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21Keith Liddell

I believe that according to Guinness World Records, Keith Liddell is the fastest fighter in history, due to his ability to punch over 45 mph.

Yep he is pretty fast, Great fighter too!

22Zab Judah

We saw how fast he was against Mayweather Jr. in their 2006 bout. Crazy speed.

23Thomas Hearns

Blinding speed of the Hitman

24Anthony MundineV1 Comment
25Anthony Joshua

Knocks out charles martin in second round

26Shane Mosley
27Chris Byrd

This guy didn't get his nickname Rapid Fire for nothing,and in my opinion belongs higher on the list.Watching him fight is like watching a cat effortlessly swatting at its prey.

28Ruslan Provodnikov

He is fast as hell I honestly think he is as fast or faster than Pacquiao

29Terry Norris

Possibly the most fluid combination puncher of all time. His balance and speed allowed him to generate incredible power as well. He seemed to be able to hit you hard from any angle. Probably one of the most underrated fighters of all time due to his not so durable chin.

30Gerald McClellan

A career cut short by tragedy. McClellan was on the verge of greatness. His incredible knockout power was generated by the speed of his punches as much as his strength and technique.

31Juan Manuel Marquez

The only one who kicks pacquiao, also a great counter. enough said

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