics but also in sports, as been producing athletes who brings pride to our country.
-Prominent alumni

There are lots of things that other people doesn't know about our Alma Mater because FEU has been a silence achiever locally and internationally.

[Newest]Excellent university and excellent education to any courses given
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4University of Sto. Tomas
The University of Santo Tomas stands as one of the best universities, not only in the Philippines, but also in Asia and Western countries as well. In its 400 years of existence, UST has created its own identity- a center rich in cultural heritage, moral values and spirituality, an institution which offers the best quality education, and a training ground for future professionals and leaders of the country. Through the years, UST has been producing top notch students excelling in all fields; namely, arts, sports, science, mathematics and etc. As a matter of fact, Thomasians produce consistent topnotchers in all of the board examinations, unlike other schools which only appear in the list every two or three years. Also, UST has been recognized as one of the best schools in Asia, and at several times, it has been included in the list of the top 500 universities of the world. Given that it offers the best quality education in the country, many iconic identities are a product of this institution. Thomasians include saints, Philippine presidents, heroes, artists, scientists, professionals and religious figures, who have figured prominently in the history of the Philippines. Aside from having brains and wits, Thomasians are also well trained in etiquette and religion. As its name implies, "The Catholic University of the Philippines", UST produces students who are spiritually inclined to God and includes Him in every word spoken and every action acted upon. If both intelligence and personality are the basis of our standards, truly, The Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas is the best university in the Philippines. Proud to be Thomasian at 400 years! Viva Santo Tomas!
A Thomasian will always be a Thomasian in heart and in mind. I am very proud to be a Thomasian and I am proud of my alma mater. Celebrating its 400th year of foundation proves that it is one of the best making a statement that it can last for a very long time. I AM PROUD TO BE A THOMASIAN!
I believe that ust is one of the prestigious school in the Philippines.
[Newest]Competence, Commitment, Compassion! :-)
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5Ateneo De Manila University
I think it is a rarity and most definitely an asset in Philippine tertiary education that we have the confluence of a liberal and humanities-oriented curriculum, a Jesuit led administration, and a school environment that values a holistic, well-rounded development manifested in the Ateneo. Currently an undergraduate that has been with ADMU since high school, I can attest to the quality of education I am fortunate to experience as a result of the unparalleled faculty, superb facilities, and epiphany thrust of values that underscores what the Ateneo education stands for. Steeped in continuing its tradition of excellence, Ateneo de Manila remains one of the country's most prestigious and foremost partner in nation-building.
Quality is a six-letter word: A-T-E-N-E-O.

What makes Ateneo unique is it forms its students holistically, that's the edge of the Ateneo graduates to graduates of other universities. Ateneo has produced thousands of responsible citizens, including the National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. It is also part of the network of Jesuit universities across the globe, including some of the World's Top Universities.

Existing for more than 150 years, being the center of excellence, the Ateneo de Manila University is truly the Philippines' best. Other Jesuit-run universities in the country, Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan, Ateneo de Naga University and Ateneo de Davao University also, are some of the most respectable in the Philippines.
It is the most elite school in the Philippines, no doubt. In terms of intelligence and quality of professors, it is at par with UP. In terms of financial affluence, it is the best followed by La Salle Taft. In terms of student values, it is more or less equal to UST.

Ateneo de Manila has the biggest number of alumni/nae who have been admitted to the world's most prestigious universities like Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Yale, Cambridge, London, MIT, NYU, Georgetown and the like as a testimony to its world-class quality.

Finally, Ateneo gives opportunities even to graduates from not-so-well known schools as long as these students are very hardworking. Examples are former Law Dean Cesar Villanueva (a graduate of Holy Angel University who was given scholarship by Ateneo Law, and would eventually finish doctorate in Harvard)

So if you're really hardworking and intellectually brilliant, welcome to Ateneo!
[Newest]Because they have a very good quality of education

6De La Salle University (Manila)
De La Salle University Manila (DLSU) continues to be highly-regarded globally as the ultimate Philippine cradle of learning for the well-rounded individuals. Indeed it is one of the rare breed of Philippine higher educational institutions where topnotch rigorous academic programmes (in a fast-paced academic period) are offered vis-à-vis its equally-valued religious programmes. No other well-respected institutions in the Philippines offer heavily-filtered admission process that favours student applicants who possess outstanding IQ and EQ combined. The award-winning programmes and professors welcome those who managed to surmount the high bar of admissions. And the DLSU students always deliver - always the upper decile of performers in nationwide board examinations and global qualifications. It is no surprise why DLSU graduates of Business, Science, Engineering and the Arts are constantly sought after by the real world out there, one of the evidence of the priceless worth of this educational institution. Remember, there is always a reason why DLSU - time and time again - gets mentioned in job adverts, work promotions or indeed biographies. Moreso why DLSU never fails to be included in the global rankings of universities. The other local educational institutions could only admire or perhaps play catch-up with the pioneering and well-respected programmes, facilities and system that DLSU offers. No wonder this is the home of the future visionaries and pioneers of the country. Education par excellence with a conscience.
"De La Salle University is a higher education institution that seeks to respond to the call and needs of the Church and the country. It aims to play a key role in the formation and education of future leaders and achievers. Its community hopes to contribute to nation building. "

De La Salle University molds not only brain but also the personality of the student. I am proud to be a part of this school especially it is the ideal school for business courses.
De La Salle University is assuredly one of the best universities in Asia. It's links with other La Sallian schools provide it with a competetiive advantage against other schools. It's also the top school in the Philippines that has the most interactive website possible. People thought that all La Sallians are rich, but we believe this to be simply untrue: most of them are families whose backgrounds range from entrepreneurs to company leaders, doctors to distinguished educators.

We believe that De La Salle University is one of the best university when it comes to business. If anyone has looked at the Central Bank of the Philippines (which is overlooking the main La Salle school complex), the leaders there are La Sallian. Innovation is inherited in the LaSallian tradition, and this spills out not only in business but also in the liberal arts, education, medicine, and the like.

Oh, and there's a reason why De La Salle's chosen symbol is an archer, compared to both UP and Ateneo's eagles.
[Newest]It is DLSU because the faculty cares... They love to teach. You will really learn, guided by professionals and fellows who are full-time to nurture the needs of learners.

7Lyceum of the Philippines University
The Leader in Hospitality and tourism education in the country today!
One of the best university when it comes to Business Administration as well as arts and sciences and foreign language!

World class facilities! Viva Larga Pirata! LPU Taking the Lead!
The best... Almost of the courses/school-wide are accredited by pacucoa... Taking the lead in global education
The best school for hospitality and broadcast/print industry courses. CITHM, CIR and CAS are the best colleges, not to mention other colleges which are very much competitive and also are taking the lead.
[Newest]The best among the best. Tara!
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8Mapua Institute of Technology
Just judge this school in Engineering. I have a handful of info regarding the school's achievements but I'll share some of the notable ones:

The first in quarter term. One of the first in electronic IDs which started in year 2000. Highest level of engineering education. One of the first in robotics and produced a countless number of inventions. Consistent in top-notching the engineering board exams. Consistently winning the international and local quiz competitions. Home of the most technically and arithmetically-skilled professionals, multi-awarded scientists/engineers in the international and local fields. Partnered with international universities in the US. The only school in East Asia to have programs accredited by US-based ABET. Has granted full autonomy by CHED and has given most programs with "center of development for engineering". Mapúa Civil Engineering program, 1st PACUCOA Level IV Accredited Engineering Program in the Philippines. Mapúa’s passing rate was above the national passing percentage, which accounts for 33% of the national board passers. Has international alumni association such as Hawaii Association of Mapua Alumni (HAMA).
Fellow Mapuans, we don't need to justify anything about our school. We've been known over the years. Let's just stay humble and work hard and help in building the nation's future. Viva Mapua!
The first and only school in southeast asia accredited by ABET, among the most respected accreditation organizations in the U.S.
With eight programs accredited namely electrical engineering, electronics and communications engineering, computer engineering and just this august 19,2011 includes Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental and Sanitary Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering...
Being the only school in the Philippines with this status where education is compared to that of Massachusetts institute of technology, there's no way this cool shouldn't be on the first spot
[Newest]For me mapua is the best because it has the greatest accreditation ever the abet accreditation
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9Adamson University
Adamson University is included in the top 15 universities here in the Philippines based on the QS Top Asian Universities. This means that AdU offers quality education among many universities here in our country.
Manageable tuition fee with quality education provided mostly by capable instructors. Facilities have improved greatly. the University stays true to its mission of giving quality eduction to those who may not ave so much.
Education with a heart, that would best describe Adamson University.
[Newest]Actually we like that university for our shooting it is the perfect place for us...
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10University of the East
The University of the East, is one of the best universities in the Philippines and now a GLOBAL CHOICE. UE is a global choice because of the fact that, UE is Internationally Recognized.

