10 Best Youtube Song Parodies


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I'm A Korean (I Gotta Feeling) - Rucka Rucka Ali
Rucka Rucka Ali is probably the best parody maker OF ALL TIME mainly because he keeps in contact with this fans and he also loves to do "Ruckas Late Night Power Hour Podcast" to talk with his fans!
Yo, Rucka Rucka ALI is the bees knees funny & sometimes offense comedy very unique and funny VOTE FOR THIS GUY and check out more of his songs!
This guy is beast at making parodies, not one person who hates him!
I hope he makes a ton of new songs
[Newest]Listen and I want you to text or comment back you need a life

2Joker Face (Poker Face Parody) by BrittaniTaylor

3Tik Tok Parody by thecomputernerd01
Laugh out loud wow! I can't believe I almost forgot about the computernerd01! He was my favorite up til the 5th grade when I liked smosh. But now, he's going down but smosh is going up but I still watch them both
The randomer the better. At least for parodies. GO COMPUTERNERD01! WOHOO WOOHOO WOOHO.
Laugh out loud funny! Best channel on youtube! (FRED in second. )


[Newest]I love that song

4Tik Tok (Kesha parody) by barelypolitical
I loved this parody and the cover was funny too I liked Dr. Drew in the cover laugh out loud
LOVE Josh so much!
Its been watched more than any other parody video on YouTube


[Newest]I love how the mother cried too dramatic actually

5Fireflies Parody by davedays
Davedays rules! He is my best friend and every night we sleep together! In the same bed! But he is too small for me!

6Wrinkled Ladies (Single Ladies parody) by anitarenfroe3
I've never heard of it but it just sounds funny
"I decided to dip, but I can't bust a hip" LOL


I <3 Wrinkled Ladies

7OBAMA - Whatever I Like (Whatever You Like parody) by Alphacat
Why does he call himself Obama he doesn't look like him at all

8Fallen Kingdom - Viva La Vida Parody
Seriously, this song is so underrated. Half the parodies above it don't deserve to be there.
Fallen Kingdom is a pure masterpiece. Written and sung by one of the greatest Minecraft players of all time to one of the greatest songs of all time. Amazing, and unlike other parodies, it is touching to a point and is beautiful, not written to make you laugh, but to inspire you about what can happen in one of the greatest games ever made. It shows even the greatest can fall at their peak to the lower ones. No words to describe it. One of the few cases in which the parody is better than almost all your favorite songs. Amazing animations and effects.
Now that I think about it, This song really doesn't belong here, or anywhere on this list. The list asks for parodies. This song isn't a parody. It's a song on its own.
I never listened to the 3? 5? 10 hour loops for any song, I didn't even get the point of them until this song came out. I could listen to this, Revenge, and Take Back the Night over and over and never get board.
Fallen Kingdom is the definition of perfection. With beautiful animation, genius lyrics and just downright amazing. Deserves to be the number one spot.

9We Can't Stop Bart Baker Parody
I laughed so HARD ESPECIALLY when Amanda bynes showed up
Bart Baker makes an incredible parody here, along with other youtubers like Shanna Malcolm, Joey Graceffa and Shane Dawson. You have to watch it
One of the best parodies made by bartbaker. He's number 1 in Youtube, better then the other channels which make parodies for me.


[Newest]This was the best

10The Snooki Song (Parody of Tik Tok) by VenetianPrincess

The Contenders

11I'm Not Easy (3 parody) Brittani Taylor

12Vice President - Sarah Palin ft. John Mccain (American Boy parody) by JamesatWar

13Sexy & I'm Homeless - LMFAO Parody
Really good we'll worth looking at
Is this bart baker

14Suds in this Tub (Love in this Club parody) by dustinahkuoi

15Telephone (Lady Gaga parody) by barelypolitical
Lady gaga sucks but this is amazing

16I'm Your Pervert (Paparazzi Parody) by lavostramamma

17Key of Awesome - One Direction Parody
These people don't stay on beat in there videos bart baker made better ones even though he is weird he is on beat

18Telephone Dude's Version by Shane Dawson

19Eminiem's Not Afraid Parody by Key of Awesome

20In the End (Linkin Park) Parody by NonRandomNonSense

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