Top 10 Greatest Progressive Rock Albums

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161Romantic Warrior - Return to Forever

Chick Corea's band was known for jazz fusion (progressive jazz), however at least this album crossed the boundary into progressive rock. See the genre for the album on Wikipedia if you don't believe me. - roncohp

162Islands - King Crimson

The title track alone, is one of the greatest accomplishments in musical history. It's a shame how unknown it is. This is a great king crimson album that is highly underrated. Definitely a keeper. Wondering why this wasnt already on the list.

163Clockwork Angels - Rush

The fact that I had to add this album to the list just proves how overlooked Rush is. It's their twentieth album and they're still at the top of their game. It's no moving pictures or 2112, but it can still stomp anything by Pink Floyd into the ground.

164Bitches Brew - Miles Davis
165Smile - The Beach Boys
166Love Over Gold - Dire Straits

This progressive album is a great one. None of the tracks are bad and they are all masterpieces. - Powerfultekin

167Going for the One - YesV1 Comment
168Scheherazade and Other Stories - Renaissance

This album is beautiful symphonic prog. It is one of very few prog bands (3? including Curved Air and Catapilla) with a female vocalist and Annie Haslam has a 5-octave range!

169Genesis - Genesis
170American Idiot - Green Day

This would definitely be higher up on the list if it was about the greatest punk or alternative albums. But this is about progressive rock, and punk is pretty much the opposite. So to all the people who think this album belongs on the list... You obviously have no idea what progressive rock is.

Green Day is NOT prog. Check out the genre of each album on Wikipedia. Having a concept album doesn't make the album prog. The Who had Tommy, a concept album, but it was hard rock -- NOT progressive. Zappa's 1st album Freak Out (1966) was a concept album, psychedelic - not prog. Zappa got progressive on his 8th album, Hot Rats (1969).

While Green Day is not really a progressive rock band, this is a concept album which I would call art rock. It tells the story of St. Jimmy, a suburban punk, and his quests. Listen to the whole album and follow the story, it will blow your mind. Some of the songs are progressive (St. Jimmy, Homecoming), but the album as a whole is art rock.

Not prog rock at all.

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171Queen II - Queen

Queen's only Progressive Rock album and their best Album. Amazing making it 1974 an outstanding year for Prog Rock.

Not their only progressive, and one of the best albums in rock music!

This is a classic and rare style of album from queen, prog rock on. - allqueen

Freddie Mercury can not be beaten for singing!

172Dookie - Green Day

Check out this album's genre on Wikipedia. It is NOT prog. It should NOT be listed.

What the hell is this album doing in this list?

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17321st Century Breakdown - Green Day

What is this album doing in this list?

An obvious wind up.Lets just ignore it and perhaps this troll will go away once him mommy realizes that she needs to monitor his computer time more closely

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