UE tops in many fields.
MEDICINE, Computer Studies, Business and Engineering.

UE is now an AUTONOMOUS University since 2009.
the I. T education became CENTER OF DEVELOPMENT since 2007-present.
TOP Performing school in Dentistry.
Topnotcher in CPA,
UE first to used the OPAC in LIBRARY.
Has the best facilities in Dentistry,
UE uses iMacs I Computer ed. Laboratories.
ISO certified
3rd in asia's computer schools.

-Pamantasan naming mahal
The best university for me. I am a fourth year student in UE taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Here are few of the reasons why UE gives/provides the best IT education:

state of the art computer laboratories,
named as the most wired university in the Philippines by computerwold magazine and is the only educational institution that make up the list,
online enrollment, lectures, library resources etc.
acquisition of iMac units for a new course, Multimedia Arts,
thesis development which consists of three regular semesters,
a battery exam for 3rd/4th year computer students,
sun microsystems partner,
1:1 computer unit to student ratio,
vast data resources found on the 6 story POD building (libraries),
and others.
best school... high standard of teaching, high- tech school facilities, a very nice place to learn... topnotchers in dentistry, CPA, Engineering, Nursing, Medicine and others are molded in this institution!
[Newest]Go fight Red and White!
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The Contenders

11Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)
I didn't graduate from this school but I have to rate this school as the no. 1 university in the Philippines based on the learning experience my grandkids have been telling me. You see I'm a graduate of Heald Institute of Technology in California and took college courses at the Old Dominion University in Vrginia and University of Hawaii as well, and found similarities in the teaching approach there at OLFU as related by my grandkids (one takes nursing and the other one HRM). The main driving force that makes a student to excel is how the school educates the students in relation to their moral, spiritual and social relevance in their respective community that will eventually lead them to become a responsible, productive and caring citizens not only there but wherever they choose to go. A school has to capture the heart and mind of its studentry in order to live up to its name as provider of excellent education, and OLFU definitely is right on the mark. I have the opportunity to interact with so many Filipinos here in the U.S. who are graduates of highly ranked schools there but majority of them are not at par with the U.S. standards. As a result, it's not uncommon to see them not passing the state board and therefore end up in jobs that don't fit their skills and talent. I know a woman who graduated from the University of the East and holds a master's degree from the University of Asia and Pacific but dabbles a job as a service clerk. I'm her boss at a retail outlet of the biggest drugstore in America. What about my sister's brother-in-law, an engineering graduate from the University of the Philippines who actually served a technical position in the engineering field here but couldn't pass the California state board. He had to go back in the island of Guam where the standards are much lower. Also I have a friend who also couldn't pass that same test and is a graduate of Mapua Institute of Technology. All of them seem to be reasonably intelligent people. Can it be said that perhaps they're victims of their respective school's over-hyped (or inflated) "bigger than life" image, that is, more hooplas and less substance. My point is, the school has to get into the whole system of the human's heart and mind, including the soul too. Forget about producing board passers and topnotchers (although it helps). What matters is a graduate who can be productive and contribute to the betterment of mankind. OLFU has my vote on that matter.
Quality Education is a MUST and OLFU have it. Having a very affordable tuition fees is not a basis of quality education. Its not about how expensive the tuition is.. Its about how your University perform during learning processing & MOST OF ALL, TRAINING STUDENTS TO BE BOARD PASSERS. Let us not deny that Our Lady of Fatima University PRODUCES TOPNOTCHERS & MANY BOARD EXAM PASSERS :))

--BS Pharmacy
FYI: (Pharmacy Board Exam 2nd placer is from OLFU
this university is the best university in the Philippines, coz' they are not only teaching the students in academic but also they develop students to improve them man as man through a legacy of excellent education and compassionate value formation.
[Newest]Good quality of education
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12Bulacan State University
For me this is the number 1 campus. Not just by learning but this campus molds you as safe and responsible leader in the future!
BulSU really offers quality education. This University is one of the best here in the Philippines with stronger ties growing abroad. Just pure excellence.
BulSU is one of the best university in the country 'because it really molds good professionals. It offers a quality education, camaraderie and better skills after grad.
[Newest]They had the quality of excellence. THey mold every student with the best that they could
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13New Era University
ALL graduated of New Era University are all world class topnotcher of board/bar exams of United Nations, they are all world SummaCumlaude, world Magnacumlaude, world cumlaude, and world laude, they only achieved, exa% is the highest and the lowest is peta%. New Era University surpassed on the academics of Engineering, Law, Education, and Nursing. And now New Era University plan to produce topnotcher on accountancy thru ABB scholars. New Era University rank number 1 on ABB and Top Universities records followed by Harvard University no.2 and Cambridge University no.3, belong to first triangle of FIRST Organization, released on 2011/2012 records. And all graduated of New Era University are obliged to work on government of United Nations based on the law existed, and the superior standing of New Era University parallel to Harvard University and Cambridge University.
New Era University is now ranking "Best Engineering Schools" based on the top list of ranker, W. Ranker. Com. New Era University can't reach highest voting lists, but it deserve to be number 1 on "Best Engineering Schools"on Engineering taking board exams in US records.
On the latest records released by Ministry of Education of United Nations, for the year of 2012/2013.1. Engineering rank number 1, 2. Law (Natural Sciences)3, but rank no.2 next to Harvard University 2, but rank number 1 because of the theory or law of evolution (Natural Sciences ) of Cambridge University 1, 3. Social Sciences & Management (MBA & Accountancy) rank no.9
4. Life Sciences & Medicines (Nursing) rank no.7, 5. Arts &Humanities (Education) rank no.28. Visit the website of QS World University Rankings (w. TopUniversities. Com) and its QS Stars :Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While in the website of ABB ( W. ABB. Com), it has contain 8 Adobe Acrobat, each Adobe Acrobat contain all information about the characteristics of New Era University ( ie, member of Allied Countries, New Technologies, Progress, group of gifted peoples etc. ) it's proof New Era University have a high quality of Education respect by other Universities/Colleges. New Era University belong on the top of triangle of 1st group of Triangle in United Nations, rank number 1, followed by Harvard University no.2 and Cambridge University no.3, study the structures of QS World University Rankings, top 700 Universities around the world. New Era University top among the 700 Universities and 20, 000 Universities worldwide. Proud to be Eraias
[Newest]A world-class Institution of learning with a unique Christian culture of excellence, discipline, and service to humanity.
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14Centro Escolar University
The best university! We provide the topnotchers in every board exam. GO CEU!
It's one of the best schools in the Philippines because the students are properly guided and they got all the best facilities the students can avail aside from the tuition fees re affordable!
Centro Escolar University is truly a great university,
Not only because of its High Standards when it comes to Higher education but through the outcome they produce,

For in this university topnotchers are made!
Fashion is also inserted towards the idea of uniforms

With students that truly look modest and elite.

Endowed with social graces, and array of intelligence.

(ISO accredited and trademark when it comes to medical courses.. You know it people, escolarians are known for that! )

When others boast about just a topnotch, ceu doesn't..

Do you know why?

Because escolarians are just used to it.
It doesn't happen just once in a blue moon..

For excellency has always been a habit for the pink scorpions!

Keep it up Escolarians!
[Newest]I love it because it give discounts on high school graduates with honors
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15National University
When you immigrated to other country you have to compete with the graduates of your new adopted country and graduates from all over the world. My training fom National University in Manila prepared for my mechanical engineering profession and I was able to practiced that profession at Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, Michigan U.S.A. It is also your adaptability to the new technology that will guide you to your success and sense of accomplishment. Thank you NU for preparing me to compete. We don't have the nice campus or world class facilities during my time but our passing rate specially in Architecture and Engineering is the envy of many schools.
-development up to the highest level.. Watch and all will be surprised. Not today but maybe tomorrow and if still not try the day after tomorrow
Let's see how this institution with a colorful past will be revived to meet the advances of this age. Nice National University!
[Newest]NU is the best! :)) aja!
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16Cavite State University
CvSU is as simple as the word "SIMPLE"
but it is as excellent as the word "EXCELLENT"
Its education system is simply world class.
CvSueños are globally competitive and morally upright individuals.

--- Truth, Service and Excellence are its bases to retain its outstanding performance everywhere.

-a very popular Agricultural College all over the country
[Newest]This is the best! Of the "BEST"
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17Bicol University
No doubt'..
Bicol university did it...
Top performing university in bicol...
True home of bicolano topnotcher...
Center of excellence in quality education..
The University Mission: "A University of Excellence characterized by scholarship engagement for the community towards sustainable development. " BU has traveled long and wide as it tries to define itself as a state university. Faced with enormous challenges of varying nature, it has survived and continues to leave an indelible mark in the lives of the Bicolanos. After almost forty years of existence, it has defied the odds, and can now be considered at par with the best higher education institutions nationwide. With strong leadership and committed men and women behind, the opportunity is now ripe to up the ante and meet the standards set by the international academic community.
No doubt that bicol university is the best university in the Philippines because it produce topnotchers. Evidence is that it is the only school that is accredited by the iso
[Newest]Bicol University is the best and excellent university in the Philippines.
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18University of Manila
The university of manila is a academic school which is the student of this university will obey the rules and regulations. As I observe the university of manila will have a more students who has a local and foreign students which is teaching higher education to us. The professor and all the faculty staff especially the president of the university is very thoughtful and understanding.. Being a observer I am a first year college student
Great school in preparing students not just to pass exams but to face challenges in the work field... Yevah..
I'm proud to be part of this university..
go PLM.. =)
[Newest]The University of Manila is a school wherein students can learn not just Academic lessons but also lessons of life. :) Great school indeed.

19Mindanao State University
It has one of the lowest tuition fee in the Philippines, majority of the students only pays 2000 pesos during an enrollment to cover all the fees. Not only that, the cost of living of the students living here, is indeed, very cheap too. 2500 pesos per month of monthly allowance is enough to cover board, lodging, and other usual student needs. Speaking of the quality of education, many professors finished their master's and doctoral degrees on prestigious universities abroad. A big plus is that this university is also a social laboratory for Filipino Christians, Lumads, and Muslims wherein the three group of people are given an environment to understand each other's ways and culture. Majority of the students here are coming from the poorest family in Mindanao who couldn't have afford a college education if MSU is not existing. Because of the nature of the student populace, they become very competitive and always aiming that apple on the top of the bough, thinking that being in MSU is their only chance to improve their quality of life. Though, cost of living is really low, many students are self-supporting and can afford to finish a college degree without asking a cent from their parents by becoming 'student assistants' either on the university or local residents. In MSU, students are trained to survive life!
MSU-IIT raises the bar for schools that have low to extra-low budgets. Since I graduated in 2003 the school has transformed itself from the inside out. The ratio of Masters-Doctors to student population runs high and increases every year while the buildings are being added each year. The training that one gets from this school is way beyond the schools in Metro Manila. From language, arts, engineering, science, physics and mathematics MSU-IIT has competed nationally and internationally. It boasts of its world-class teaching force and a dedicated administrative force. The other schools in this list are what they are just because they have the luxury of having resources that MSU-IIT can consider way, way bigger than what has been accomplished. For students that are poor yet gifted with grit and intellect this school is the best.
I am enjoying my profession because I am working in a American based multi-national company. My peers have nothing bad to say about my work ethics and intellectual capability. This is so because I was trained in Mindanao State University and thanks to my mentors for providing the rigid training, in an MSUan way. I've worked with alumni from 4 best known universities and they were and are always shocked when founding out I was a graduate of MSU, they always thought I finished my engineering degree from 'THE GREEN ARCHER'. By the way, I enjoyed both life in mountain campus of Marawi and the sea level campus of IIT. Tru blood MSUan, always! I just hope Mindanao State University will maintain the standards and even aspire to be the best university within ASEAN.
[Newest]The best because it's provide success..
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20San Beda College
One of the Top Law schools in the Philippines with a passing rate of 98% last year. And also Topped the last board exam for accountancy
San Beda college is one of the most prestigious school in the Philippine and also provide good quality of education. San Beda was the champion of last years NCAA
ANIMO RED COURAGE SAN BEDA! We're one of the best!
[Newest]Unique brand of education, culture and tradition combined with prestige and class, the mighty Red and White school of Mendiola is indeed one of the finest in the land.

21Philippine Normal University
English department is the best during my stay here... Prof. Nilda Sunga, Alice Karaan, Marla Papango, Ruth Alido and of course, the immortal, Sonia Manzano...
LIKE! Those professors are immortals like the goddesses of Mount Olympus.
This is the only school were I found simplicity as professionalism. Moreover, being poor is much given integrity than the rich
In the Education World Philippine Normal University is the BEST, Wala U. P kung walang PNU, PNU are the first Faculty of UP and sila rin ang gumawa ng iba't ibang branches nito like UPLB. PNU is the 2nd for being the lowest tuition next to PUP san ka makakakita ng 2k lng babayaran mo but di kayo over crowded at aircon pa 40 per room. PNU IS THE BEST
[Newest]The National Center fore Teacher Education
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22Central Luzon State University
CLSU is one of the finest universities in the Philippines offering BS in Business Administration major in Economics. It is also one of the few to have established a corporate college (College of Business Administration and Accountancy). CLSU also has the most supportive administration that allows student organization to take charge and make their own stand in the development of the society both in the local and the national level. It has its best facilities in the field of research and development. CLSU: Where the difference is created!
clsu where the difference is created...
i'm very thankful that my mother and my father sent me this kind of excellent university.
the stage of graduation site is not high as you think, but the great challenge is to climb on the top of it.
clsu... center fr love, service and unity. mabuhay ang mag-aaral ng CLSU
Central Luzon, the place where you can be naturally you with the nature around you. You have the best resources to learn nature here. Agriculture that is and not only that.. This school offers collaboration with a lot of foreign matters that the student too can take part. This school will become the central of who you are when you leave. Dear alma mater, I don't miss you but I miss the lessons that you have engrave in the hearts of people who left you.
[Newest]Best university in terms of agriculture and Accountancy...
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23Saint Louis University
Saint Louis University is a unique university where school spirit and pride combine with academic excellence to provide an experience no other university offers. Aside from being one of the premier academic institutions of higher learning in the Philippines, SLU is also a university where one is molded and encouraged to rise up to challenges and conquer them. It is also a university which helps a person discover his potentials and teaches him how to use it properly. But above all the academic excellence is the way SLU helps a person become creative, competent, socially involved, and imbued with a Christian spirit - the four core values that SLU aims to instill in its students. Truly, this is a university in which one can be proud of calling his alma matter - that is why it does not come as a surprise when a Louisian states his identity with pride and a smile, unashamed to show that Saint Louis University is the school that has made a change in him academically, spiritually, socially, physically, and mentally.
SLU is one the cheapest yet best school for nursing
we need not much of your money, but we offer real quality education
SLU is the best school in Nursing and Accountancy with the highest results of board passers. You will definitely be one of the best when you graduate as a Louisianian, in all aspects, attitude, professionalism, intellectual, and spiritual.
[Newest]The best University in the Philippines.
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24University of Santo Tomas
UST is the royale pontificial university in the Philippines. UST is very good in Medecine and Education. UST should be in the TOP 10.

25Quezon City Polytechnic University
To develop professionally competent, socially responsible, productive members of society imbued with a deep sense of nationalism, commitment to ethical and moral values, and respectful of socio-cultural and political diversity.

To provide an outcome-based education responsive to the changing needs of the economy.
I'm a QCPU graduate and I am proud of that. Our School may be young but I know QCPU produces highly competitive graduates...

It's not only the best in Information and Communication Technology but also in producing Intellectual Industrial Engineers, ECEs and Young Entrepreneurs.
Quezon City Polytechnic University is a premier institution of professional, technological, education and training and a progressive partner in nation building.
[Newest]It has a good quality of education and nice atmosphere.
More comments about Quezon City Polytechnic University

26Silliman University
Go and study at Silliman and you'll experience a well rounded Christian education with a beautiful campus conducive to learning. Silliman is a small community by itself where you can really enjoy a "unique" student life which you could hardly experience in other universities. The students have more intimate relationships with each other and thus, easy to develop friendships as well as social skills. Above all it imparts a very high standard of learning. That is why, Silliman is not for everyone. Only the cream of the crop can meet its academic standards. It is also worthy to mention that its library which is one of the biggest in Asia. Indeed, it is one of the best schools in the country. Proud to say.. "I survived Silliman"
Sillimanians? We can carry you away by our simplicity, worn out slippers, scratched jeans, org shirts, and scrap notebooks. But once we talk, prepare to be carried away cause our blood is RED and REAL.
Underrated but it doesn't matter because Silliman University equips its students with quality education to be globally relevant.
[Newest]Silliman is a bully free university. People in there are so friendly.
More comments about Silliman University

27Technological University of the Philippines
For almost 111 years existence here in Philippines, TUPians gave a great honor to the country for the first university that offers Excellence Technology and Engineering Education in the country. TUP campuses like TUP TAGUIG, CAVITE, VISAYAS are proved their skills in spite of being a State University that caters Technology and Education in the country. VIVA TUP... Viva TUP Taguig
TUP had proved itself as capable enough at molding new intellectual leaders and outstanding graduates at different field. With its very fine and quality education, students tend to excel at different board examinations seeing their names at the leader board. Compared to other universities that offers just fine education yet need a big tuition, TUP for me, offers the best of it with just a fair tuition.
A premiere university of engineering and technology; the flagship of technology education of the Philippines with tremendous influence in industrial arts, industrial education, technical and engineering fields contributed a lot for the development of the country producing top caliber alumni.
A recipient of local and international awards for completed research projects.
[Newest]Judge TUP in Engineering. TUP Engineering graduates were board-passers and not just that, they are always included in the top 10 of licensed-engineers. Here, you will learn in and outside the campus, wherein they'll let you expose your inner best.

28Baliuag University
Baliuag University
- is an autonomous school.
- has produced topnotchers.
- has the best facilities.
- has the only Green building in Bulacan.
- BU Nursing has ranked 36 as Top Nursing School.
- CPA Board Passing rate is higher and above the national passing rate.

Baliuag University aims to be an educational leader in the region, respected and recognized in the Philippines and abroad for its academic excellence, achievements in research, commitment to community service, and pioneering technological advancement.

Discover BU, Discover the Best in U!
Baliuag University College of nursing is proud of our very own Dean Elizabeth Roxas who happens to be the NATIONAL PRESIDENT Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing
Baliuag University is active in attending national conferences, seminars and other important gatherings with regards to the development of their students. Committed to its threefold precept (patria, scientia et virtus), BU was known to serve people not only inside Bulacan but also to the nearby provinces.
[Newest]Baliuag University opens many doors of possibilities for you!
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29Rizal Technological University (RTU)
UST : we accept wise students only.
FEU : we accept great students only.
DLSU: we accept competitive students only.
ADMU: we accept intelligent students only.
UP: we accept genius students only.


RTU : we don't need to accept wise, great, competitive, intelligent, or genius students. We create them.
Rizal technological university provides good facilities for the students for them to work hard and study well that's why they I'm proud of being part of it. I am a marketing student in this university freshmen and I'm proudly say that not only facilities in this university is good but also teaching methods of the professors and they provide good and better materials for the students. They are doing this because they believe that "and kabataan and pag asa ng bayan". And all professors here are capable on their positions and they have good attitudes when they talk to the students
The functions and services of RTU are not confined to instruction alone as it is has shifted to full gear towards the enhancement of its research and development programs and continued to pursue the policy of sharing its expertise and resources with the community through its non-formal education programs and extension services.
[Newest]RTU may not be that popular, but it produces excellent people.
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30Central Philippine University
For me Central Philippine University has maintained her holiness/prestigious-ness for the past century and being my Alma Mater, not only does this AWESOME school offer quality education, but also opens the eyes of the students to the Principles of the Supreme Being, God.

And in the emblem (logo) of our University, it says, "Science et Fides"("Science and Faith") wherein as we graduate, we will take that medallion and certificate of responsibility and discipline with our head held high, just, and honored to serve society with special skills not only guided by education but by our Faith in God too.
SCIENCE & FAITH... Not only does CPU teach us knowledge in our respective fields or career paths but it teaches us the most important thing to do in life... To have a good relationship with our Creator, the One who is ultimately wise and all knowing.
[Newest]The Best American and Christian University in the Philippines and whats best is that you can get a job abroad fast.

31University of San Carlos
CAROLINIANS ARE THE BEST... University of San Carlos is the best when it comes to the quality of education to students, specially in the college of Law and other courses that they have.. They continue molding students to become a responsible professionals in the country.
I just love USC. And the way they harness the skills and potentials of the students. Bravo USC.
[Newest]Best education you can get to prepare for the future...

32Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila
Experience the hardest yet the most challenging scholar students only here in PLM. This is where Accenture, IBM and Hewlett Packard's gives more priorities for school graduates for their excellency, leadership and most of all, their passion to succeed despite of lack of financial assistance :) Go PLM! ~
I remember sharply when we were being called as "Manangs" with that skirt uniform below the knees and most of my classmates wearing eyeglasses, ahaha... That's the typical PLM student, no time for gimmicks, spending vacant times at Casa Real reading and studying hard! Proud of it! GO PLM!
The best five years of my academic life was spent at this university. Thought me well in my field in engineering and gave me the opportunity to succeed in life. Mabuhay and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila!

33West Visayas State University
This is a state university in Iloilo City which has grown topnotchers in nursing and medicine. We pride ourselves as a university which has never failed to remain in top of the list of Philippines' top Meidcal schools. This state university is likewise a home for quality education at a price made available even to those who can afford less. The College of Medicine prides itself of homegrown leaders and faculty best in their fields of practices and recognized not only locally but nationwide. The place has built its reputation that it is now a university not only for Ilonggos but also for students from Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao who need a quality education at a reasonable cost.
In West. Visayas State University, we strive to do our best and prepare us students for the global market.
Center for academic excellence. Proud to be taga-WEST! Number 1 in nursing, medicine and education.

[Newest]The best and west

34Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan
Atenean by mind, heart, and soul. We work and give without counting the cost. We educate ourselves so that we can be men and women for others. We apply magic in everything we do. We respect others' right to eat on a clean table And above all we do things for the greater glory of God!
Rooted firmly on its guiding moral of being men and women for others and on its motto "veritas liberabit vos, ", Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan is the first Jesuit Ateneo University in the Philippines, and the first private and the first Catholic University in Mindanao.
The 1st Jesuit university in the Philippines.
The 1st Catholic university in Mindanao.
[Newest]Xavier is the best.

35Western Mindanao State University
I graduated from WMSU and I experienced what real college life is. We get to enjoy every moment of our lives and regret it later. Haha. The teaching staff and facilities are OK. The best part is it is open to new ideas and organizations to help both the student body and the faculty sector.
Center of Excellence in Teacher Education, Center of Development on Architecture, Center of Excellence in Agriculture.

Once had the Best Social Work School and Best Forestry School in the Philippines.
Thanks wmsu for sharing the goodness of education
[Newest]A proud product of dis university. During our college days we were strained and strained and strained... I thought I wont finish my course in 4 years :-) Thank God I'm working from 1993 january till present. I graduated in april of 1992...

36Technological Institute of the Philippines
TIP then directed itself toward specialization in the field of technology. In 1977, it offered a two-year associate course in Marine Engineering. In 1980, the Liberal Arts and high school programs were phased out to make way for the school's new thrust. In 1981, additional buildings were leased to accommodate the student population which already exceeded 23,000.
Will as professional I am very proud to be an alumni in TIP. Because I higly deserve their objective to maintain high standard, blessing of higher education and cooperating with government in any progressive program for the filipino active students in implementing their successful goals and ambition for their future life. Thanks & long live TIP...
I graduated last April 2013, and carrying with pride the name of our school, I was employed May 6 after I graduated. Its not about the name of the school, but its about QUALITY.
[Newest]Wait for us, we will stand tall.

37De La Salle University - Dasmariñas
The Home of Biggest Human Lasallian Star
The university earned Level IV re-accreditation from the Federation of Accrediting Association of the Philippines for the degree programs of its Colleges of Business Administration, Education, Liberal Arts, Nursing and Science after the formal survey conducted by the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU). It was also named as a Center of Development for Excellence in Information Technology. It was also identified as an Academic Center For Excellence in Biodiversity Conservation by Haribon Foundation in the Southern Tagalog Faunal Region. It was declared as Center of Training Institution (COT) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Department of Education.

38University of Mindanao
University of Mindanao was the first ISO certified In Mindanao which means the quality of education and state-of-the-art facilities are improving to give students the best that they deserve.
I do believe that UM is known to be the BEST UNIVERSITY in the country. Not only because of its wide campus that make the students feel comfortable but also it reaps NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL awards. It is also the very first university in Mindanao that has an ISO CERTIFICATION, which means, it really offers a VERY HIGH QUALITY OF EDUCATION... SO, why should I think twice, if there is UM. ,
Best of accountancy school in mindanao. ISO Certified. Category A (t) Status, mature teaching school in the Philippines.
[Newest]UM is one of the best universities in the Philippines because their facilities are good and use it by the student..

39Central Mindanao University
I vote Central Mindanao University is the best for me because, they give me the best learning and standard of education. It a cheap tuition fees but rich in learning education and standardization. Most of all they molded a students for being independent for their everyday life. Central Mindanao University for me is a conducive for learning. In addition challenge the students being courageous to get the best and among the best academic education.
Central mindanao university considered the academic paradise of the south... Thus, no wonder CMU got to the TOP in any field of specialization... Simple but terrible...
Though we didn't got the highest rank, still we did our part as a student to pursue our education in order for us to fulfill our dreams.. We are not running after the rank all we want is to make C.M.U. well known over the globe! Proudly CMUan!
[Newest]This school will definitely bring out the best in you.
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40Colegio de San Juan de Letran
Letran was graded a College of the First Class by ROYAL DECREE in May of 1865 in Spain. It just happened that we are offering least programs than our Sister School; The Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas and other prestigious schools around Metro Manila. Are you gonna study in a university where you pay very high and you're not getting the quality should every student possess, or you'll study in a Prestigious College where you can assure that you'll get job easily soon as you graduate because you're credible to do the task. THINK. I'm a proud Letranite and I am bias, I know when to be and not.
One of the best colleges in the Philippines. Because most of the Philippine presidents and Philippine heroes has studied in Letran. Cradle of Philippine Heroes and President. And Letran produced a Saint. Saint Liem de la Paz.
Letran embodies a values oriented school, Values that teaches us how to live in a Christian way. The best school for me is about who and what they produce. Letran has been the great because the college is not for itself it is for the Philippines and for God
[Newest]Well, LETRAN IS LETRAN. The most awarded School in terms of Communication.

41Arellano University
Love arellano the best. It is highly competitive school and also helps Filipino students to have an opportunity to study in a high quality school.
And it also leading every students enrolled their to a brighter and better opportunity and preparing them to face the industry...
One of the best schools! Even Academic and Non-Academic. They are very competitive.

An institution that aims to provide equitable access to learning through relevant, innovative, industry-sensitive, and environment-conscious academic programs and services.

Hail to Chiefs.
I recommended Arellano University to every student in the world, because for the love and care of our student, specially the best scholarship, the leadership team and teachers are wonderful.

Thank you AU Chiefs', your simply the best. From Florida U.S.A...
[Newest]Arellano is not only in the Philippines

42Taguig City University
One of the fastest-growing and performing with quality education universities in the Philippines. I am a Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in English student and I believe that we have the best teachers, students and administration! Hail TCU! (Truth, Competence and Unity)
The school established good and responsible students that can compete any competition! The university's "department of Criminology" is became one of the top passers of the last board examination! And soon to be, the "college of education will make it's mark to be the most board passers!
Yes.. It's a fast growing university that giving a quality education to the poor residence in taguig. Preparing student how to get a work, how to contribute the education and knowledge that the university provided as a student in giving quality service to people. One of the most I valued humor in university is even it is only a public school color/long-haired for the boys in not prohibited.
[Newest]I am also a graduate from TCU Marketing Management

43Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
NEUST is included in the initial list of the first batch of Philippine Universities recommended by the Ministry of Education in China for students who want to study abroad. The list is posted in the official website of the Ministry of Education in China
Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology

One of the best university in the Philippines

Best engineering university in central luzon

Providing good quality education and produces productive engineers.
One of the best colleges in the Philippines. NEUST provides best quality education and produces many graduates.
[Newest]University with a cyber campus

44Ateneo De Naga University
Excellence is what Ateneo de Naga is all about. -captain21
Best University in the Bicol Region, especially in Engineering -- Home of Topnotchers!

-- BS CpE
BS ECE in ADNU is really amazing! Extraordinary. Home of topnotchers and is able to defeat the record of UP. And is still improving until present. No doubt, it is the best school in BICOL region and soon in the Philippines.

[Newest]One of the Topnotchers on LET!

45Holy Angel University
PROUD TO BE AN ANGELITE! North and Central Luzon's Best and Granted autonomous by CHED for many years. Founded in 1933, it is considered the first Catholic school in the country that was founded by the laity (instead of the diocese or a religious congregation) as well as the first Catholic high school that was co-educational (instead of exclusively for boys or exclusively for girls). Sitting on a seven-hectare campus in the city’s prime estate, Holy Angel is one of the region’s largest universities of over 18,000 student population. Most of the programs are Level I accredited by PAASCU and Center of Development/Excellence and the only university in the Philippines and in Far East to be IACBE accredited institution.
I'm proud to be a part of HAU. Your No. 1 universities in Region 3 especially in Architecture and Accountancy. Mabuhay ang Laus Deo Semper
Holy Angel University provided quality education which I have used as an edge towards my previous employment and now as I am taking up Graduate Studies in another University.
[Newest]Holy Angel University is the best! It offers quality education.

46University of Asia and the Pacific
This is the only university that..
-provides a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses for 5 YEARS ONLY (well-refined curriculum)
-almost all teachers are UP graduates and other teachers have Masteral and Doctorate degrees (quality education at its finest)
-has high percentage of landing a job after graduation (or even BEFORE GRADUATION! --through many big affiliate companies)
-has excellent facilities (from aircon-ed classrooms to well-regulated washrooms, etc)
-gives scholarships generously

--What are you waiting for? BLAZE A TRAIL!
People think that this university is only for the rich, but that is wrong! Did you know that 25% of its student population is composed of scholars? That's a lot!
It is the only university that has mentoring program, wherein the mentors guide their students academically and spiritually.
This shows how the university gives importance, not just to the education of its students but also to their moral values.

47University of the Assumption
The school has lived up to its mission of producing Christian professionals.

Congratulations UA on its 50th Golden Anniversary. Hail Assumption!
Producing catholic leaders since 1963! Hail Assumption!

48Bataan Peninsula State University
Best in giving quality education when it comes to engineering.
Quality learning and staffs
High board passing rate

49De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde
Best film school in the Philippines
School of Design and Arts though
They have SDEAS which is a school for deaf which helps our deaf brothers and sisters in having proper education

50University of Perpetual Help System
UPHS is the best school for me. Quality education in very affordable rates. This System of Universities keeps on excelling in different fields and is now a very competitive school (despite its NCAA-Basketball losses). Health, Hospitality, Education, Maritime, Law, Management, a lot more fields and still counting are being inculcated in these systems. these fields' excellence now matches those of which have respectful places in the same fields in the country.

A school with a humble beginning, now a merging System of Universities, Witnessing Firsthand how this System matched respective Giants, I must say; I am proud to be a student here (DALTA-system/las pinas).
I am proud to become a Perpetualite.. This university gives us a good practice and prepared us in real world after graduation. Character also consider in this university as there institutional motto "CHARACTER BUILDING IS NATION BUILDING".. Actually all the graduate students of my alma mate, we are very competitive local and abroad. I'm proud to say that "PERPETUAL IS MY PASSPORT TO THE WORLD".
Because its my school
[Newest]Perpetual all the way!

51University of Pangasinan
PRC Records speak for itself. No other universities and colleges in Region 1 comes close to the number of top notchers in the major licensure exams as well as the number of board passers in the region. University of Pangasinan is truly the best university in region 1 and among the best in the Philippines. The quality of graduates is also the best. They are among the best on their field and are scattered around the globe as worldclass professionals.
Offers the best quality of future RNs in the Philippines.
Number ONE performing school in Pangasinan. We do have here the best training grounds for Medical Technology. Top Medical Technologists in the Province.

52Caraga State University
Only school in caraga granted as Call of Duty in the field mathematics

And consistent top performing scholl in Geodetic and agricultural Eng. Exam
A good looking school and also a high standard school in terms of academics and sports, visit us and you will find it.
The newly proclaimed state university in the Caraga Region.
[Newest]A leading State University in terms of Education

53Ateneo de Davao University
Ateneo de Davao University is best in Accountancy, Education, Engineering, Business Courses, Nursing and Arts (Philosophy, POlSci, Masscom and English). Known for its graduates who have never failed to achieve in the scale of ten to any board related courses, Ateneo de Davao is truly a lion echoing its roar from jungle (Mindanao) to Luzon. Granted 3rd as best Law School in the Philippines, AdDu is truly the best.

Ateneo de Davao University has the standardized Curriculum based in American Universities. Due to its high capability to fight at par with the affluent and renown universities in Manila, many rich and middle class family send their children in AdDu. Apparently, students who are also from AdMu, transfer to ADdu because it is believed and recognized as the second best Ateneo school next in Manila.

The students in AdDu are honed academically and spiritually as Ateneo schools are mandated to inflect religious activities and religious subjects in learning. Moreover, Ateneo students are not only skillfully inclined in their specific fields but spiritually inclined as well. CYA for instance, one of the religious clubs in school, actively invites students to participate in social projects like for a cause activities.

If you happen to stay in Addu and engage to conversation with students, you;ll definitely be surprised that English and Davao-Tagalog is used as the community parlance. Most students in AdDu speak well in English because the school has never failed to incorporate language as the key for freedom and expression. Again, this is not a mere affectation, but this just synthesized what AdDu has.
I love ADDU.. It is really one of a kind. This prestigious school provides an excellent education for all. This school proved to all that they can really compete and be the top among all universities. I'm glad to heard that this institution still one of a kind and very well known university not only here in Philippines but in the whole world..
One of the best engineering school.

54University of St. La Salle
A leading university in visayas region, it molds students into competent leaders and successful professionals and the facilities are modern and air conditioned and the university produces top notchers in medicine, accountancy, nursing, commerce and many more

Never Shall We Fail! Animo La Salle!
With topnotch Accountancy and Business programs, great facilities and instructors and a dynamic learning environment, USLS I must say is one that you can consider as an underrated school. Sitting in a 10-hectare lot in La Salle Avenue, Bacolod City, it is the leading institution of higher learning in western Visayas. It offers programs in Business, Liberal Arts, Engineering and Technology, Nursing, Sciences, Law and Medicine. Throughout its existence, it has produced leaders in various fields like Oscar Hilado, Sir Peque Gallaga, leaders in the field of Politics and other professions. USLS, a member of De La Salle Philippines, offers quality and holistic Christian education to its students. It molds students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators and responsible Christians. It motivates students in the pursuit of excellence with a soul and competence with compassion.
I may say the best university for me because it produces top leaders and mold business people. The school gives importance to the the young mind to be better in their field. I'm lucky to be one.. Animo la salle!
[Newest]Babes and boobs.. Period..

55University of Cebu
University of Cebu is the best School in terms of Maritime because only UC has a simulator required by Norwegian Maritime for the students to have an actual experience in maneuvering of the Norwegian International ship. Most of the international ships has a Crew graduated from UC. Also all the faculty has something to offer everyday for the students that every every learner is graving for the students growth and development.
UC also provides quality education for Hotel and Restaurant Management. They will mold you to be come an effective Hotelier. In fact, UC has the bigger number for hrm students outside Metro Manila.
One of the top performing schools in the country. Nursing training is very crucial in this university and produces top notchers. They mold you to be a better and most autonomous nurse-to-be. The only university that offers pre-clinical instructor/practicing clinical instructor during 4th yr level in where students are given the chance to act as real clinical instructors to lower years. PROUD UCIAN

56San Sebastian College
1. PAASCU/FAAP Level 3 Re-accredited programs (Business Administration, Arts & Sciences

2. PAASCU/FAAP Level 2 Re-accredited programs (Computer Science, HRM/Tourism)

3. PAASCU/FAAP Level 3 Re-accredited (High School and Grade School Programs)

4. Intensified international and local alliances and linkages for students’ immersion and on-the-job training programs, venues for administrators, faculty and staff and school’s exposure and benchmarking;

5. Scholarship programs given to student assistants (READS), athletes, OAR scholars and employees’ children amounting to approximately thirty-seven million a year;

6. Provision of multimedia facilities in all classrooms and laboratory rooms to provide for more varied learning strategies;

7. 100% of full-time faculty members are master’s and doctorate degree holders;

8. High percentage of Professional subjects being handled by industry practitioners.

SAN SEBASTIAN COLLEGE is one of the best schools in terms of tourism, hotel and restaurant management, business management, legal management and of course mass communication and LAW. Most of the law students from other universities are taking their reviews in the recollect law review center of SAN SEBASTIAN and after they took the examination, they surely passed and majority aside from the law students of san sebastian, the others made it to the top. BRAVO BASTE!
San Sebastian is a best school for learning. A level 3 PAASCU accredited that gives a better quality education.
[Newest]SSC-R molds students not only by their intelligence but also through spirituality and personality.

57Medina College
Best school for nursing

58Philippine State College of Aeronautics (PHILSCA)
The no. 1 school for aeronautical engineering.

The only state college that offered the aviation courses in the country.
As I know about our instructors, this school leads to the exponent of philippines progress with respect to aeronautical courses.
The no. 1 school for aviation sciences, producers of aeronautical engineering topnotchers.
[Newest]The best, yet the simplest school there is.

59Manila Central University
What can I say? This school started a humble beginning and yet with high caliber of education. I must say that, popularity of school counts but still, it is about you. This school is really trusted by many people up until now. They started 1903 and still counting years in providing excellent education. I am a proud CENTRALIAN :-)
I'm also a Centralian:). Yah! Money is not the issue here but the caliber of the education that this school given to there students. No limitation when it comes to knowledge that they shared to us. I'm really proud to my Alma Mater! GO! GO! GO! Manila Central University! Even your in the 65th placer but in my HEART your number 1! Thanks MCU!
Simply the best... Brain matters nothing else...

60Visayas State University
Previously Visayas State College of Agriculture & Leyte State University. One of the schools that have topnotchers in the board examinations in agriculture, forestry, agricultural engineering & veterinary medicine!
It's the premier university of science and technology in the visayas!
THis university is world-class and never before been surpassed... This university deserves to be number one!
[Newest]Our school is beautiful and the students are really competitive.

61Western Visayas College of Science and Technology
This is where students pass the engineering board exam without taking a refresher or coaching in a Review Center.
Center of engineering in Western Visayas
A school that produce globally competitive graduates who are outstanding in academe and versatile in skills and talents which give quality and excellent performance. Go TRADEANS...

62Lyceum-Northwestern University

63Sultan Kudarat State University

64Cebu Institute of Technology - University
Have the most number 1 First Placers In all Engineering schools in the Philippines.. Bit that.. Beat that..
The Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) in the Philippines is a private non-sectarian, academic institution, providing basic and higher education with a strong foundation... The Technologian...
The best value for your money when it comes to higher education. Proud to be a Technologian...CIT-U Tops Again...

65Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary

66University of Perpetual Help System Dalta
University of Perpetual Help System DALTA has been known for its excellence in medical (medicine, nursing, radiologic technology, OT, PT, RT), marine transportation, law and etc. This school is not only making name in academic aspect but also in the field of sports. Altas Perpsquad is well popular for being the undisputed team in NCAA Cheering Competition and has been a consistent top team in National Cheerleading Competition. Altas Men and Women Volleyball team were both champions in the year 2012, 2013 and up to present.

67John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University System
The leading maritime institution in the Philippines providing almost 12% of seafarers worldwide.. The FIRST and ONLY Maritime University in the Philippines.
The leading Maritime School in the Philippines.

68Philippine Women's University of Davao
One of the best Universities that provides an excellent and Higher education in Modern times
All students are usually transferee from other schools.
One of the best schools in Philippines

69Ateneo de Zamboanga University
The Jesuit University in Western Mindanao - Living 100 Years of Excellence, Spirituality and Citizenship.

The Ateneo de Zamboanga University believes that education is a process of formation that develops in the person the knowledge, skills, and orientation needed for a life of dedicated service. The university also believes that its institutional responsibility includes working for peace and progress particularly in Western Mindanao.

In the context of this general mission, the Ateneo commits itself:

As a Filipino University - to deepen appreciation for our country's rich cultural and historical heritage and to help enhance the country's participation in an emerging global society;

As a Catholic University - to foster Christ-like values so that they may govern every aspect of the life of the community and of the people it serves while engaging in a dialogue of life with others of different religious convictions or cultural traditions;

As a Jesuit University - to instill in all who share its life St. Ignatius of Loyola's spirit of humble service to God's people and to continue a tradition of academic excellence animated by a faith that does justice.

In Summary
In the Service of God and Country
I finished my undergraduate studies in Ateneo. After graduation, I decided to take my master's degree from other university. Then, when I finished my master's degree, I decided to go back to Ateneo to enrol in a Ph.D. Program. Ateneo is really different. It has an X factor that you could not find from other academic institutions.
We are the best in Zamboanga city!

70University of Pasig City
"Proud to be a PLPian, We definitely have the Quality Education, and Very Inteligent Students. Last 2011, PLP, Specifically Students, Graduate of BS Accountancy take the prestigious CPA Board Exam, this was the first time and Glad to say, as a First Taker? We gather 45.57% of Passers, and one of those passers Rank 15, Nationwide. Another to be proud of, was the Nursing Board exam. We are always on the Top. Be Proud
I am one of the students of University of pasig they teach well and have quality education. Yeah plp is a public school but We gather 45.57% of Passers, and one of those passers Rank 15, Nationwide. :) so we proud to be PLPIAN
Go Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig or University of Pasig City... I'm one of the Pioneer students of PLP and I'm proud to say that I passed the LET because of my very intelligent professors in Education Department...

71Jose Rizal University
... THE BEST AND QUALITY EDUCATION? JRMSU is the solution. This is the best choice for students who choose higher education to enrich them and to better their lives. This is a university that would cater the needs of poor but deserving students. Competitive programs that are at par with those of the finest institutions in the Philippines are offered here.

... So come and enroll now JMRSU, the premier state university in zamboanga del norte...
Jose Rizal University is the best for me... Its comfortable to study here... You are accepted immediately but the most important You have to do your very best in accordance of your successful career.. ! So what else should I say... ENROLL NOW! See you there..
I will not study in jose rizal university from grade school to graduate school if I have no confidence with my school

72Saint Paul University Philippines
It's more fun in St. Paul University. Quezon City.
Psychology is one of their best courses.
Saint Paul University Philippines provides quality catholic paulinian education in a caring environment
____QUEENIE Q. ______

73Aquinas University
Aquinas University is not only committed to producing productive and competitive professionals but is also a home for many outstanding and reliable leaders that carries integrity and self-reliance in the professional community. For this, Aquinas deserves to be the number one!
This university not only produces top-notch intellectuals, but also amazingly talented artists as well. I AM PROUD TO BE AN AQUINIAN!
I'm PROUD TO BE ONE of its amazing product!

74Holy Cross of Davao College
Well actually I am not from hcdc, but I have heard lots about this school existed in davao city way back in 1950s, they are on the top in terms of having very competitive students especially for education students, criminology and many more although the facilities is really old and hahahhahaha, very chaka but they are still the best for me for having grr, ache che
We are on top in TEACHING Field, and Mass communication in DAVAO.
At present, they are upgrading their facilities.

75University of Eastern Philippines
This university is better than all others because it contains the most professional teachers. This university helps to develop the student's complex set of skills. We should give a big RAH for this truly magnificent university-- University of Eastern Philippines.
Highly accredited university when it comes to graduate studies program! With high caliber professors who can compete to other universities in the city..

76Central Philippine Adventist College
In the world but not of the world!

77University of San Jose - Recoletos
Josenian high quality education is the best! Better future is ahead of you for this school! Adelante!
USJR is now leveling with ateneo standards. Students are trained well to be leaders.
Students are trained to be a good leaders of the society

78De Le Salle - Health Sciences Institute
The educators in this institution are the best, who also train the students to be the best while instilling in them the Lasallian values.
It is the best medical institution in CALABARZON.
Regret is never present in this institute.

79Trinity University of Asia
The University that is not known to others, but the professors here are those who are the reviewers in your favorite review centers... Taking pride of its internship program at the world class hospital, St. Luke's Medical Center, of of the world's best!

-BSMT 2009
Tua is no. ! In terms of teaching professionals.. The best school for medical course..
This the school of the people of a big dream to success
[Newest]Trinity University of Asia is simply the best.

80University of Makati
University of Makati (Umak) is One if the Best and One of the Lowest tuition fee. 1000 Pesos per Sem but provides Excellent Quality Education. Even that it is a public university, it is one the owns some of the best facilities in all public universities. Almost all classrooms are air-conditioned, and the University is working it our to make all classrooms air-conditioned. It also has a Olympic sized Oval for Track and Field. Olympic sized football Field. Volleyball, Baseball, and many sports facilities and Court. The newly built Building contains high end facilities and classrooms. It also has a Basketball and Volleyball court on the top floor. In addition, it has a World Class GYM available for students and faculty members. It is the only PUBLIC university in the Philippines with such Great Facilities that can match leading Private Universities but paying only 1000 Pesos per Sem and a Quality Education. Better than PUP. Indeed.
I love UMAK! Indeed the best public school in the country with high-class facilities and low-cost tuition fee. With an Olympic sized oval often used by phil azkals for rehearsals, two theaters and many more not found in any public university in the Philippines.
I Love UMAK! A public school that offer a good programs, well organized, now using online enrollment, which has Mini Theater and Grand theater, with world class oval, rooms are fully air conditioned, with e-library, has nice gymnasium with instructors, 2 covered court, dance studio and many more.

81Wesleyan University-Philippines
A very good university with sound morals and solid in both Christian tenets and academic values. A school that was granted autonomy for years by the state because of her believe in excellence.
Outstanding school and most of all, best in teaching about FAITH.
Awesome school! Awesome students and profs!

82Miriam College
Best all girls school (and boys also) in the country! Like La Salle, it requires both money and intelligence. Grading system is seriosuly hard! Be ready for it,

83Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig
University of Pasig brings as much to the table as the others do!
To instill and nurture in each student the appropriate and relevant attitude, knowledge, values, and skills needed to become useful and productive citizens, successful entrepreneurs, or gainfully employed members of the community.
A great school, with higher education than others, also low tuition fee's and very near to our houses

84La Salle University Ozamiz
I came in this school. I agree that Some Lasallian are rich but the school is not for the rich. "it's vision is to help the poor". I can attest because during my time, many of my friends are scholars and we came from poor families in our locality. The quality of education is excellent! ANIMO LA SALLE!
Center of Excellence in the Northeastern Mindanao Area,
Known for Having a 80%-100% Passing rate in all Board Exams! ANIMO LA SALLE!
It produce good graduates... ANIMO LA SALLE OZAMIZ
I AGREE THAT THE school give more opportunities to the poor individuals who deserve to be scholar...

85University of the Visayas
New Mechanical Engineers for successfully passing the March 2011
Mechanical Engineering Licensure Examinations. The Passing percentage for first timers: 83.33%.
( Highest among all engineering schools in cebu )
University of the Visayas --- a university with a HEART <3

Visayanians are great, we just don't have time to share it to the world. We're busy in planning for our good future.
University of the visayas is a competitive school among others prescription of our school... Everyone might look down an under estimate this school but they don't know the real story and the good stories behind of our school UNIVERSITY OF THE VISAYAS
[Newest]The university that prioritize the students needs. Attain its relevance name as the University with a heart"

86University of Bohol
UBian on the go
Students today, leaders tomorrow..
UBian Rocks!

87University of San Agustin
There are two core that san agustin taught its students that is virtue and science, when two word meet indeed the result will be promising.
San agustin makes a better place for those pharmacist and medical technologist.. Also architecture they occupy top 5... In board...
Providing a better and quality education for students for their future career
[Newest]The First University in Western Visayas

88Mountain View College
It is the school that believes that Jesus Christ is the true model of excellence. The school where it's mission is to proclaim the good news of Salvation and to produce holistically developed students. A school that is built on a location that is seen the Dr. Nelson in his vivid dreams. A school that has it's own water supply and 2 Big Hydro Electric power plants. A school that has enough land space to provide food for the sustenance of it's operation. A school where even the poorest high school graduate could finish education through it's working student scholarship program which is open to all. A school where the youth are trained not just for the earth but for eternal purpose of God's Kingdom.
"Love this college for it's eyes taking view and it has the privilege to be listed a one of the best university/college. It has plenty to offer aside from it's courses and attitude of the students but also it has 8 falls inside in it's campus.
"this a school that truly mold students holistically. It does not only prepare students for the task they are facing but also for the greater task that God intrusted to the church. " proud to be mvcian!

89University of Baguio
University of Baguio is now AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITIES. It's the highest award that ched could give a university. It is the first non-sectarian school in the cordillera granted for such status.

I think the only school included in the Autonomous Universities who has NO college qualifying test. A free university for all but provides a quality of education.
It offers the newly course which is the bachelor of forensic science
[Newest]University of baguio... Is awesome...

90Mindanao Polytechnic College

91Tarlac State University
I really want to study in UP before since I passed the UPCAT, but because of financial problem, I have lost my dream. Instead, I studied at Tarlac State University, and I have no regrets studying here. I finished my bachelor's and masteral degree in this university. And now, I pursued my dream and I have a lot of open opportunities. I'm currently working in a well-known company with a high position and a high salary. Aside from me, there are also many TSU Alumni that have good and stable jobs, therefore, I consider my Alma Mater as one of the best universities in our country. Recently, there were two students from TSU who excelled in the Licensure Examination for Civil Engineers (ranked 10th) and for Chemists (ranked 5th).

But I believe that success does not depend on the name of the school, it is still up to the student's behavior, attitude, and ruling. You hold and mold your future. It depends to you, whether you will destroy it or make the best out of it.
This school have a complete facilities for every student, with air condition room and have a high degree of learning. I enjoyed most is the school activity wherein the student can participate and they have the opportunity to show their talent. This school is the training ground of the student, specially for the student leader, for turning into next level in life.
Tarlac State University ranked 6th among the Best State Universities and Colleges in the Philippines based on AACCUP Standards. TSU is also considered as the best and most accredited university in the province of Tarlac. This school always send students abroad to compete in different field. Most of classrooms and halls have their air condition unit, and the school has its own gymnasium. Teachers are highly competent to train their students well as a preparation for their future lives.
[Newest]Tarlac State University is simply the best! This is where champions and successful people are molded.

92University of Luzon

93University of Southeastern Philippines (Davao City)

We are ranked 5th from among the Philippine schools in the latest QS (Quacquerelli-Symonds) Rankings.
Nice school with believable standards of education.
[Newest]I love to enroll there

94University of La Salette
Saletinain education is deeply inspired with academic excellence and christian centered education. University of La Salette is the University Leader in the locality producing tough professionals in various fields which help the nation in countryside development. This is a leading university that transform lives more livable, truly reconciled with Self, with the Nature and with God. ULS three letters that spells to be the Builder and Creator of Professional Dreams.
The premiere Catholic University in Region II, with a very good program in Criminology

95Partido State University
Proud alumni! It's been a long time since I've been here since graduation. A lot of things has already changed. And it was all for the betterment. Kudos to you, my alma mater!
Where quality education comes first! A university with low and affordable tuition fee yet very good and high quality instruction. Proud alumni!
Produce high percentage of sanitary engineer board passers nationwide.
[Newest]To my dear Alma Mater, your product is here in mindanao... And I say you made me best!

96University of the Cordilleras
The only school in the country to maintain for the record 30 straight number one in the board examination for criminology
University of the Cordilleras serve as the training ground of the real professionals. Thus, students graduated here have great contribution on Philippines progress..
Its the first school of higher learning in the city of baguio.. Then, saint louis university and the university of baguio follows shortly..
[Newest]University of the Cordilleras is a clean school and a center of excellence.

97Angeles University Foundation
The best school in region 3; the home of topnotchers; a place where quality education is since they educate people to be mabuti, magaling at may malasakit sa kapwa )
Great University. Professional in every way!
Best region 3 university all the way!

98La Consolacion College
Proud to be LCCian! Learning does not only confide within the four walls of the classroom. This school made me a well-rounded person. The main campus (La Consolacion College Manila) will soon become a university...
The best is yet to come :)
Home of the Blue Royals!
I'm proud to be an LLCian! Built with high morale and spirituality...

99University of Southern Mindanao
Proud to be an USM student.. Kagaling kasi ng teacher namin dun eh.. :) so hapi being a part of USM. Very great college life with my classmates and teachers and also barkadas.
University of Southern Mindanao is one the Centers of Excellence in Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine. The school provides quality education in a very affordable tuition fee.
The best university... Congrats for the fresh graduates!
[Newest]The best university in Philippines in terms of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

100Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina
Keep up thegood work more board passers to dome God bless

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